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					    Installation tutorial for Pro_Mods Xbox 360
 Dual Rapid fire MOD Board for wireless controllers
This tutorial is to aid you in the installation of a Pro_Mods dual rapid fire MOD Board.
This tutorial covers the installation of our new Printed Circuit Board. This installation
must be done exactly as shown in this tutorial or your Mod may not work correctly.

This installation requires soldering a few wires to extremely small confined spaces. I do
not advise attempting this installation if you are a beginner at soldering. I recommend
reading through all of the instructions and understand them before beginning your

WARNING: Please proceed with this installation at your own risk. I will not be
held responsible for any damage to yourself, your controller, your Xbox 360
console or any other equipment. This tutorial requires opening your controller
which will void the warranty of your controller.

                                   Recommended Tools:
            • Torx T8 Security/tamper proof driver (for all wireless controllers)
            • Soldering iron (A cheap 15w/30w from radio shack is about $10)
                 • Solder (rosin core solder from radio shack is about $4)
    • Wire strippers (that can strip 30ga wire, a 30ga wire-wrap tool from radio shack
                                includes a 30ga stripper $8)
                                        • Wire cutters
                                        • Hot glue gun
                                         • 3/16 drill bit
                                         • 1/4” Drill Bit
                                     • Needle nose pliers
                 • Small pocket knife or razor blade (optional but helpful)

            • tip: You’ll be asked to strip wire insulation off, exposing bare
            wire, and solder in the steps ahead. Exposing bare wire beyond
            solder connections could cause a short if the bare wire touches
            something it shouldn’t. Make sure to keep exposed wires that
            have had insulation removed as close to the solder connection
            as possible … minimizing the chance of a short.

            • tip: For information on proper soldering visit

             THE (PBC Dual Trigger Instructions – NEW BOARD)

A schematic of circuit diagram is included on the CD.
First start by looking at the kit contents.

        • You should have the following items in your kit
          (per kit)
         1.    (1) Pro_Mods Dual Rapid Fire Trigger Mod Board

         You may or may not have the torx T8 Security bit, depending
         on the kit you bought.

        2. Your kit may include shorting jumpers
Step 1: Open your controller

          • Remove the 7 screws indicated below. One is behind the
            small white label in the center.
          • The wireless controller requires a T8 Torx security driver.
            This is a star shaped tip with a hole in the middle of it.
            Depending on the auction you won, you may have this
            driver included in your kit.
          • Try to access all screws, but you may need to have a
            professional run a ¼” drill bit down the two handle holes as
            shown below to allow the driver to reach these screws. Be
            careful to drill straight down the hole so as not to damage
            anything. Insert the 3/16” drill into the hole to gage the
            angle that’s need to drill at. Make sure the professional
            follows the manufactures safety guide if using a power tool.
            It should only require a quick plunge as not much material
            is being removed and try not to impact the screw at the
Step 2: Remove the circuit board
         • Next, remove the circuit board and place in an open area to
           work on it.

         • The picture below shows the wire solder locations and wire
           lengths. Although your wires are already connected to the
           Mod PC Board, this is for illustration and these are the
           locations/color wires that you will solder to the controller
           board in the following steps.
Step 3: Cut your wires to length
          • Next, cut each of the colored wires on the Mod Board to the
            exact length shown it the table below and strip 1/16” of
            insulation off the free end of each wire.

         Color Wire                              Length

             Red                                  5 ¾”

            White                               5 ½ - 6”

            Blue                                  4 ¼”

           Yellow                                 1 ¾”
Step 4: Solder the RT Trigger
          • Next, Solder the Yellow wire to the exact location shown
            below. Do not allow the exposed wire to touch any other
            solder points on the controller board. Do not blob on solder.
Step 5: Mount the Mod Board
         Next, HOT GLUE the Mod PC board in the exact location
         shown below and facing the back of the Mod board toward the
         outside edge of the controller board.

         • The top edge of the Mod board should go ½ way up the
           circular hole shown and the back edge of the Mod Board
           should just about touch the parameter of the hole.

         • The Mod board be positioned so that the end opposite the
           side near the hole is just on the other side of the two
           Controller Board solder points shown above in the
Step 6: Solder the Remaining Wires
         • Next, Solder the white, blue and red wires to the exact
           location shown below. Do not allow the exposed wire to
           touch any other solder points on the controller board. Do
           not blob on solder. Mod Board is removed for illustration.
Step 7: Connect the RT Mod Button
         • Glue the Right and Left Mod buttons as shown below to
           secure them.
Step 8: Install Mod Buttons in controller
          • Next have a professional drill two holes in controller base
            unit in the **EXACT** location shown with a 3/16” drill. Do
            this on both sides in the same place for each side. Make
            sure the professional follows the manufactures safety guide
            if using a power tool. See picture below (zoom in to view).
            Notice the oval right next to the drill hole this is your key
            alignment mark, so mark your dot relative to this.

          • Hot glue the RT and LT Mod Button on the side of the
            controller show.
Step 9: OPTIONAL if your Mod Board is hitting in the Next
         • Just in case you mounted the Mod Board a little off from
           the illustration. Just know that you can try this as a fix if you
           are not able to complete the next step without the Mod
           Board hitting. So … for now ** IGNORE ** this step and try
           to finish your mod by going to the next step and ignoring
           this for now.
Step 10: Close up unit.
          • Place the circuit board back in the controller base.

          • Screw back together making sure that any loose wires
            don’t get pinched but the controller body.

          • … don’t cover a contact pad … like these

          • Do not over tighten screws … a slightly tight screw is plenty
            strong … don’t break your controller by over tightening.

          • Done … go play

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