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									                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                    Cyber Stalking and Identity Theft Prevention
                                                      By Ed Opperman

   We have all heard the phrase and we have all seen the TV movies but how common is it? Who is at

 The answer is it's far more common than you would think. Cyber stalking is a serious crime and as
more people chat online or create pages more people are exposing themselves to
potential online stalkers.

 Victims of a cyber stalker can have their entire life turned upside down. The stalker can begin
harassing them at work, church and school. They can expand their attack to the victims friends, family
and coworkers.

 How do these stalkers get the information to stalk their victims? Well most likely its not some genius
hacker that can hack into the main frames at the power company or FBI data base to get all your
personal information. It's just a regular guy like you or me that you ran into in a chat room or message
board and for some reason or another you upset him. Maybe he saw your picture on your profile and
approached you in a flirtatious manner. You were having a bad day and brushed him off rudely.

 What was just an innocent online chat to you was far more personal to him and now he wants your

That is how simple a stalking case can begin but it can end very seriously.

It could end with phone calls and letters to your friends, neighbors family , place of employment.

It could even end up with a face to face visit from your stalker in real life.

It can even result in identity theft where the stalker , now armed with all of your personal information
with impersonate you and apply for credit all over town running up huge bills in your good name.

How do they get the information?

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Its easy, you gave it to them. When you put names , even first names of you or your spouse, your
occupation, hobbies birth date or even zodiac sign it is easy for a determined stalker to take those
clues and find out all your information.

 Its important for us to be careful and safe online but its also important to be proactive. Nowadays we
are warned constantly about getting our own credit reports to guard against identity theft but by then its
too late. They have already stolen your identity. What we need to do is find out what stalkers and
identity thieves can find out about us BEFORE they find it . Then go back and remove that information.
But where can you start?

Since you're probably not stalker or an investigator the best bet is to hire a professional.

 People like investigators are experts in dealing with stalkers and Identity theft. But before you do be
sure to do your homework. Run a Google search on the name of the investigator and his company to
see if he is an expert in email tracing and identity theft investigations.

Ed Opperman of Opperman Investigations Inc has over 10 years experience in cyber crime
investigations. The senior investigators at have over 35 years law
enforcement experience and are experts in email tracing.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                             Protect Yourself From Cyber Stalkers
                                                              By Ed Opperman

Computers and the internet have become the new way of communicating. Everyone and their dog has
some sort of device that connects online, be it a cell phone or the traditional computer. With the rise of
use, so too comes the rise of cyber crimes. One such crime is cyber stalking and with all the instant
messaging programs and ways to become more social online, a person using this technology is
opening themselves ups to a danger that wasn't around 10 years ago.

 To understand what is going on and how to protect yourself it is important to first know what is cyber

 Cyberstalking is criminal harassments by electronic messaging. This can be in the form of e-mails,
instant messages, message boards, forums or social groups. The criminal relies on the internet as a
form of keeping their own identity secretive so as not to be pursued for the criminal behaviours. This is
not the same as spam messages, as the messages received by the stalker are often threatening;
whereas, the spammer just sends annoying messages. In worse case scenarios, this cyber stalking is
simply a transgression from real life stalking. Unfortunately, it can also go the opposite way, where a
cyber stalker goes from being one on the internet to a stalker in real life, using the information they
have harvested about the victim online.

How can you keep yourself safe and protected from cyber stalking?

 One such way is using their own game against them. By remaining anonymous yourself in your online
endeavours you can protect yourself from potential dangers.

 Use anonymous email handlers. This means sites like Google, Yahoo and Hotmail, where anyone can
get an email account by providing very limited information. Only use your ISP provided account to
communicate with those you know and trust.

 Do not add information to online profiles. This means no pictures, information or anything. Keep your
screen names to ones that are not gender related to even protect the truth of your gender.

 If you would like to test and see how secure your own personal online prescience is, you can always
opt for a online risk assessment. This test can determine how anonymous and protected you are
making yourself. It can show you where you are slacking in your efforts to keep yourself and your
identity safe and secure and show you the areas that you are doing things correctly in. They can do
various searches online to see what is brought up in regards to yourself and your identity.

 For a minimal fee you can provide yourself with the peace of mind that knowing you are unknown to
cyber criminals and cyberstalkers.

 A word of caution though, when protecting yourself from cyber criminals ensure you are not just
handing your information over to one when you get a online risk assessment done. Do your due
diligence and learn about the company and the people behind it. You do not want to risk everything in
the process of trying to protect yourself from cyber stalking and cyber crimes.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Ed Opperman invites you to visit his cyber stalking and online investigation website for all of your
search needs. He offers employment locate, internet infidelity investigations, email tracing, telephone
investigations, and a lot more. To learn more about background checks and other useful information
please click here now:

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                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

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