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					                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Bird flu is extremely lethal to human beings creating a 60% fatality rate. Bird flu is an infection caused by avian
    (bird) influenza (flu) viruses. These flu viruses occur among birds naturally. When regular, it kills 36,000 people
                                                           a year.
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                                               What Makes Swine Flu so Dangerous?
                                                                By Reas Johnson

   What makes swine flu so dangerous is that like all influenza viruses it undergoes the process of
antigenic drift. This is when spot mutations occur on the genetic material that causes slight changes in
the physical make-up of the virus.

 These slight changes are what frustrate scientist’s attempts to create the ultimate vaccination for
influenza. Due to constant changes to the protein particles of the outer coats of viruses (which the
immune system is targeted for during vaccination) new vaccines are always needed to combat ever
new versions of the viruses.

 Swine flu is an example of such a change. But what are these changes and what parts of the virus
causes the damage that destroys normal healthy cells?

 The H1N1 designation of the swine flu virus gives us a clue to the inner workings of the virus. It
represents the major functional proteins on its surface.

 The ‘H’ stands for hemagglutinin which is a protein that binds the swine flu virus to the cell and injects
its content into it.
 The ‘N’ stands for neuraminidase which possesses a number of specialized enzymes that causes the
infected cells to release the newly formed viruses.

 All these aspects of swine flu make it potentially very dangerous. Even though the form that is
currently spreading is relatively mild it could still change into a virulent strain in the next few months
before winter arrives. The fact that it’s also a new disease means that there is no current vaccine for
swine flu. So if it becomes more deadly, we will have no protection against it except for those provided
by generic anti-viral drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza.

 Tamiflu works by blocking the action of neuroamindase, obstructing the flu virus’s ability to spread
from one cell to the other. But it is only effective as a treatment if it is used in the first few days during
the onset of swine flu (the first two days). The problem with anti-viral drugs is that it is often very
difficult to diagnose the onset of influenza. By the time the disease is identified it’s often too late to use
the drugs. This is one of the reasons the effectiveness of anti-virals drugs have been called to

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 So we are currently exposed to the full potential of swine flu. We know the devastation that influenza
viruses can cause, the Spanish flu pandemic infected more than one third of the world’s population and
killed more than 50 million people. Even the more 'milder' pandemics like the 1957 Asian Flu killed a
couple of million people.

 We have no choice but to be vigilant to the spread of swine flu. Millions will undoubtedly catch the
disease and many more will die from it. All we can do is hope that it doesn’t become more virulent and
cause too much death. In its current mild form we can contain it and can control the worse of its
symptoms through the use of anti-viral drugs. But if it changes we could be in trouble. Even the
vaccines that are currently been developed might not be as effective if the change is marked. What we
have to remember is that it is dangerous because it is so changeable and in light of this we have no
choice but to treat it with extreme caution.

Reas Johnson is a microbiology student, who loves writing about popular health related issues. Social
medical issues are often best looked at when you are properly informed. It's easy to misinform and
scare those that are not been given the facts. To learn more about swine flu go to
http://www.swine-flu-facts.org/ Swine Flu Facts

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                      How to Prevent the Flu and Block Swine Flu
                                                        By Eddy Sear

 Prevention is the key with any disease or flu that is being spread. Swine flu is spreading now and you
need to take action. There are healthy things that you can do right now to prevent yourself from getting
the swine flu.

People are wearing surgical masks to prevent themselves from getting the swine flu this is not and
should not be the thing to do. Yes you need to protect yourself out in public but not with a mask. By
the way the masks do not work. They build up bacteria on the outside of the mask so you actually
breathe in more bad stuff. The other problem is that the swine flu is only the beginning. The swine flu
was predicted and this will be followed by other strains so you need to know how to prevent the flu and
block swine flu before it is too late, before you or someone you know catches it. It is truly crazy how
fast swine flu is spreading and you or someone you know will probably get it.

Why? Because you need to take this into your own hands and be responsible for your own health and
safety because people being sick is business. It is big business at that. The more people who are
sick, who have cancer, who have this disease and that disease, the more people who have swine flu,
the more money the pharmaceutical companies make in the World. And believe me they do not want
to tell you how to prevent the flu and block swine flu because they want you sick. This is how the
pharmaceutical companies make money. It is just like the cigarette business. Sickness and disease is
a trillion dollar business.

There are natural ways to prevent the swine flu and that is what I have done. I have studied nutrition
for years and it is amazing how healthy I felt when I stopped drinking soda. Not to mention the weight
that I lost. That is just an example that most of us can relate to as many of us drink soda which is
loaded with shelf life preservatives.

With that you have to replace on a nutrition level the proper nutrients which fight off and prevent
disease and sickness like swine flu and any other bad bacteria that comes your way. You also need to
know what natural plant foods fight off certain diseases. There are many for every form of bad bacteria
there is a natural way to protect yourself against it and that includes fighting off swine flu or any flu
strain with healthy plant ingredients that have worked for hundreds of years.

This is what I have done and through my own research and the research of thousands of others I have
found amazing real products like the root of the Gelsemium plant which has been used since the days
of the early settlers in America to address fevers. So the key is to find a natural remedy that has
Gelsemium and other natural plant extracts in one formula that naturally the way Mother Nature
intended it to be to prevent and protect yourself, your family, kids, friends and so on from getting the
swine flu and any other new or old flu strain or flu epidemic.

The bottom line is that you have to take this into your hands and be proactive like myself and
thousands of others and not wait until you get sick. Do not get sick period and do not live in fear or
worry as there are amazing alternatives out there that actually work in preventing the flu. I know
because I use one.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

Eddy Sear To find out a great way on how to prevent the flu and block swine flu and every other new
flu epidemic and how to build up your immune system check out =>

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