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					West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan        Request for Proposals

                          West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan

The City of Bartlesville is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to assist the city in
developing a West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan. The City will accept proposals until 4:00
p.m. C.S.T. on Monday, November 2, 2009 from qualified individuals or firms (hereinafter
called Consultant or Proposer) to enter into a contract for consulting services.

The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to secure a consultant who can develop a
Redevelopment Plan for the West Bartlesville Neighborhood, which will help to guide
redevelopment and revitalization efforts in this area of the city. The plan must determine the
appropriate vision for West Bartlesville and provide specific direction, tools, and best
management practices necessary to implement that vision.


The area of West Bartlesville represents a significant opportunity for economic development and
community revitalization in the City. The area includes some of Bartlesville’s oldest residential
neighborhoods with a large concentration of rental properties, and vacant and blighted housing
units. The area’s strengths include its historic past, diverse population, and strong community
groups. Property values are lower here than in other areas of the city, in part because of issues
related to former industry, heavy manufacturing and commercial uses, and there are some
environmental and economic constraints which affect redevelopment opportunities. Issues
directly affecting the quality of life for West Bartlesville residents include a prior soil
contamination and remediation program, flooding, absence of neighborhood retail and services,
and the lack of recreational amenities. The area also supports a large concentration of rental

The requested redevelopment plan must be comprehensive in scope incorporating elements of
land use, transportation, urban design and strategic planning into a coordinated vision that
provides the City of Bartlesville with a unified path toward realizing the full potential of West
Bartlesville. This plan will seek to identify and implement strategies designed to:
       •        Remove blighting influences;
       •        Generate tax revenues for the city;
       •        Create employment opportunities for neighborhood and city residents;
       •        Attract retail businesses that serve the needs of neighborhood residents;
       •        Create sustainable neighborhoods by encouraging mixed-income development;
       •        Create affordable housing for very-low, low, and moderate-income residents;
       •        Increase community engagement and civic participation;
       •        Recognize the history of the West Bartlesville neighborhood;
       •        Further develop our existing destination and recreation centers; and
       •        Improve connections between our community’s assets and resources via
       investment in strategic corridors and routes.

       1 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan          Request for Proposals
West Bartlesville must prosper with housing, neighborhood shops, work places, civic facilities,
parks and greenbelts, boulevards and neighborhood streets that are well connected within and to
other areas of the city and region by clean, efficient and affordable means of transportation.

This West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan will be bold, imaginative and transformative. The
plan will be guided by principles of sustainability, place-making will be a priority, and our vision
will be based on market realities and achievable growth scenarios. This effort should deliver a
plan to enable current and future stakeholders in West Bartlesville to thrive within our

The consultant team must provide development options that are both ambitious and achievable.
Special consideration should be given to public realm activity and improvements; transportation
infrastructure; supportive and complementary land uses; the social and physical connections to
other areas of Bartlesville including, the Oak Park and Circle Mountain neighborhoods; and large
scale catalyst projects and the connections between them.

In order to achieve sustainable progress in West Bartlesville, we must have the enthusiastic
support of the community; therefore, it is critical that the residents of West Bartlesville take an
active role in defining our vision for the future.

In order to encourage citizen participation and commitment to West Bartlesville, the plan will:
       •       Assist in developing and implementing programs and policies that support a
       defined vision and local community goals.
       •       Identify public and private partnerships that will cooperatively identify and
       advance local land use and economic development goals.
       •       Engage a variety of stakeholders from the private and public sectors throughout
       the planning process.
       •       Identify development opportunities and linkages to the area surrounding West
       •       Utilize existing assets, including Sunset Industrial Park and the Bartlesville
       Municipal Airport, that can drive new development and job creation
       •       Utilize current, accurate, and comprehensive data.
       •       Provide graphically attractive, highly visual, and easy-to-use products.
       •       Incorporate best practices with regards to urban design, transportation, economic
       development, and sustainability.
       •       Is action oriented.

It is imperative during this planning process to take a fresh look at how new and proposed
investments in West Bartlesville can be supported and enhanced. This may include planning for
specific residential, commercial, mixed use, public space, and infrastructure developments. This
should be based on sound economic research. The plan should also look toward infill
opportunities within and surrounding West Bartlesville and focus on sustainable strategies for
neighborhood redevelopment following established Low Impact Development (LID) and
emerging Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design for Neighborhood Development
(LEED-ND) practices.

The scope of work is divided into several tasks:

       2 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan         Request for Proposals
       A.      Public Involvement: Determining the highest and best use of the property located
       within the district will require the creation of a collaborative vision with supporting
       development goals and objectives, promoting greater livability and mobility, and
       providing for the highest and best use of property. Consensus within the community is
       essential to the success of this planning effort. A public involvement strategy will be
       specifically tailored to include an innovative combination of methods to actively engage
       the public in the decision making process, including stakeholder involvement, public
       forums, and outreach mechanisms. A key component of this plan will be involving the
       diverse groups that are representative of the study area.

               1.     Stakeholders: To ensure that the study responds to public values,
               perceptions, and needs, the community’s values will be assessed and individuals
               and groups affected by the study will be identified. A stakeholder steering
               committee will be formed to guide the course of the study.

               2.      Public Forums: Bringing the community together in large gatherings can
               be an effective method for providing information to the public, as well as
               providing the means for the public to participate in decision making. The public
               involvement strategy will include at least three public workshops. Depending on
               the final budget, additional public meetings may be scheduled. These meetings
               will be used to inform the public of the study’s purpose; to provide information on
               existing conditions and opportunities in the study area; and to gather information
               regarding public perceptions, issues, needs, strategies, and actions.

               3.      Outreach: A variety of innovative outreach techniques should be used to
               raise awareness of the study and to increase the level of community participation.
               Techniques should be focused toward involving the full range and diversity of the
               community population. These techniques may include a community preference
               survey, meetings with established groups, including professional business
               associations, stakeholder interviews, media outreach and partnerships, and an
               interactive web page on the Internet.

       B.      Plan Development: The planning process will include an analysis of those items
       that may affect current and future development patterns, including market indicators, land
       use, housing, transportation, urban design, and recreational amenities. This information
       will provide a baseline of the existing conditions of the study area and will ensure that
       local officials, stakeholders, and citizens have the basic information necessary to identify
       strengths and weaknesses of the study area, and to develop goals, policies,
       recommendations, and implementation strategies in support of a redevelopment plan and
       framework that is inclusive of a mix of residential, retail, recreation, community service,
       and office uses representative of this community’s unique identity.

       The Project Consultant will facilitate all professional work leading to and resulting in the
       development of a long term comprehensive plan which includes, but is not limited to, the
       following tasks and elements:

       3 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan          Request for Proposals
               1.       Market Analysis: A market analysis will be accomplished as an integral
               part of the development planning process to ascertain the highest and best use of
               property within the district. Strengths, weaknesses and threats to existing and
               future development in the study area will be assessed, including an economic and
               demographic overview of the area and the surrounding competitive market area.
               Economic and demographic trends will be related to the potential development
               and redevelopment opportunities in the area. Existing gaps in retail services will
               be analyzed and a market study will determine marketable uses for the area and
               potential locations. Areas with the greatest potential for redevelopment within the
               district will be identified. Residential, retail, office, rental, community services
               and other market uses will be identified. Demand potential in the area over the
               next ten years will be identified, including supply and demand conditions.
               Development or redevelopment recommendations for sites in the study area will
               be formulated to include: types and mix of uses; supportable additional
               units/square feet of space in the study area; positioning of land uses relative to the
               competitive market; evaluation of relative pros and cons of various development
               scenarios, including recommended highest and best use scenario/mix of uses; and
               recommended locations for each of the land uses, including locations for key,
               mixed-use or pilot projects

               2.       Land Use Analysis: In order to build recommendations related to the
               appropriate mix of land uses, this study will include an inventory of vacant and
               underutilized parcels as well as those policies, demographics, plans, and studies
               that affect future land use. Parcels that may be susceptible to change will also be
               identified as future development opportunities. A Geographic Information System
               (GIS) is recommended to be used to aid in the land use analysis and
               documentation. Local policies will be reviewed and studied, including City of
               Bartlesville zoning and development regulations, to identify barriers to a more
               efficient use of land. An understanding of current and future demographic
               statistics will assist in developing recommendations that could increase the
               efficiency of future land use patterns, as well as promote a balance of jobs and
               housing. Special attention shall be given to identifying opportune sites for new
               affordable housing development, and programs for the upkeep of existing
               affordable housing in the area.

               3.      Transportation Infrastructure: The existing transportation system greatly
               affects mobility and accessibility in the study area. An analysis of these systems,
               including functional class system, street patterns, and pedestrian and bicycle
               access will provide valuable information regarding transportation demand, future
               connectivity and accessibility possibilities, and internal mobility needs. Linkages
               to areas outside the study area, including surrounding area activity nodes,
               neighborhoods, parks, schools, and retail centers will also be analyzed.

               4.     Design and Development Guidelines: Design, including lighting, facades,
               building footprint requirements, setbacks, and parking design, are all important
               elements when creating a specific atmosphere. Consideration of these elements,
               including the preparation of overview design guidelines, will provide an

       4 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan          Request for Proposals
               important basis for recommendations that promote quality of life of the
               community. Design guidelines will address building mass, form, height, and
               architectural character to ensure compatibility. Design guidelines will also
               address the streetscape environment, including paving, landscape, lighting and
               signage. Such design guidelines should recognize the history of West Bartlesville.

               5.     Civic Engagement Strategies: Community engagement and participation
               in planning, maintenance, and decision making is necessary to allow residents to
               take ownership of their neighborhoods, streets, and parks. The City of
               Bartlesville’s current communication strategies do not effectively engage all
               residents of The City. Exploration of innovative strategies to increase and
               improve communication between residents, property owners, elected officials,
               and public staff will be the key component of this task. Recommendations should
               be offered on the best strategies to bring together community members, decision
               and policymakers for effective decision-making.

       C.       Development of Recommendations and Strategies: The final action steps in the
       planning process will include the development of recommendations and specific
       strategies for implementation. Each component of the plan will have a corresponding
       goal and supporting objective and will be evaluated in conjunction with the existing
       conditions analysis and public input to create a list of possible strategies, which will then
       be presented for public review.


The final plan will include a description of the public participation process, the vision, goals and
objectives of the community, and an implementation plan with specific recommendations and
strategies regarding land use, housing (particularly those that support a job-housing match and
address affordable and mixed-income housing), transportation, marketing, and urban design.
Special attention will be given to the necessary changes within the City of Bartlesville land use
policies, including the zoning ordinance, development regulations, and economic development


Proposals must include a detailed work plan addressing plan content, consensus building,
description of the deliverables, timeline, and detailed outline of the distribution of tasks and
responsibilities among key staff persons. In addition, the Consultant is required to provide an
estimated cost for each task specified in the work program. The proposal must follow the format
described below:
       A.       Description of the Firm(s), and Project Team, including:
                1.     Overall description of the firm or team
                2.     List and description of similar projects, specifically projects related to
                master planning and redevelopment (including contract amount, project
                coordinator, and client contact person)

       5 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan        Request for Proposals
               3.      Summary resumes for all project staff members (excluding support staff);
               4.      Description of the firm’s current workload and the ability to accomplish
               this project.
       B.       Detailed Scope of Services
               1.      Description of overall approach to the project
               2.      Proposed work plans as specified in the Scope of Services (Section II)
               3.      Detailed response to each element contained in the Scope of Work
               (Section II) including breakdown of hours for each major task
               4.      Identification and rationale for proposed changes to the Scope of Work, if
               any; and
               5.      List of all work products to be provided to the city
       C.      Detailed Work Schedule
               1.      Written description and flow chart of overall project work schedule,
               broken down by task, identifying clear time frames
               2.      Identification of major milestones; and
               3.      Listing of product delivery dates
       D.       Proposed Fee and Cost Breakdowns
               1.      Fixed fee proposal, including all fees and expenses associated with the
               2.      Project cost, broken down by task, with estimated hours for each task
       E.       References
               1.      Minimum of five references
               2.      Include telephone number, brief description of the job and the referenced
               person’s role in the process
       F.       Samples of work
               1.      Submit no more than three (3) samples of work that are products similar to
               what is requested in this RFP
               2.      Only one copy of each sample is required to be submitted
Proposals must be received at City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Avenue, in the Community
Development Director’s office no later than Monday, November 2nd at 4:00 p.m. C.S.T. Ten
(10) complete copies of the proposal shall be delivered to:

       City of Bartlesville
       Attn: Community Development Director
       401 S. Johnstone Avenue
       Bartlesville, OK 74003

       6 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan         Request for Proposals
Proposals must be sealed and either mailed or hand delivered. No faxed or emailed proposals
will be considered. Proposer’s name and address must also be clearly indicated on the envelope.
It is important that the offeror's proposal be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the
lower left-hand corner with the following information:

 DUE: OCTOBER 29, 2009
(Date of Opening)

Failure to do so may result in premature disclosure of your proposal or price. Proposals
submitted will not be opened and reviewed until the time specified. It is the responsibility of the
offeror to ensure that the proposal is received by the date and time specified above.

The oferror’s proposed fees should be submitted on the form provided as Attachment I and
placed in a SEPERATE sealed envelope marked: “Statement of Price”. The contract will be
awarded as a “not to exceed” contract; the statement of price or fee must clearly state the fee for
providing each of the services required, with a maximum fee for providing all services through
completion of the project.

The following factors will be used to evaluate proposals:
       •       Consultant’s understanding of and approach to the project as demonstrated in
       their proposal and supporting material;
       •       Professional qualifications of the individual staff members who will perform the
       required services, with special emphasis on the lead professional’s involvement in the
       •       Recent experience of the firm and the proposed project team members in the
       performance of similar redevelopment planning projects;
       •       References;
       •       The availability of the identified project team, and its ability to complete the
       project in a timely manner;
       •       Minority and small business participation: The City of Bartlesville is an equal
       opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,
       national origin, or sex in the award and performance of contracts. Disadvantaged
       business enterprises (DBEs), including minority and women-owned business enterprises
       and small business enterprises, will be given an equal opportunity to compete for and
       perform in the award of this contract;
       •       Local Knowledge and Understanding: Experience working in the local
       environment and proposed local presence for interacting and/or working with the City
       Council and City staff, and Bartlesville community as a whole;
       •       Statement of Price: While absolute costs of services will not be a determining
       criterion, proposals will be evaluated on a value basis, that is, the overall indicated
       quality of services as judged from analysis of proposals, any interviews that might be
       conducted, responses of references, and the City’s prior experience with the proposer,
       weighted against the proposed fee.

       7 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan           Request for Proposals
An appointed selection committee will evaluate all proposals. Interviews for a selected short
list of the proposals received are tentatively scheduled for November 16 - 18. Since you
should expect your proposal to be selected for further consideration, please reserve this date on
the calendars of the key members of your project team. Based upon selection committee action,
staff will enter into contract negotiations with the selected firm. If an agreement cannot be
reached, staff will negotiate with the next candidate until either an agreement is reached, or the
selection list is exhausted or withdrawn. Upon reaching an agreement, the remaining candidates
will be notified. If a contract is awarded, it will be to the Proposer that the selection committee
determines is the lowest and most responsible, secure proposer meeting specifications as
determined solely by the selection committee at its discretion.

The City of Bartlesville is not responsible for the failure of proposals to be received prior to the
due date and time. Late proposals will be rejected. Proposer may withdraw their proposal before
the proposal submission date by delivering a request in writing to the contact person. Proposals
may not be changed or withdrawn after the deadline for submitting proposals.

Signature of the proposal indicates a commitment by Proposer to adhere to the provisions of this
RFP Proposal and also indicates Proposer’s complete understanding of an agreement to the terms
of the Proposal proposed. The originals and all copies must be identical in all respects.
Proposals must be completed and submitted in ink or typewritten. Proposals written in pencil
will be rejected. Any correction to the proposals must be initialed in ink.

The City of Bartlesville assumes no obligation of any kind for expenses incurred by any firm
responding to this RFP. The City’s fair labor practices and non-discrimination policies shall
apply. The City of Bartlesville reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, in whole or in part
if it contains additional terms or conditions that modify the requirements of this RFP or for any
other reason the City deems consistent with the terms of the RFP.

Anticipated Selection Process Time Schedule
Proposals due                                                          November 2, 2009, 4:00 PM
Notify firms to be interviewed                                                November 6, 2009
Interviews (tentative)                                                    November 16 - 18, 2009
Selection and notification                                                    November 23, 2009
Contract Negotiations Complete                                                 December 2, 2009
Approval of Contract (tentative)                                               December 7, 2009
Commencement of work                                                             January 1, 2010

Contact Persons – If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Natasha Riley, Assistant Planner                                            918-338-4241

       8 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan       Request for Proposals
Lisa Beeman, Community Development Director                             918-338-4237


The following resources are available on the Internet for background and consultant support in
responding to this RFP.

City of Bartlesville Community Development Web Page –

       9 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan       Request for Proposals

Study Area Map

The area shown in orange is the study area for the West Bartlesville Neighborhood. Please note
that the Downtown Redevelopment District borders this area.

     10 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan         Request for Proposals
                                Statement of Price (Attachment I)

Name of Offeror:______________________________


Any costs incurred with the preparation of the attached Proposal shall not be included in
determining the proposed fee. The contract will be awarded as a "not to exceed" contract; the fee
below must be the maximum fee for providing all services and the offeror may select either of
the following options in providing the required supporting fee information:

       A. Option A: Provide a Fee Schedule that lists the individual fee for each service listed
       on the Scope of Services. Reimbursement will be based upon the progress towards
       completion of each service, i.e., completion of 25% of a particular service would result in
       payment of 25% of the stated fee for that service. No form is provided. Offeror shall
       prepare and attach a Fee Schedule.

       B. Option B: Provide an Hourly Price Schedule which includes: (1) Each individual who
       will be performing the work and the hourly rate for each individual; and (2) An estimate
       of the total number of hours required to perform each required Service. Reimbursement
       will be based on the hourly rate(s) listed, not to exceed the Total Fee. Note, however that
       actual reimbursement will not exceed the percentage of completion for each service as
       compared to the total hours required for that service. (Example: 20 hours required for a
       service; service is 50% complete. Actual number of hours invoiced is 14 hours;
       reimbursement will be for a maximum of 10 hours, which is 50% of 20 hours.)
       Cumulative hours per service should be listed. No form is provided. Offeror shall prepare
       and attach an Hourly Price Schedule.


____________(Name of Firm or Individual)_____, as compensation for professional services
described in the Scope of Services, requests a fee not to exceed $______________. It is
understood that, if selected as the Contractor for these services, payment will be on a
reimbursement basis and will be made in conformance with the Fee Schedule located in
Requirement 404 of the CDBG Implementation Manual. It is further understood that
reimbursement will be made only after receipt of itemized invoices. The invoices must list the
individual services that were provided, their percentage of completion, the fee requested and
identity of each staff member, where applicable, who provided the services.

I certify the above-stated fee is true and correct and that I am authorized to submit this fee on
behalf of the offeror.

 Also find attached:                                  ___________________________________
 ____ Fee Schedule                                                                Signature
 ____ Hourly Price Schedule                            Date:______________________________

     11 City of Bartlesville, Community Development Department (918) 338 - 4238
                                                                                                                                                  Study Area
                                                                                                                                                   Bartlesville City Limits
                                                                                              ¤  75
                                                                                                                                                   West Bartlesville Study Area

                                                                                                                            Tuxedo Blvd

                                                     o         Blvd
                   Hensley Blvd                Tuxed

60     Frank Phillips Blvd
                                       e Ave

                                                                   ¤  60         Adams Blvd                                   Adams Blvd


                                                                                              Washington Blvd
                      14th St

                                                                                                                Nowata Rd


                                                                                                   ¤       75

                                                                      Price Rd                                   Price Rd