OBJECTIVE by hilen


Phone: (614) 257-9644
E-mail: andrew@anelson.net
URL: www.anelson.net

To acquire an environmental/texture artist or 3D artist position in an established company;
allowing me to grow in the fields of team work, management, and as an artist overall.

        Highly Proficient using Alias Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter,
         Perforce, Evolution Engine, and Unreal Editor 3
        Familiar with ZBrush3, Macromedia Flash, and Adobe Premiere
        Strong foundation background in Traditional Art & Fine Arts.
        Team Player with excellent communication and organizational skills.


Digital Extremes, London, ON                                                   3/2009 – Present
Layout Artist
Bioshock 2 Multiplayer (xbox360, PS3)
Unannounced Next-Gen Project (xbox360, PS3)
Unannounced Next-Gen “Old-School Horror” Project (xbox360, PS3)
    Environmental level layout and polish of game assets and levels

Freelance 3D Artist                                                           2005-Present
    Open to new opportunities of contract or freelance
       Freelance Environment, Texture, Modeler Artist, Consulting, and Design

Electronic Arts LA, Los Angeles, CA                                        7/2008 – 10/2008
Background Artist
Tiberium (xbox360, PS3, & PC) Cancelled
     Participating in the process of Low/High polygon modeling, texturing, and material
       creation of next-gen environmental game assets, and oversight of game level sections
     Level Layout and prop placement for various game levels

Spark Unlimited Inc, Los Angeles, CA                                          6/2006 – 5/2008
Environment Artist
Legendary (xbox360, PS3, & PC)
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (xbox360, PS3, & PC)
    Participating in the process of Low/High polygon modeling, texturing, and material
       creation of next-gen environmental game assets
    Lighting, level build layout, and streaming for game levels
    Managing the art process of various single player levels as well as a multiplayer level
       from start to finish
    Coordinating production with other team members/leads

Fuse Studios, Columbus, OH                                                      5/2005 – 5/2006
3D Artist
       Designed, Modeled, and aided in the production of various elements on projects through
        3D architectural visualization

Crazybridge Studios, Glendale, CA                                                        3/2006
Freelance Environment Artist
       Created 3D/ 2D Environmental art including models, textures and Lighting using Maya
        and Photoshop
       Independent execution of assignment

Incognito Entertainment, Salt Lake City, UT                                              2/2006
Freelance 3D Artist
Warhawk (PS3)
     Involved in the modeling of five destroyed buildings for high quality cityscape.
        (Model reference was supplied)

Glavan Imageworks, Columbus, OH                                             10/2004 – 02/2005
3D Artist
    Assisted in the creation of designs on various projects through 3D visualization for
       building blueprints
    Adapted to the pressure of working in a team environment and meeting deadlines

EDUCATION                                                                    08/2001 – 05/2005
Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Studies – Cum Laude
    Awarded “Deans Scholarship” & “Ohio Choice Grant”
    President’s list for all duration
    Nominated for Media Studies Scholarship

Continuing Education
Participation in workshops and conferences in the field of game development and Film:
    Animation on Location - 2004; Human Motion/Emotion Symposium with Dr.
        Stuart Sumida, Dr. Erika Rosenberg, Brian Winsor, Lance Williams, Joe Pasquale
        – 2004; Paitoon Ratan & Ruben Aquino workshop – 2004; Stuart Sumida
        “Anatomy for Animators” workshop – 2003; Ed Hooks “Acting for Animators” –
        2003; Selected for the Paitoon Ratan workshop – 2002.

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