Technology Implementation Plan by owfm2322


									                                        Tech Plan

Vision: High school is dedicated to having a library with an integrated technology
program that will empower students to function effectively in the information age.
Technology: The Library Media Teacher will instruct students on how to use technology
to locate, collect, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources. She will work
with teachers to implement standards-based curriculum plans that include methods and
strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning.
Curriculum: The Library Media teacher will instruct all students in all aspects of
information literacy. All ninth grade students will be instructed in the library on the Big
6 Information Literacy skills. Freshmen research papers in Language arts will reinforce
the skills learned.
Collaboration: The LMT will work with the administrators to look for funding through
grants or any other available means to acquire different technological devices to support
student success, including programs which support adult literacy. The school collaborates
with ROP, an organization that places emphasis on adult literacy.
Staff Development: A technology training program will be developed in order to provide
meaningful, integrated, training sessions to site staff, utilizing the hardware and software
which is available to them each day.
Students with special needs will use assistive technology in the library to access
electronic information.
Funding: the LMT and the administrators will come up with fund raising activities,
apply for grants and the administrators will allocate part of the school budget to
purchasing technology.
     Students are required to produce their student identification cards upon using
        computers in the Library Media Center
     If teachers borrow equipment such as an LCD projector, they will be required to
        return equipment on the next day. This policy will be effective beginning of 2006-
        2007 School Year in July.
     Library hours will be extended to 4:30pm Monday to Friday to give students and
        staff the opportunity to use computers after hours. The policy will be in effect
        beginning of 2006-2007 School Year in July.

   Technology Action Plan for the 2006-2007 School Year.

   Technology Acquisition:
    Alpha-smart keyboards will be purchased for students with special needs. $400
      will be budgeted.
    A copy machine, scanner, color printer, smart board, and hand held scanner will
      be purchased for different activities going on in the library media center and
      taking inventory. $6,200 will be budgeted for those devices.
   Technology Integration into the Curriculum:
 Assistive technology devices such as alpha-smart keyboards will enable students
with moderate mental retardation to participate in academic interaction and
 Copy machine, scanners and color printer will enable students obtain hard copies
of research materials or print out final products of research papers and presentations.
 Smart boards will be used in teaching any content area particularly writing the
 Our school library has 30,000 reference and other resource materials. A hand held
scanner will speed up taking inventory and enable the LMT to work with students and
 High School through the district has close partnerships with C-SMART. C-
SMART is a statewide education technology service that helps districts and schools
get the best prices for hardware, software and other electronic learning resources. The
library benefits from that partnership.
     We will seek to have close relations with our feeder middle schools and local
universities and colleges such CSUDH, CSULA,UCLA and Cerritos Community
College to better meet technology needs of our freshmen , gain professional growth
and provide a smooth transition for our seniors.
Staff Development:
 Teachers in Spartan Scholars, an SLC of university bound students will work
closely with the LMT to learn to use a variety of technology tools to access and use
information for research so that they can better serve their students. The collaborative
effort will begin in July, 2006.
 Our Library Media Teacher will attend California School Libraries Association
(CSLA)’s annual conference in Sacramento in November, 2006.
 The LMT and new teachers will be sponsored to attend an annual conference for
Computer Using Educators in Palm Springs in May, 2006.
 The Technology advisors of District 6 will come to the library 4 times a year to
meet with our LMT and teachers to discuss the future of technology at H.P.H.S
through an Academic Forum. New, innovative and creative distance learning projects
will be explored to enhance the CORE curriculum.
 The library has 13 computers with internet access and the district covers the cost
not the school site.
 5 of the 13 computers in the library have SOLO software installed. SOLO is a
software tool which is used to assist ELL and special education students
 to improve skills in content-area reading, research projects and essay writing. It costs
$789 to install the software in 5 computers.
Funding Sources:
 The LMT will apply for grants from K-Mart and Toys R Us, those retailers work
closely with the school and offer our students part-time jobs. The money would be
saved for equipment to engage in video conferencing.
 The school received a grant of a million dollars which is supposed to be spent
over a period of five years on Small Learning Communities. 3 % of that amount is
going to be assigned to the library for technology because it works with all SLCs in
the school.
This technology plan will be evaluated at the end of a school year in June 2007 and
the same month there after, by a technology committee consisting of: The Local
District Technology Coordinator, the Principal, three computer teachers - one from
each track, SLC lead teachers, Library Media Teacher, Student Body President and
PTA President.

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