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									“ Business and Crowdsourcing ”

The new technologies and the revolutionary sharing methods, changed the way we search
and implement new tools, services and the way we look for information.Thanks to the
implementation of e-commerce platforms, the incredible growth of social networks and
all the other business opportunities, entrepreneurs and small businesses where able to
advertise their products, sale and reach new markets to promote and implement their
innovative services.

One of the newest and most interesting trends on the business world has been the
Crowdsourcing of Services, the best way to access a large group of professionals
simultaneously, keeping your service investments at a low cost.

A truly innovative example for this kind of tools is Guerra-Creativa http://es.guerra- , a platform created in Latin America that allows business owners from all
over the world to access thousands of creative designers and to crowdsource their design
needs at a convenient price. Connaxis, the company behind Guerra-Creativa, is a creative
outsourcing specialist that managed to create a business platform implementing all the
services they provide. Their company offers high quality creative services for the
following: Web Design, Programming, Graphic Design, Flash, 3D, Animations, Games
and Video. Furthermore, they also offer Internet marketing and Support services, and
they are located on Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Guerra-Creativa will let us create our designs with a community of professional designers
that will use their knowledge and skills to deliver us the best ideas at web design, 3D,
logo design, and others. In G-C we would be able to launch a contest for our design
needs, once we do this, the users will start working and sending their proposals. While
the contest is running, we would be able to give feedback to our competitors in order to
get better and better designs. Finally, we must pick one, and award the designer that will
take the money prize.

Nowadays, Guerra Creativa has more than 2300 users fighting on 17 different contests
launched from Spain, Argentina, Portugual and the Netherlands.

As we can see, the Crowdsourcing Services are a very powerful tool for start-ups and all
kind of businesses. Do not miss this chance to get a first class service without leaving
your office.


             Adrian Addesso

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