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									 AWO Crisis Communications Plan

Policy Statement

AWO Member Incident Reporting

Basic Principles of Crisis Communications


Identifying Vulnerabilities

Message Points

AWO Protocol - "Incident Assessment Team"

Criteria for On-Site Presence

  • Press Conferences
  • Written Materials for Media
  • AWO Web Site
  • 800-number
  • Op-Eds
  • Editorial Board
  • Meetings
  • Radio/TV Interviews

Outside Counsel

AWO Point of Contact

Media List

Follow Up

 • Facts About the American Tugboat, Towboat and Barge Industry
 • List of Public Affairs Counsel Specializing in Crisis Communications
 • Media Contact List
                                       Policy Statement

This plan sets forth a protocol to follow in developing a public affairs strategy to address
vulnerabilities of the tugboat, towboat and barge industry in the wake of a major marine
incident such as an oil spill, collision or allision of such magnitude that the public perception of
the entire industry is placed at risk. AWO’s purpose in responding publicly to such a crisis is to
project and defend the industry’s reputation and mitigate damage to that reputation. In the
course of pursuing that goal:

 • AWO will not comment publicly to the media or other opinion leaders on the
     specifics of a marine incident; nor will AWO publicly discuss any specific actions
     taken, or not taken, by the company responsible for such incident.

 • AWO will not seek or adopt a high-profile “for attribution” or “on camera” role
     during a marine incident; rather, its public role will be to express industry’s regret
     over the incident, to project industry willingness to consider changes that reduce
     the likelihood of any similar future incident, and to facilitate the distribution of
     factual information about the industry, not about the specific incident. AWO
     would consider making an exception to this rule in cases where an industry-wide
     practice becomes a high-profile media issue during the course of an incident,
     requiring AWO to assume a more public role in order to defend the industry’s
     public image.

 • AWO will not assist in the public affairs response of a member company involved
     in a marine incident, unless asked to do so by that company. AWO will not adopt a public
     speaking role on behalf of a member company.

 • AWO will not participate in any public affairs Joint Information Center official
     response effort (working with the Coast Guard, state agencies, responsible party,
     etc.) if asked not to do so by a member company involved in the incident.
     However, if asked to participate, AWO will consider the relative benefits and
     risks of such participation before making a commitment.

                            AWO Member Incident Reporting

AWO must rely on its member companies to alert AWO when an incident occurs. Otherwise,
AWO is unable to respond effectively to mitigate any damage to the industry in the early hours
and days of a crisis. The following suggests incident attributes that might trigger a phone call
to AWO:

 •   Fatalities
 •   Explosion
 •   Major Spill (i.e. greater than 500 bbls.)
 •   Major Impact on Community (i.e. disruption of traffic, evacuation, environmental damage)
 •   Any other incident a member feels is significant enough to warrant notification of AWO

                     Basic Principles of Crisis Communications
The following principles will guide AWO’s response in any crisis:

  1.   Get the information out fast. Don’t wait for the media to come to you. Take control
       by being proactive.

  2.   Get it all out. The situation will be made worse by prolonging the story. Better to have
       one bad day than a bad month.

  3.   Have the facts. Be certain that your information is accurate before you assert it;
       otherwise your credibility is damaged.

  4.   Be honest and open. Anything other than honesty will ultimately be detected.

  5.   Be accessible. Don’t hide – it creates the public impression that you know you’re guilty
       of something.


In any crisis, AWO’s response strategy should consider the various audiences involved,
potentially including:

  1.   Local community directly affected by the incident, including victims’ families
  2.   Local, state and federal government decisionmakers
  3.   Coast Guard
  4.   Shippers/Customers
  5.   Marine transportation industry
  6.   Insurance industry

                               Identifying Vulnerabilities

AWO’s response strategy should assess vulnerabilities and prepare message points in advance
to respond. AWO should arm itself with facts and third-party referrals, if possible, to refute
negative questions. The AWO spokesperson(s) should conduct an exercise wherein 3-5
questions are devised which AWO would like to be asked and answers to those questions
prepared. Then 3-5 questions AWO would not want to be asked should be devised, and those
answers prepared as well.

                                      Message Points

An essential part of effective communications in a crisis is the development of message points.
As one of its first actions in a crisis, AWO will develop specific message points, to which all

AWO spokespersons will adhere. Message points will, of course, vary from incident to
incident. However, the following are a few basic outlines of message points which can be
tailored to the specific facts of the event.

  1.  First and foremost, express the industry’s deep regret and sympathy for the victims and
      their families.
  2. Express industry’s desire to learn the accident’s cause through a thorough investigation
      and indicate its willingness to help in such investigation.
  3. Discuss the high value that AWO members place on safety and environmental
  4. Cite the Responsible Carrier Program as a concrete example of the commitment of
      AWO members to safety and environmental protection.
  5. Explain the close working relationship AWO has with the Coast Guard.
  6. Present the facts about waterways transportation as the safest of all modes, with the least
      number of accidents.
  7. Explain that waterways transportation is the most environmentally benign mode of cargo
  8. Cite the rigorous licensing standards that all wheelhouse personnel must meet.
  9. Identify any extraordinary efforts being undertaken by industry pertaining to the
  10. Provide information on 800-numbers, Web sites, etc. where the public can obtain more

                   AWO Protocol – “Incident Assessment Team”

The AWO “Incident Assessment Team” is comprised of:
 • AWO President
 • AWO Senior Vice President of Government Affairs & Policy Analysis
 • AWO Vice President – Safety
 • AWO Vice President – Legislative Affairs
 • AWO Vice President – Public Affairs
 • AWO Regional Vice President (in which region incident occurred)

As members of the AWO Incident Assessment Team are alerted of the incident, each begins a
fact-finding process. While each incident will dictate appropriate actions depending on its
circumstances, the following is a template of the order of action that should be taken by AWO:

 1.    AWO Point of Contact alerts AWO President. AWO President contacts President of
       responsible company to open channel of communication between company and AWO, if this
       contact has not already been initiated by the AWO member.
  2.   AWO Incident Assessment Team alerted.
  3.   AWO RVP begins to gather facts from regional Coast Guard contacts.
  4.   AWO Vice President – Public Affairs begins to gather facts from media, assess media
       coverage and identify media contacts already involved in story.

  5.  AWO Vice President of Safety begins to gather facts from industry contacts.
  6.  AWO Senior Vice President – Government Affairs & Policy Analysis begins to gather
      facts from Coast Guard/NTSB contacts.
  7. AWO Vice President – Legislative Affairs begins to gather facts from legislative
  8. AWO President consults with AWO regional chairman, if appropriate.
  9. Incident Assessment Team meets after a period of fact-finding to discuss strategy going
      forward. Team develops AWO message points.
 10. AWO President contacts AWO Executive Committee to inform them of proposed strategy.
 11. AWO begins to contact key authorities for initial outreach. This list could include:
        •     Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation
        •     Coast Guard Commandant and other key Coast Guard personnel
        •     National Transportation Safety Board Chairman and other key NTSB personnel
        •     Key U.S. Congressional Representatives/Senators
        •     Key state and local government officials
        •     Targeted media
 12. AWO Vice President – Public Affairs acts as primary media contact and spokesperson,
      working closely with AWO staff on facts and message points.
 13. If warranted under specified criteria, Regional Vice President and/or Vice President –
      Public Affairs and AWO President dispatched to scene.
 14. If crisis is a high-profile media issue, AWO President must act as industry spokesperson,
      due to the credibility and authority he brings to the situation.
 15. Primary media contact supplemented by AWO President, Senior Vice President –
Government Affairs & Policy Analysis, and Vice President – Safety, if necessary.

                             Criteria for On-Site Presence

The AWO President, with input from senior staff, must carefully evaluate whether to have AWO
as an on-site presence, accessible to the media. The criteria to use to make this evaluation may
include the following:

 • Is there a loss of life involved?
 • Is the credibility of the industry overall, AWO and/or industry practices or programs, such
   as the Responsible Carrier Program, at serious risk?
 • Are AWO’s and industry’s best interests more likely served, or potentially damaged, by
   taking a high profile in the incident?
 • Is there a need for greater media accessibility in order to deliver AWO’s message points?
 • What is the best use of AWO’s resources in the situation?


Press conferences – Should be scheduled if needed to present comprehensive message on
industry and/or if needed to assert control over message. AWO President and/or Chairman of
the Board should appear as authority figure.

Written materials for media
 • AWO Leave Behind
 • AWO 1-page Fact Sheet (See addendum, page A-1)
 • Industry Safety Statistics 1-page Fact Sheet
 • AWO Contact Information – Names, Web site address, 800-number

AWO Web Site – Should be used to post regular updates and press releases, as warranted.

800-Number – Should be employed if warranted to disseminate information to large public

Op-Eds – Should be used if judged to be effective way to communicate industry safety

Editorial Board Meetings – Should be conducted with appropriate AWO staff if deemed
necessary to develop personal rapport with key media outlets as best way to communicate

Radio/TV Interviews – Should be conducted with appropriate AWO staff if deemed a good
strategic way to communicate message to key audiences.

                                     Outside Counsel

AWO may want to consider hiring temporary outside public affairs counsel if the situation is of
significant magnitude. Outside counsel can be effective as an objective adviser and may have
access to important resources and/or contacts which could help mitigate the disaster or speed up
the dissemination of industry information to media outlets and other critical audiences. (See
addendum, page A-3.)

                                  AWO Point of Contact

Early notification of AWO that an incident has occurred is critical to ensure an effective AWO
response. Each AWO member company should include timely notification to AWO as part of

its crisis response protocol. Each AWO member company should therefore be provided with
contact numbers for the AWO Point of Contact, including evening and weekend phone
numbers. Those numbers are:

                              AWO Headquarters: (703) 841-9300

          AWO Vice President – Public Affairs Anne Burns: Home - (703) 938-2049
                       Cell – (202) 528-4795 Car – (703) 901-1062

                                          Media List

The media contact list will, of course, be incident specific. However, the attached is a listing of
trade and mainstream media contacts who regularly receive information from AWO. (See
addendum, page 5.)

                                           Follow Up

An effort should be made to follow the local situation even after the crisis abates, by
monitoring the media and any proposed local or state legislative or regulatory actions. Contacts
made should be provided with continuing information on the industry, and any actions it may
be taking to improve safety, for example. Long term follow up could include editorial board
meetings or guest editorials in newspapers that covered the incident closely.

Further, the AWO Incident Assessment Team should analyze its actions and effectiveness in
dealing with the crisis and note areas where improvements may be needed.

       Facts About the American Tugboat, Towboat and Barge Industry

                         The American Waterways Operators

 1. On our nation's inland waterways and coasts, America's tugboat, towboat and barge industry:

        •     transports 20% of America's coal - enough to produce 10% of all
              electricity used each year in the U.S.
        •     moves 60% of U.S. grain exports, helping American farmers compete
              with foreign producers
        •     carries most of New England's home heating oil and gasoline

 2. Today's fleet of more than 4,000 modern tugboats and towboats and more than 27,000
    barges moves nearly 800 million tons each year of raw materials and finished goods.

 3. The industry allows the United States to take advantage of one of its greatest natural
    resources - the 25,000 mile waterway system - and adds $5 billion a year to the U.S.
    economy, carrying 15% of the nation's commerce for 2% of the nation's freight bill.

 4. Waterways transportation is the most economical mode of commercial freight
    transportation. This is due to the enormous capacity of a barge. For example, a typical
    inland barge has a capacity 15 times greater than one rail car and 60 times greater than one
    semi trailer truck.

 5. Waterways transportation is the most environmentally-friendly mode of commercial
    transportation. The greater fuel efficiency of tugboats and towboats results in cleaner air.

 6. Waterways transportation contributes to the American quality of life by moving goods off
    the already-congested roads and rails and away from crowded population centers.

 7. The American tugboat, towboat and barge industry is an important element in the nation's
    intermodal transportation network, and contributes to the American economy,
    environment, national security and quality of life.

Safety and Environmental Protection

 1. Waterways transportation is the safest mode of commercial freight transportation, with the
    least number of accidents of any mode.

 2. The Coast Guard-AWO Safety Partnership, the first industry-Coast Guard partnership of
    its kind, has launched more than 25 quality action teams that are improving safety and
    training throughout the industry's operations.

 3. AWO has worked closely with the Coast Guard in the Coast Guard-AWO Safety
    Partnership to achieve a dramatic 82% reduction in oil spills just since 1994.

  4. AWO is the only transportation trade association to require, as a condition of membership,
     that all our members comply with a third-party audited, U.S. Coast Guard-recognized
     safety and environmental protection regime - the Responsible Carrier Program.

The Responsible Carrier Program

  1. The Responsible Carrier Program is a set of safety and environmental protection
     practices that exceeds government standards.

  2. How specifically does the RCP protect the environment? It puts into place safety systems
     that prevent accidents - most spills and environmental damage result from accidents - from
     comprehensive crew training to vessel maintenance procedures to equipment requirements.

  3. As of January 1, 2000, all members of AWO were required to undergo a comprehensive,
     third-party audit by professional, experienced and knowledgeable auditors, to demonstrate
     their compliance in order to retain their AWO membership.

  4. AWO members demonstrated their serious commitment to the RCP by voting to drop 13
     non-compliant members on January 1 and forfeit their dues revenue.

  5. The Responsible Carrier Program continues to evolve, constantly upgrading and improving the
     safety environment of the industry to protect workers, the public and our precious environment.

                             The American Waterways Operators
                                  801 North Quincy Street
                                   Arlington, VA 22203
                                      (703) 841-9300

      List of Public Affairs Counsel Specializing in Crisis Communications

Austin                                   Houston

Public Strategies Inc.                   Mr. George Nelson
98 San Jacinto Blvd., Suite 900          Brown Nelson & Associates, Incorporated
Austin, TX 78701                         6200 Savoy Drive, Suite 350
(512) 474-0120                           Houston, TX 77036
(800) 431-5485                           (713) 784-6200 * 24-hours            
Contact: Travis Thomas
                                         Kansas City
                                         Barkley Evergreen & Partners, Inc.
Serafin & Associates                     432 W. 8th Street, Suite 700
325 W. Huron Street                      Kansas City, MO 64105
Chicago, IL 60610                        (816) 842-1500
(312) 943-1955                           (888) 444-0088                
Contact: Thom Serafin or Betsy Sales
After Hours: (312) 664-6828 (Betsy)      Louisville

Cincinnati                               Pelfrey Associates
                                         730 W. Main Street
Dan Pinger Public Relations, Inc.        Louisville, KY 40202
The Pinger Building                      (502) 581-1455
708 Walnut Street                        Contact: Deanna Pelfrey, Steve Bowles
Cincinnati, OH 45202                     After Hours: (502) 558-4499 (DP cell)
(513) 564-0700                        Miami
Contact: Debra DeCorcy
After Hours: (513) 528-2496 (Debra)      Great Communicators, Inc.
                                         2625 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 101
Cleveland                                Coral Gables, FL 33134
                                         (305) 448-1456
Landau Public Relations        
25 Prospect Avenue, West                 Contact: David Stiefel
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 736-4403                           Milwaukee/Madison/LaCrosse
Contact: Howard Landau                   Zigman Joseph Stephenson
After Hours: (216) 647-4488              735 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1200
                                         Milwaukee, WI 53233
Detroit                                  (414) 273-4680
Eisbrenner Public Relations              Contact: Craig Peterson
2950 W. Square Lake Road
Suite 100                                Minneapolis
Troy, MI 48098
(248) 641-1446                           Strother Communications Group                       2700 Foshay Tower
Contact: Lauren Eisbrenner               Minneapolis, MN 55402
After Hours: (248) 641-1446              (612) 288-2400

      List of Public Affairs Counsel Specializing in Crisis Communications

Nashville                                         Syracuse/Albany/Buffalo/Rochester/White Plains

Katcher Vaughn & Bailey                           Eric Mower and Associates
5141 Virginia Way, Suite 420                      500 Plum Street
Brentwood, TN 37027                               Syracuse, NY 13204
(615) 248-8202                                    (315) 466-1000                           
Contact: Roy Vaughn, c: (615) 948-9825            Contact: Greg Loh (Syracuse), c: (315) 637-1847
Greg Bailey, h: (615) 661-9959                             Greg Bailey (Albany), p: (518) 449-3000
New Orleans
                                                  Washington, D.C./Baltimore/Norfolk
Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald
210 Baronne Street, Suite 1022                    Susan Davis International
New Orleans, LA 70112                             1000 Vermont Avenue, NW
(504) 524-3342                                    Washington, DC 20005                           (202) 408-0808
Contact: Greg Beuerman, h: (504) 862-6852,
          c: (504) 458-9521                       Contact: Susan Davis, c: (202) 531-1323
          Virginia Miller, h: (504) 895-7965,              Tom Davis, c: (703) 307-5554
          c: (504) 453-4874                                             h: (703) 620-9425

New York                                          Washington, D.C./Baltimore

Makovsky & Company Inc.                           Susan Peterson Productions, Inc.
575 Lexington Avenue, 15th Floor                  1830 Jefferson Place, NW
New York, NY 10022                                Washington, DC 20036
(212) 508-9600                                    (202) 463-0505                        
Contact: Ken Makovsky                             Contact: Nan Tolbert
After Hours: (212) 508-9601, checks VM            After Hours: Call office, number is on message

Pittsburgh                                        Nichols Dezenhall Communications
                                                  Management Group
Skutski & Oltmanns, Inc.                          1130 Connecticut Avenue, NW
100 First Avenue, Suite 700                       Washington, DC 20036
Pittsburgh, PA 15222                              (202) 296-0263
(412) 281-5656                                   Public Strategies Inc.
Contact: Robert Oltmanns                          607 14th Street, N.W., Suite 500
After Hours: None provided.                       Washington, DC 20005
                                                  (202) 354-8200
San Francisco                           
                                                  Contact: George Caudill, Director
Fineman PR                                                  Mary Meagher, Director
530 Bush Street, 10th Floor                                 Greg Minjack, Director
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 392-1000                                    Big Firms - located in all major cities:
Contact: Barry Shiller                            Fleishman-Hillard Inc.
After Hours: (650)400-6790              

                                                  Hill & Knowlton

                                               Media Contact List

Business Editor                          Mr. Clayton Boyce                     Mr. Michael Collins
Star - Tribune                           Publisher and Editor-in-Chief         Washington Bureau Correspondent
425 Portland Avenue South                Traffic World                         The Kentucky Post
Minneapolis, MN 55488                    1230 National Press Building          1090 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 1000
                                         Washington, DC 20045                  Washington, DC 20005
Mr. George Anthan
Bureau Chief                             Ms. Lynn Brezosky                     Mr. Ken Cottrill
Des Moines Register                      Corpus Christi Caller-Times           Maritime Reporter
1000 Wilson Boulevard                    P.O. Box 9136                         Traffic World
Arlington, VA 22229                      Corpus Christi, TX 78401              P.O. Box 622
                                                                               Yardley, PA 19067
Ms. Deborah Barfield                     Mr. James Brosnan
Correspondent                            Washington Bureau Correspondent       Mr. Tony Coya
Newsday                                  Commercial Appeal                     Chemical Week
1730 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Ste. 850   1090 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 1000   110 William Street, 11th floor
Washington, DC 20006                     Washington, DC 20005                  New York, NY 10038

Mr. Jim Barnett                          Mr. Jim Bruggers                      Mr. Erin Coyle
Washington Bureau Correspondent          Environmental Writer                  Reporter
The Oregonian                            Courier-Journal                       Telegraph Herald
1101 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Ste. 300    525 West Broadway                     PO Box 688
Washington, DC 20036                     Louisville, KY 40202                  Dubuque, IA 52004

Mr. C. Anthony Beargie                   Ms. Michelle Bucklin                  Ms. Esther D'Amico
Associate Editor                         Senior Americas Editor                Managing Senior Editor
American Shipper Magazine                Fair Play Magazine                    Chemical Week
1269 National Press Building             5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 530     110 William Street, 11th floor
Washington, DC 20045                     Miami, FL 33126                       New York, NY 10038

Mr. John Biers                           Mr. Dennis Camire                     Mr. Keith Darce
Energy Staff Writer                      Gannett News Service                  Staff Writer
New Orleans Times - Picayune             1100 New York Avenue                  New Orleans Times - Picayune
3800 Howard Avenue                       Washington, DC 20005                  3800 Howard Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70140                                                          New Orleans, LA 70125
                                         Mr. Robert Cazalas
Ms. Rebecca Bisbee                       President                             Ms. Deirdre Davidson
Business Editor                          Congressional Information Bureau      Reporter
Seattle Times                            5001 Lee Highway, Suite 102           Legal Times
1120 John Street                         Arlington, VA 22207                   1730 M Street, NW, Suite 802
Seattle, WA 98111                                                              Washington, DC 20036
                                         Mr. Mike Ceasar
Mr. Nicholas Blenkey                     Business Writer                       Ms. Arlene Dietz
Editor                                   Beaumont Enterprise                   Director
Marine Log Magazine                      P.O. Box 3071                         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Civil
345 Hudson Street                        Beaumont, TX 77704                    Works
New York, NY 10014                                                             7701 Telegraph Road
                                         Mr. Ronald Cohen                      Alexandria, VA 22315-3868
Mr. Bill Bleyer                          National Editor
Columnist                                Gannett News Service                  Mr. Christopher Dinsmore
Newsday                                  1100 New York Ave.                    Business Writer
235 Pinelawn Road                        Washington, DC 20005                  Virginian-Pilot
Melville, NY 11747                                                             150 W. Brambleton Avenue
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                                               Media Contact List

Mr. Chris Dupin                          Ms. Mary Jane Grandinetti         Mr. Dave Hogan
Maritime Editor                          Transportation Editor             The Oregonian
Journal of Commerce                      Chicago Tribune                   1101 Connecticut Ave., NW #300
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                                                                           Mr. David Holthaus
Mr. Toby Eckert                          Ms. Alison Gregor                 Business Editor
Columnist                                Brownsville Bureau                Cincinnati Post
Copley News Service                      San Antonio Express-News          125 E. Court Street
1100 National Press Building             714 Palm Blvd., Suite C           Cincinnati, OH 45202
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                                                                           Mr. Lee Horwich
Mr. Bob Edmonson                         Mr. Matt Gresham                  Transportation Editor
Reporter                                 WorkBoat Magazine                 USA Today
Journal of Commerce                      P.O. Box 1348                     7900 Jones Branch Drive
1230 National Press Building             Mandeville, LA 70470              McLean, VA 22108
Washington, DC 20045
                                         Mr. Dennis Grubauth               Ms. Jeanne Houck
Lee Egerstrom                            City Editor                       The Kentucky Post
Reporter                                 Alton Telegraph                   P.O. Box 2678
St. Paul Pioneer Press                   111 E. Broadway                   Covington, KY 41012
345 Cedar Street                         Alton, IL 62002
St. Paul, MN 55101                                                         Mr. Ken Howe
                                         Mr. Dave Gulliver                 Business Editor
Mr. Bill Evans                           Staff Writer                      San Francisco Chronicle
Branch Manager                           Virginian-Pilot                   901 Mission Street
The Waterways Journal, Inc.              150 West Brambleton Avenue        San Francisco, CA 94103
245 W. Causeway Approach                 Norfolk, VA 23510
Mandeville, LA 70448                                                       Ms. Debra Howell
                                         Mr. John Hendren                  Washington Bureau Chief
Mr. Jamie Finch                          Reporter                          New Orleans Times - Picayune
Director, Office of Government, Public   Seattle Times                     1101 Connecticut Ave., NW #300
and Family Affairs                       1155 National Press Building      Washington, DC 20036
National Transportation Safety Board     Washington, DC 20045
490 L'Enfant Plaza East, SW, 6th floor                                     Mr. Peter Hurme
Washington, DC 20594                     Mr. Anatoly Hochstein             Marine Digest
                                         Director                          1710 South Norman Street
Mr. Neil Franz                           Portland Waterways Institute      Seattle, WA 98144
Washington Editor                        2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 300
Chemical Week                            Arlington, VA 22201               Ms. Katherine Hutt Scott
1253 National Press Building                                               Gannett News Service
Washington, DC 20045                     Mr. Ken Hocke                     1100 New York Avenue
                                         Senior Editor                     Washington, DC 20005
Ms. Pamela Glass                         WorkBoat Magazine
Washington Correspondent                 347 Gerard St.                    Mr. Dave Ivanovich
WorkBoat Magazine                        Mandeville, LA 70448              Business Correspondent
1084 Pipestem Place                                                        Houston Chronicle
Potomac, MD 20854                        Mr. Sam Hodges                    1341 G Street, NW, Suite 201
                                         Correspondent                     Washington, DC 20005
Mr. David Goetz                          Mobile Register
Business Writer                          1101 Connecticut Ave., NW #300
Courier-Journal                          Washington, DC 20036
525 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202
                                               Media Contact List

Mr. David Jones                          Ms. Andrea Laine                            Mr. Mike Marshall
Associate Editor                         Director of Public Relations                Editor
Coal Week                                Seamen's Church Institute                   Mobile Register
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Ms. Stephanie Jordan                     Mr. Bill Lambrecht                          Mr. Ron Matus
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Ms. Julie Kosterlitz                     Washington, DC 20594                        Washington, DC 20510
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National Journal                         Mr. Chet Lunner                             Mr. John McKinnon
1501 M Street, NW                        Assistant to the Secretary/Public Affairs   Federal Budget & Economics Reporter
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Providence Journal                       Ms. Claire Lyons                            Mr. Erik McMahon
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New York Times                           RR 2, Mail Box 830                          News Editor
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Des Moines Register                      Washington, DC 20036                        Business Editor
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Copley News Service                      Chicago, IL 60611                           Congressional Correspondent
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                                           Media Contact List

Ms. Jena Moreno                      Mr. Mike Perry                         Mr. Paul Pringle
Transportation Reporter              Business Editor                        West Coast Bureau Chief
Houston Chronicle                    Mobile Register                        Dallas Morning News
801 Texas Avenue                     P.O. Box 2488                          508 Young Street
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Ms. Kimberly Music                   Mr. Peter Philips                      Mr. Jim Proulx
Editor                               Publisher                              Editor
Oil Daily                            Pacific Maritime Magazine              Inside DOT
1401 New York Avenue, NW, Ste. 500   4005 20th Ave. West, Suite 221         951 Pershing Drive
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Mr. Glen Nekvasil                    Mr. Don Phillips                       Mr. Jim Pulse
Communications Director              Transportation Writer                  Oil Spill Intelligence Report
Lake Carriers Association            Washington Post                        27 Broadway, Suite 1
915 Rockfeller Boulevard             1150 15th Street, NW                   Arlington, MA 02174
Cleveland, OH 44113                  Washington, DC 20071
                                                                            Ms. Jennifer Rabulan
Mr. John Nolan                       Mr. Peter Phipps                       Managing Editor
Bureau Correspondent                 Business Correspondent                 Marine News
Associated Press                     Providence Journal                     118 East 25th Street
c/o The Cincinnati Enquirer          75 Fountain Street                     New York, NY 10010
312 Elm Street                       Providence, RI 02902
Cincinnati, OH 45202                                                        Mr. Tom Ramstack
                                     Mr. James Pinkerton                    Washington Times
Mr. Chris Palermo                    Rio Grande Valley Bureau               3600 New York Avenue, NE
Managing Editor                      Houston Chronicle                      Washington, DC 20002
Marine News                          801 Texas Avenue
118 East 25th Street                 Houston, TX 77002                      Mr. Randy Rasmussen
New York, NY 10010                                                          Farm Director
                                     Mr. Jeff Plungis                       KWMT Radio Ft. Dodge
Ms. Lisa Maria Pane                  Congressional Quarterly Weekly         PO Box 578
Bureau Correspondent                 1414 22nd Street, NW, 7th Floor        Ft. Dodge, IA 50501
Associated Press                     Washington, DC 20037
10 Dorrance Street, Suite 604                                               Mr. Richard Read
Providence, RI 02903                 Ms. Wendy Pollack                      Reporter
                                     Reporter                               The Oregonian
Ms. Mary Jane Pardue                 Reuters                                1320 Southwest Broadway
Business Editor                      199 Water Street, 10th Floor           Portland, OR 97201
Commercial Appeal                    New York, NY 10038
495 Union Avenue                                                            Mr. Sean Reilly
Memphis, TN 38101                    Mr. Tim Poor                           Washington Correspondent
                                     National Editor                        Mobile Register
Ms. Emma Perez-Trevino               St. Louis Post Dispatch                1101 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Ste. 300
The Brownsville Herald               900 N. Tucker Boulevard                Washington, DC 20036
1135 E. Van Buren                    St. Louis, MO 63101
Brownsville, TX 78520                                                       Mr. Andrew Revkin
                                     Mr. Paul Precht                        Reporter
                                     Associate Editor                       New York Times
                                     Inside U.S. Trade                      235 Main Street
                                     1225 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 1400   White Plains, NY 10601
                                     Arlington, VA 22202

                                              Media Contact List

Mr. Bill Roberts                        Mr. Matt Sorrell                Mr. Joel Walker
Congressional Correspondent             The Waterways Journal, Inc.     Business Editor
Bloomberg News                          319 N. 4th Street, Suite 650    Paducah Sun
529 14th Street, NW, Suite 228          St. Louis, MO 63102             P.O. Box 2300
Washington, DC 20045                                                    Paducah, KY 42002-2300
                                        Ms. Kim Strassel
Mr. Ariel Sabar                         Wall Street Journal             Mr. Carl Weiser
Staff Writer                            512 Seventh Avenue, 6th Floor   Gannett News Service
Providence Journal                      New York, NY 10018              1100 New York Avenue
75 Fountain Street                                                      Washington, DC 20005
Providence, RI 02902                    Mr. John Tedesco
                                        San Antonio Express-News        Mr. Ken Wells
Mr. Carlo Salzano                       P.O. Box 2171                   Correspondents Editor
Correspondent                           San Antonio, TX 78297           Wall Street Journal
The Waterways Journal, Inc.                                             200 Liberty Street
5220 N. Carlin Springs Road             Ms. Kate Thomas                 New York, NY 10281
Arlington, VA 22203                     2720 Werlein
                                        Houston, TX 77005
Mr. Jon Sawyer                                                          Mr. Robert Westervelt
Washington Bureau Chief                 Mr. Peter M. Tirschwell         Senior Editor
St. Louis Post Dispatch                 Editor                          Chemical Week
1701 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 550   Journal of Commerce             110 William St., 11th Floor
Washington, DC 20006                    33 Washington Street            New York, NY 10038
                                        Newark, NJ 07102
Mr. Rowan Scarborough                                                   Ms. Debbie White
Reporter                                Mr. Sandor Toth                 Transportation Editor
Washington Times                        Publisher                       Memphis Commercial Appeal
3600 New York Avenue, NE                River Transport News            495 Union Avenue
Washington, DC 20002                    9500 Crosby Road, Suite 200     Memphis, TN 38101
                                        Silver Spring, MD 20910
Mr. John Shoulberg                                                      Ms. Lorraine Woehllert
Editor                                  Mr. Greg Trauthwein             Correspondent
The Waterways Journal, Inc.             Associate Publisher             Business Week Washington Bureau
319 N. 4th Street, Suite 650            Maritime Reporter               1200 G Street, NW, Suite 1100
St. Louis, MO 63102                     118 East 25th Street            Washington, DC 20005
                                        New York, NY 10010
Ms. Anupy Single
Reporter                                Mr. Evan True                   Mr. Bob Wyss
Bloomberg News                          Editor                          Providence Journal
300 South Wacker Drive, Suite 110       Professional Mariner            75 Fountain Street
Chicago, IL 60606                       18 Danforth Street              Providence, RI 02902
                                        Portland, ME 04101
Mr. Don Smith                                                           Ms. Faith Yando
Business Editor                         Mr. Matt Wald                   Editor
Seattle Post-Intelligencer              Transportation Correspondent    Oil Spill Intelligence Report
101 Elliot Avenue, West                 New York Times                  27 Broadway, Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98111                       1627 Eye Street, #700           Arlington, MA 02174
                                        Washington, DC 20006
Mr. John Snyder
Senior Editor
Marine Log Magazine
345 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014


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