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					User Experience

            GDES3B07 Sec.1 Fall 2007
                Michael Wallace
              Chongeun (Jane) Lee
  Purpose & Experience Overview
• Research Area I
Purpose: Home Interactive Entertainment
Experience: Nintendo DS vs. XBOX360

• Research Area II
Purpose: Indoor Exercise Management and Control
Experience: Vision Fitness T9800HRT Console vs.
            Life Fitness treadmill 95Te Console
      Research I

Nintendo DS vs. XBOX360
  Nintendo DS vs. XBOX360
• 1951 The NIMROD
• Fall 1975 the Odyssey 100 and 200
• 1989 the original Game Boy
User Experience:
    Nintendo DS vs. XBOX360
Primary Demographic

DS: Younger gamers of either sex all the way up teens and
  twenty some odds.

360: Primarily male teens and early twenties however they
  have had some success with expanding to younger more
  family oriented markets.
Features & Functions:
Nintendo DS              XBOX360
• Dual Screens           • Removable HD
• New input methods      • Wireless controller
• Wi-Fi                  • Ethernet
• Secondary input port   • New interface
• Microphone
User Needs:
     Nintendo DS vs. XBOX360
•   Reliability and ease of use
•   Entertaining
•   Inventive
•   Networking
•   Lasting Power
•   Attraction
User Needs UNMET:
Nintendo DS                 XBOX360
• It’s look                 • Reliability
• Novel little device can   • Cost
  sometimes be too novel    • Bugs and Kinks
• Nintendo DS           • XBOX360
• Nintendo has          • Despite it’s successful
  experienced higher      sales Microsoft has
  then excepted sales     suffered a loss in
  and has therefore       profits however they
  increased their         are projecting a turn
  projections             around in 2008
   Nintendo DS vs. XBOX360
It’s interesting because both are successful
   in their own way but at the same time are
   both able to co-exist without encroaching
   on each other. It is very possible for
   people out there to own both and they do.
       Research II
Vision Fitness T9800HRT Console
Life Fitness treadmill 95Te Console
•   Vision Fitness T9800HRT   •   Life Fitness treadmill 95Te
    Console                       Console

1962 Nick Holonyak Jr – LED   GUI stylus
  lights                      Sketchpad- Ivan Sutherland
Development of LED screens    Engelbart’s Creation of mouse
Engelbart’s MEMEX             1917 Elograph-Doctor Sam
User Experience:
  Vision Fitness T9800HRT Console vs.
             Life Fitness treadmill 95Te Console
Primary users
- Demographic Profile: females & males above age of 11
- Psychographic Profile:
• Personality
Health conscious – frequent users/ professionals
• Lifestyle
Busy, not much of free time. Lacking outdoor activities
• Social Status
Mid-high class
• User’s values & attitude
Health, body
Price and feature and function of treadmil
Features & Functions:
•   Vision Fitness T9800HRT               •   Life Fitness treadmill 95Te
    Console                                   Console
•   Programs: Sprint 8, Manual, Muscle    •   Console: E3 Integrated LCD
    Toner, Speed Intervals, 5K, Fat           System with Touch Screen
    Burner, Pacer, HRT Weight Loss, HRT       Technology is available with 15”
    Cardio, HRT Endurance, HRT
                                              (95Te) or 7” (95Ti) LCD screens
•   Console: ADVANCED AMART-
    MATRIX™ HRT®, 2 LED Windows,          •   8 different preset workout
    Scrolling Message Center, 4 One-          programs with at least 4-5 sub-
    Touch™ Program Keys, Log-in Key           categorized options
    and Workout Totals key, Numeric       •   Quick start – 3 second to start
    Keypad with Speed and Elevation
    Quick Keys, Contact HR, 2             •   Numerous Special features
    Bottle/Cargo Holders, Reading Rack        including ipod compatibility, virtual
•   Feedback: Console feedback:               trainers, USB connectivity,
    Elevation, Speed, Time, Distance,         Workout Landscape Perspectives.
    Heart Rate, % Heart Rate, Pace,
    Calories, Average Speed, Average
User Needs:
Vision Fitness T9800HRT Console vs.
            Life Fitness treadmill 95Te Console
Immediate needs
• Reliable and accurate displayed information – speed, time, incline degree
• Ease of reading – users should be able to read information displayed
  quickly and comprehend the display
• Simplicity of operation keys (buttons, keys) are crucial
• take into consideration that users won’t be reading thick book of operative
  manual for the treadmill
• Operation options should be clear-controller should convey the function so
  that user in motion can comprehend it without further reading

Advanced needs
• Quick start options: Start up process for the machine should not take too
  long of time
• Function of personal profile setup for frequent or extensive users to
  personalize the workout
• Simple guide to proper workout: since there can be many cases of injury,
  the console must provide simplest and correct use of machine for users –
  pre-programmed workouts
User Needs UNMET:
•   Vision Fitness T9800HRT                    •   Life Fitness treadmill 95Te
    Console                                        Console

•   Users are able to read numbers             •   Readability of screen and
    quickly off the screen. However, the           displayed information is more than
    middle screen of LED window display            enough with colour and clarity.
    is not often understood of its function        However, though layout of display
•   -Main controllers in triangular arrow          is very interactive but not as easy
    shapes are easily recognized but it            to read as traditional console.
    requires little more to figure out speed
    button and elevation button                •   -touch screen technology is not
•   -One-touch keys are not the most easy          the most comfortable thing to use
    thing to control when the user is in           for users in motion – it is not easy
    large/fast motion                              to make a contact with button
•   -One-touch program keys are well               when user is in fast motion
    conveyed for users to quickly start.       •   -button size will have to be large
    However, when setting up of personal           so that it is easily touched and
    profile or setting, it takes more than a
    minute to figure out which button              viewed
    changes what.                              •   -Stylus of display is a lot different
•   - It takes 3 seconds for quick start           from traditional displays which will
•   Slower speed conveyer                          take a while for user to get used
    adjustment compared to the                     to.
Technology innovation:
•   Vision Fitness T9800HRT            •   Life Fitness treadmill 95Te
    Console                                Console
•   Screen: 2 LED operated window      •   Screen: E3 Integrated LCD
    with 3 colours                         System in colour with Touch
•   Input: One-Touch program keys in       Screen Technology is available
    arrows for speed and elevation,        up to 15” or separately
    numeric keyboard, and                  attachable screen
    operational or preset keys
                                       •   Input: touch screen controllers
•   Output: bar coded numbers, LED
    diagram graph                      •          USB key input for
                                           personal workout profile
                                       •          Cable integration for
                                       •    Output: numbers, colourful
                                           diagram and graph, display of
                                           outdoor workout perspective
                                           images and progress indicator
•   Vision Fitness T9800HRT               •   Life Fitness treadmill 95Te
    Console                                   Console
•   For T9700S Console, the letter "S"    •   A cool touch-screen display
    stands for Simple. Just press the         that can do everything except
    Start button, and you are on your         make your coffee in the
    way to a great workout. This              morning. It is the best of
    console offers a motivational
    message center, speed and                 everything with great design
    elevation Quick Keys, and contact         and fit and finish. The 95Te
    heart rate. There is also a Log-In        model is a definite luxury
    feature that allows up to 10 users        model that intrigues any and
    to track their key workout data.          every treadmill users.
    The T9700S comes standard with        •   Successful?
    an entertainment plug-in.
                                          •   It is a successful product with
•   It is a successful product in terms
                                              new technology and interest.
    of marketability for general gyms         However with the price point of
    or household. The price range is          $8000~$100000, the usage of
    around $5000~6000 and with                such item will be very limited
    high-average performance. It will
    be well perceived to general
    consumers than 95Te
Vision Fitness T9800HRT Console vs.
            Life Fitness treadmill 95Te Console
• High-tech vs Low-tech
• User’s preference on using it and owning it