HEALTHY EATING LIFESTYLE PLAN
The Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan has been designed to help you to reach a healthy body weight
in a healthy way. Scientific information on quantities of nutrients needed, for health now and in
the future, has been translated into this healthy eating lifestyle plan.

This is based on an exchange system:
 Foods are divided into groups, where all the foods in one group provide similar nutrients.
 The serving size of each food in the group is given so that the foods also supply about the
   same amount of food energy (quantity).
 The foods included on the list are those that provide quality nutrients to your daily intake.

The Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan shows the number of serves you must choose from each
group each day. The serves from some groups are given in a range – you determine just how
many serves of that food you want to eat that day.

You must eat at least the minimum number of serves from all the groups everyday. By doing
this you can be sure that you are getting all the nutrients that you need for good health. You
may eat the maximum number of serves if you want to. It is advisable to eat the maximum
number of vegetable serves, most days. You should therefore be consuming between 1200-
1600 calories a day which is accurate for you to be able to deficit calories threw healthy eating.

                 Food Group                                    Daily Range of Units

Water, beverages (no energy)                                           2-3litres
Starchy foods (carbs)                                                    4-6
Vegetables                                                               4-6
Fruits                                                                    2
Beans, peas, lentils                                                      1
Meat, fish, chicken, eggs (protein)                                      2-4
Milk                                                                     0-1
Oils and fats                                                             2
Top Ups / Extras                                                         0-4
Super Foods                                                         1 tsp of each
                                       STARCHY FOODS

                                             Portion Size
Bread and Crackers – all except rye options are Phase 1 only
Albany slim slice, white or whole-wheat      42g            2 slices
Albany Best of Both white                    40g            1 slice
Bread Low GI                                 40g            1 slice
Whole-Wheat / Multigrain Crackers            20g            number varies according to make
(e.g: Provita)
Rye Bread / Ryvita                           20g

Cereal and Porridge – all phase 1 options only except oats
All Bran or Wheat Flakes                     30g            ________________________
Muesli (Vital), non-toasted                  30g            ________________________
Porridge Rolled Oats: dry                    25g            ________________________
Pronutro: whole-wheat origional /
whole-wheat apple bake                       25g            ________________________
Wheatbix                                     30g            ________________________

Pasta, Rice, Grains, Starchy Vegetables
Barley                                       25g            ________________________
Maize (cut corn) fresh or frozen             75g            ________________________
Maize, dry                                   25g            ________________________
Pasta, all types, dry (Phase 1 only)         25g            ________________________
Potato, new / baby, with skin                120g           ________________________
Potato, sweet, raw or boiled                 120g           ________________________
Potato with skin, raw or boiled              120g           ________________________
Rice, basmati / brown, raw                   25g            ________________________
Wheat (stampkoring) (Phase 1 only)           25g            ________________________

Other Starchy Foods
Popcorn (no fat added), raw                  25g            ________________________
Corn Thins (Real Foods)                      25g            4 thins
                                  *Starchy Veg - ½ cup = 50g
                               Leafy / Watery Veg – 1 cup = 100g
Asparagus                                       Green Beans
Baby Marrow, courgettes, zucchini               Lettuce
Beetroot*                                       Mushrooms, all types
Broccoli                                        Onions
Butternut*                                      Peas, fresh / frozen*
Cabbage                                         Peppers, green, yellow, red
Carrots                                         Pumpkin, hubbard squash*
Cauliflower                                     Spinach, morog, imfino, other leafy veg
Celery                                          Tomato, raw
Cucumber                                        Tomato, tinned

Tomato based pasta sauce, non fat               50g
Tomato concentrate (paste)                      25g

Most have a portion size of 150g, with a few exceptions. Weight is edible portion.
Apple, fresh                                    150g
Banana                                          100g
Fruit Salad, fresh                              150g
Grapes                                          150g
Grapefruit, fresh                               150g
Juice, pure fruit (home made only)              150ml
Mango, peeled                                   150g
Melons, all types                               150g
Naartjie, orange, tangerine                     150g
Paw-Paw                                         150g
Peach, nectarine                                150g
Pear                                            150g
Pineapple, raw                                  150g
Plums, raw                                      150g
Strawberries, raw                               150g
Watermelon                                      300g
                               DRY BEANS, LENTILS, SPLIT PEAS
4 in 1 soup mix                              25g
Beans, baked tomato / chilli sauce           100g
Beans, dry all types                         25g
Beans, canned drained                        75g
Chick peas, canned drained                   75g
Split peas, lentils                          25g
Split pea, lentil sprouts                    75g

                            CHICKEN, MEAT, FISH, EGGS AND CHEESE
Beef, lean, cooked                           50g     ________________________
Cheese, cheddar type (Phase 1 only)          25g     ________________________
Cheese, cottage fat free (Phase 1 only)      125g ________________________
Chicken, no skin, cooked                     50g     ________________________
Eggs (Hens)                                  1 egg
Fish, Hake                                   120g ________________________
Fish, Salmon canned                          70g     ________________________
Fish, Pilchards, in tomato sauce             70g     ________________________
Fish, Tuna, brine, drained                   70g     ________________________
Lamb, lean, cooked                           50g     ________________________
Mutton, very lean, cooked                    50g     ________________________
Pork, lean, cooked                           50g     ________________________

                                     MILK – Phase 1 only
Milk skim                                    250ml ________________________
Milk Low Fat (2%)                            200ml ________________________
Yoghurt, fat free plain                      150ml ________________________
Yoghurt, fat free, flavoured                 100ml ________________________
Rice Milk                                    100ml ________________________
                                              OIL AND FAT
Avocado                                            20g
Nuts, seeds - all kinds (especially Brazil)        10g
Oils, canola, olive, sunflower                     5ml
Peanut butter                                      10g
Coconut Oil                                        5ml

                                     TOP UPS – Phase 1 only
Cadbury’s hot chocolate Highlight                  15ml
Jam                                                5ml
Honey or syrup                                     10ml
Low oil salad dressing                             30ml
Low oil salad cream                                30ml
Sauce – tomato / chutney / sweet chilli            5ml
Sauce powder                                       5ml
Xylitol (sugar substitute)                         5ml

Brookes low cal squashes (Phase 1 only)            maximum 1 litre a day
Coffee, tea, regular                               ideally maximum 4 cups a day
Diet or lite cold drinks (Phase 1 only)            maximum 1 can a day (must be energy free)
Rooibos, herbal                                    unlimited

                                          SPICES - LIMITED
Sodium based spices
Hot mustard
Soy sauce
Stock cubes
Vegetable or meat extracts e.g. Marmite, Bovril, OXO, Fray Bentos
Olive oil non-stick cooking spray

                                      SPICES – UNLIMITED
Fresh herbs
Himalayan Rock Salt
Organic Raw Chocolate Cocoa Powder
Hemp powder
Maca Root Powder
Barley Green Powder
Whey Protein


          Food Group                                    Daily rage of units
Water, beverages (no energy)             W        3–5
Starchy foods                            S        6–7
Vegetables                               V        4–6
Fruits                                   F        2
Beans, peas, lentils and soya            B        1
Meat, fish, chicken, cheese,             P        3–4
Milk                                     M        0-1
Oils and fats                            O        4
Top ups                                  T        0–2
Herbs, spices and seasoning              H        Yes – specific types

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