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   Sweating plays an important role in the body because it helps maintain body temperature by cooling you down.
      Occasionally, excessive sweating can signify a medical problem (such as an overactive thyroid gland).
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                                             How To Stop Excessive Sweating
                                                           By Ben Dave

  It’s natural for us to sweat. We perspire to regulate our body temperature. It also provides lubrication
when there’s rubbing between moving parts of the body and discharges wastes and substances to
maintain the fluid balance in our system. It is hence necessary to sweat, but only under the right

We can over-sweat or under-sweat. The medical terms for them are Hyperhidrosis and Anhidrosis
respectively. The former, better known as excessive sweat, is by far the more common of the two
although the latter is usually much more serious and require certified medical attention. Millions of
Americans have excessive sweat problem in varying degrees. Some are not even aware of their
abnormality. The specific types of Hyperhidrosis are Axillary (armpit), Palmar (hands), Plantar (feet)
and Facial (face).

There are 2 main categories of Hyperhidrosis. The first category is Primary Hyperhidrosis. It is usually
characterized by one or more of the specific types of excessive sweat (underarms, hands, feet, face
and so forth) and not related or caused by any other disorder. The second category is Secondary
Hyperhidrosis. It is caused by a separate underlying medical condition and is typically not restricted to
any particular type of Hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweat then occurs all over the body in the case of
Secondary Excessive Sweat and the most common culprits include diabetes, thyroid and malignancy.

Although Primary Excessive Sweating is essentially a medical problem, it is rarely ever life-threatening.
That being said, it can be a torment on those afflicted especially if it is accompanied by odor. Besides
the physical bother of wet clothes and discomfort, it can also become an emotional burden. Some
sufferers develop complicated psychological problem as a result of this ailment. Before it gets to that
point, and it will if left untreated, the problem of excessive sweat needs to be stopped.

There are various proven ways on how to stop excessive sweating. It ranges from over the counter
antiperspirants to surgery. Other ways to combat excessive sweating in between these two extreme
measures include prescription topical creams, injections and oral medication. The choice of treatment
to curb excessive sweat depends largely on the severity of the problem, along with consideration of
costs, side-effects, risk and permanency of relief or cure. As far as possible, it should be conservative
as over-treatment can be as damaging as lack of it.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

As a matter of fact, there is a home treatment to stop excessive sweating that is really worth a second
look. Mike Ramsey of Stop Sweating And Start Living has developed a very practical and low-cost
home regimen which has helped many sufferers within days of adopting it. Even for those without any
problem with excessive sweat, it is a perfectly safe and natural hygiene habit, and that’s from those
who have really tried it.

Regain your self esteem and confidence by applying this technique on How To Stop Excessive
Sweating In 7 Days. For more information, go to How To Stop Excessive

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                                How to Stop Excessive Sweating - Tips & Techniques
                                                     By Dr.Eswararamanan VR

Sweating is a natural process which our bodies use to regulate our temperature. It is normal to sweat
when we are in a warm climate or experiencing mental or emotional distress; this is a perfectly natural
reaction to environmental or social stimulus. However, some people are afflicted with the problem of
excessive sweating (also known as hyperhydrosis). For those who have to live with this problem, the
question of how to stop excessive sweating is one which is always on their minds.

 Excessive sweating is a problem which can cause a great deal of social discomfort – even to the point
where those who suffer from excessive sweating will avoid social situations where they know that they
are likely to sweat. This is a problem which can be very embarrassing and even damaging to self
esteem, not to mention the shirts that can be ruined by this unfortunate problem. The answer to how to
stop excessive sweating may be closer at hand than you think however; welcome news to those who
struggle with the problem. In mild cases, merely using antiperspirants regularly can be the answer – of
course, underarm sweating is only one way in which the problem can manifest itself.

 There are a wide variety of products available at your local pharmacy and over the internet which
promise to be the last word in how to stop excessive sweating; but as those who have tried these
products know all too well, they often fail to deliver on their promises. There are some simple lifestyle
changes which you can make that will at the least provide a measure of relief from the problem of
excessive sweating. One is to drink plenty of water and to adjust one's diet to avoid foods known to
promote sweating; these include caffeine and alcohol. This can help reduce sweating. Another way is
to avoid wearing clothing which is tight fitting, since friction against your skin can stimulate your body to
sweat. These clothes are usually warmer than are loose fitting clothes too, which is also no help if you
suffer from excessive sweating.

 There are some new remedies which can be an answer to how to stop excessive sweating, at least for
a time. One such treatment is Botox, the well known wrinkle treatment. This is made from the same
toxin which causes food poisoning; but can be used to temporarily deactivate your sweat glands,
providing temporary cessation of sweating in problem areas. However, this is an expensive solution
which offers only short term relief; and the long term effects of Botox use are not yet known. Most will
want to avoid this remedy for excessive sweating and look for other methods.

 There are natural products on the market today which can be the answer to how to stop excessive
sweating. With a little research you may be able to find a product which can give you lasting relief from
the personal and social discomfort which excessive sweating can cause and finally get your confidence
– and your life back.

Discover more about Natural Cures for Excessive Sweating and ways to stop underarm sweat at

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