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   Today, every small minority of people wants dress in the clothing that appears in high-fashion magazines or on
          fashion-show runways. Perfect for every official outing, the neck tie goes with all designer suits
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                                            No More Necktie Knots
                                                By Hendrik Pohl

   Are you tired of tying your own neckties everyday? Think about it! If you are an expert on tying a
necktie, then it will take you at least two minutes to tie the tie and adjust the knot so that it perfectly sits
centered between your dress shirt’s collars. If you wear a tie everyday, 5 days a week, then you will
spend over 21,000 minutes on tying neckties in the lifetime of your career. That is over 700 hours, or
almost 30 days of non-stop tying neckties. If you count the time it takes to take the tie back off, untie
the knot, and finally hang it on a tie rack, this time might actually be doubled.

 What else could you do with your time? I am sure there are better ways to spend this time than
spending it standing in front of a mirror with bloodshot eyes trying to put a string of silk around your
neck. Below are a few tips that will help you spend less time with tying your neckties.

Option 1: Leave the tie off:

 This might not be a feasible option for many of us because the necktie is part of our daily work attire. If
people in your industry wear neckties, than don’t take the tie off. In fact wearing a necktie is a good
option if you are working face to face with clients. You will project a more professional image, which will
positively impact your performance. So Option #1 is really not that great for most of us.

Option 2: Don’t untie the tie at the end of the day:

 In theory, this might sound good because not only will you save time with untying your neckties at the
end of each day, but you also wouldn’t need to tie a new necktie knot in the morning. Sounds like a
good option? Not so fast! Leaving the knot in the tie for a long period of time will cause your tie to get
damaged and fall out of shape. Eventually you will need to go and buy a new necktie, which will
actually take more time than having tied a tie knot all along. In addition silk ties can be quite expensive.

Option 3, Pre-tied neckties:

 There are the so-called “clip on ties”. They are neckties that have been prettied and have a hidden
metal clip sown in at the back of the tie knot. They are not worn around the neck but clip onto your
shirt’s collar.

Even though the clip on tie will save you time, there are a few drawbacks with wearing them. First off

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

all, many consider clip-on ties to be tacky, and only meant for people that can’t figure out how to tie a
necktie. Secondly, depending on the quality of the clip-on ties the clip might be noticeable when
wearing the tie. If this is the case, you are better off not wearing a tie at all. Finally, clip-on ties are
difficult to find in fashionable designs and in a wide variety. Well, option # 3 might be better than the
first two, but still not the solution we are looking for.

Option 4: Have someone else tie the tie for you:

 Teach someone in your family how to tie a tie, and have them tie it for you each morning. This sounds
silly you might think? Well, imagine being married to an attractive woman that ties your tie each
morning for you. How does that sound? What if she wasn’t wearing much more than the tie? Wouldn’t
this make wearing neckties so much more fun? If you have a stressful day at work, all you would have
to do is to look down at your necktie and think about how it got there. Now, how couldn’t this put a
smile on your face on even the most stressful of all days? I think we found our winner!

Pohl is an expert author on men's fashion. He himself enjoys the trendy-elegant business look
consisting of suit and necktie. He is a necktie aficionado himself and also owns his own necktie retailer:

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       How to Tie a Winsor Knot
                                            By Hendrik Pohl

Are you new to wearing neckties, but don't know how to tie one yet? You are not alone. In fact, only
few men know how to tie a good-looking necktie knot. Tying a tie may seem complicated, and even
confusing, but it really isn't. After all, there are over 180 different ways to tie a necktie. For our
purposes though, we'll just concentrate on the two most popular, and two best-looking necktie knots:
The half Windsor, and slightly larger double Windsor knot.

 If you know how to tie a necktie with those two knots, you will be in perfect shape to match the right tie
knot to each necktie design and different shirt collars. Both tie knots are closely related, and once you
know how to tie the smaller, single Windsor knot, learning how to tie the double Windsor knot is only a
short step away.

 First, let's focus on the single Windsor knot, or also known as the half Windsor knot. As with any tie
knot, start by flipping up your shirts collar and buttoning the top button. Then take your necktie and
place it around your neck with the broad end on the right side of your chest, and the narrow end on the
left. The back of the tie should be facing your body and your neck. Make sure that the broad end hangs
much lower than the narrow end. A goop point of reference is a marking in the back of your necktie.
There is a diagonal seam near the narrow end. The tie should be placed around your neck in a way
that the narrow end crosses over that seem. Cross the narrow end with the broad end to make a "V",
and pinch this intersection with your left hand thumb and forefinger.

 You'll want to hold onto this area until you are ready to cinch up the final knot. Next, with your right
hand take the broad end of the tie and loop it through the "V" near your collar. Then, without any twists
in it, bring the longer end around the entire bottom of the "V" just above your pinched area, then back
up and through, and tuck this long end in behind the loop you just made, and out through the bottom.
Tighten the knot and adjust it so that it is centered between your collars. Flip down your shirts collars
and you have a single Windsor knot!

 The single Windsor knot is a slightly smaller and more asymmetrical looking tie knot. It looks best on
shirts with a narrow collar spread. The best ties for a single Windsor knot are neckties made of thicker
material, solid color ties, as well as classic British striped ties.

 The double Windsor knot is done quite similar. It is called double Windsor knot since it requires the
broad end of the tie to be looped through the "V" twice - once on each side. So, start the same as with
the single Windsor knot. Once you wrapped the broad end of the tie the first time through the "V", do
the same thing with the opposite laying part of the "V". The key to a good-looking double Windsor is to
ensure that each wrapping overlaps. There shouldn't be any gap inside the "V"!

 The double Windsor knot is the most sought after tie knot these days. Even searches on the Internet
for the "double Windsor knot" are higher than all other tie knots combined, only few men know how to
tie this popular knot. If you start with the single Windsor knot, and then practice the double Windsor for
10-15 minutes, you will be in good shape.

 The double Windsor knot is one of the largest and most symmetrical tie knots. It is a great looking knot
for shirts with a wider collar spread and if you wear Italian silk tie. Italians in particular value the

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

triangular and larger looking shape of the double Windsor.

H Pohl is an expert on men's fashion. His articles mostly focus on formal dress code and business
attire. He is also the owner and founder of, an online retailer specializing
in mens ties, bow ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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