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					                      Lyman Briggs College Space Review Plan
                 Elizabeth H. Simmons, Dean, Lyman Briggs College
                                 December 1, 2007

• Nearly all of the space assigned to LBC is for instruction and administrative purposes
   and is located in Holmes Hall (18,987 sq.ft.; PCS codes 1 & 4.2). The exception is a
   single Hubbard Hall room assigned for research purposes (448 sq.ft.; PCS code 2.28).
• LBC faculty are hired with joint appointments in departments in other colleges to
   facilitate their scholarship. Research space needs are met by the joint appointment
   unit. The exceptions are two senior faculty without joint appointments, one of whom
   is using the above-mentioned room in Hubbard Hall for externally-funded research.


Space/facility representative:
The Dean of Lyman Briggs College is the space/facility representative for LBC and has
access to the web-based OPB space inventory.

Communication of university space policies throughout the college:
The LBC website includes links to documents describing the university’s space policy on
a page devoted to practical information for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff are
informed about the existence and contents of this page at the annual retreat. The Dean
regularly discusses issues related to space assignment and usage at meetings of the LBC
faculty, LBC staff, and Briggs Advisory Council.

Ongoing assessment of space usage:
The LBC Dean meets with the Associate and Assistant Deans at least once per semester
to review all space assigned to Lyman Briggs College for compliance with the
university’s space policy. This includes reviewing (on paper and by walk-through) the
university’s inventory of space assigned to LBC for accuracy in assignment, room use,
and room function. It also includes reporting changes to FPSM so that the space
inventory can be updated.

Assessment of research space needs at time of hire
Each LBC faculty member is hired jointly with an appropriate disciplinary unit in another
college to facilitate the faculty member’s scholarship. In drafting a letter of offer, LBC
and the joint appointment unit identify appropriate facilities in the joint appointment unit
(e.g. shared office space, sole or shared laboratory space) for supporting the new faculty
member’s scholarship. The differences in faculty members’ research space needs by
discipline are naturally taken into consideration under this system.
Regular review of research space needs:
This review occurs through overlapping mechanisms, each of which is undertaken in
accordance with the university space assignment policy:
• Each time a grant is submitted by a PI from LBC, the PI provides the LBC Dean with
   information regarding space needs anticipated for the project including location,
   square footage, type of usage, and duration. With few exceptions, research space is
   provided within the faculty member’s joint appointment unit.
• During his or her annual evaluation meeting with the LBC Dean, each faculty
   member provides both an update on usage of any research space currently assigned to
   him or her and an estimate of future space needs associated with pending projects
   and/or proposals.

Handling requests for additional space
When the LBC Dean’s Office receives a request for additional space for an academic or
research purpose, the Dean acts as follows:
• The Dean reviews (and may ask for modification of) the request to ensure its
     compliance with the university’s space assignment policy.
• The Dean surveys existing LBC space and, if possible, assigns LBC space to meet the
     need in question.
If there is no space in LBC that can meet the need, then
• For space required to support academic efforts of Lyman Briggs College, the Dean
     contacts FPSM and initiates a request for the assignment of appropriate new space.
• For space needed to support the externally funded scholarship of an LBC faculty
        i. The Dean contacts the LBC faculty member’s joint appointment college and
             department about finding room in that unit for this purpose, as consistent with
             the nature of the joint appointment.
        ii. If the project also involves faculty members not in LBC , the Dean contacts
             the home colleges and department of those faculty members about finding
             space to support the project.
        iii. If these efforts are not successful, the Dean contacts FPSM about initiating a
             request for temporary space to be assigned for the duration of the project.