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                                                               What Is A Psychic?
                                                                     By Ray Subs

   Psychic abilities have been a popular topic of study and discussion for almost as long as humans
themselves have existed. In ancient times psychics were revered for their powers and looked to for
guidance and advice. In some time periods such as early colonial America psychics were shunned and
considered witches with evil powers. Today psychics are not usually used to advise government and
relied on to give hope to the masses, but they are still popular among individuals who want some
insight into their life, situation, or who want to get an idea of what the future may hold for them.

 There are many different types of psychic abilities, some are commonly known such as clairvoyance
and mental telepathy, and others are more obscure such as psychometry and auric sight. There are
also many types of psychic readings including tarot readings, palm readings, horoscopes, and more.

 • Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see places, scenes, situations, people, and objects that are far
away using the mind’s eye. A psychic with clairvoyance can use their mind to connect with people,
objects, and places that are far away and see mental images of that far away place. This ability has
most famously been used to help solve crimes and murder cases. Clairaudience is a similar ability
where a psychic can hear words and sounds from other places and clairempathy is the ability to sense
emotions of others far away.

 • Psychometry is another psychic ability that has been popularized by entertainment. This is the ability
to perceive information about a place, person, or event by touching an object associated with that
person, place, or event. Personal objects such as keys, jewelry, or watches can be used or larger
objects such as furniture or walls. Touching these objects allows the psychic to sense either with
feelings or images what has happened to the person or object associated with the item.

 • Psychokinesis is another popular psychic ability. People with psychokinetic abilities can move and
influence objects with their minds.

 • Telepathy is a similar power of the mind and allows people with the ability to read the thoughts of
other people.

 • Auric sight is another psychic ability and it allows people with the ability to see the aura, or energy
that surrounds others. Everyone’s aura is unique in shape and color and gives insight into the person’s
personality, moods, emotions, and health.

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 Along with the many different types of psychic abilities there are also many different types of psychic
reading. When most people think of a psychic reading they think of going to a psychic and asking
questions which they hope the psychic will be able to answer. Psychic readings can take on other
forms as well

 • Tarot readings are psychic readings that foretell the future using tarot cards. Tarot cards have been
around since ancient times and have long been a tool that psychics used to see possible future events.
There are many different types of tarot card decks but they all have different suits and cards which
have different meanings. During a tarot reading a psychic will shuffle and deal the deck with or without
help from the person being read and will then arrange the cards in a pattern. The psychic will then
interpret the meaning of the cards as they relate to each other.

 • Horoscopes are very popular types of psychic readings, they appear in magazines and newspapers
all around the world. Horoscopes are insights into what is likely to happen to a person during a specific
time. Horoscopes are based on a person’s star sign or astrology.

 • Astrology readings are more in depth than horoscopes and are based on the position of stars,
planets, and other celestial bodies as they relate to the person being read. Everyone has a specific
astrology sign based on the position of planets, stars, and celestial bodies when they are born This
sign will give a psychic insight what type of influence the celestial bodies will have on a person’s life.

 • Palm readings are another popular form of psychic readings and they involve interpreting the lines
on the palm and fingers to give a person insight about themselves and their future. There are few
different ways that the lines on the palm can be interpreted and they usually represent life, health, and
longevity. The shape of the lines and how they relate to each other is used as the basis of the reading.

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                                             Accurate Psychic Advice
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