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									                                                 Lesson Plan
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Topic:                                                     Activity:
Option choice for Post 16                                  KS4 – Making choices for Post 16

Target Group: Year 11                                      Time: I hour plus time for individual research

                                             CWW learning outcomes
Range:                                 Skills:                               Attitudes and Values:
3. examine employment and              3. access a wide range of sources     Self motivation
learning opportunities                 of help                               Initiative
9. understand prospects and            4. locate , select and identify key   Taking responsibility
progression                            points from a range of information
12. identify any obstacles to future   6. use ICT to find information
aspirations                            7. consider their own and other
                                       people’s perspectives about
                                       learning and work

Objectives:                                                Equality & Diversity Development:
Students to be able to research and plan for their         An opportunity to challenge gender traditional
future                                                     courses and careers

Materials, resources and preparation needed:               Key/Essential Skills:
KS4 – Making choices for Post 18 ppt                       Problem Solving
Computers                                                  IOLP
School prospectus
College prospectus
Print out of Diamond 9 (if necessary)
Print out of Checking your knowledge (if necessary)

                                                                                                     SF 200709
Starter: To use this PowerPoint interactively use on the slide view or normal view setting
not on slide show setting. Left click on statement. Cursor needs to be in cross form and                    5 mins
then drag to new position. This will depend on the version of PowerPoint you are using.
Contact your IT department with any queries.
Page 2 – Ask students to place the 5 statements relating to making a decision on the correct
The statements can move by click and drag                                                                   40 mins
Page 3 – correct answers
                                                                                                            allow more
Main:                                                                                                       time for
Explain the 3 main options following on from Year 11 – use to provide                  individual
guidelines for the students                                                                                 research
 Remaining in the school 6th form                                                                          on
     What courses are available – are they suitable for YOU                                                computers
     Are there any entry requirements

   Getting work / traineeship / apprenticeship
     Check for availability of jobs
     Check application procedures
     Do you have the right qualifications

   Going to College of Further Education
     Check on the courses available
     Check on application procedures
     What is the support available to you

Pages 5,6 and 7
Here are 3 examples of possible situations that students may find themselves in. Names are
non gender specific.
Ask students to decide which option would be most suitable for each person. This is an
opportunity to involve your Careers Adviser.
If there is time and computers available students can spend some time on to research some of their ideas.

Credit Crunch 2009 has limited opportunities but there are still skill shortages.

Page 8 Your choice – what is important for you –Diamond 9
The aim of this is to rank the ideas in order of importance to the individual, the top is the most
important, the bottom is the least important
This can be printed off or it can be used on the white board Click (See PowerPoint instructions
at top of page) and then use click and drag to the relevant diamond
Can be an individual exercise or group activity                                                    15 mins
Pages 9,10,11 and 12 are examples of how to build up a person’s ideas
If used as a paper activity, students can write their ideas into the relevant diamond and include
any ideas of their own

Page 13 – Checking your knowledge
This can be played as a board game in a group or on a white board as a class activity – use a
dice to throw the numbers to select the question
Information for each square
1.1Name 2 pros and cons for getting a full time job after Yr 11
     Pros – earning money. And if it is a good job it will have built in training and qualifications
     Cons – Many jobs require you to get further qualifications so you may not get a good job, It might
        be a dead end job with no chance for promotion or training, many employers prefer to employ
        more experienced people, it may be a low skilled job and you might get bored
1.2Give 3 advantages of doing A levels
     A wide choice of subjects
     If you love the subjects you can study them in depth
     They might help get you into university and into a job you like
     They are well respected by employers
     You can keep your options open                                                                     SF 200709
     It shows you can cope with a demanding course
     It will improve your time management and organisation skills
1.3Name 3 skills you need to be self employed.
     Examples include; communication skills for dealing with customers, time management, problem
      solving, organizational skills, working with others, ICT

1.4 What is an AS and an A2?
     An AS is the first half of an A level and usually takes one year to complete
     An A2 is the second part of an A level

2.1What is an apprenticeship?
    It is a nationally recognized training route in which people are paid to gain a job related
       qualification by learning on and off the job. For more information visit

2.2Why is it important to have work experience?
    Having work experience will help you to learn new skills, find out as much as possible about the
       workplace, meet new people, strengthen your CV and application forms, develop your work ethic

2.3What information do you put on a CV?
     Personal details, qualifications, jobs and work experience, skills and qualities, interests and
       subjects and names of referees
2.4Name 3 ways or types of accessing support?
     You need to talk to teachers, careers adviser, family and use www.careerswales for information

3.1Give 3 tips about filling in an application form
     Practise on a copy first
     Check all spelling and grammar
     Ensure basic details are correct
     Ensure qualifications are recorded correctly
     Have name of referees in full and ask permission first
     Ensure application details meet the job description
     Be positive about yourself and say what you are good at and what you have achieved

3.2Name 1 job you would like to do and why?

3.3What is an NVQ?Give an example
    National Vocational Qualification – in a job spedific area such as hairdressing, catering, motor
       vehicle maintenance

3.4Give 4 tips for a good interview
     Do research about the company or college
     Be there on time
     Dress appropriately
     Smile at people and shake their hand when you meet them
     Keep calm and think before answering questions
     Prepare beforehand some questions at ask at the end

4.1Name 2 Colleges of Further Education

4.2 What can you do if you need to improve English and Maths after Yr 11?
       Check whether you can do this at school, College or at the workplace

4.3What are the top 3 things you can do to plan for next year?
    Have a careers interview
    Research all the information
    Visit any Open Evenings at Schools and College

4.4What is an EMA?
     Education Maintenance Allowance

                                                                                                          SF 200709
Evaluation of group-work (please circle):

Good     Satisfactory    Development needed

(Opportunity to reflect upon lesson plan/delivery – for your own professional development)

Other (Where required reference the inclusion of relevant Labour Market information subject based links.
Links to PSE, etc

                                                                                               SF 200709

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