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                                                 Tips on Kids Christmas Party Dresses
                                                          By Melanie Smith

   Christmas is one of the busiest occasions every year. During this season people tend to consider a
lot of things related to this festive holiday. Parties here and there seem to flood our calendars. Even
our little darlings also have their own partying to do and so the burden of what these cute little angels
should wear falls entirely on our shoulder.

So, to make our burdens light, here are a few little tips on kids Christmas party dresses.

For Girls:

 Though your little ones probably have an idea of her own outfit, a gown with nice classy gloves is still
a perfect choice for her. Lacey dresses with matching gloves and hats will make her a stand out. If a
gown is a little way out of the budget, you can pick a dress with floral designs in bright colors. For
parents who have a generous amount of cash to spare, designer clothes will certainly work. If your little
girl has a bubbly personality, then you might want to consider a yellow dress in gingham material with
an eyelet pinafore. An artistic three-dimensional snowman attached in a velour tunic type of dress
would also surely looks charming on young girls.

For Boys:

 The traditional get-up for little boys on Christmas is something that includes a vest, a long-sleeved
shirt, pants and a tie. The most famous outfit is a blue shirt with a black and blue woven vest and
elastic waist navy blue pants. A silver tie with lovely patterns done in blue or burgundy will certainly go
well with it. If you want your little boy to look like Mr. Prince Charming, then dress him up in a white
colored tuxedo with a matching set of pants, jacket, long-sleeved shirt, a satin belt with a bow tie. If you
prefer him to have the Mr. Smart look, a black velvet pants paired with a white collared shirt, red tartan
plaid vest coupled with a black satin tie will certainly do the thing. You may also consider a blue
sweater paired with pants with a cute polar bear on white thread for him which will make him look very

For infants:

Since most department stores sells various infant wear, you can just handpick a combination of

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clothes for your little bundle of joy. Dressing your baby girl in an animal-inspired designer dress
complete with accessories is absolutely cute and lovely. A snowman Pant Set with velour striped
pullover shirt will certainly look enticing for your baby boy.

General Tip:

 There are a lot of clothing manufacturers who does custom-made outfit for kids on all occasions and
Christmas is one of their favorites. Plaid jumpers with bright colors in a chequered pattern look
absolutely beautiful. A tunic on a white wooly cot pullover looks great on your little girl and is available
in fleece prints. When selecting a dress in fleece material, make sure to choose a high quality brushed
fleece and the dress which is most likely machine washable should be free from wrinkles and doesn’t
shrink. For boys, a matching overalls and vests with play shirts are recommendable. You may also
want a father and son coordinated look, which will really create excitement among friends and family.

Enjoy everything about Christmas, visit our web site merry christmas 24 at for plenty of christmas ideas. We also recommend our Christmas for
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                                         Fun Christmas Activities To Do With The Kids
                                                                By Susanne Myers

 Waiting for Santa to get here can be quite a challenge for a kid. The days in December until the 25th
seem to go on forever. Make the waiting a little easier this year. Here are some fun Christmas Activities
you can do with your kids all through December.

Make Getting The Christmas Tree A Family Affair

Go out and pick a Christmas tree with the kids. You can go to one of the many Christmas tree lots and
let the kids help you pick out the perfect tree. Or you can even go out and cut your own tree. Many
state forests have special areas that are grown just for Christmas trees and you can go out and cut
your own. Of course there are also commercial Christmas tree lots that will let you cut a tree. There’s
nothing more fun than to spend a winter afternoon of stomping through the woods finding the tree
that’s just right.

Let Your Child Throw A Christmas Party

Arrange for a simple little Christmas party for the kids Just have your child invite a few of his or her
closest friends. Turn on some Christmas music, set out some cookies and fix some hot chocolate. You
can even make a simple little Christmas craft with the kids that they can take home with them.

Christmas Cards Made By The Kids

You don’t have to be the only one writing Christmas cards to friends and family members. Get the kids
to make the cards for you. All you need is some construction paper as well as crayons or markers.
Give them some Christmas stickers to add and the cards are ready. Recipients will love getting these
handmade cards from the kids in the mail.

A Letter For Santa

Children love to write a letter to Santa. Ask younger kids what they would like to tell Santa and then
have them draw or color a special picture for him to include with the letter you are writing for them.
School-aged kids can write their own letter and of course include a picture for Santa as well. Put the
letter and picture in an envelope, and stick it in the mailbox. Just take it back out before the mailman
gets there.

Of course your kids should receive a response from Santa. You can write your own on some holiday
paper, or use one of the many Santa letter services out there. Here’s one I have used in the past and
have been very happy with:

Susanne Myers is the owner of a site for parents and kids with Christmas Crafts
For Kids at For more Christmas crafts and ideas visit and sign up to have crafts, activities and recipes delivered by email.

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