Strategies to Protect Yourself When Purchasing Diabetes Equipment From Medical Websites

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   Strategies to Protect Yourself When Purchasing Diabetes Equipment From Medical Websites
                                                          By Trevor Price

   Did you know you can save a lot of money by buying your diabetes medical supplies on the
Internet? Are you also aware that many of these retailers are not based in the U.S. and therefore not
subject to FDA laws or standards? If you're considering the purchase of your diabetes supplies and
equipment online, keep reading to find out what you can do to protect yourself.

U.S. Supplier

 If you're buying diabetes medical supplies off a web-based company, look for one that's either based
in the United States or your own country. Even if the prices are better, a supplier stationed in a foreign
land isn't held to the same quality standards as one here. Remember, this is your health.

 On top of potentially being unsafe, importing foreign drugs or medical equipment may be against the
law and could get you into serious trouble with U.S. customs. So, don't risk your health or your record
by buying medical supplies from outside the country.

Prescription Required When Needed

 Not all types of insulin require a prescription, but if yours requires one either nationally or in your state,
then always purchase from a seller that obligates you to submit proof of prescription. Buying a
prescription-only product without a prescription is illegal.

Check the Shipping Policy

 Before you buy from an online retailer, find out how the goods are shipped. Are they properly
protected against breakage and possible contamination? How fast do they ship and by what methods?
If they send your product by ground then how do they ensure the package won't be pierced or possibly
damaged? And don't forget to include the shipping costs into your total costs calculation. If the shipping
is outrageous, then your online deal may not be such a steal after all.

Scan Customer Reviews

Before you buy a product online, you should read the customer reviews of both the online retailer and

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the product itself. For example, if you're in the market for a new test strip system, be sure to peruse the
customer reviews of other users. They should be right on the retailer's website.

 You should also read retailer reviewers. It's here that customers talk about a retailer's customer
service, their shipping fees, return policy and the overall buying experience. To find reviews for online
retailers, try sites like Nextag or Froogle.

Be Wary of Purchasing on eBay

 Unless a seller has a stellar reputation with strong customer feedback from buyers who have
purchased diabetes medical supplies specifically, then stay away. eBay is full of expired products,
recalled brands and rejected stock items that aren't suitable for the regular market.

 Unless you're buying from a seller that has excellent feedback from customers who have purchased
diabetes medical supplies in the past, then you should stay away.

 Your purchase of any equipment for the care of diabetes is nothing to take lightly. Though we all want
to save money on health care costs, none of us should take undue risks related to the quality of those

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                                 Should I Order My Diabetic Testing Supplies Online?
                                                            By Garry Neale

If you're in need of reliable sources for diabetic supplies, such as testing strips, you're in luck because
these days it's easy to find diabetes supplies and products. Diabetic testing equipment is sold online, at
your local pharmacy, and through regular postal mail. It pays to take precautions when purchasing
diabetes testing equipment from any source, however, because if you receive the wrong products it
could be very dangerous to your health. At the very least, you may end up paying too much for the
diabetic supplies or not get them when you need them most. Regular and reliable testing of your blood
sugar is important when you have diabetes, so getting your diabetes supplies on time every time you
need a replacement is crucial.

 Having your diabetic testing equipment delivered to your home, either by purchasing online or through
the phone, is a great way to conveniently receive everything you need, for an affordable price. As we
age, it gets harder to go shopping for the supplies we need - home delivery takes the hassle and stress
out of purchasing diabetes testing equipment. And because it's generally cheaper, you can save
money as well - something we all need to do in the retirement years.

 Testing your blood glucose levels is key if you have diabetes - but you need the right diabetic supplies
to ensure the tests are accurate and dependable. If you have your own diabetes supplies, such as test
strips, it's much easier to stay on top of your health and be made aware of any changes that suddenly
occur. Having the right diabetic testing supplies at hand could save your life.

 As long as you find a trustworthy and experienced home delivery company, you can depend on
consistent home delivery of your diabetes testing supplies. The diabetic supplies will arrive at your door
on time and according to a set schedule so that you can place your order, sit back, relax, and let the
diabetes supplies come to you. You won't have to expend energy and worry making countless trips to
the pharmacy, or rely on friends and family to help you out. You can stay independent without having
to lift a finger - except to make a phone call or use the computer, of course.

 Diabetic testing equipment delivered right to your door means you won't suddenly run out of the
products you need, especially if you find a company that sends out reminders when you need to
re-order. Diabetes testing supplies are available from many online stores, so start researching today if
you want to make your life easier.

 The supplies that are generally available include medication, test strips, and more. Testing strips in
particular come for excellent prices online. As long as the company you choose is reliable, the
medication you receive will be extremely safe to use. Simply conduct some online research, and you'll
easily and quickly find a wide array of online stores selling the supplies you need for prices that are

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