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                                                                                                      A Five Star

    Post Office Box 1981, Annapolis,       MD 21404              www.admiralheights.org                 FALL 2009

    President's Message
                                                                           Annual Autumn
      Fall Meeting Offers Updates
                                                                          Mem1beJr§ Meeting
    Please join your neighbors for the Autumn General
    Membership Meeting, at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday Oct. 6, at
    Germantown Elementary. We will update residents
    regarding community happenings and events.
       After the urging of some members, however, we                      Gerrnantown         Elernenrarv       Sclhoon
    have decided not have any candidates for Mayor of
    Annapolis at the meeting. Rather, our intention is to
                                                                        On tlhe agenda:
    host a candidate's forum with the other Ward 2
    communities at a later date, so stay tuned for details.             "*   WateIr access issues
    (Check the website, www.admiralheightsorg.)
                                                                        "*   Traffic      control    update
       The fall season provides plenty to do in our great
    neighborhood, including some fantastic events that offer
                                                                             Fan event plans
    opportunities to meet your fellow neighbors. We hope to
    see you at one of these fine gatherings:                            "*   V oluriteer      opportunities

    Oct. 17 - AHIA hosts the bi -annual community yard
    sale. You set up your goods in front of your own home
    and the association advertises a community-wide yard
                                                                              Please atterid! Your
    sale day in local publications and on Craig's List, and                     voices are needed
    posts signs at the neighborhood entrances on the day of
    the sale. We have heard that additional signs at the end
    of your street can sometimes be helpful to direct traffic
                                                                     help identify fellow neighbors' cars as a security
    to your sale, but please be sure to clean up your signs
                                                                     precaution. This can come in handy on Navy game
    when the sale is finished.
                                                                     days, especially. We have heard complaints of cars
                                                                     parking on streets that do not belong, so with the
    Oct. 30- The AHIA Halloween Party and costume
                                                                     stickers, you can easily identify one another's cars.
    parade is scheduled at 7 p.m. at Germantown
                                                                         Finally, with Autumn comes the falling of leaves.
    Elementary. This is a spooky good time for our
                                                                     This time of year seems to create more crowded streets
    community youngsters. The AH Mom's Club does a
                                                                     as we rake our leaves to the curb for the city's vacuum
    wonderful job organizing this event that over recent
                                                                     truck. We know that some neighbors have many, many
    years has become increasingly popular. (See Page Two.)
                                                                     trees, but please be courteous of your fellow neighbors'
                                                                     needs when parking your cars and raking your leaves to
    Nov. 14-0ur neighborhood tailgate party before and
                                                                     the curb. The City's collection truck usually visits our
    after the Navy football game is fun for the whole family.
                                                                     neighborhood about 3 or 4 times during the season, and
    We ask that attendees bring either a dessert or appetizer,
                                                                     once we have that schedule, we will be sure to post it on
    while we supply the burgers, hot dogs, drinks (adult
                                                                     the website.
    beverages included) and condiments.

       In your recent dues invoice, you should have
    received a window decal for your car. The idea is to
                                                                         See you around the neighborhood.
                                                                                                                Sean O'Neill
Community                               N ews
Forum solicits opinions
regarding water access

A dmiral    Heights residents are fortunate to have
water access through community-owned properties
along Weems Creek. But how best should these
resources be used?
    That was the question posed at a Community
Forum this month attended by about 25 residents.
The Admiral Heights Improvement Association is
currently reviewing needs and plans for water
access properties, principally Heineman Park
(Dewey Drive), Ackerland Park (Williams Drive)
and the Halsey Property (on Halsey Drive).
       Held jointly by ARIA with the Admiral
Heights Boat Club, the session was moderated by
resident Larry Freed, and generated a long list of
proposals     and concerns. Among the more                                 Annual Halloween Party
    *:  a desire for more boat racks at the Dewey                          and Costume Parade
area, as well as improvements there to the street-
level steps and boat cart path, better security, and                          Admiral Heights' always
better care of shrubbery and plantings;                                    anticipated I scary gathering takes
    *: consideration of boat slips at Dewey dock;
    *:  establishment of kayak and canoe access to                         place this year from 7 p.m. to 8:30
the creek from the Halsey property, which would                            p.m. on Friday, Oct. 30 at
likely require some structural means to cross the                          Germantown Elementary School
muddy ooze nearest the shore;
    *:  consideration of floating docks at all three                           Come for the parade, win
water access points;                                                       costume and game prizes, and
    *:  consideration at the Williams Drive site, the
                                                                           enjoy some spooky crafts!
location of the Boat Club, of adding picnic tables
and other amenities to the up-slope area;                                      Volunteers are needed for
    *:   better attention at the Williams site to                          setting up, breaking down and
parking, litter and security issues, including
unauthorized late-night and early-morning use.                             planning. Please contact Alison
    *:  consideration    of a central management                           DeWalle at adewalle@verizon.net
system for all three waterfront sites.

                                       -Steve        McKerrow

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Cornmu nitv Views

         The Color of Remodeling                                         Your Home
                 By Carol Simms Pearce                  colors near each other on the color wheel and you
           Professional Member, American Society of     get an analogous color scheme. Monochromatic and
   Interior Designers; Associate Member, American       analogous color schemes tend to be more calming.
 Institute of Architects; Owner, Acanthus Studio, LLC       With these schemes, the colors used set the
                                                        mood more than the relationship of colors. If you go
Color is one of the least expensive ways to change      straight   across the color wheel, you get a
                                                        complementary color scheme. These opposite colors
the mood of your home. We all know a gallon of
                                                        are high contrast and create a vibrant color scheme.
paint costs about $30, and approximately two
                                                             Work with three equally spaced colors from the
gallons of paint will cover the walls of most average
                                                        wheel and you get a triad. These color schemes are
size rooms. Therefore, for just $60 you can
                                                        well balanced and tend to create a neutral feeling.
dramatically change any room. But, how do we
                                                        These color relationships are a great way to combine
select the color and what mood will these colors
                                                        colors, but where do we start with our initial
                                                        selections? Let's take a look at various approaches.
Color   101
                                                        Selecting Colors
   Let's look first at the basics of color theory.
                                                             There are several ways to select colors for rooms.
Below is a color wheel:
                                                        You can match an inspiration item, such as a piece
                                                        of artwork, a fabric or a rug. Pulling colors from an
                                                        inspiration is an easy place to start. Usually these
                                                        colors have been put together by an expert so most
                                                        of the work is done for you. You can follow the
                                                        inspiration exactly in color and amount of color or
                                                        you can vary your approach.
                                                               For example, working from a landscape
                                                        painting that is mostly blue and green with a small
                                                        amount of brown and red, you may create a room
                                                        that is mostly blue and green with accents of brown
                                                        and red. But as a variation, you can create a room
                                                        that is mostly green and brown with accents of red
                                                        and blue.
                                                             Another approach is to draw inspiration from
                                                        your surroundings. You can create a room that
                                                        reflects what you see outside your window-or even
                                                        what you saw outside your window on vacation.
                                                        Nature is a great source of color inspiration.
                                                             I once traveled to the island of Saba, where the
                                                        colors you see are green, red and white with accents
                                                        of yellow and brown. I used those colors as the
                                GREEN                    color scheme for my master bedroom. I emphasized
                    "'l,.- •.. ._ .._•....
                                                         the green to create a soothing room. The forest, a
                                                         field of wildflowers, the seashore or a mountain
                                                         scene can serve as you starting point for selecting
     The color wheel provides a useful way to look at    colors.
color families and color relationships. Blue, green          The simplest and most common way to select
and violet are the "cool" color family. Red, orange      colors is that you select a shade because it is your
and yellow are the "warm" color family. We can           favorite. My daughter loves purple, so her room is
make color schemes (or combinations of colors) by        purple. As simple as that!
following patterns around the color wheeL
    Work with one color in various tints and shades
and you get a monochromatic color scheme. Select                                     Continued on Page Four
                                                                          death and funerals, however, so it should be used
    Home Remodeling                                                       with caution.
    Continued from Page Three
                                                                          In conclusion
                                                                              Now that you have found your color
    The Moods of Color                                                    inspiration, worked up your color scheme and
        Before you finalize your choices, consider the                    made sure the mood is what you are going for, dive
    mood of the color. Do you want the room to feel                       in! Paint your walls, get a new bedspread or slip
    restful, relaxed, calm? Exciting, stimulating,                        cover your sofa. Recolor whatever needs improving
    vibrant? Warm, cheerful, youthful? Refreshing,                        and you can quickly and inexpensively change the
    soothing, lively?                                                     feeling in your home.
         Red and orange are stimulating colors. They
    increase appetite and causes our body to pump
    orange rooms.                                                                 The Mast is published four times
        Yellow is associated with warmth, cheerfulness                       annually. We run business-size ads
    and youthfulness, but is also the most irritating                        free for paid-up members of the
    and fatiguing of the colors. Babies cry more in a                        Admiral     Heights    Improvement
    yellow room so it is not really the best choice to
                                                                             Association, and also for $25 per
    paint a nursery. On the other hand, yellow
    stimulates intellect and creativity.                                     appearance for non-members. We
         Green is refreshing and soothing. The color of                      also    welcome       any    and     all
    lush plants and grass, it reminds us of nature.                          contributions      from   residents:
    Green is an easy color to live with.                                     comments, announcements, classified
         Blue is relaxing. We want to linger in a blue                       ads and, especially, old photos that
    space. Blue tends to curb our appetites and
                                                                             show our neighborhood in earlier
    encourage imagination. Blue is a good color for a
    bedroom that is used as a retreat.                                       years.     Please    contact    Steve
         Purple is a regal color preferred more by                            McKerrow:        410-269-0214;
    women than men. It reflects dignity, elegance and                         sdmckerrow@verizon.net
     sophistication. Some people associate purple with

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          New place; same 4th fun!

           ADMIRAL HEIGHTS annual Fourth of July bike Parade was moved this year to Goodrich
           Road, and the location seemed well received, with perhaps the biggest turnout ever!
           Everyone liked the accompanying        barbecue, too. Pictures here show participants
           starting the parade past a City fire truck, watching from the curb and lining up for the
           awards announcement.
                                                                           Photos by Steve McKerrow

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                                                   Useful Contact Information
      "* Admiral Heights Boat Club, Commodore                              "* Anne Arundel    County Inspections &
      Rachel Hoffman, 410-295-0804                                         Permits (Critical Area problems)
      "* Admiral Heights Boat Racks at Dewey                               410-537-3510
      Dock, Glenn Smith41 0-626-9880                                       "* Ches. Bay Foundation 410-268-8816
      "* Admiral Heights Swim Club: 410-280-1476                           "* Dept. of Natural Resources Police:
      http://admiralheightspool. comlcs/                                   410-260-8888
      "* Annapolis Police Department (non-                                 "* Fish Health Hotline, 1-888-584-3110
      emergency calls):                                                    "* Germantown School, 410-222-1615
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        Admiral Heights Improvement Association Member Directory
      Fiscal Year April 1, 2009 - March 31, 2010 (paid as of 9-21, 2009>-

Adams-Bristol              Fox - Dewey                  Landis - Dewey              Sachs-Bristol       Circle
Aha-King                   Franco - Sumner              Landon - Sampson            Sales - Sumner
Alcock - Dewey             Freed - Wainwright           Lang - Halsey               Sandala - Halsey
Allen- Porter              Funk - Dewey                 Larese-Casanova             Schmeltzer       - Simms
Andruczyk-Fisk             Gaither - Baldridge                    Halsey            Schmeltzer       - Bristol
Bakula - Bristol           G all is - Dewey             Lavy - King                 Schmidt - Williams
Baldwin - Worden Ct.       Gates - Cedar Park           Layton - Wainwright         Sears - Bristol
Barbick - Bristol          Gerdes - Cedar Pk            Lebow - Porter              Sentman - Williams
Barnes - Williams          German - Baldridge           Leitch - Halsey             Sfond 0 u ri s- Wa i nwrig ht
Barrett - Bristol Circle   German - Farragut            Lewis - Gibson              Shellem - Schley
Baumann - Halsey           Golden - Wainwright          Lillefloren*     - Dewey    Shenk - Gibson
Boatman - Halsey           G raf - Halsey               Lively - Schley             Shores - Dewey
Brandon - Cedar Park       Graham - Williams            Loizu - Cedar Park          Shey - Gibson
Brandow - Halsey           Gray -                       Mackes- Wainw rig ht        Singleton     - Sumner
Brown - Worden             Grebasch     - Halsey        Maggio - Goodrich           Smiley -
Burdick - Cedar Park       Greco - Schley               Manz - Bristol              Smith - Gibson
Bussiere   - Dewey         Greeley - Dewey              May - Dewey                 Smith - Dewey
Butterwei·     Halsey      Greil - Dewey                McAdams - Williams          Smith - Halsey
Byrne - Bristol            Haberlein*     - Fisk        McAndrews        - Porter   Smith - Halsey
Byrnes - Bristol           Hall - Dewey                 McCarthy      -             Smith - Gibson
Cadden - Halsey            Hall - Porter                McKerrow       - Schley     Smith - Halsey
Capezio - Cedar Pk         Halliwell   - Schley         McNitt - Cedar Pk           Smith - Dewey
Carr - Dewey               Handen - King                Mee - Goodrich              Sommer - Cedar Park
Caton - McDonough          Hanning - Wainwright         Mencarini      - Halsey     Sophocles       - King
Caton - McDonough          Harnish - Wainwright         Mennuti - Bristol           Spranger - Porter
Chedester     - Williams   Harrison    - Dewey          Milazo - Williams           Stavely - Williams
Coker - Halsey             Hartig - Goodrich            Milburn - Gibson            Stevenson       - Simms
Colburn - Cedar Park       Harting - Goodrich           Miller - Sampson            Sutton - Cedar Pk
Colegrove     - Williams   Hartman - Halsey             Minear - Nimitz             Talbot - Cedar Pk .
Collins - Williams         Heise - Simms                Moheiser      - Dewey       Tamplin - Baldridge
Comstock - Ford            Helm - Rickover              Moore - Baldridge           Taylor - Cedar Pk
Connors - Baldridge        Hendricks     - Halsey       Moreland - Dewey            Tietge - Farragut
Cornwall    - Sumner       Hickok - Nimitz              Myers - Halsey              Timchal - Baldridge
Crews - Porter             Hillman - McDonough          Myers·       Porter         Tucker - Rickover
Cronyn - Williams          Hitzelberger-                Neugebauer         -        Tullier - Dewey
Crosier - Cedar Pk         Wainwright                   N ichols- McDonoug h        Turkopuls      - Fisk
Crutchley    - Goodrich    Hodgson - Steffen Point      Nuscher • Sumner            Tuttle - Halsey
Currier - McDonough        Hoffman - Williams           Oliver - Cedar Park         Tyler* - Williams
Delaney - Dewey            Hofstedt    - Gibson         O'Neill - Halsey            Urban- Da vi s- Wi IIi ams
Devlin - Cedar Pk          Holstein    - Cedar Pk        Palmer - Dewey             Vahsen - Halsey
DeWalie - Porter           Hopkins - Halsey              Parker - Gibson            Von Sas - Farragut
 Dobson - Sumner           Hopkins - Ludlow              Parker - Bristol           Wilson - Bristol
 Doyen - Ford              Hughes - Halsey               Paterson-      Goodrich    Wimbish - Farragut
 Drexler - Williams        Hutton - Farragut             Pettinato    - Worden      Wise - Gibson
 Durbin - Dewey            Jackman - McDonough           Pierson - Dewey             Wynnkoop - Nimitz
 Egan - Halsey             J uppe - Dewey                Quinn - Schley              Zeberleinn      - Williams
 Eller - Dewey              Kerns - Porter               Ray - Baldridge             Zeminsky      - Bristol
 Ellis - Halsey             Kibbey - Goodrich            Rayhart*-Cedar        Pk    Zuccaro - Nimitz
 Fahey - Dewey              Kibbey - Goodrich            Rentch - Farragut
 Farrell - McDonough        Kidwell - Dewey              Resce -Sumner
 Farris - Fisk              Kison - Halsey               Rosol - Cedar Pk
 Field - Halsey             Kran i ng- Wainwrig ht       Rosswork - Halsey
 Fier - Halsey              Kro nsberg - Wi II i am s    Roydhouse        - Dewey
 Fischer - Simms            Kruesi - Schley              Russell - Rickover
 Fowler - Wainwright        Lamb - Gibson                Ruth - Halsey

            Please consider paying your 2009 - 2010 dues now. Visit the website:
                                                                       ~  -   ;.--

                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS, APRIL 1, 2009 TO MARCH 31, 2010

     Pres: Sean O'Neill            Halsey Road            41 0-268-5813                  President@admiralheights.org

     VP.: Ed Hausknecht            Williams Drive         240-472-2383                   edwardch22@hotmail.com

     Treas.: Glenn Smith           Halsey Road            410-626-9880                   treasurer@admiraleights.org

     Secy.: David Aha              King Court             410-263-6690                   aha@aic.nrl.navy.mil

     Rick Baumann                  Halsey Road            410-263-4433                   baumannrg@mail.nih.gov

     Mike Boeck                    Wainwright Drive       410-573-4819                   jmboeck@gmaiLcom

     Stewart Comstock              Ford Circle            41 0-268-3245                   scomstock@mde.state.md.us

     Suzanne Duffy                 Schley Road            41 0-960-9075                   Wyzmom@comcast.net

     John Franco                   Sumner Drive           410-263-9508                   john.p.franco@navy.mil

     Michael Minear                Nimitz Road             410-268-5311                   miminear@aol.com

     Andrea Sutton                 Cedar Park Road        410-267-6224                    umback@verizon.net

     Brandon Wright                Cedar Park Road         410-268-1251                   bpwright@comcast.net

     Regular AHIA Board meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month at Germantown Elementary
     School. All residents are invited to attend:

                                         *: "* "* Want   to volunteer?               *: "* "*
             Our neighborhood association depends on resident participation, and offers numerous opportunities for
     volunteering. If you are interested and able, please let us know with this form, circling your area{s) of interest.
     Mail to AHIA, P.O. Box 1981, Annapolis, MD 21404 Visit the websitewwwJ,WffJiraff1eigbJiiSlJ]J     for more
     information about the community.

     Name:                                                                      AHIA Board               Parents Club

     Address:                                                                    Events                  Social Committee

     emaillphone:AH IA Board                                                    Garden Club              Weems Creek

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