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         First appearances count and being well-dressed helps the first impression you make. The way you carry
                 yourself and the clothes you wear are important to create the image you wish to portray.
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                                                     Carhartt WorkCamo T-shirt For Men
                                                                 By Jeammy Pickle

   Carhartt WorkCamo T-shirt for Men: How many t-shirts do you know that are work t-shirts that have
a leatherette “C” sewn onto the left pocket of the t-shirt/ that’s right, the left pocket, and that is another
amazing feature of the Carhartt Work Camo AP short sleeve crewneck t-shirt for men, it doesn’t have
just one pocket, but two, and for a little style, it has that leatherette “C” sewn onto the left pocket.

 The Carhartt brand t-shirt is also made of 6.75 ounce 100% cotton and it is made to be durable but it
is also made to be flexible, for instance, its side seams are made specially to minimize twisting, and is
made with a rib knit, crewneck collar for extra durability. It also has a tag less label as a comfort item.

 You may wonder why this t-shirt is called the Carhartt WorkCamo AP short sleeve crewneck t-shirt for
men. It’s the camo that is different, because this isn’t just a work t-shirt, it is also designed to be worn
by hunters, which is why the camo as in camouflage is there. The unique camouflage design is made
by Realtree, that has a design so good, that it has a much more realistic camouflage look than others
because Realtree took more time to make the camo look more like bark, twigs and leaves than any
other company has, and that’s beneficial to you, if you know anything about hunting.

 This amazing t-shirt is coming out in the fall of 2009, and you can preview it by going to When you go there, you can see the look of it that distinguishes it from all the
other t-shirts out there, and then you can check out the price, which also distinguishes it from all the
others. The regular price of the Carhartt camouflage WorkCamo AP crewneck t-shirt for men is $28.00,
but if you go to where it says “your price’, then you will see a different price, $23.99, and that is what
WorkWear1 is doing because they believe in this product so much. This t-shirt comes in medium,
large, extra large and 2X-large, so there is something for everyone.

 WorkWear1 knows the quality of the Carhartt name, and also the Realtree name brand. It knows that
these two companies put more thought and care into the design, manufacture and feel of their products
that are made, not just for one purpose but also for several. These aren’t just working t-shirts; these
are also meant for casual wear, and for the outdoorsman, hunting wear. Therefore, with Carhartt, and
Realtree brands, they have combined to show what they believe in and that is that it’s the thought that

So, make sure you look up workwear1 at and look for the Carhartt camouflage
WorkCamo AP short sleeve crewneck t-shirt, and look for order number K287CAP, and you’ll see the

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

difference that a little more thought and attention to detail make when you go for the best.

This article on Mens Work Wear T-shirts is presented by

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                 Carhartt WorkCamo T-shirt For Men: The Durable Range of Shirts
                                             By Jeammy Pickle

Carhartt WorkCamo T-shirt for Men: One of the very few complaints that have come from the avid
wearers of the Carhartt workwear line has been addressed. Their complaint was just not enough of this
fantastic brand of clothing for warm weather. Carhartt listened to its customers and readily were willing
to add a lighter mode of clothing to their already superior line. These will be available in the fall of
2009. Incidentally, you will still get good use out of them during the cooler climates because they are
perfect for layering.

 The first piece that you can look forward to is the Carhartt Work Camo T-shirt for men. Naturally, it is
constructed in the same sturdy rugged longwearing manner as any of the work clothing found in the
Carhartt line. You can also rest assured that it will maintain its style and fit in with the fashion scene as
well. After all who said the working man was not allowed to be fashionable.

 Being as it will be comprised of the fast becoming famous Realtree AP HD camouflage pattern its
going to be the perfect dress for the hunting season. Either by itself or perhaps under the Carhartt long
sleeve t-shirt. The weather is going to dictate the need here. No matter what the weather may be
though Carhartt has got you covered.

 This t-shirt cannot be beat for comfort and flexibility. It has the rib knit collar and cuffs, which makes it
easy to move. The side seams are twist resistant so you are going feel them rubbing against you.
There is no label on the neck, which is usually irritant when working. Instead it has a comfortable
crewneck design. This is a short sleeve t-shirt that fits right in with the work scene, as well as the
sports and leisure activities as well.

 The Carhartt logo which is a simple letter “C” is made from a leatherette and neatly sewn on the
pocket. To be a wearer of Carhartt clothing is a sign of class and this inconspicuous logo shows your
taste in clothes. The Carhartt camouflage WorkCamo AP short-sleeve crewneck t-shirt for men
durability means that you are not going to be spending a small fortune on work clothes.

 You are going to have to wait for a short period though to order your Carhartt short sleeve t-shirt as it
won’t be on the market until the fall of 2009. As soon as that time arrives though make, sure you get
online and go to This is the site that is known for carrying the superior Carhartt
brand work clothing at great prices. Look for item number K287CAP to ensure you are getting the
Carhartt short sleeve t-shirt. Once you have arrived at the WorkWear1 site, you are going to be
pleased to see the price of $28. for this carhartt t-shirt, but you are going to be even more pleased
when you see that your price is only $23.99. Simply because you chose to shop online at WorkWear1.

The toughest shirts for toughest people only at

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