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					OC-041 (2 Mar 2009)

                                Grower Group Questionnaire
Instructions: Please completely fill out this questionnaire when requesting Grower Group (GG)
Certification. Use additional sheets when necessary. Also complete the Organic System Plan (OSP) for the
scope (crops, wild harvest etc.) for which you are seeking certification. The Grower Group Information
(GGI) Spreadsheet (or similar member listing) is also required to allow clear and easy reporting and
tracking of membership names/status, acreage and yield information. It covers the basic information
required by all authorities. See the OneCert New Grower Group Checklist for additional documentation that
is required, including a copy of your Internal Control System (ICS).
SECTION 1: General Information
Group Name                                     Trade Name (if different)

Name of Group Manager                          Other Responsible Person                 For OneCert Office
                                                                                        Use Only
Phone             Cell Phone                   Phone            Cell Phone              Date
Location of Farms (town, state)
                                                                                        Date       Reviewer
                                                                                        Pre-Insp   Initials:

1.01   Is this your first time applying for Group Certification with OneCert?             Yes       No

1.02   Has this ICS been approved for another certified organic Grower Group?             Yes       No

1.03   How many years has the group been engaged in organic farming?

1.04   Total members in the group?            1.05 Date   group formed (dd/mm/yy)?

1.06   Total area cultivated by group?         1.07   Total organic area cultivated by group?

1.08   Will any members likely have sales of greater than $5,000 in organic crop?          Yes       No

If yes, list members:

1.09   Describe the Harvest Schedule for Organic Crop(s):

1.10   Describe the Group Purpose and Organization:

1.11 Under    which standards are you seeking certification?
   NOP          EU      NPOP        JAS Other (please specify)
1.12 Do   you have a copy of the current applicable standards?           Yes       No

1.13Do you provide a copy of the relevant internal organic standards to group members?
   Yes     No             If No, why not?
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OC-041 (2 Mar 2009)                         Grower Group Questionnaire                                  OneCert

1.14   Are the standards in a language the group members can understand?                          Yes             No

1.15   Does the internal standard contain illustrations?          Yes      No

1.16 Do you have farm production norms for:
    Seed     Nutrient Management     Pest Management   Soil Management                      Approved Inputs
    Prevention of Drift    Livestock Husbandry Management     other?


SECTION 2: ICS Information
 Provide a copy of your complete Internal Control System (ICS) with this questionnaire. This is a
required document. It must be presented before your application can be considered for inspection.
Please list the ICS section or specific form related to each question in the column on the right
hand side of the page.
                                                                                    ICS Section/
                                                                                     Other Form
2.01Are there written agreements/contracts with members that states that they
understand and will comply with organic regulations and permit annual inspections?
   Yes        No

2.02   Do you have a membership coding procedure?                Yes       No
2.03Do you have documented procedures for reviewing partial conversion/
transition?    Yes   No
2.04 Do you have criteria for the conversion period before the member is considered
eligible for organic certification?  Yes    No
2.05   Do you have procedures to approve a member?                   Yes    No

2.06   Are new operator’s plots inspected by the ICS prior to being added to the GG?
        Yes     No

2.07   Do you have a policy regarding member training, including frequency?
       Yes     No
2.08   Do you have procedures to sanction a member?                Yes     No
2.09   Do you keep a list of sanctioned/excluded farmers?                   Yes        No
2.10   Will you notify OneCert of all noncompliances detected by the ICS?          Yes       No
2.11Do you have a defined frequency under which you review ICS procedures?
   Yes    No
2.12   Do you have a defined procurement/storage/marketing scheme?               Yes        No
2.13   Do you use a lot numbering system for the crop/products?                  Yes        No
2.14   Is your recordkeeping system sufficient to trace product from field through sale?
       Yes       No

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OC-041 (2 Mar 2009)                                   Grower Group Questionnaire                                     OneCert
2.15   Do you process crops/produce/products?                         Yes          No

If Yes, please describe:
You might also be required to complete a handling Organic system, plan if the processing falls under that


Section 3: ICS Staff
Please list the ICS staff including non paid staff.                                                           (dd/mm/yy)
Name                                 Qualifications               Job Title             Date          Relevant Organic
                                                                                        Hired         Trainings

                                                                                                                 ICS Section

3.01   Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined for each ICS staff position?
       Yes     No
3.02   Do you have a policy regarding staff training, including frequency of training?
       Yes     No
3.03   Do you have a policy regarding staff recruitment/appointment?                            Yes      No
3.04   Does the ICS have policies to avoid conflict of interest in the field?                    Yes      No
3.05 Do you have signed Conflict of Interest statement for each staff member*?
    Yes     No

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OC-041 (2 Mar 2009)                              Grower Group Questionnaire                                      OneCert

3.06 Do you have signed Confidentiality Contract for each staff member*?
    Yes     No
3.07 Do your policies include assurances that staff* will not be admonished in any way
for reporting a noncompliance?      Yes     No
3.08 How many Internal Auditors do you have per 50 members?
Full Time or Part Time?
3.09 How many Internal Audits of each member do you conduct annually?
    one    two      any other
3.10   Do you keep a documented record of each internal audit?                        Yes           No

3.11   Do you appoint Internal Auditors from outside the group?                      Yes         No
3.12   Do you have defined criteria for Internal Auditors?                         Yes         No

3.13   Do you have defined policies for membership approval?                        Yes         No
3.14 Who is responsible for the approval of group members?
    Approval manager             Approval committee      Other
* Staff member is anyone working in any capacity for the Group and responsible for any part of the ICS.

SECTION 4: Affirmation

I affirm that all statements made in this application and annexes are true and correct. I understand that
acceptance of this questionnaire in no way implies granting of certification by OneCert. I agree, on
behalf of the members of this group and managers of the ICS to follow the relevant standards (NPOP,
NOP, etc.) and other OneCert rules.

I further affirm that up to date information is available at the ICS office for all our members during the
Signature of ICS/Group Manager __________________________________ Date______________
Name of ICS/group Manager ________________________________________________________
Submit completed forms, fees and supporting documents to:

USA Office                                                                    India Office
OneCert                                                                       OneCert Asia Agricertification (Pvt) Ltd.
2601 B Street, #1                                                             Plot No. 8, Pratap Nagar Colony,
Lincoln, NE 68502,                                                            Near Glass Factory, Tonk Road, Jaipur
(402) 420-6080 Phone                                                           Rajasthan, India – 302017
(888) 475-6044 Fax                                                            91+141-2701882 Phone
(888) 420-6088 Toll Free                                                      91+141-27701182 Fax
                                                                               09414063456 Cell                                                                                                           

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