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                            Got A Payday Loan Complaint? Resolve It With These Steps
                                                       By Wendy Pollman

   A payday loan is a two-way financial transaction where each party has rights and responsibilities. As
with all other financial dealings, problems can and will arise for either side. Now, if you have a
complaint against the lending company, you don't rant and rave because it will bear no fruit. Instead,
you can take the following steps to resolve the issue at hand.

Calls, E-Mails, and Personal Visits

 Before you apply for a payday loan, you have to ensure that the lending company has a physical
location, an e-mail address and toll-free hotlines with which you can lodge your enquiries, concerns
and complaints. Well, now is the time to make full use of these means of communication!

 Be sure to take down notes each and every time you call the company. Your notes must include date,
time, name of employee who took your call, and the general outline of the conversation. This way, you
will have reference notes in case you go on to the next step in the complaint resolution process.

 Take note, however, that your payday loan complaint will be resolved easier and earlier when it is
either of these three:

* Billing errors in the statement of account (i.e., incorrect fees deducted)
* Collection demands when no money is due and demandable (i.e., loan is fully paid per your records)
* Sales calls and unsolicited e-mails that you want to stop immediately

 Of course, personal visits are a last recourse because then you will have to spend money on gas/fare
and even incur opportunity costs.

Certified Letters and Mails

 Now, if calls, e-mails and personal visits still did not do the trick of resolving your complaint, the best
step is to send two certified letters to the payday loan company. This is the first step towards officially
documenting your steps towards the resolution of the issue.

In your first letter, be very specific about the addressee, the reason for your letter, the complaint, the

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

times, dates and names of the staff you have already talked to, and the response you expect from
them. You can ask for a reply 7 days after their receipt of your first letter.

 If after 14 days the company still fails to take proper action on your payday loan complaint, send a
second certified letter! This time, include a photocopy of your first letter and the letter receipt. Your
second letter must clearly state that this is your second notice and that you expect a reply in 5 days'

 Don't hesitate spending a few dollars to make your letters certified mail. This way, you can secure
confirmation that indeed your letters were properly delivered to the company. And make sure to retain
photocopies of your letters and the letter receipts as well.

Get a Lawyer

 Now, if after 14 days the company still fails to take proper action on your complaint and you want the
issue to finally be resolved, the next logical step would be to consult a lawyer. He is in a better position
to provide advice on the legal actions you can take to get rid of the problem once and for all.

 Truly, when availing of a payday loan, you must learn to exercise your rights. Complain if you have to
but complain to get results!

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                         A Payday Loan Online Can Get the Cash You Need Right Now
                                             By Jennifer Meinert

If something comes up and you need extra cash until your next payday, you're in luck. All you have to
do is go to a payday loan online website and you can acquire the cash you need to get you through
until you get paid again. There is no credit check required, it is not required for you to walk into the
lender's office to get your cash, and you do not have to pay for your cash advance for a long period of
time. It is a way to get the exact amount of money that you need when you need it.

It is this ease and convenience of the online payday loan that makes these websites so successful.
The individual receives their cash quickly and is able to resolve any emergency that has come their
way. All an individual needs is a job, an ID, and a checking account to be approved within 24 hours.
Some individuals have reported receiving their approvals for their payday loan online in less than an

Online payday loan vs. bank loan

When in need of a cash advance, some individuals feel they can just go to their bank. They trust their
bank with all of their financial needs, so why not just go there? Well, there is a reason behind that and
the reason is the fact that banks will only loan a minimum. That minimum is usually more than what
you need, which doesn't exactly constitute it as a cash advance. That makes it a full fledged loan that
could take a year or more to pay off. That is not the case with an online payday loan.

Your payday loan online is very simple and doesn't contain anything in the small print that you won't
understand. You'll also find that there is a lot less paperwork involved than with a bank loan. In the
paperwork you will receive, you'll find that there is a standard cash advance fee, there is interest, and
late fees do apply if the loan is not paid back by your next payday. That means not having the money
in the account when it is time for your online payday loan company to make their withdrawal.

You'll also find that, if the money is stretched beyond your next payday, the interest does accrue. But
doesn't that happen on a regular loan anyway? Yes, it does. However, the purpose behind your
payday loan online is to ensure the money is back in the lender's hands by the next payday. That
keeps cost minimal for you, keeps you away from a long-term obligation, and gives you the satisfaction
that you're not in debt.

Peace of mind

What is most important is that a payday loan online provides you with a cash advance that is just
enough to take care of your emergency. This gives you peace of mind in two ways: First, your payday
loan online is going to take care of your financial emergency fast and, second, your online payday loan
is going to not result in long-term debt. Both of these are very important during these tough times.

Jennifer Meinert is an established author who enjoys writing and reviewing many topics including
payday loans and cash advance payday loans. Please visit her site at,

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