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					                                        June 2009

Dear Friend,

    Once again, I am proud to present the newest edition of our annual Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual and Transgender Directory of Services and Resources. I know this 2009
update will continue to serve you well as an invaluable guide to all that the New York
metropolitan area has to offer the LGBT community, family and friends.
    This year’s Directory features a revised, more user-friendly layout, along with
updates of several hundred carefully organized, comprehensive listings, most with
websites and e-mail addresses. You’ll find a wide range of community organizations,
health care facilities, counseling and support groups, recreational and cultural
opportunities, houses of worship, arts and creative organizations, and many other vital
resources and contacts throughout the five boroughs and beyond.
    I extend my gratitude to the dedicated community leaders, activists and organizers
who worked with my staff to produce this update of the Directory. Whether you
consult it in book form or online at
cac/LGBT_guide_09.pdf, I am sure you’ll return many times to consult this popular
and useful resource.
    If you have questions or comments, please contact Alan Fleishman in my Office of
Research and Special Projects at (212) 669-2697, or send us an email at I look forward to working with you as we continue
to make New York City an even better place to live, work and visit.

                                    Very truly yours,

                                  William C. Thompson, Jr.
                                                                     social organization since 1985.

A                                                                    Adolescent AIDS Program (Risk Evaluation
                                                                     Program), Children’s Hospital at Montefiore
                                                                     Medical Center
                                                                     111 E. 210th St., Bronx, NY 10467

AA                                                                       718/882-0432
See: Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                             email
A Common Bond New York City (ACB NYC)                                Comprehensive care for HIV+ youth, 13-24, and free HIV
   646/206-3090                                                      counseling, testing and STD screening for ages 13-21. Other                                                   services include outreach, community development, research       web link                                                    and training.
Social/support group for former/current Jehovah’s Witnesses                                                                              *
who identify as LGBT.                                                Advocate,The/LPI media
                                                                     245 W. 17th St., Suite 1200, NYC 10011                            The
A Danish, A Dane & A Date                                               212/242-8100                                                  Center
   212/989-8549                                                         212/242-8143                                                   208                                   
Dating event for professional lesbians looking for healthy and       National gay/lesbian newsmagazine. Essential news and             13th
meaningful connection.                                               entertainment coverage since 1967.                               Street
Actors’ Fund of America                                              Affirmation
                                                                     P.O. Box 1435, Palm Springs, CA 92263-1435                        York
729 7th Ave., 10th fl., NYC 10019
   212/221-7300                                                         661/367-2421                                                    NY
   212/764-0238                                                                                    10011                                         
Non-profit, nationwide human services organization provides          Gay and lesbian Mormons.
broad spectrum of programs that support unique, essential
needs of all who work in entertainment/performing arts.              African Ancestral Lesbians United for Social
Comprehensive social services, emergency financial assistance,       Change (AALUSC)
health care services, employment, training, housing. Confidential.   c/o the Center*
ACT   -UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power)                   
332 Bleecker St., Suite G5, NYC 10014                         
   / 212/966-4873                                                    Provides community space for lesbians of African diaspora                                                regardless of language, class or culture.
Diverse group of non-partisan individuals dedicated to ending        AHRC Sobriety Services PEIR Program
AIDS crisis through direct action. Meets Mondays, 8 pm, at           formerly NYSARC, Inc., New York City Chapter—PEIR Program
the Center.*                                                         83 Maiden Lane, 6th fl., NYC 10038
Addiction Institute of New York                                         212/420-7213
Roosevelt Hospital, 1000 Tenth Ave., 8th fl., NYC 10019       
    212/523-6491                                                     Support group for adults with MR/DD and/or mental illness
    212/523-8057                                                     diagnosis who identify as LGBTQ. Meets Wednesdays, 5 pm.                                     AIDS Action Council
State-of-the-art, evidence-based treatment facility provides         1730 M St. NW, Suite 611, Washington, DC 20036
widest range of treatment programs/services. Adolescents to              202/530-8030
seniors, male and female, all treatment modalities. LGBT-friendly.       202/530-8031
See website for additional progams/locations.                  
ADODI NewYork                                                        Dedicated to development, analysis, cultivation, encouragement
P.O. Box 7417-JAF Station, NYC 10016-7417                            of sound policies and programs in response to HIV epidemic.
   718/596-0342, ext. 15                                                   AIDS Center of Queens County (ACQC)                                                 97-45 Queens Blvd., 12th fl., Rego Park, NY 11374
Same-sex loving men of African descent’s spiritual, emotional,          718/896-2500
   718/275-2094                                                     Created by legislative action to coordinate state response to                                                 HIV/AIDS. Plans, funds, evaluates prevention/healthcare              phone                                                     programs, educates public/healthcare providers, develops policy.
Direct services for people with AIDS/HIV and loved ones.
Prevention/education, outreach.                                     AIDS Project New Haven
                                                                    1302 Chapel St., New Haven, CT 06511                                      fax
AIDS Center of Queens County (ACQC)                                     203/624-0947 (administration)
Women of Distinction/Young Women of                                     203/624-0947, ext. 233 (hotline)
Distinction                                                             203/401-4457                                                      email
97-45 Queens Blvd., Suite 1200, Rego Park, NY 11374           
   718/896-2500, ext. 3042                                          Non-profit service organization improves quality of life for
   718/459-6578                                                     individuals infected/affected by HIV.                                                                                                                      web link                                                     AIDS-Related Community Services (ARCS)
Educational group addresses needs of women on topics from           40 Saw Mill River Rd., Hawthorne, NY 10532
HIV/AIDS to stigma of living with HIV/AIDS, depression, etc.           914/345-8888                                                         *
Meets Wednesdays, 4–5:30 pm.                                           914/785-8280 (Gay Men’s Health Education)                          The
                                                                       914/785-8299                                                      Center
AIDS Community Research Initiative of America                          914/785-8296
230 W. 38th St., 17th fl., NYC 10018                                                                               West
     212/924-3934                                                   Community-based agency serves Westchester, Rockland,                  13th
     212/924-3936                                                   Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Ulster, Sullivan counties. Prevention      Street                                                 education, case management, support, transportation, food
                                                                                                                                          New                                                  pantry for individuals infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.
Independent, not-for-profit, community-based research/health                                                                              York
literacy organization. Studies promising therapies for AIDS/HIV-    AIDS Service Center NYC                                                NY
related diseases; conducts research geared to further               41 E. 11th St., 5th fl., NYC 10003                                   10011
understanding of HIV disease, treatment, prevention; educates           212/645-0875
affected communities through individual counseling, workshops,          212/645-0705
free publications (quarterly ACRIA Update and topic-specific  
booklets). Information online.                                
                                                                    HIV/AIDS services, support, counseling, peer education, housing
AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)                                 and entitlements assistance, treatment adherence support, HIV
See: HIV Uninsured Care Programs                                    testing, basic needs (food and clothing bank), case management.
AIDS Home Care Program                                              AIDS Treatment Data Network (The Network)
c/o Visiting Nurse Regional Health Care System, Inc.                611 Broadway, Room 613, NYC 10012
15 Metrotech Center, 11th fl., Brooklyn, NY 11201                      212/260-8868
    718/923-7100, 7198                                                 800/734-7104
    718/923-5592                                                       212/260-8869                                                                                 
Program of Visiting Nurse Regional Care. AIDS/HIV services          Non-profit, community-based. Info on treatment, referral/case
include skilled nursing, personal care workers, social workers,     management services, counseling to people with HIV/AIDS and
nutritionist, pastoral care, physical therapy, behavioral health,   care providers. All services free; offered in English and Spanish.
high-tech services, covering Manhattan and Brooklyn. ADAP,
Medicaid, Medicare, other insurances. 501c3 not-for-profit.         Al-Anon Family Intergroup of Greater New York
                                                                    350 Broadway, Suite 404, NYC 10013
AIDS Hotline (New York City AIDS Hotline)
Information, counseling, referrals available 7 days, 9 am–9 pm.
                                                                    Groups for families/friends of alcoholics. Gay-specific meetings
formerly People with AIDS Health Group
                                                                    for more than 20 years.
                                                                    Albert Einstein College of Medicine and
AIDS Institute, New York State Department of                        Montefiore Hospital, Pediatric AIDS Program
Health                                                              formerly Montefiore Medical Center                                         Division of Allergy & Immunology                              Center for Clinical Immunology & Pediatric AIDS
Center for Allergy & Asthma                                     
1525 Blondell Ave., Suite 101, Bronx, NY 10461                        Nick Curto, President. Not-for-profit supports community-based      phone
   718/405-8530                                                       arts/artists. Committed to creating LGBT Arts Complex in NYC.
   718/405-8532                                                       Produces Creative Industries Network (CIN; see listing). Supports                                            Fresh Fruit Festival (see listing). All welcome.
Comprehensive HIV/AIDS services.                                      Always Your Choice
                                                                      80 E. 11th St., Suite 211, NYC 10003
Alcoholics Anonymous/Staten Island Meeting of                             212/677-1777                                                     email
NYC AA—Rainbow & Friends                                        
The Staten Island LGBT Center, 25 Victory Blvd., 3rd fl.,             Primary medical care. Confidential HIV/STD testing/treatment.
Staten Island, NY 10301                                               Extensive pre-/post-counseling. Hepatitis/travel vaccines,
   718/808-1360           718/808-1351                                employee drug screens/physicals. Open 6 days/week, same-            web link
   718/808-1397                                                       day/evening appointments, most insurances accepted. Sliding                                               scale.                                                                                                                         *                                               American Civil Liberties Union—LGBT& AIDS                            The
Open discussion. Meets Thursdays, 7 pm.                               Project                                                             Center
                                                                      125 Broad St., 18th fl., NYC 10004-2400                              208
Alcoholics Anonymous New York Inter-Group                                 212/549-2627
307 Seventh Ave., Rm. 201, NYC 10001-6007                                                                                                 West
   212/647-1680                914/949-1200                                                                         13th
   212/647-1649 (TDD)                                                                                          Street
   212/647-1648                                                       Precedent-setting litigation and public policy advocacy on LGBT      New                                issues and issues affecting those with HIV/AIDS.                                                                                                                    York
AA meeting info in greater NYC area, 7 days, 9 am–10 pm.              American Foundation for Suicide Prevention                            NY
                                                                      120 Wall St., 22nd fl., NYC 10005                                   10011
Al-Fatiha Foundation                                                      1-888/333-AFSP (toll-free)            212/363-3500
P.O. Box 33015, Washington, DC 20033                                      212/363-6237                                                                                     
International organization for LGBT/questioning Muslims/friends.      Leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to understanding/
                                                                      preventing suicide through research/education and reaching out
Ali Forney Center (Services for Homeless                              to people with mood disorders and those impacted by suicide.
LGBTQ Youth)
224 W. 35th St., NYC 10001                                            American Indian Community House–HIV/AIDS
    212/222-3427                                                      Program
    212/222-5861                                                      11 Broadway, 2nd fl., NYC 10003                                                 212/598-0100, ext. 242                                               212/598-4909
Helps homeless LGBTQ youth be safe and become independent       
as they move from adolescence to adulthood.                     
                                                                      NYC’s only Native American urban center. HIV/AIDS services
Alianza Dominicana                                                    for Native Americans/families; all welcome to join in activities.
2340 Amsterdam Ave., NYC 10033
    212/927-6810                   212/740-6692                       American Run for the End of AIDS (AREA, Inc.)
    917/258-3820 (Gilberto Colon)                                     2350 Broadway, #1016, NYC 10024
    212/795-9645                   212/740-1967                          / 212/580-7668                                                                              Not-for-profit. Produces AIDS awareness events such as annual
HOPE (Holistic Orientation and Preventive Education Services)         candlelight march on World AIDS Day and campaign to reissue
program. Education/outreach, LGBT component. Established              AIDS awareness postal stamp.
AIDS education/prevention program, targeted to adolescents
due to documented high incidences of substance abuse, teen            American Social Health Association (ASHA)
pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections. HIV and adolescent        P.O. Box 13827, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3827
services, education/outreach, testing services. Hepatitis C testing      919/361-8400
every second Thursday of month.                                          919/361-8425
All Out Arts, Inc. (AOA)                                        (teens)
   917/701-9033                                                          919/361-8488 (STI Hotline: M–F, 10 am–6 pm)
Provides information, materials and referrals on sexually               Armenian Sisters
transmitted infections, including herpes, HIV/AIDS and HPV.             147 W. 14th St., #13, NYC 10011-7327                                 phone
Comprehensive info available on website.                                Supportive network of Armenian lesbians building bridges
                                                                        between communities as light-skinned middle-Eastern lesbians
American Veterans for Equal Rights New York                             of color.
(AVERNY)                                                                                                                                          fax
P.O. Box 150160, Kew Gardens, NY 11415                                  Arms Acres
    718/849-5665                                                        75 Seminary Hill Rd., Carmel, NY 10512                                                   845/225-3400 (general information)                                email                                                   888/227-4641 (central intake/admissions)
Association of LGBT US armed forces veterans. Rights advocacy,    
political action, ending “don’t ask, don’t tell,” VA medical benefits
assistance, parade marching, social events, community projects,         145-bed licensed facility, providing inpatient treatment for those   web link
supporting LGBT vets.                                                   suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Situated on tranquil
                                                                        54-acre site in Putnam County, NY, 90 miles north of NYC.
amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research                                                                                                         *
120 Wall St., 13th fl., NYC 10005-3902                                  Art Gallery Tours for GLBT                                            The
   212/806-1600                                                            212/946-1548                                                      Center
   212/806-1601                                                                                             208                                                                                                                                                                             West
                                                                        Guided tours for gay men/lesbians of exhibits by queer artists.
One of world’s leading non-profit organizations dedicated to                                                                                  13th
support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment education           Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre                                        Street
and advocacy of sound AIDS-related public policy.                       841 Barretto St., Bronx, NY 10474                                     New
Amnesty International USA                                                                                                                     York
5 Penn Plaza, NYC 10001                                                                                                 NY
   212/807-8400                                                                                  10011
   212/627-1451                                                         Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Executive Director. Arthur Aviles,Artistic                                              Director. Bronx-based contemporary dance company creates                                          works that explore life on the margins of Latino and gay culture.
Worldwide campaign for LGBT human rights.
                                                                        Artists Celebration
Another Octave: Connecticut Women’s Chorus                                  917/701-9033
P.O. Box 185234, Hamden, CT 06518                                 
    203/672-1919                                                        Rare opportunity for LGBT community, as performing/visual                                             artists display their talents for peers/public. Produced by All                                               Out Arts.
Founded 1989. Celebrates choices/experiences through power
of music. Has roots in lesbian community, but open to all women.        Asian American Writers’ Workshop
Performs eclectic repertoire, including standard concert pieces,        16 W. 32nd St., Suite 10A, NYC 10001-3808
traditional and contemporary music that reflects women’s lives.            212/494-0061
Travels/performs throughout tri-state area.                                212/494-0062
Anti-Gay/Lesbian Violence Hotline
See: NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
                                                                        Ken Chen, Executive Director
Arcoiris Latin@ de Cristo (ALC)                                         Asian Pacific Alliance of New York (APANY)
c/o MCCNY, 446 W. 36th St., NYC 10018                                   P.O. Box 580073, Flushing, NY 11358-0073
   212/629-7440                      917/544-0597                
   212/279-1185                                                                                               Founded 1996 by the late Ed Remo. Mostly male volunteer                                                        organization promotes racial/multi-cultural awareness/
Prayer/fellowship for all Latino-identified LGBT and straight people    acceptance, diversity, equality, friendship, support, education,
wishing to break religious and social barriers.                         and understanding among gay Asians/Pacific Islanders and their
                                                                        non-Asian friends. E-mail request to be notified of events and
Armenian Gay & Lesbian Association                                      parties which are open to all.
   917/705-4591                                                      Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS
Gay/lesbian Armenians in tri-state area. Network/meet 1st               (APICHA)
Tuesdays, 6:30–8 pm, at the Center.*                                    400 Broadway, NYC 10013
    212/334-7940              866-274-2429 (toll-free)                718/596-0342 (office)
    212/334-7956                                                      718/596-1328                                                      phone                                                                                 
HIV primary care, case management, HIV testing, STD               LGBT/two-spirit/people of color center for community organizing,
screening, free smoking patch distribution, support groups        focusing on NYC area. Through mobilization, education, capacity-
targeting A&P communities: women, youth, LGBT, people living      building, works for community wellness and progressive social
with HIV/AIDS.                                                    and economic justice. Committed to struggling across
                                                                  differences, seeks to responsibly reflect, represent, serve various    email
Assal East Coast—Arab & Iranian Lesbian, Bisexual                 communities.
& Transgender Women’s Group
    718/596-0342, ext. 35                                         AXIOS: Eastern & Orthodox LGBT Christians                                               328 W. 17th St., Apt. 4F, NYC 10011-5038                              web link
Social/support network for Arab and Iranian LBT women.               212/989-6211 (George)
                                                                     917/513-9368 (Nicholas)
Association of the Bar of the City of New York,                                                                                            *
                                                                     212/989-6211 (call first)
Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &                                                                      The
Transgender Rights                                                                                   Center
42 W. 44th St., NYC 10036                                         Geared to help fulfill spiritual and social justice needs facing       208
    212/382-6600                                                  LGBT and Eastern and Orthodox Church communities. AIDS                                                                                                                       West
                                                                  ministry outreach welcomes volunteers. Since 1982.
Recommends policies for legal employers/law schools; addresses                                                                           13th
policy issues on LGBT rights.                                                                                                           Street

Association of Lesbian & Gay Affirmative
Psychotherapists (ALGAP)
P.O. Box 1083, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113
                                                                  B                                                                      New
                                                                                                                                        10011                                                 BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance)
Non-profit. Affirming, effective, affordable psychotherapy for    841 Barretto St., Bronx, NY 10474
NYC’s LGBT community that respects/supports individuals’ sexual      718/842-5223
orientation/gender identity, in private offices around NYC.          718/542-4077
ASTRAEA Lesbian Foundation for Justice                     
116 E. 16th St., 7th fl., NYC 10003
    212/529-8021                                                  Bailey House, Inc.
    212/982-3321                                                  275 Seventh Ave., NYC 10001                                       212/633-2500                                        212/633-2932
Empowers communities worldwide to claim their human rights 
via grant-making, technical assistance and philanthropic   
advocacy.                                                         Housing/services for people with AIDS, Technical Assistance
                                                                  Program, community resources.
Asylum Research
106-15 Queens Blvd., #3N, Forest Hills, NY 11375                  Barbershop, The
   718/544-5122                                                   c/o GMHC, 119 W. 24th St., NYC, 10011
   718/544-5122                                                      212/367-1388                212/367-1218                                         212/367-1393                                  
Monitors and documents gay refugees and their unique              Weekly group for black gay men to relax, refuel, discuss issues.
problems seeking asylum in the US.
                                                                  Bay Windows
A & U–America’s AIDS Magazine                                     46 Plympton St., Boston, MA 02118
25 Monroe St., Suite 205, Albany, NY 12210-2743                      617/266-6670
   518/426-9010               888/245-4333                           617/266-5973
   518/436-5354                                                                                                                                         New England’s largest GLBT newspaper.

Audre Lorde Project, The                                          Bellevue Adolescent HIV/AIDS (TOPS Clinic)
85 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, NY 11217                           Bellevue Hospital Center, Department of Pediatrics
1 East 53, 462 First Ave., Pod #3C , NYC 10016                     Youth Pride Chorus and Uptown Express.
   212/562-6333 (Pat Ryan for appointment)                                                                                           phone
   212/562-2474                                                    Big Apple Softball League, Inc.                                      c/o the Center*
Support, confidential HIV testing, pre-/post-test counseling,          212/696-7482                                                       fax
complete medical evaluation/care, clinical treatment for youth
12–24. By appointment for infected/uninfected/status unknown.
                                                                   Peter Morley, Secretary. NYC’s gay/lesbian league. Divisions                                                      for all skill levels.Weekend games April-August; tournaments in    email                                                29 cities.
Website for HIV community groups and resources.
                                                                   BiNet USA
Beth Abraham Health Services                                       4201 Wilson Blvd., #110-311, Arlington, VA 22203-1859             web link
612 Allerton Ave., Bronx, NY 10467                                     800/585-9368
   888/BETH-ABE                                                                                                                         *
                                                                                                                                                      The                                                 National bisexual advocacy/education group dedicated to           Center
Home care for people with AIDS. UJA-Federation agency.             increasing visibility, ending oppression.                          208
Beth Am, The People’s Temple                                                                                                         West
                                                                   Bisexual, Gay & Lesbian Alliance of
c/o 551 Ft. Washington Ave., NYC 10033                             Rutgers University                                                 13th
    212/568-8304                                                   613 George St., Box #91, New Brunswick, NJ 08901                  Street
Elizabeth Ritter, President. Reform synagogue welcomes lesbians/      908/932-1306                                                    New
gay men.                                                                                             York
Bethegeneration                                                    Primary political, social, educational organization for sexual      NY                                       minorities/friends at Rutgers.                                    10011
Scientists working to develop safe, effective HIV vaccine need     Bisexual Gay/Lesbian-identified Bisexuals
HIV-negative people to support studies, encourage volunteers.         212/459-4784               718/338-1866 (Bryan)
                                                                   Safe space for those exploring their sexuality; transgender
BiasHelp of Long Island                                            people welcome. Meets 3rd Saturdays, 3 pm, at the Center.*
60 Adams Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788
    1-877/END-BIAS               631/479-6015                      Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered Youth of
    631/271-5720                                                   New York (BiGLYNY)                                              c/o the Center*                                               Youth-run group for LGBT/questioning/queer-empowering youth,
Victim assistance, community referrals/programs, school-based      ages 13–21.
violence prevention, workshops, non-profit capacity-building,
media advocacy, federal/state/local advocacy, grassroots           Bisexual Information & Counseling Services, Inc.
mobilization, research.                                            (BICS)
                                                                   599 West End Ave., Suite 1A, NYC 10024
Big Apple Corps Band                                                   212/595-8002
332 Bleecker St., Suite K48, NYC 10014                       
   212/591-2886                                                    Information/counseling on health/relationship issues. General/                                                  professional discussion groups.
                                                                   Bisexual Resource Center
Big Apple Dodgeball (BAD)                                          P.O. Box 1026, Boston, MA 02117-1026                                        617/424-9595                                
NYC’s first GLBT dodgeball league.                          
                                                                   Publishes educational pamphlets and books about bisexuality.
Big Apple Performing Arts (BAPA)                                   Can provide speakers. Provides online resources.
11 Broadway, #333, NYC 10004
   212/344-1777                                                    Bisexual S/M Discussion Group
   2112/344-1411                                                      212/459-4784 (NY Area Bisexual Network)                                   Discussion of S/M interests/experiences. Meets 1st Sundays                                                  (except June, July, September), 6 pm, at the Center.*
Non-profit management company for NYC Gay Men’s Chorus,
Bisexual Women of Colour Group (BiWOC)                     
See: Sistahs in Search of Truth, Alliance, Harmony (SiSTAH)                                                    phone
                                                                   Complete HIV/AIDS resource with 550+ topic areas.
Bisexual Women’s Discussion Group
   347/496-5568                                                    Boston College Lesbian & Gay Alums
Supportive discussion group for bisexual and bi-curious women.     LGBC, Box L112, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167                   fax
Meets 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays, 6:30–8 pm, at the                 617/552-2979              508/281-1200
                                                                   Boycott Jamaica                                                       email
Black Pride NYC                                                                               
Empowers black LGBT community, recognizes cultural diversity,      Human rights activists have called Jamaica “the most
educates/involves other communities. Activities/events.            homophobic place on earth.” If you care about human rights           web link
                                                                   of LGBT people, don’t buy Jamaican products.
Bloomberg, Michael R., New York City Mayor
Mayor’s Community Assistance Unit                                  Braking The Cycle                                                       *
100 Gold St., 2nd fl., NYC 10038                                      212/989-1111                                                       The
   212/788-7418                                                                                      Center
                                                                                                                                         208                                                     AIDS ride with heart, benefiting the Center’s HIV/AIDS services.
Blue–Alliance                                                      Bridge, Inc.,The–Office of HIV/AIDS-related                           13th
P.O. Box 14611, San Francisco, CA 94114                            Concerns                                                             Street                                         248 W. 108th St., NYC 10025
                                                                                                                                         New                                              212/663-3000
Support and education network promotes dignity and respect             212/663-3181                                                      York
for LGBT alumni of U.S. Air Force Academy and allies. Hosts        Individual/substance abuse counseling, support groups, psychiatric     NY
meetings, panel discussions, conference calls, networking forums   assessment, follow-up. Weekly open house.                            10011
and speakers bureau for participants and in support of
evolutionary growth of the Academy and Air Force. Also             Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
developing programs to improve professional environment for        165 W. 46th St., Suite 1300, NYC 10036
LGBT Air Force Academy cadets and graduates.                          212/840-0770
172 Allen St., NYC 10002                                    
   212/777-6042                                                    Broadway Impact                                                                         
Bookstore, café, activist resource center on Lower East Side.      Community of actors, directors, stage managers, fans, producers,
Feminist, queer-friendly. Available for events.                    etc. united by simple belief that anyone who wants to should
                                                                   be able to get married.
B’nai Jeshurun, Congregation
Synagogue: Corner W. 86th St./West End Ave. & 257 W.               Broadway Night Out
88th St., NYC                                                         917/701-9033 (Nick Curto)
Office: 2109 Broadway, Suite 203, NYC 10023                 
   212/787-7600                                                    Gay men’s theatre party club buys at low group rates. Attends                                                      Broadway, off-Broadway, cabaret shows at least 3 times/month.
Shabbat dinners, holiday programs, co-sponsored activities with    May join for dinner before. Gay-owned/operated.
other gay Jewish groups. Newcomers, all ages, families welcome.
ASL interpretation available.                                      Broadway United Church of Christ
                                                                   2504 Broadway at 93rd St., NYC 10025
Board Stiff                                                           212/316-5700                                             212/316-3189                                    
Informal social club for people from all walks of life in NYC.
See schedule on website for dates to meet/play board games.        GLBT-affirming congregation of United Church of Christ. 5 pm
                                                                   Sunday worship service, followed by dinner. All welcome.
Body, The
c/o Body Health Resources Corp., 250 W. 57th St., NYC              Bronx AIDS Services, Inc.
10107                                                              Main Office: 540 East Fordham Rd., Bronx, NY 10458
GoGirls Program: 1910 Arthur Ave., Bronx, NY 10453                                                                phone
   718/466-6395                                                    AIDS/HIV services, case management, support groups, outreach,
   718/466-6399                                                    education.
Prevention Center: 953 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10459
   718/295-5690                                                    Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX)
Prevention Annex: 7 W. Burnside Ave., 2nd fl.                      421 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215
   718/295-5690                                                       718/832-0018
   718/733-3429                                                       718/832-9189                                                       email                                                                                     
                                                                   Multi-arts non-profit in Park Slope provides nurturing, year-
Bronx Community Pride Center                                       round performance, rehearsal, educational venue. Encourages          web link
448 E. 149th St., Bronx, NY 10455                                  artistic risk-taking, stimulates dialogue among diverse
    1-866/4-GAY-CARE (429-2273)                                    constituencies.
    718/292-4368                                                                                                                           *
    718/292-4999                                                   Brooklyn College Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &                             The                                            Transgender Alliance (LGBTA)                                         Center                                             2900 Bedford Ave., Student Center Mailbox 64, Brooklyn,               208
Bronx’s only LGBT organization provides critical direct-care       NY 11210
services to LGBT seniors, youth and adults including case-                                                                              West
management and drop-in services.                                                                  13th
Bronx Health Link, Inc., The                                       Club for queer and trans students and allies. Provides information    New
198 E. 161st St., Suite 201, Bronx, NY 10451                       about resources and organizes educational and social events.
    718/590-2648                                                                                                                         York
    718/588-3096                                                   Brooklyn Community Pride Center                                        NY                                        93 Montague St., Suite 339, Brooklyn, NY 11201                       10011                                           718/595-2880
Networking for community health improvement increases       
access/awareness to services/resources. Perinatal Info Network
and 400+ subscriber Communication Network System. Info/            Organization committed to establishing safe space for LGBT
resources on health, social services, community events, funding,   persons within borough of Brooklyn.
job opportunities.
                                                                   Brooklyn Gay Network of Friends (BGNF)
Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center AIDS Program                  
1645 Grand Concourse, Suite #1B, Bronx, NY 10456                   brooklyngaynetworkoffriends
   718/960-1480                                                    Social events for gay men of all ages living in Brooklyn.
   718/960-1488                                            Brooklyn Heights Synagogue
Designated AIDS/HIV center. Comprehensive inpatient/primary        131 Remsen St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
care, case management, clinical trials, volunteer services,           718/522-2070
community outreach, training, peer education training.      
Bronx Lesbian & Gay Health Resource Consortium
448 E. 149th St., 3rd fl., Bronx, NY 10455                         Brooklyn Hospital PATH Center
    718/292-4368                                                   121 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11201
    866-4-GAY-CARE                                                     718/250-6559                  718/826-5600
    www.BLGHRC.ORG                                                 HIV/AIDS services for adults, adolescents and children: primary
Referrals and safe space for health and social growth of local     care program, in-patient, nutrition, case management, dental,
LGBTQ community. Empowers community to realize potential           counseling, dermatology, specialty referral, OB-GYN, rapid HIV
by providing direct services, training, education.                 testing, LGBT-friendly. Ask about Flatbush location.

Brooklyn AIDS Task Force                                           Brooklyn Law School OUTLaws
See also: Shades of Lavender                                       formerly Out Laws of Brooklyn Law School
502 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY 11217                                 250 Joralemon St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
   718/622-2965                                                    Group for LGBT law students. Sponsors panels on LGBT issues,                                               coordinates activities with other LGBT legal organizations.
Brooklyn Pride, Inc.                                                treatment, HIV rapid antibody testing, lesbian/transgender/senior
P.O. Box 150508, Brooklyn, NY 11215-0508                            health, adolescent/young adult health care (HOTT).                     phone
    718/928-3320                                          Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Council                                           P.O. Box 131, Albany, NY 12201                                           fax
Brooklyn’s LGBT Pride organization focuses on building new          332 Hudson Ave., Albany, NY 12210
bridges between community resources/LGBT community. Plans              518/462-6138
annual Brooklyn Pride multi-cultural festival and parade.              518/462-2101
Brooklyn’s LGBT Political Club                               
See: Lambda Independent Democrats                                   Albany, NY-based organization promotes well-being of all LGBT
                                                                    and queer-identified people and those affected by discrimination
Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture                                based on gender identity and expression.                               web link
53 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215
   718/768-2972                                                     Cardozo Lesbian & Gay Student Alliance                                    *                                               See: OUTlaw                                                                                                                   The                                                     Catholic Lesbians                                                      Center
Humanist religious organization dedicated to improving ethical      c/o Church of St. Francis Xavier, 55 W. 15th St., NYC,                  208
quality of relationships in personal lives and the world.           10011
Brown, Richard A., Queens County District                               212/675-6997                                                        13th
Attorney                                                                                                         Street
125-01 Queens Blvd., Kew Gardens, NY 11415                                                                        New
   718/286-6451                   917/509-0422                      Religious and not-so-religious. All women welcome. Meets 2nd
   718/286-6993                                                     Friday of month, 7 pm–9 pm, West Room.                                                                                                                   NY                                                 Center for Anti-Violence Education, The                                10011
George Farrugia, Supervisor, Criminal Court Bureau, Liaison to      327 7th St., 2nd fl., Brooklyn, NY 11215
LGBT Community.                                                          718/788-1775
Buddies of New Jersey, Inc.                                    
149 Hudson St., Hackensack, NJ 07601                           
   201/489-2900                                                     Self-defense and martial arts for women, transgender people,
   201/489-2133                                                     children, teens.Award-winning, non-competitive programs develop                                                skills, knowledge, awareness to enable participants to heal from,                                                prevent, counter violence. Sliding fee and free childcare available.
HIV/AIDS resource center. Case management, licensed
substance abuse treatment/counseling, transportation, housing,      Center for Constitutional Rights, Inc.
support groups, emergency financial assistance, food bank.          666 Broadway, NYC 10012
Butch/Femme Society                                                    212/614-6499
P.O. Box 750652, Forest Hills, NY 11375                      
   212/388-2736                                                                                                 Supports extending constitutional/human rights to LGBT                         community.
Social/support network for self-identified butches/femmes.
                                                                    Center for Lesbian & Gay Civil Rights
                                                                    See: Equality Advocates Pennsylvania

C                                                                   Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies (CLAGS)
                                                                    c/o CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Ave., Room 7.115,
                                                                    NYC 10016-4309
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
356 W. 18th St., NYC 10011                                   
   212/271-8111                                                     Research center presenting talks, conferences, movie screenings,                                             seminars, all free and open to public, focusing on LGBT lives
NYC’s only quality LGBT health facility. Primary/preventive care,   and experiences.
chronic disease management, HIV/AIDS treatment, STD testing/
Center, The:The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &                              Center Happenings
                                                                      Free monthly calendar of meetings/events at the Center, mailed         phone
Transgender Community Center
                                                                      to 50,000+ households. Call or e-mail to ask about mailing list.
208 W. 13th St., NYC 10011
                                                                      Center Information & Referral
     212/924-2657                                                                                                                              fax
                                                                          212/620-7310 (hotline)
                                                                      Hotline, 7 days, 9 am–11 pm. Info clearinghouse for HIV/
                                                                      AIDS services citywide, recreational opportunities, support
Founded 1983. Leading multi-service nonprofit operates more
                                                                      services, Center events.                                                email
than 30 programs, including cultural, recreational, political,
recovery, mental health services. More than 300 groups and
                                                                      Center Kids
all Center programs/services meet here. Call or visit for calendar/
                                                                      Family program for LGBT parents and their children, and those          web link
These groups meet at and/or can be contacted through                  considering parenthood.
the Center:                                                                                                                                     *
                                                                      Center Lesbian Cinema Arts
Center Bingo                                                          Contact Ector Simpson, Director of Cultural Programs. Screening         The
   212/620-7310                                                       dates vary, see website for updated info.                              Center                                                                                                                          208
Draws large, friendly, diverse crowd. Cash prizes, tickets to         Center LGBT SmokeFree Project
Broadway/off-Broadway shows, surprises.                                   212/620-7310, ext. 259
                                                                      For those thinking about/ready to quit smoking. Workshops               13th
Center CARE                                                           offer tools to discover pros/cons of quitting, build support system,   Street
   212/620-7310                                                       develop a plan, finally smoke your last cigarette.                      New
   212/924-2657                                                                                                                               York                                                  Center Orientation
Counseling, advocacy, recovery, education, substance abuse            Introduction to LGBT community for newcomers to NYC, those               NY
counseling. HIV Case Management, Mental Health,                       just coming out, those unfamiliar with available resources. Contact    10011
Bereavement, Lesbian Cancer Initiative, Gender Identity Project.      Ector Simpson, Director of Cultural Programs, for information.

Center CARE Bereavement Services                                      Center Promote the Vote
Bereavement support groups for those dealing with death of            Voter registration project mobilizes community to affect federal/
family, friends or partners.                                          local/state/school board elections.

Center CARE Mental Health Services                                    Center Second Tuesdays Lecture Series
For those dealing with anxiety, depression, other mental health       Ector Simpson, Director of Cultural Programs. Presentations
concerns. Confidential assessment, counseling, referral services.     by noted speakers in arts, academia, politics.

Center CARE Recovery                                                  Center Youth Enrichment Services
Licensed, outpatient LGBT-specific substance abuse recovery           See:Youth Enrichment Services (Y.E.S.)
program provides LGBT-sensitive and affirmative assessment,
substance abuse/dependency treatment, relapse prevention and          Center’s National Archive of Lesbian, Gay,
referral services to individuals, couples, groups.                    Bisexual & Transgender History
                                                                      Ector Simpson, Director of Cultural Programs.Among US’s largest
Center CARE Substance Abuse Program                                   repositories of LGBT archival materials. Donations of personal/
Carrie Davis, CSW, Director of Mental Health and Social Services.     organizational materials needed.
For LGBT people experiencing difficulty with alcohol and/or
substance abuse. Confidential, on-site information, assessment,       Center’s National Museum of LGBT History
referral, as well as individual, couples and group counseling.        Ector Simpson, Director of Cultural Programs. Murals by Keith
                                                                      Haring, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Kenny Scharf, other emerging/
Center Dances                                                         established artists. Exhibition dates vary; proposals welcome.
See: Dance 208/Center Dances
                                                                      Center’s Pat Parker & Vito Russo Library
Center Gender Identity Project                                  
Peer/professional-based counseling, support, transcommunity           Ector Simpson, Director of Cultural Programs. NY’s largest
events, info/referrals, HIV/AIDS prevention for transgender,          lending library of LGBT/AIDS-related literature. Mon–Thurs, 6–
gender-different, gender-questioning people, partners, families.      9 pm; Sat, 1–4 pm.
Professional education, sensitivity training, community forums,
education for organizations offering medical/mental healthcare,       Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National
substance/alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDS services.                           Prevention Information Network
                                                                      P.O. Box 6003, Rockville, MD 20849
    800/458-5231                                                     Queens-only queer film festival.
    404/679-3860 (international)                                                                                                        phone
    888/282-7681                                                     Circle of Voices, Inc.                                                     718/975-0141                                            
Reference, referral, distribution service for info on HIV/AIDS,
sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), tuberculosis (TB).             Address issues through art by womyn of both African descent/
Produces, collects, catalogues, processes, stocks, disseminates      color that reflects all orientations. Hear voices of herstories,
materials/info on HIV/AIDS, STDs,TB to organizations/people          knowledge, skills among each other/community via performances,      email
working in those disease fields in international, national, state,   cultural workshops, music festivals, empowerment seminars.
local settings. Facilitates sharing of info/resources on services,
published materials, research findings, trends among users.          City Cruisers
                                                                                                         web link
Cheer New York, Inc.                                           
510 E. 13th St., #12, NYC 10009                                      Gay male motorcycle club provides riding opportunities in group
    888/671-7312                                                                                                                           *
                                                                     setting. Meets first Thursdays, 8 pm, at the Center.*                                                                                                                      The                                                   Clann An Uabhair (GLSA)                                            Center
LGBTS adult cheerleading team and charity.                           c/o Ian Betts, 222 E. 35th ST., #3K, NYC 10016                      208
Chinese American Planning Council HIV/AIDS                                                     West
Services                                                                                                       13th
165 Eldridge St., NYC 10002                                          Gay/lesbian society for anyone claiming Scottish ancestry or       Street
    646/613-8420                                                     interest in Scottish culture.                                       New
    212/226-5351                                                Clarke,Yvette D., U.S. Representative                               York                                             123 Linden Blvd., 4th fl., Brooklyn, NY 11226                        NY                                                      718/287-1142                                                    10011                                                     718/287-1223
Comprehensive HIV/AIDS program offers multiple services to    
Asian Americans in NYC with limited English proficiency.             Represents 11th Congressional District in Central Brooklyn.

Chosen: The Gay-Straight Alliance                                    Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA)
Student Center of William Paterson University                  
300 Pompton Rd., Wayne, NJ 07470                               
   551/486-2739                     609/706-9068                     Fellowship of men/women with common purpose to develop                                              healthy relationships.
Support network and arena for political/educational forums on        COLAGE: Children of Lesbians & Gays
gay/lesbian issues, social activities.                               Everywhere–NYC Chapter
                                                                     c/o Claire Knight, 166 W. 75th St., Apt. 720, NYC 10023
Christian Science Group                                                 917/438-6819
   800/454-1906, ext. 1299                                           Not-for-profit run by/for children of LGBT parents. Engages,                                            connects, empowers people to make world better place for                                                 these kids.Workshops, community building, speakers, brunches.
Study group meets Thursdays, 8–9 pm, at the Center.*
                                                                     Colectivo Mexicano LGBT
Church of St. Francis Xavier, The                                    c/o D. Leyva, LCOA, 24 W. 25th St., 9th fl., NYC 10011
46 W. 16th St., NYC 10011                                               212/584-9313
    212/675-6997                                                                                               College of Staten Island Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &
Prophetic Roman Catholic community committed to spirit of            Transgender Alliance
inclusion/collaboration. Catholic Lesbians, Young Adults, Gay/       2800 Victory Blvd., Rm. 1C-217, Staten Island, NY 10314
Lesbian Catholics of Xavier.                                            718/982-3107
   646/338-0046                                                      Books, films, referrals, informal counseling.                                                Colombian Lesbian & Gay Association (COLEGA)
   917/2041815                                                                                                     Services to members of the university community.                    phone
Non-profit. Safe space for NY’s Colombian LGBT community.
Health/self-esteem training, health service referrals. Social events.   Community Access
                                                                        666 Broadway, 3rd fl., NYC 10012
Columbia Addiction Services and Psychotherapy                                                                                                 fax
Interventions Research (CASPIR)                                            212/780-1412
1775 Broadway, Suite 1404, NYC 10019                             
   212/974-0597                  212/974-0494                           Supportive housing, clubhouses, employment, advocacy for             email
   212/974-0530                                                         mental health consumers. LGBT-sensitive.
Research institute serving LGBT community. Currently runs two           Community Counseling & Mediation/Verite
projects offering treatment to help individuals reduce drinking.        Program, Crown Heights Center                                       web link
                                                                        810 Classon Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238
Columbia Bisexual, Gay & Lesbian Alumni/ae                                 718/230-5100
(CUBIGALA)                                                                 718/230-5425                                                        *
c/o Columbia Queer Co-op, 106 Earl Hall, Columbia                                                              The
University, NYC 10027                                                                                               Center
   212/854-1488                                                         Provides psychotherapy to individuals and families.                  208                                                    Community Health Action of Staten Island                            West
Social/political/educational for Columbia alumnae and affiliates.       formerly Staten Island AIDS Task Force                               13th
                                                                        See also: Alcoholics Anonymous, LGBT Health and Wellness            Street
Columbia Center for Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual                             Program, PFLAG, Rainbow Families, Safe Space (Youth)                 New
Mental Health                                                           56 Bay St., Staten Island, NY 10301
Columbia University Department of Psychiatry                                718/808-1300                                                     York
16 E. 60th St., Suite 400, NYC 10022                                        718/808-1390                                                      NY
    212/326-8441                                                                                           10011
NY’s first academic center delivering mental health services to         Focus on HIV/AIDS, other health issues. Community/peer
LGBT community.                                                         education, outreach, case management, addiction treatment,
                                                                        testing/counseling, training, youth/LGBT/mobile health services.
Columbia FunMap, Inc.
221 Rutgers St., Maplewood, NJ 07040                                    Community Healthcare Network
   973/275-1700                                                         79 Madison Ave., NYC 10016
   973/275-3998                                                             866/246-8259                                                         646/312-0481                                                
Publishes maps/guides for gay/lesbian travelers in US, Canada,    
Europe.                                                                 Group of non-profit community health centers in 4 boroughs.
                                                                        Primary medical care, social/mental health services, confidential
Columbia Pride                                                          HIV testing/counseling.Transgender program in Bronx.Weekly                                           support group /workshops, HIV/STD education, legal services/
Builds community among LGBT alumni of Columbia U. to foster             referrals, GED preparation, other services. All welcome.
safe environments, strengthen community, deepen connection
between LGBT alumni/students and communities/alma mater.                Community Health Project (CHP) Bellevue HIV
                                                                        Primary Care Clinic
Columbia Queer Alliance                                                 See: Michael Callen–Audre Lorde Community Health Center
c/o Office of Multicultural Affairs, 2920 Broadway, Mail
Code 2607, NYC 10027                                                    Community Research Initiative on AIDS (CRIA)
    212/854-1675                                                        See: AIDS Community Research Initiative of America                                             Compatibility Game
Campus-based LGBT group, first and oldest LGBT campus group                 212/971-1084
in world.                                                         
Columbia University Gay Health Advocacy Project                         Singles events for finding gay men/lesbians with compatible
424 John Jay Hall, MC 3601, 519 W. 114th St., NYC 10027                 interests/values.
   212/854-3314                                                         Conference for Catholic Lesbians, Inc. (CCL)                                                    P.O. Box 853, Greenport, NY 11944
    917/836-0289                                                        Crystal Clear Project                                                  Addiction Institute of New York                                  phone                                                1000 Tenth Ave., NYC 10019
Online support and spiritual community for women seeking to                212/523-8260
integrate lesbian and Catholic identities in their lives. Also offers      212/523-6494
information/resources of particular interest to Catholic lesbians.
Congregation Beth Simchat Torah                                         Program provides gay-affirmative services for gay and bisexual
57 Bethune St., NYC 10014                                               men using substances such as crystal methamphetamine.             email
    212/620-3154                                                        Crystal Meth Anonymous Intergroup New York                                                        P.O. Box 1517, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113
Sharon Kleinbaum, Rabbi. Serves LGBT community. Sabbath/                    212/642-5029 (hotline)                                       web link
holiday services. Educational, cultural, social, spiritual, feminist
programs, Jewish/AIDS outreach. Sabbath eve services, Church      
of Holy Apostles, 28th St./9th Ave.                                     Fellowship of men/women who share experience, strength, hope        *
                                                                        to solve their common problem, help others recover from           The
CONNECT                                                                 addiction to crystal meth and other mind-altering substances.    Center
P.O. Box 20217, NYC 10001-0006
   212/683-0015                                                         Cuomo, Andrew M., New York State Attorney
   212/683-0605 (legal advocacy helpline)                               General                                                          West
   212/683-0016                                                         120 Broadway, NYC 10271                                           13th                                                   212/416-8000                                                  Street                                                      800/771-7755 (consumers & crime victims helpline)              New
Helps victims of domestic violence navigate the legal system.              800/788-9898 (TTY)
Cornell Clinical Trials Unit                                                                                                               NY
Uptown: 525 E. 68th St., 24th fl., NYC 10065                            Curve Magazine                                                   10011
  212/746-4177                                                          1550 Bryant St., Suite 510, San Francisco, CA 94103
  212/746-8852                                                             415/863-6538 (editorial)
Downtown: 119 W. 24th St., ground fl., NYC 10011                           415/863-1609
  212/746-7204                                                             800/705-0070 (subscriptions)
  212/746-7203                                                             800/998-5565 (Curve Shop)                                                        
Creative Industries Network (CIN)                                       Nation’s best-selling lesbian magazine.
Nick Curto, Co-Director. First organization for LGBT creative
professionals from industry-wide backgrounds. Helps members
find/keep employment, share resources, network. Celebrates
diversity, promotes understanding of selves as creative individuals/
LGBT community. Discussions, guest speakers, outreach. Meets
first Mondays, 6–8 pm, Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation, 127-
B Prince St., Manhattan. Space limited. All welcome.                    Dance 208/Center Dances
                                                                        formerly Center Dances
Crime Victims Hotline                                                   c/o the Center*
See also:Victim Service                                                    212/620-7310
   212/577-7777                                                            212/924-2657
24 hours. Counseling, advocacy, support services.                
                                                                        Longest-running alternative to club/bar scene. Co-ed dances
Crossdressers International                                             2nd/4th Saturdays.
    212/564-4847                                              Dari Project, The                                                      75-22 37th Ave., Suite 40, Jackson Hts., NY 11372
Non-profit, non-sexual group based in NYC. Founded in 1990,      
focuses on closeted male-to-female crossdressers, offering a     
safe, informative and welcoming means for CDs to overcome               Documents lives of LGBT Korean Americans, families,
fears of being discovered and express their transgender selves.         community.

Dartmouth Gay & Lesbian Alums (GALA)                                Dignity/Brooklyn
c/o the Center*                                                         718/565-2171                                                      phone
   212/691-4339 (Chuck Edwards)                               
Network of lesbians/gay men matriculated/employed by          
Dartmouth. Newsletter, directory, events.                           For lesbian/gay Roman Catholics. Meets 3rd Saturdays, 6:30
                                                                    pm, at St. Ann/Holy Trinity Parish House, 122 Pierrepont St.
Date Bait                                                           Liturgy, potluck.
    212/971-1084                                                Dignity/Metro NJ                                                       email
Fun, structured mixers for meeting single men. Call/visit website   c/o St. George’s Church, 550 Ridgewood Rd., Maplewood,
for dates, times, how it works.                                     NJ 07040
Dating Strategies                                                                                         web link
  212/691-5574                                                                                           Support group for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered Catholics                                            and friends. Mass 1st and 3rd Sundays at 4 pm.                           *
Workshops at the Center* for single gay men, with Jim Sullivan,                                                                            The
MA, Dating/Relationship Coach.                                      Dignity/Nassau                                                        Center
                                                                    P.O. Box 48, East Meadow, NY 11554
Deaf Queer Resource Center (DQRC)                                      516/781-6225                                                                                   West                                                Support group for lesbian/gay Catholics/friends. Liturgies/socials,    13th
National nonprofit resource and information center for, by and      2nd and 4th Saturdays.                                                Street
about deaf LGBTQ, transvestite and intersex communities.
                                                                    Dignity/New Brunswick
Debtors Anonymous                                                   P.O. Box 10781, New Brunswick, NJ 08906                                York
P.O. Box 452, Grand Central Station, NYC 10163                         732/968-9263                                                         NY
    212/969-8111                                                                                         10011                                                  Dignity/New York, GLBT Catholics
Fellowship of men/women who share experience, strength, hope        P.O. Box 1554, FDR Station, NYC 10150
to solve common problem, help others recover from compulsive             646/418-7039
Deeper Dating                                                       Liturgy celebrated each Sunday, 7:30 pm, at St. Johns in the                                             Village, 218 W. 11th St. (at Waverly). Social follows all services.                                             (Charter member of Dignity/USA.)
Dating event for single people committed to deeper values.
                                                                    Dignity–Region Northeast
Defenders/Dignity New York                                          P.O. Box 1336, Patchogue, NY 11772
P.O. Box 1146, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10011                       80+ US chapters, 15 in NY/NJ, serve spiritual/social needs of
     212/627-6488                                                   lesbian/gay Catholics/friends.
Represents leather/levi community with outreach/education for       Dignity–Suffolk
all interested in spiritual side.                                   P.O. Box 1335, Patchogue, NY 11772-0794

Diaz, Ruben, Jr., Bronx Borough President                           DiNapoli,Thomas P., New York State Comptroller
851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451                                110 State St., Albany, NY 12236
   718/590-6001 (Community Affairs)                                    518/474-4040              212/681-4489                                             518/402-4008              212/681-4468                              
DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting
AIDS)                                                               Disabled In Action of Metropolitan New York
200 Lexington Ave., Suite 1016, NYC 10016                           P.O. Box 30954, NYC 10011-0109
   212/727-3100                                                         212/255-6619
   212/727-2574                                                                                                                                                Grassroots activist group for people with disabilities. Not gay,
National chapter-based group funds direct care, advocacy,           but gay-friendly.
education. NY-based volunteers.
Disabled Queers of New York (DQNY)                                    212/633-8052
c/o The Center*                                                       212/633-8096                                                        phone
Support and social group for disabled gay men.                     Openly gay, HIV-positive State Senator representing Manhattan’s
                                                                   29th District (Upper West Side, Chelsea, Clinton, Hell’s Kitchen,
Disclosure Network New York (DNNY)                                 Greenwich Village, parts of East Side, including the East Village,
    917/701-9033 (Nick Curto)                                      Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village and Waterside Plaza).                                                                                                                    email
Addresses/explores UFO/paranormal. Main meeting: first
Sundays, 2–5 pm, at the Center,* has guest speaker and/or
videotape/DVD with group discussion/Q&A.Admission $8, space
limited, RSVP in advance. Smaller ThinkTank meeting/discussion
group: third Mondays, 6–8 pm, at moderately priced Chelsea
                                                                   E                                                                      web link

restaurant. Space limited; RSVP in advance. No admission fee.      East End Gay Organization (EEGO)
                                                                   P.O. Box 708, Bridgehampton, NY 11932                                   The
District Council 37,AFSCME, Lesbian & Gay Issues                       631/324-3699                                                       Center
Committee                                                                                                           208
125 Barclay St., Rm. 784, NYC 10007                          
                                                                   Human rights organization for LGBT community on East End               West
   212/815-7519                                                    of Long Island (Hamptons area) providing information and                13th
   212/815-1039                                                    addressing issues and needs of this community.                         Street
Highlights issues of LGBT members of largest municipal union.                                                                              New
                                                                   Echelon—The Source for GLBT Business
Diversity Rules Magazine                                           Professionals                                                           York
P.O. Box 72, Oneonta, NY 13820                                     6404 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1829, Los Angeles, CA 90048                   NY
   607/432-1179                                                       323/230-5548                                                        10011                                                                 
Magazine serving LGBTQ community and friends.                      Gay magazine for business professionals.

Domestic Partner Health Benefits (for NYC public                   Einstein Association of Gays, Lesbians Bisexuals
employees)                                                         & Transgenders (EAGLBT)
Office of Labor Relations, 40 Rector St., 3rd fl., NYC             Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park
10006-1705                                                         Ave., 703 Ullman Bldg., Bronx, NY 10461
   212/306-7605                                                       718/430-3130 (Scott Emmons)
Contact: Maria Soto.                                               Avenue for activism and social support for LGBT faculty, students
                                                                   and staff at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Domestic Partner Registry–New York City
Office of City Clerk, 141 Worth St., NYC 10013                     Elmhurst Hospital Chemical Dependency
   212/669-2400                                                    Treatment Clinic
   212/669-3300                                                    79-01 Broadway, H3-117, Elmhurst, NY 11373                                               718/334-4621
Door–A Center of Alternatives, Inc., The                           Contact: Frankie Brown. For HIV+ people with/without psychiatric
555 Broome St., NYC 10013                                          diagnosis (major depression, dysthymia, schizophrenia, personality
    212/941-9090, ext. 0 or 3247 (membership services)             disorders, anxiety disorder). Medical, psychiatric, alcohol/chemical
    212/941-0714                                                   dependence assessments, family/significant others outreach,                                                  individual/group therapy. On-site services include AA, gay/lesbian                                                   welcome. Smoke-enders group.
Crisis intervention, short-/long-term counseling, sexual/general
healthcare in licensed clinic; independent living skills, legal,   Empire City Men’s Chorus
educational, vocational, recreational programs for youth, 12-      263 W. 86th St., NYC 10024
21. Special programs for foster youth, LGBTQ, HIV-infected/           212/362-3179
affected youth. LGBTQ drop-in groups, in-depth psychotherapy          212/873-8129
group and outreach.                                         
Duane,Thomas K., New York State Senator                            NYC’s premier gay men’s choral ensemble dedicated to
322 Eighth Ave., Suite 1700, NYC 10001                             performance of classical music.
Empire State Pride Agenda                                                212/334-7957
16 W. 22nd St., NYC 10010                                                                            phone
    212/627-4136                                                      Youth-run and led group supports LGBT, intersex, queer and
One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Ave., Suite 805,                    questioning Asian/Pacific Islander youth, 22 and under.           fax
Albany, NY 12260
    518/472-3330                                                      Estate Project for Artists with AIDS
    518/472-3334                                                      c/o Alliance for the Arts                                       330 W. 42nd St., #1701, NYC 10036                                email                                                   212/947-6340
Alan Van Capelle, Executive Director. NY’s statewide LGBT civil 
rights and advocacy organization                                
                                                                      Identifies, documents, preserves and records works created by   web link
Employee Health Benefits Program of the City of                       artists with HIV/AIDS.
New York
40 Rector St., 3rd fl., NYC 10006
   212/513-0470                                                                                                                        The
Domestic partner health benefits for NYC retirees.

c/o St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, 204 W. 134th St., NYC
                                                                      F                                                               Center
   917/734-3934                                                       Faces NY, Inc.                                                  Street
   212/694-5701                                                       formerly Minority Task Force on AIDS (MTFA)
                                                                                                                                       New                                              317 Lenox Ave., 10th fl., NYC 10027
                                                                         212/283-9180 (administration/education)                       York
Worship/social justice group for people in life of African descent.
                                                                         212/864-1614                   212/864-5319                    NY
EQUAL!                                                                   212/927-5984                                                 10011
    614/367-4268 (Glenda Childress)                                      212/663-7772 (supportive residence)                                                  212/663-2436
    630/979-8307 (Ryk Koscielski)                                                                                                                       Community-based supportive housing HIV education/outreach,                                                     case management, legal services, dinner pantry program,
Educational/support group addresses workplace environment             support, training, advocacy for black/Latino/a communities in
issues for LGBT employees at Lucent Technologies and LGBT             Harlem/upper Manhattan.
family, friends or colleagues.
                                                                      Family Equality Council
Equality Advocates Pennsylvania                                       P.O. Box 206, Boston, MA 02133
formerly Center for Lesbian & Gay Civil Rights                           617/502-8700
1211 Chestnut St., Suite 605, Philadelphia, PA 19107                     617/502-8701
    215/731-1544                                                                                              Advocating for LGBT parents and their families.
Achieves equality for LGBT people in PA through direct legal          Family Health Project
services, education, policy reform.                                   42 Broadway, 20th fl., NYC 10004
Equality Project                                                          212/616-4994
P.O. Box 14479, San Francisco, CA 94114                         
    415/425-8257                                                      HIV/AIDS education/prevention services, advocacy for women                                         of color with AIDS/HIV.
Consumer/employee/investor advocacy coalition works to                Fast & Fabulous Cycling Club
support/monitor workplace awareness/adoption of policies              P.O. Box 230087, Ansonia Station, NYC 10023
expressed in Equality Principles endorsed by LGBT organizations.         212/567-7160
All welcome to join fight for workplace equality across USA.   
EquAsian                                                              Gay/lesbian group for cyclists of all capabilities.
c/o APICHA, 400 Broadway., NYC 10013
   212/334-7940             886/274-2429
Federal GLOBE                                                                917/885-0127
P.O. Box 23922, Washington, D.C. 20026-3922                                                                     phone                                               
Chartered purpose is to eliminate prejudice and discrimination           Social peer-support network for LGBT firefighters, officers, EMS
in federal government based on sexual orientation by (1)                 workers. Meets 2nd Tuesdays, 7 pm, at the Center,* followed
developing and providing educational programs, materials,                by social at Ty’s on Christopher St.
assistance mechanisms to address distinctive concerns/problems
of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals in federal government and (2)            First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn
educating general public, policy-makers, federal employees about         124 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY 11201                                      email
issues of concern to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals.                           718/624-3770
Fellowship of Reconciliation, Inc.                                 
521 North Broadway, P.O. Box 271, Nyack, NY 10960                                                                 web link
    845/358-4601                                                         Congregation of different races, ethnicities, nationalities, ages,
    845/358-4924                                                         sexual orientation, marital statuses, religious backgrounds,
                                                                         academic training, professions, incomes, abilities.Worship services      *                                                       reflect and honor that diversity. Member, Presbyterian Welcome.        The
Seeks to replace violence, war, racism and economic injustice                                                                                  Center
with non-violence, peace and justice. Educate, train, build coalitions   First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn Gay-Straight                        208
and engage in non-violent and compassionate actions locally,             Alliance
                                                                         50 Monroe Pl., Brooklyn, NY 11201                                     West
nationally and globally.
                                                                            718/624-5466                                                        13th
FemmeFever                                                                  718/797-2916                                                       Street
P.O. Box 203, Levittown, NY 11756                                                                                        New
   516/520-0380                                                                                                     Inclusion/expression/advocacy of LGBT concerns in                      York                                                    congregational life and society.                                        NY
M-F transformations, counseling, parties, sales, and support.                                                                                  10011
                                                                         Fortune Society, The—Health and Transitional
Femme Lesbian Support Group                                              Services Unit
See: New York Femmes                                                     53 W. 23rd St., 7th fl., NYC 10010
FIERCE! Fabulous Independent Educated Radicals                               212/497-5050
for Community Empowerment                                          
147 W. 24th St., NYC 10011                                         
    646/336-6789                                                         Contact: Sam Rivera, Senior Director. Discharge planning for
    646/336-6788                                                         HIV+ inmates; case management, supportive counseling,                                                   treatment adherence, housing assistance for HIV+ ex-offenders/                                                    newly released inmates; all services are free.
Community organizing project for TLGBTSQQ youth of color in
NYC, dedicated to exploring/building power in our communities            Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR)
through leadership development, artistic/cultural activism, political    62 Sterling Place, #2, Brooklyn, NY 11217
education, campaign development while taking care of                        718/622-0212
ourselves/each other. Takes on institutions that perpetuate                 fiar@verizon. net
transphobia, homophobia, racism, ethnic conflict, gender bias,    
economic injustice, ageism, spread of HIV, STIs, STDs, other             Undertakes clinical studies of Complementary and Alternative
mental/physical health crises that make daily survival a terrifying      Medicine (CAM) to understand their utility in management of
challenge for TLGBTSQQ youth. Organizes against injustices               HIV disease, antiretroviral drug side effects, chronic hepatitis.
of criminal “justice,” housing, employment, education, healthcare
systems.                                                                 Foundation for Research on Sexually Transmitted
                                                                         Diseases (FROST’D)
Financial Services Industry Exchange                                     224 W. 30th St., Suite 901, NYC 10001
formerly New York Bankers Group, Inc.                                       212/924-3733
P.O. Box 4139, NYC 10163                                                    212/239-0387                                                                                                        Mobile outreach units offer social services, HIV testing,
Social/professional networking group for LGBT professionals in           counseling for street-walking prostitutes.
financial services. Monthly events in NY, NJ, Chicago and LA.
                                                                         Freedom to Marry
FireFlag                                                                 116 W. 23rd St., Suite 500, NYC 10011
c/o the Center*                                                             212/851-8418
    646/375-2069                                                       P.O. Box 230087, Ansonia Station, NYC 10023-0087                                               212/724-9700                                                      phone                                      
Gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality    
nationwide.                                                            Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered runners group.
Fourth Universalist Society in New York City                           Funders for Lesbian & Gay Issues
160 Central Park West, NYC 10023                                       116 E. 16th St., 7th fl., NYC 10003
    212/595-1658                                                          212/475-2930                                                       email                                                         212/475-2532                                                
Liberal religious community for those seeking spiritual growth. 
Education program help                                                 Karen Zelermyer, Executive Director. Advocates for funding of        web link
                                                                       LGBT organizations and programs.
Freedom Socialist Party
113 W. 128th St., NYC 10027                                                                                                                    *
   212/222-0633                                                                                                                              The
Socialist, feminist, gay rights activists.

The French Language Club
                                                                       G                                                                    Center
                                                                       GAPP–Portuguese-Speaking Support &                                   Street
    212/772-3511                                                       Prevention Group                                                      New                                                   GMHC, 119 W. 24th St., NYC 10011
Don Ventura, Language Instructor/Coordinator. Upgrade aptitude                                                                               York
                                                                           212/367-1221(information and registration)
in French. Roundtable discussion, readings, social events. No             212/367-1393                                                        NY
English spoken. Open to all. Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays,                                                10011
6–8 pm, at the Center.*                                         
                                                                       Portuguese-speaking support/prevention group for gay/bisexual
Fresh Fruit Festival                                                   men, HIV+ or at risk. Meets Fridays, 7-9 pm. Primary language
145 E. 27th St., #1A, NYC 10016                                        English, but faciliates for Portuguese and Spanish speakers.
    212/779-3051                                       Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County (GAAMC)                                                 P.O. Box 137, Convent Station, NJ 07961-0137                                             973/285-1595 (24-hour infoline)
2-week multi-genre international LGBT festival of arts and       
culture honoring community’s contribution.                       
                                                                       NJ’s oldest social/political/educational group welcomes LGBTI
Friends In Deed–The Crisis Center for Life-                            statewide. Rap groups, speakers, socials, newsletter, annual Pride
Threatening Illness                                                    Directory.
594 Broadway, Suite 706, NYC 10012
    212/925-2009                                                       Gay Asian & Pacific Islander Men of New York
    212/925-2688                                                       (GAPIMNY)                                          P.O. Box 1608, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113-1108                                                 212/802-RICE (7423)
Support for anyone affected by HIV, cancer, other life-         
threatening physical illness, grief, bereavement..All services free.
                                                                       Social, political, peer support and educational organization for
Friends of the Network                                                 GBTQ API men. Meets 3rd Fridays of the month at the Center.*
See: Network of Business & Professional Organizations
                                                                       Gay/Bi Dads Group of New York
Front Page                                                                917/788-3369
c/o William K. Dobbs, P.O. Box 7, Prince Street Station,        
NYC 10012                                                       
   212/966-1091                                                        Support and social group for gay and bisexual fathers and                                              others in child-nurturing situations.
Exhibit on ‘93 March on Washington for lesbian/gay/bi rights,
organized by William K. Dobbs.                                         Gay City News
                                                                       145 Sixth Ave., 1st fl., NYC 10013
Front Runners New York                                                    646/452-2503
  646/452-2501                                                                                               Founded to call attention to aging issues in LGBT community.           phone
Weekly newspaper serving LGBT New York.                               Gay & Lesbian Bible Study of New York
                                                                      Meets Mondays, 8–10 pm, at the Center.* Study of books of                fax
Gay Friends Al-Anon
See: Al-Anon Family Intergroup of Greater New York                    the Bible one by one.

Gay Games, Federation of                                              Gay & Lesbian Caregivers’ Support Group for                             email                                           Alzheimer’s Disease                                                  c/o the Center*
Built on principles of participation, inclusion, personal best. For       212/983-0700 (Carolyn Altman)
more than 25 years, has empowered tens of thousands of                For caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s. Meets 1st and 3rd          web link
LGBT artists/athletes through fellowship/friendly competition.        Thursdays, 6:45–8:15 pm, at the Center.*

Gay Human Rights League of Queens County                              Gay & Lesbian Dominican Empowerment                                       *
P.O. Box 521224, Flushing, NY 11352-1224                              Organization (GALDE)                                                    The
    718/463-2938 (Bill Page)                                          c/o Francisco Lazala, 236 E. Gun Hill Rd., #55, Bronx, NY              Center
Political group established in 1974.                                  10467                                                                   208
Gay & Lesbian Affirmative Psychotherapy: Institute                        718/324-9823                                                       West
for Contemporary Psychotherapy                                        Founded 2001 to increase political visibility of Dominican LGBT         13th
1841 Broadway, 4th fl., NYC 10023                                     community, provide HIV/health awareness, educational/cultural          Street
    212/333-3444                                                      activities. Fights homophobia through educational/social activities.    New
    212/333-5444                                                   Gay & Lesbian Employees of Citigroup (GLEC)                             York                                                      718/248-8073                                                          NY
Joanne Spina, BCD, LCSW/Bob Najjar, LCSW, Program Co-                                                    10011
Directors.Therapy for LGBTQ people at moderate cost/sliding           Contact: Doug Robinson. Promotes environment where gay
scale. Individuals/couples/families/young adults 18+/seniors all      employees are comfortable being open and homophobic
welcome. LGBTQ clinical certification program and continuing          behavior isn’t tolerated.
education for therapists.
                                                                      Gay & Lesbian Health–Office of NYC Department
Gay & Lesbian Alliance (at Baruch College)                            of Health & Mental Hygiene
See: GLASS                                                            See: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Health, Office of–
                                                                      NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
(GLAAD)                                                               Gay & Lesbian History on Stamps Club
104 W. 29th St., 4th fl., NYC 10001                                   P.O. Box 190842, Dallas, TX 75219-0842
    212/629-3225                                                                                                   International group promotes collection, study, dissemination                                                     of knowledge of philatelic material encompassing gay/lesbian
National. Promotes fair, accurate, inclusive media representation     world.
of individuals/events to combat homophobia/discrimination
based on sexual orientation or identity.                              Gay & Lesbian Independent Democrats (GLID)
                                                                      c/o the Center*
Gay & Lesbian Analysts (GALA)                                            646/246-2311
P.O. Box 112, NYC 10159                                        
National professional/social organization of gay/lesbian              Manhattan’s progressive Democratic club. Meets 2nd
psychoanalysts Educational lectures/discussions, paper                Wednesdays, 8 pm, at the Center.*
presentations, social events, book parties. Peer supervision,
readings, writing groups. Member, Network of Lesbian and              Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA)
Gay Professional Organizations.                                       459 Fulton St., Suite 107, San Francisco, CA 94102
Gay & Lesbian Association of Retiring Persons                            415/255-4784
10940 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1600, Los Angeles, CA 90024        
   310/477-0707                                                       National organization committed to ensuring equality in                                                healthcare for LGBT individuals/healthcare professionals.Applies
expertise in patient/professional education, public policy work,   Plains, NY.
and through promotion of research. Operates online referral                                                                         phone
service of LGBT-friendly providers.                                Gay, Lesbian & Affirming Disciples Alliance
                                                                   (GLAD Alliance)
Gay & Lesbian–Political Action & Support Groups                    1010 Park Ave. (at 85th St.), NYC 10028
P.O. Box 11406, New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1406                           212/288-3246                 718/798-5982
   732/744-1370                                                        212/288-3246
   732/744-1368                                                                                                                                 email                                                 Metro NY chapter for lesbian/gay/bisexual/affirming persons
Working for liberty and justice for all.                           related to Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Gay & Lesbian Review/Worldwide                                     Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender National                    web link
P.O. Box 180300, Boston, MA 02118                                  Hotline
   617/421-0082                                                        1/888/THE-GLNH (843-4564)             212/989-0999                                                                                                                   *
Bimonthly journal of history, culture and politics.                Mon–Fri, 4 pm–12 am; Sat, 12–5 pm. Peer counseling, info,        Center
                                                                   referrals to LGBTs nationwide, Gay & Lesbian Switchboard of       208
Gay & Lesbian Social Workers (NASW/NYC)                            NY Project. Free and anonymous.
  212/668-0050                                                                                                                      West
Meeting/networking, 4th Mondays, 6–7:30 pm, at the Center.*        Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Round                      13th
                                                                   Table of the American Library Association                        Street
Gay & Lesbian Students Association at                              (GLBTRT)
Baruch College                                                                                                                       New
See: Gay & Lesbian Alliance                                                                                                          York
Gay & Lesbian Switchboard of Long Island
34 Park Ave., Bay Shore, NY 11706                                  Considered US’s first gay/lesbian/bisexual professional group.   10011
    631/665-3700                                                   Annual Stonewall Book Awards for best GLBT-themed literature.                                                 Quarterly newsletter, Read Aloud’s, social hours.
Information, peer counseling and referral.                         Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Union at
                                                                   SUNY Purchase
Gay & Lesbian Switchboard of New York                              c/o Student Union, 735 Anderson Hill Rd., Purchase, NY
   212/989-0999 (NY)          888/THE-GLNH (national)              10577-1499                                    914/251-6976
Mon–Fri, 4–8 pm; Sat, 12–5 pm. Peer counseling, info, referrals.   Gay, Lesbian & Straight Alliance (GLASA)
Free, anonymous program of Gay & Lesbian National Hotline.         See: Queens College Gay, Lesbian & Straight Alliance (QCGLASA)

Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund                                         Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
P.O. Box 96308, Washington, DC 20077-7529                          90 Broad St., 2nd fl., NYC 10004
    202/842-8679                                                      212/727-0135
    202/289-3863                                                      212/727-0254                                                                      
National donor network supports openly lesbian/gay candidates      Creating safe schools for LGBT students. Envisions future when
for public office.                                                 every child learns to respect/accept all people, regardless of
                                                                   sexual orientation/gender identity/expression.
Gay & Lesbian Yeshiva Day School Alumni
(GLYDSA)                                                           Gay Male S/M Activists (GMSMA)
    212/780-4656 (24-hour infoline)                                332 Bleecker St., PMB D23, NYC 10014                                               212/727-9878
For observant/from traditional backgrounds Jewish lesbians/gay     Devoted to safe, sane, consensual S&M. Open programs 2nd
men.Integrate Jewish/lesbian/gay identities in supportive          Wednesdays (except July/August), at the Center.* Demos,
environment. Discuss, socialize, events. Meets at the Center.*     workshops, seminars, socials.

Gay & Lesbian Youth of the Hudson Valley                           Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD)
P.O. Box 216, Congers, NY 10952                                    44 Court St., Suite 1000, Brooklyn, NY 11201
   914/948-4922                                                       718/222-6300
Meets Saturdays, 2–4 pm, at The Loft, 252 Bryant Ave.,White           718/488-1872
           Education, social support, advocacy, health/wellness promotion,    Fraternal organization for professionals now/formerly in law
           support/discussion groups, drop-in center, HIV prevention          enforcement/criminal justice. Members include (but not limited
           outreach. Capacity-building assistance.                            to) police, courts, corrections, probation/federal law enforcement
                                                                              officers, DAs, judges. Supporters/associate members (FOG).
           Gay Men of the Bronx (GMOB)                                        Advocates for members, social justice, empowering community.
           841 Barretto St., Bronx, NY 10474
              718/542-0267                                                    Gay Parent Magazine
              718/542-4077                                                    P.O. Box 750852, Forest Hills, NY 11375-0852
           Committed to creating a supportive community.               
web link                                                               
           Gay Men’s Alcoholics Anonymous Groups                              Family stories, news, ads for building/nurturing your family.
           See: Alcoholics Anonymous of Greater New York
   *                                                                          Gay Peruvians of the Americas
 The       Gay Men’s Alliance (at Hunter College)                                917/557-0639 (Miguel)
Center     695 Park Ave.,Thomas Hunter Bldg., Rm. 309, NYC 10021              Social group for gay Peruvians.
                                            Gay Pride Rockland (New York)
West                                  VCS Community Change Project, 77 S. Main St., New City,
 13th      Club provides safe,welcoming space for students of all             NY 10956
Street     sexualities/gender identities. Social events, workshops,               845/634-5729
           discussions throughout school year.                          
 York      Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. (GMHC)                               Lower Hudson Valley’s first/premier gay pride event. Family
  NY       See also: GMHC, Youth & Young Adult Initiatives and GMHC/          friendly. Free LGBT community calendar of events.
10011      GAPP—Portuguese-Speaking Support & Prevention Group
           Michael Palm Center, 119 W. 24th St., NYC 10011                    Gay Sullivan
               800/AIDS-NYC (800/243-7692) (outside NY)                
                                                    Uniting GLBT population of Sullivan County, NY. Board for
                                                        message postings.
           US’s first AIDS service/advocacy organization. Programs/services
           include free testing, HIV prevention, hot meals, nutrition         Gay Sunshine Press
           counseling, legal counsel/representation, case management, help    P.O. Box 410690, San Francisco, CA 94141
           accessing healthcare/housing, financial advocacy, vocational          415/626-1935
           counseling/job training, mental health services, support groups,      415/626-1802
           complementary therapies, substance abuse counseling.
                                                                              Gay USA
           Gay Men’s Opera Club                                        
               212/691-5993 (Charles)                                         20-year-old news program covers LGBT issues. Airs 11 pm
           Listening/discussing recordings, socializing. Meets 2nd Friday,    Thurs., Time Warner ch. 34, RCN Cable Network ch. 107.
           8-10:30 pm, at the Center.*
                                                                              Gay Wheels
           Gay Men’s Psychotherapy Referral Service                    
               212/388-2738                                                   Resource provides information about gay-friendly automotive
           Referrals to gay-identified psychotherapists specializing in       companies and facilitating commerce with gay-friendly companies
           individual/group/ couples/family therapy.                          during car-buying process.

           Gay Military Signal                                                GAYFEST NYC
               718/849-5665                                                   1 River Pl., Suite 917, NYC 10036
           Webzine features stories of LGBT armed forces veterans, news,
           commentary about movement to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” 
           so LGBT Americans may volunteer to serve openly in pride.          US’s premier festival of new gay-themed plays. Productions of
                                                                              new works by LGBT authors or spotlighting gay issues.
           Gay Officers Action League (GOAL)
           P.O. Box 1774, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113                      Gayellow Pages
              212/NY1-GOAL (212/691-4625)                                     P.O. Box 533, Village Station, NYC 10014-0533
   646/213-0263                                                    Campus-based group at Baruch College/CUNY.                           phone                                           GLBT Color Guard
Annual directory of GLBTQI businesses/resources for US/               917/664-4515
Canada. Print, CD, online.                                  
                                                                   Scott Redhead, Director. NYC’s first/only GLBT Color Guard
Gender Identity Project                                            and Winter Guard.
See: Center Gender Identity Project                                                                                                      email
                                                                   GLBT Historical Society
Generation Q of the Queens Community House                         657 Mission St., #300, San Francisco, CA 94105
30-74 Steinway St., 2nd fl., Astoria, NY 11103                         415/777-5455
   718/204-5955                                                        415/777-5576                                                     web link
   718/204-8666                                                                                                          Collects, preserves, interprets history of GLBT people, supporting      *
LGBTQQ youth, 22 and under. Drop-in Center, Mon-Thurs, 3–          communities. Sponsors ongoing exhibits, programs.                     The
8 pm (2 pm on Mon). Offering youth workshops, discussions,                                                                              Center
movies, writing group, art projects, activism, event planning,     Glick, Deborah J., NewYork State Assemblymember
theater, leadership skills. Socials held 1st Fridays, 7:30 pm–12   853 Broadway, Suite 1518, NYC 10003
am. Dances, Queens Youth Pride.                                        212/674-5153                                                     West
                                                                       212/674-5530                                                      13th
Genre Magazine                                                                                     Street
248 W. 35th St., 8th fl., NYC 10001                                First openly gay or lesbian member of the NYS Legislature.
     212/352-3535                                       The Glines, Inc.                                                      York                                         270 W. 36th St., 2nd fl., NYC 10018                                    NY
National gay men’s lifestyle magazine. Fitness, fashion and           212/354-8899                                                      10011
lifestyle for every man proud to be gay.                    
GIFTS: A Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender                      Oldest professional gay theater company in the world.
Marble Collegiate Church, 1 W. 29th St., NYC 10001                 GLOBE
    212-686-2770                                                   c/o Make the Road by Walking, 301 Grove St., Brooklyn,                                           NY 11237
Inclusive community at Marble Collegiate Church seeks to               718/418-7690, ext. 207
reconcile spirituality and sexuality through God’s love.Welcomes       718/418-9635
all who wish to grow/be energized through Christian fellowship
and service. Guest speakers, monthly dinner programs, brunches.
                                                                   Promotes community acceptance/understanding of LGBTQ
Gillibrand, Kirsten, U.S. Senator                                  issues through outreach, organizing.
780 Third Ave, Suite 2601, NYC 10017
   212/688-6262                                                    GMHC, Youth & Young Adult Initiatives
   212/688-7444                                                    c/o GMHC, 119 W. 24th St., 8th fl., NYC 10011                                       212/367-1000                  212/367-1382
GirlFriends Magazine                                         
c/o HAF Publishing                                           
3415 Cesar Chavez, Suite 101, San Francisco, CA 94110              Outreach activities/workgroups for LGBT youth in NYC. Open
   800/475-3763 (subscriptions)                                    to all with particular focus on House and Ball community.
   415/648-4705                                                    GO NYC Magazine                                        305 W. Broadway, Suite 212, NYC 10013                                             888/GONYC44 (466-9244)
Lesbian culture, politics and entertainment.                           212/228-3493
GLASS: Gay, Lesbian & Straight Society of                   
Baruch College                                              
Baruch College, Office of Student Life, 55 Lexington Ave.,         Commentary/listings/features/general info for LGBT community.
NYC 10010                                                          LGBT-owned, operated and friendly magazine.
God’s Love We Deliver                                                    917/251-6535
166 Ave. of the Americas, NYC 10013-1207                                 212/289-7121                                                         phone
   212/294-8101                                                                                                      Free drop-in center for LGBT/questioning homeless or at risk
                                                                                                                                                fax                                          youth, 15-22. Counseling, case management, activities, peer
Free nutritious meals delivered to adults/children living with HIV/   education in youth-directed environment.
AIDS, other serious illnesses, in NYC and Hudson County, NJ.
                                                                      GRIOT Circle Senior Program, The                                         email
Gotbaum, Betsy, New York City Public Advocate                         25 Flatbush Ave., 5th fl., Brooklyn, NY 11217
1 Centre St., 15th fl., NYC 10007                                         718/246-2775
   212/669-7200                                                           718/246-2572                                                                             web link                                      
                                                                      Gathering of Elders, intergenerational/culturally diverse
Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club (GKRFC)                            community-based organization responsive to lives of older LGBT
P.O. Box 1951, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113                         persons of all colors. Social events, education, support, recreation,    The
   212/726-2261                                                       fitness program.                                                        Center                                                                                                                          208                                                  Guide, The
Seeks to increase diversity within sport; refute stereotypes;         1611 Rue Wolfe, Montreal, QC H2L 4X8
create welcoming, encouraging learning environment for new                514/521-3222                                                         13th
ruggers; build competitive team on local/national levels.                 514/521-3226                                                        Street
Gotham Volleyball League                                              Ultimate gay travel, culture and politics magazine.
P.O. Box 961, NYC 10113                                                                                                                        York
   888/468-4260                                                       Guilford Green Foundation                                                 NY                                          P.O. Box 10428, Greensboro, NC 27404                                    10011                                              336/790-8419
NYC’s largest gay sports organization promotes development     
and enjoyment of volleyball.                                   
                                                                      Promotes diversity/inclusiveness throughout LGBT community
Gottfried, Richard N., New York State                                 by raising/distributing funds for LGBT organizations and
Assemblymember                                                        programs and growing endowment to sustain funding for these
242 W. 27th St., NYC, 10001                                           purposes.
Represents 75th Assembly District (Chelsea, Clinton, Murray
Hill, midtown Manhattan). Chairs Assembly Health Committee,
sponsor of same-sex marriage bill, GENDA, other non-
discrimination laws.
                                                                      Harlem United Community AIDS Center, Inc.
Greek Gay & Lesbian Association                                       306 Lenox Ave., 3rd fl., NYC 10027
  917/327-2966                                                           212/803-2850                                                         212/803-2899
Meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 8 pm, at the Center.*             
Greenwich House AIDS Mental Health Project                            Serves people living with HIV/AIDS. Medical/dental care, mental
122 W. 27th St., NYC 10001                                            health services, expressive therapies, alternative medicine. Also
   212/255-8980                 212/691-2900                          provides array of services in prevention, education, supportive
   212/647-1509                                                       housing, HIV testing. See website for info/locations.
Nina Kaminsky, LCSW, Director of Chemical Dependency &
AIDS Mental Health. Psychotherapy for individuals/couples/            Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective
families with HIV+ issues. Medicaid/sliding scale fees/ADAP/          P.O. Box 2094, Hartford, CT 06145-2094
other insurance.                                                         860/278-4163
Greenwich Village Youth Council’s Neutral Zone                 
formerly New Neutral Zone                                      
2273 Third Ave., NYC 10035-2231                                       Empowers individuals of diverse sexual orientations, gender
identities and gender expressions to lead healthy lives by providing   Hetrick-Martin Institute (home of the Harvey Milk
health and support services, education and advocacy.                   School)                                                                phone
                                                                       2 Astor Pl., 3rd fl., NYC 10003
Harvey Milk School                                                        212/674-2400                     212/674-8695 (TTY)
See: Hetrick-Martin Institute                                             212/674-8650                     212/674-8651
HASA Service Line                                               
400 Eighth Ave., NYC 10001                                             Oldest, largest non-profit multi-service agency for LGBTQ youth.
    212/971-0626                                                                                                                               email
    212/971-0820                                                       Hispanic AIDS Forum, Inc.
Info/counseling on broad range of AIDS services/entitlements,          213 W. 35th St. 12th fl., NYC 10001-1903
coordinated by NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA).                   212/563-4500
                                                                           212/868-6237                                                       web link
Hate Crime Task Force                                            
Police Department, City of New York                              
One Police Plaza, Rm. 1104D, NYC 10038                                 62-07 Woodside Ave., 3rd fl., Woodside, NY 11377
    646/610-5267                                                           718/803-2766                                                        The
    646/610-6822                                                           718/803-0321                                                       Center                                                    967 Kelly St., Bronx, NY 10459                                          208
Citywide team responsible for investigating all hate crimes and            718/328-4188
related incidents. Reports directly to NYPD’s Chief of Detectives.         718/328-2888
                                                                       NYC’s largest, oldest Latino-run HIV/AIDS organization. Mission         13th
Health Outreach To Teens (HOTT)                                        to improve health outcomes for Latinos in NYC affected by              Street
c/o Michael Callen-Audre Lorde Community Health Center                 HIV and other chronic illnesses. Services attuned to special            New
356 W. 18th St., NYC 10011                                             needs of homosexually active men (Entre Hombres Program),
    212/271-7200 (Callen-Lorde)                                        transgender women (TransLatina Program), LGBTQ youth
    212/271-7212 (collect calls accepted)                              (Youth in Action Program), offered at each of 3 service centers.         NY
    212/271-8111                                                       Services include: rental assistance to persons living with AIDS        10011 (for information)                        or are symptomatic, free confidential HIV counseling/testing,                            referrals, case management and entitlement advocacy, free
Free comprehensive primary care for youth, 13-22. Medical              condoms/lubricants, individual/group counseling, HIV/STI
care, mental health counseling, referrals for group support/           education/workshops, socio-recreation activities (encuentros,
specialty care. Open to all, but designed for LGBT/questioning/        youth jams, retreats).
homeless youth.
                                                                       HIV/AIDS Legal Service Project
Hell’s Kitchen AIDS Project, Inc. (HKAP)                               Legal Action Center, 225 Varick St., NYC 10014
c/o LaSalle Learning Center, 328 W. 48th St., NYC 10036                    212/243-1313
   212/956-7587                                                            212/675-0286                                             
Community-based educational group uses multi-media to reach            Free legal services to fight discrimination against/protect privacy
out to those at risk for AIDS.                                         of people with HIV/AIDS, alcohol/drug problems, criminal
245 Park Ave., 24th fl., NYC 10167                                     HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA)
    1-888/HERE-NOW                                                     12 W. 14th St., 5th fl., NYC 10011                                                        212/620-4644                                                         212/620-9280
US’s first gay TV network, established 2002, now available in    
more than 40 million households. Movies, original series, general      Component of NYC’s Human Resources Administration provides
programming targeted to gay/lesbian audience. On satellite             direct linkages to social, financial, emergency, vocational services
nationwide via DIRECTV and DISH Network; on cable in NYC.              for people living with AIDS/advanced HIV illnesses and families.

Heritage of Pride, Inc.                                                HIV–anonymous testing
154 Christopher St., Suite 1D, NYC 10014                               See: AIDS Hotline, NYC Department of Health
    212/80-PRIDE (807-7433)
    212/807-7436                                                       HIV Arts Network, Inc.                                                    90 W. Broadway, Suite 12B, NYC 10007                              212/385-4945 (Doneley Meris)
Organizers/producers of NYC’s LGBT Annual Pride events:The      
Rally, March Down Fifth Ave., Dance on the Pier, Pridefest.     
Not-for-profit run by all-volunteer membership.                        Bereavement counseling, support group services for HIV-
infected/affected artists and performers.                            management, job training/placement, advocacy for homeless or
                                                                     at-risk people with AIDS/HIV.                                          phone
HIV Law Project
15 Maiden Lane, 18th fl., NYC 10038                                  Human Rights Campaign
   212/577-3001                                                      1640 Rhode Island Ave., Washington, DC 20036
   212/577-3192                                                                                                                               fax
                                                                        202/216-1500                                               202/216-1579                                      
Tracy L. Welsh, Esq., Executive Director; Shahmet Alexander,                                                            email
Administrative Director; Cynthia B. Knox, Deputy Executive           US’s largest civil rights organization dedicated to LGBT equality.
Director. Free civil legal services for HIV+ individuals living in
Manhattan or Bronx or homeless in NYC.                               Human Rights Campaign–New York Steering
                                                                     Committee                                                              web link
HIV Plus                                                     
c/o LPI Media Inc., 6380 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1400, Los             Meets 2nd Wednesdays, 8 pm, at the Center.*
Angeles, CA 90048
   323/852-7200                                                      Human Rights, New York City Commission on                               The
   323/852-7264                                                      See: New York City Commission on Human Rights                          Center                                                                                                                       208                                                Human Rights, New York State Division of–Office
                                                                     of AIDS Discrimination Issues                                          West
HIV Uninsured Care Programs—AIDS Institute                           163 W. 125th St., Rm. 415, NYC 10027                                    13th
NY State Dept. of Health, P.O. Box 2052, Empire Station,                 212/961-8606                     800-523-AIDS                      Street
Albany, NY 12220                                                         718/741-8304 (TDD)               718/741-8277 (TDD)                 New
    800/542-2437                                                         212/961-8425
    518/459-0121 (TDD and TTY)                                                                                   NY                                          Investigates allegations of HIV/AIDS-related discrimination in         10011              employment, housing/places of public accommodation, including
Assists un-/under-insured with access to care. AIDS Drug             healthcare facilities. No fee.All contacts confidential. See website
Assistance (ADAP), ADAP Plus (primary care), home care and           for list of regional offices.
ADAP Plus Insurance Continuation.
                                                                     Human Rights, New York State Division of–Office
Hofstra University Gay-Straight Alliance                             of Sexual Harassment Issues
c/o Dean of Students Office, 219 Student Center, Hofstra             55 Hanson Place, Rm. 900, Brooklyn, NY 11217
University, Hempstead, NY 11551                                          718/722-2060
     516/463-6301                                                        718/722-4525                                          Joyce Yearwood, Director.
Social/political group dedicated to LGBT community and straight
allies.                                                              Hunter College Center on AIDS, Drugs &
                                                                     Community Health
HomoVisiones                                                         425 E. 25th St., NYC 10010
    212/741-2464                                                         212/481-7672
    212/807-6644                                                         212/481-5015                                      
Latina/o Queer Media, video-production, web-production.              Training/technical aid/research/evaluation for community-based
                                                                     organizations dealing with HIV/AIDS, asthma, violence, adolescent
House of Moshood                                                     issues.
   646/256-7639 (Misha Moshood)                                                 Hunter College Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
HIV+ lesbians and allies group doing safer sex prevention work       Transgendered Club & Friends of LGBT
in ball and club community.                                          See: Lesbians Rising & Gay Mens Alliance

Housing Works, Inc.                                                  HX Magazine
57 Willoughby St., 2nd fl., Brooklyn, NY 11201                       c/o HX Media, LLC, 248 W. 35th St., 8th fl., NYC 10001
   347/473-7400          347/473-7401                                    212/352-3535
   347/473-7464                                                          212/352-3596                  212/352-3597                                                                                 Listings of gay/lesbian bars, clubs, restaurants, cabarets, etc.                                              Plus interviews, features, reviews. Free weekly magazine.
Intake, assessment, housing, healthcare, support, case
Hyacinth AIDS Foundation                                            discrimination and seeking asylum based on sexual orientation.
317 George Street, Suite 203, New Brunswick, NJ 08901                                                                                   phone
     732/246-0204                   800-433/0254 (hotline)          Imperial Court of New York
     732/246-4137                                                   P.O. Box 613, NYC 10116-0613                                                  212/501-4797                866/533-4269 (toll-free)
Helps people live with HIV, slows spread of epidemic, serves as
critical voice in public debate of AIDS in NJ.                      Philanthropic organization raises funds for GLBT community
                                                                    and service organizations. Night of 1,000 Gowns charity ball.        email
Hynes, Charles J., Kings County District Attorney
350 Jay St., Brooklyn, NY 11201-2908                                In the Life Media, Inc.
   718/250-2963                                                     184 Fifth Ave., 4th fl., NYC 10010
   718/802-3454                                                         212/255-6012                                                    web link                                              212/255-6097
Marc J. Fliedner, Asst. DA, LGBT Liaison
                                                                    Pioneering documentary series about people/issues that shape         The
                                                                    gay experience nationally/abroad. Seeks to create programming       Center
                                                                    that fosters better understanding/acceptance of LGBT

I                                                                   communities by producing segments on such issues as politics,
                                                                    public policy, health, education, religion, spirituality.

                                                                    P.O. Box 165, Athens, NY 12105
I Am Your Neighbor                                                     518/943-9200                                                      New
    202/639-8570                                                       518/943-9201                                                      York
    202/250-3502                                                                                            NY                                                                                                                                                 10011
                                                                    Publication aimed towards Hudson Valley’s gay/lesbian population.
Grassroots campaign provides coming-out resources for gay
community and encourages straight allies to help in fight against   Instinct Magazine
religious and political leaders who dehumanize us all.              11440 Ventura Blvd., #200, Studio City, CA 91604
Iban/Queer Koreans of New York (QKNY)                                  818/286-0077
c/o CAAAV, 191 E. 3rd St., NYC 10009                         
    718/596-1328                                                    Gay lifestyle magazine.
Social/discussion/support group and political advocacy for Korean   Institute for Human Identity, Inc. (ihi)
Americans and adoptees.                                             322 Eighth Ave., Suite 802, NYC 10001-8001
Identity House                                                         212/243-3175
P.O. Box 572, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10011-0572            
   212/206-0719                                                     Psychotherapy for LGBTQ community/friends/allies (individual/                                           couple/family/group). Counseling on L/G parenting/adoption, free                                            family Q workshop/counseling, psychological testing/evaluation.
Peer counselingand psychotherapy for LGBT community.Walk-           Free walk-in clinic. Postgrad program in psychotherapy,
in at the Center,* Sat–Sun, 6–8 pm. Groups, short-term              supervision. Grad student internships/externships. Community
counseling. Drop-in groups, therapy referrals.                      education seminars, speakers bureau.

Immigration Equality                                                Integrity USA
formerly Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force              620 Park Ave., #311, Rochester, NY 14607-2943
40 Exchange Place, 17th fl., NYC 10005                                  800/462-9498
   212/714-2973                                                                                    Nonprofit organization of LGBT Episcopalians/straight friends.                                      Leading grassroots voice for full inclusion of LGBT persons in
Seeks equal application of US immigration law toward lesbian/       the church and equal access to its rites.
gay couples; resource/suppor t network for binational
relationships. Advocates for persons facing HIV/AIDS                Integrity/Brooklyn (LGBT Episcopalians)
c/o Christ Church Cobble Hill                                         Irish Queers
326 Clinton St., Brooklyn, NY 11231                                       212/289-1101                                                    phone
Chapter of national organization of LGBT Episcopalians, friends.      Irish/Irish American LGBT activists working in progressive Irish
                                                                      community and connecting with radical movements in Ireland
Inter-Care                                                            best known for fighting religious right’s stranglehold on NYC St.
51 E. 25th St., lower level, NYC 10010                                Patrick’s Day Parade.
    212/532-0303                  800/252-5252                                                                                             email                                             Italian Language Club, The                                                    212/772-3511
Comprehensive treatment service provider for individuals/families
affected by alcoholism, other drug dependencies. Broad range          Don Ventura, Language Instructor/Coordinator. Upgrade ability       web link
of outpatient, family, corporate intervention services. Multi-        to speak Italian by using/hearing it in comfortable, roundtable
disciplinary. Focuses on long-term recovery/personal growth.          discussion. All levels invited. Meets 2nd/4th Mondays, 6-8pm,
                                                                      at the Center.*                                                        *
Interfaith Task Force for LGBTQ Homeless Youth                                                                                             The
230 Park Ave., Suite 1000, NYC 10169                                                                                                      Center
Peggy Borgstede, President, Dr. Mina Perry, Vice President.
                                                                      J                                                                    208
Representatives of diverse religious traditions committed to          Japanese Speaking Lesbigay Society (JSL)                             New
protecting/improving life situations of homeless LGBTQ youth.         (Nihonjinnokai)
Strategies facilitate direct services to youth, advocate for needs,                                        York
educate public. Contact for more information or to volunteer.         Meet/socialize with other Japanese-speaking queers. Call for          NY
                                                                      dates/times.                                                        10011
International AIDS Prevention Initiative
formerly The NAMES Project /NYC Chapter                               Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
c/o Jeff Bosacki, 75 Varick St., Suite 1404, NYC 10013                351 E. 74th St. (at First Ave.), NYC 10021
    212/226-2292                                                         212/288-6743
    646/349-3487                                                         212/879-0929                                                                            
International memorial quilt used for HIV/AIDS awareness,             LGBT-affirming congregation and homeless outreach program.
education, prevention. Displays available for schools, churches,
community groups.                                                     JCC in Manhattan–LGBTQ Programs
                                                                      334 Amsterdam Ave., NYC 10023
International Association of Gay & Lesbian Bridge                        646/505-5742
Clubs                                                                    212/799-0254                                                                         
                                                                      LGBT programs.
International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights
Commission                                                            Jersey Pride
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1505, NYC 10038                                    732/214-2965
    212/430-6060                                                                                                Non-profit organization produces annual prode parade, rally                                                    and festival that celebrates culture and diversity of NJ’s LGBT
Advancing human rights to end discrimination based on sexual          and intersexed community.
orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.
                                                                      Jewish Board of Family & Children’s Services
Iranian Queer Railroad (IRQR)                                         LGBT Counseling Unit, Manhattan West/Greenberg Center                                                    120 W. 57th St., NYC 10019-3371                                                        212/632-4482
Working to create simple structure, focus on supporting Iranian          212/632-4495
queers to be safe on their journey, arrive in a new country to 
live and be free.                                              
                                                                      David Ferguson, LCSW,Administrative/Clinical Coordinator. LGBT-
affirmative psychotherapy by specially trained therapists.    
Individual, group, couples. Psych evals/medication management.      For and about LGBT South Asians.                                          phone

Jim Collins Foundation, The                                         Knickerbocker Sailing Association
P.O. Box 1002, North Branford, CT 06471                             P.O. Box 326, NYC 10011-0326
   203/376-8089                                                                                                                NYC’s first gay sailing club.
Raises money for transgender people in need of gender-                                                                                         email
confirming surgery to live a healthy life, but without ability to   KnightsOut
pay for it.                                                         c/o, Scott Melendez, 108 W. 13 St., Wilmington, DE 19801
Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club                                                                                 web link
c/o Allen Roskoff, 450 W. 17th St., #2405, NYC 10011                Advocates for rights of LGBT soldiers to openly serve their
   212/741-3677                                                     country, prepares West Point graduates and cadets to lead in a
                                                                                                                                                 *                                              military where LGBT soldiers are allowed to serve openly, acts
Named after a gay rights pioneer, this citywide activist            as role model and leader for LGBT soldiers living under Don’t              The
Democratic club is a multi-issue progressive organization.          Ask, Don’t Tell, by speaking out when they must be silent.                Center
Joe.My.God (JMG)                                                    Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives
                                                                                                                                              West                                               c/o Church of Gethsemane in Park Slope                                    1012 Eighth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215                                       13th
Gay culture, short stories, politics and fabulous disco trivia.         718/390-7493                                                          Street
Journal of Homosexuality/Haworth Lesbian                      
Studies Book Program                                                Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Founder. Jewish congregation where
c/o John P. DeCecco, PhD, Editor, Ceres/Psychology                  doubt can be act of faith, all hands needed to build community.             NY
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 94132             Creative, serious seekers pray joyfully, wrestle with tradition,          10011
   415/826-3052                                                     pursue justice, refuse to be satisfied with world as it is. Individuals
   415/824-5380                                                     of varying sexual orientations, gender identities, races, family                                                 arrangements, Jewish identities/backgrounds share commitment
                                                                    to search for meaningful expressions of our Judaism in today’s
JQ Youth                                                            uncertain world.
Social group made up of frum/formerly frum LGBT Jews, age
17–30. Monthly meetings and regular informal get-togethers.
Also offers anonymous online discussion group.

Just Couples
Social/support group for committed gay/lesbian couples. Meets       Ladies 2000
1st Sundays at the Center.*                                         P.O. Box 1, Oaklyn, NJ 08107

                                                                    Women who enjoy socializing, meeting new people and dancing
                                                                    at great locations and group-sponsored events.

                                                                    Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn (LID)
Kellner, Micah Z., NewYork State Assemblymember                     P.O. Box 150614, Van Brunt Station, Brooklyn, NY 11215
315 E. 65th St., NYC 10065                                    
    917/432-2983                                                                                                                       Brooklyn’s LGBT political club, involved in all progressive issues
Openly bisexual Assemblymember representing 65th District           affecting LGBT community.
(includes Manhattan’s East Side and Roosevelt Island).
                                                                    Lambda Law Forum
Khush Page, The                                                     Seton Hall University, School of Law, One Newark Center,                                                   Newark, NJ 07102
                                                                                                                                               29                                                                          Non-profit dedicated to fighting spread of HIV/AIDS in Latino      phone
Engages in continuing, regular dialogue with Seton Hall Law             community.
School administration on issues affecting LGBT legal community.
                                                                        Latino Gay Men of New York
Lambda Legal                                                            c/o ALP, 85 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
120 Wall St., Suite 1500, NYC 10005-3904                                    718/596-0342, ext. 36       212/367-1092
    212/809-0055                                                                                                 email                                              Consciousness-raising, education, support, cultural/social/                                                 community development/empowerment. Newsletter. Meets
Kevin Cathcart, Executive Director; Jon Davidson, Legal Director;       1st Fridays at the Center.*
Leslie Gabel-Brett, Education & Public Affairs Director. National                                                                          web link
organization committed to achieving full recognition of civil rights    Lavender Country & Folk Dancers
of LGBT people and those with HIV, through impact litigation,              413/548-1097
education, public policy work.                                   
Lambda Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender                             Clubs welcome LGBT and cross-dressing folk. Come dance!            Center
Student Association at John Jay College of                                                                                                  208
Criminal Justice                                                        Lavender & Green Alliance (Muintir Aerach na
c/o John Jay Pride: Gay-Straight-Bi-Trans Alliance, 445 W.              hÉireann)
59th St., NYC 10019                                                     c/o Brendan Fay, 22-22 28th St., Astoria, NY 11105                  13th
    212/237-8738                   212/237-8000, ext. 3140                   718/721-2780                                                  Street                                                                                  New
Educates community about LGBT/any type of “homosexual/                  Irish/Irish-American lesbians/gay men create environment where
trans-identified” lifestyles people live in/outside of this college,    lives/identities are shared/celebrated. History, language study,
to create better, more understanding society.                           cultural programs, events. Outreach to those with HIV/AIDS.          NY
                                                                        Quarterly journal.                                                 10011
Lambda Literary Foundation
c/o Charles Flowers, Executive Director                                 Lavender Light: The Black & People of All
16 W. 32nd St., Suite 10E, NYC 10001-3808                               Colors Lesbian & Gay Gospel Choir
    212/239-6575                                                        70-A Greenwich Ave., Suite 315, NYC 10011
    212/239-6576                                                           212/714-7072                                                212/229-5568
US’s leading organization for LGBT literature celebrates/ offers 
resources for writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, librarians.
                                                                        Multi-ethnic organization serves lesbian/gay community through
Language Classes at the Center                                          ministry of music. Meets Mondays, 6–9:30 pm.
    212/772-3511                                                    Lavender Magazine
Don Ventura, Language Instructor/Coordinator. Language classes          3715 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55407
for beginners, covers basics with time for pronunciation/                  612/436-4660
conversation. Comfortable, relaxed atmosphere at the Center.*              612/436-4685
10 1¼-hour Saturday sessions in French,12–1:15 pm;               
Spanish,1:30–2:45 pm; Italian, 3–4:45 pm.                        
                                                                        Publication serves Upper Midwest LGBT community.
Las Buenas Amigas (LBA)
208 W. 13th St., NYC, 10011                                             LEAGUE at AT&T
    718/596-0342, ext. 44                                                  703/713-7820 (national hotline)                                                800/855-2880 (TDD)                                      
Latino lesbian social, political, educational, cultural, recreational
group devoted to creating visible presence in society and safe          Support group for LGBT employees, retirees, their partners.
space to address, discuss, inform, act on, empower ourselves.           Non-profit foundation provides scholarships to LGBT youth.

Latino Commission on AIDS                                               Leather Journal, The
24 W. 25th St., 9th fl., NYC 10010                                      P.O. Box 381239, Hollywood, CA 90038
   212/675-3288                                                            323/469-5922
   212/675-3466                                                            323/469-1602                                                                                          Publication focuses on leather community.
Legally Queer                                                            212/353-9118 (information)
The Staten Island LGBT Center, 25 Victory Blvd., 3rd fl.,                212/459-4873 (lawyer referral service)                           phone
Staten Island, NY 10301                                        
     718/808-1360              718/808-1351                    
     718/808-1397                                                     Professional association. Sponsors three walk-in clinics.
                                                                                                                                            fax                                             Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Straight
Ongoing weekly support group for LGBT young people, 18-24,            Alliance at Stony Brook
to explore/address questions about sexual orientation, gender         SUNY at Stony Brook, Student Union, Rm. 045-A, Stony                 email
identity/expression, coming out to family/friends, other issues       Brook, NY 11794-3218
relevant to healthy development. Setting is welcoming and caring,        631/632-6469
all services free. Participants must register and be interviewed
by group faciltator, an LCSW.                                                                      web link
                                                                      Educational, political, social organization dedicated to securing
Lesbian AIDS Project                                                  human rights for LGBT and all people.
c/o Gay Men’s Health Crisis, 119 W. 24th St., NYC 10011
   212/367-1355                                                       Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps                                        The
   212/367-1050                                                       332 Bleecker St., #K48, NYC, 10014                                  Center                                                          212/591-2886                                                      208
HIV/AIDS-related services, referrals, support for lesbians.    
Newsletter, safer sex handbook, discussions.                   
                                                                      NY’s true community band.                                            13th
Lesbian Cancer Initiative                                                                                                                 Street
c/o the Center*                                                       Lesbian & Gay Caucus–Rutgers Law School                              New
    212/620-7310                                                      123 Washington St., Newark, NJ 07102
    212/924-2657                                                         201/648-1757                                                 Campus-based group for Rutgers law students.                          NY                                                                                                                     10011
Offers continuum of cancer-related services for lesbians, bisexual    Lesbian & Gay Community Center (the Center)
women, transgender people, caregivers. Support, counseling/           See: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Service
referrral, outreach, educational and community-building events,       Center and succeeding listings under “the Center — .”
cultural competency training for cancer-care providers.
                                                                      Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club of Queens
Lesbian Cancer Support Group                                          c/o Bruce Friedman, President
  212/673-7699                                                        P.O. Box 857, Jackson Heights, NY 11372-0857
Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 6–8 pm, at the Center.*                      718/228-8509
Lesbian Cinema Arts                                            
c/o the Center*                                                
Film/video screenings by/about/for lesbians.                   

Lesbian Compatibility Game                                            Lesbian & Gay Immigration Rights Task Force
    212/971-1084                                                      See: Immigration Equality                                                Lesbian & Gay Naturalists of New York—
Fun, structured singles events. Discover women who share your         The Natural History Group
interests, values and lifestyle, then find out your mutual matches.       718/965-0013
                                                                      Contact: Cheryl Adams. Field trips, programs on nature study
Lesbian Connection                                                    topics. Meets 1st Thursdays, 8–10 pm, at the Center.*
c/o Ambitious Amazons
Box 811, East Lansing, MI 48826-0811                                  Lesbian & Gay Teachers Association of
    517/371-5257 (Mon–Fri, 11 am–6 pm)                                New York City
    517/371-5200                                                         646/660-3303 (Catherine)                                                     212/933-4544 (Jonathan)                                           
Worldwide forum of news/ideas for, by, about lesbians. Free to        Support group for LGBT educators. Meets first Wednesdays,
lesbians, but suggested donation $42/year.                            6–8 pm, at the Center.* No meetings July–August.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Law                              Lesbian Herstory Archives/Lesbian Herstory
Association of Greater New York (LeGAL)                               Educational Foundation, Inc.
799 Broadway, Rm. 340, NYC 10003                                      P.O. Box 1258, NYC 10116
   718/768-3953                                                       LGBT People of Color Leaders Roundtable
   718/768-4663                                                       85 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, NY 11217                                phone                                        718/596-0342 (Collette Carter)
US’s largest/oldest archival collection in Park Slope, Brooklyn.          718/596-1328
Lesbian Therapists Referral Network                                   LGBT people of color and anti-racist, progressive groups pool
c/o Ellen Shumsky, 119C Washington Place, NYC 10014                   resources on issues, enhance visibility in lesbian/gay/respective
    212/206-1589                                                      communities/political arena.                                                                                                              email                                          LGBT SmokeFree Project
Experienced, certified psychotherapists in private practice offer     c/o the Center*
individual/couple/group/family therapy to LGBT individuals. Sliding      212/620-7310, ext. 259
scale fees. Accepts many health insurances.                           Workshops offer tools to discover pros/cons of quitting, building   web link
                                                                      support system, developing a plan, smoking your last cigarette.
Lesbians Rising (at Hunter College)
695 Park Ave.,Thomas Hunter Bldg., Rm. 309, NYC 10021                 LGBTQ Filipinas and Filipinos!
    212/772-4929                                                                                              The                                                                             Center                                                                                    208
Club provides students of all genders/sexual orientations with        Socia.l group for LGBTQ Filipino/Filipina community in NYC.
safe space to hang out without being discriminated against.
Holds informational workshops and discussions on several issues       Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship Church                          13th
in LGBT community.                                                    Box 200434, Newark, NJ 07102                                        Street
                                                                           973/424-9555                 973/621-2100                       New
Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation                                           973/424-0037                 973/621-2102
26 Wooster St., NYC, 10012
    212/431-2609                                                      Rev. J. Jackson, Pastor. Meets Sundays, 1:30 pm, 608 Broad            NY
    212/431-2666                                                      St., Newark. Spiritually affirming to LGBT community and all        10011                                            people. Believes all people have access to God’s love.
Established 1990. Not-for-profit foundation committed to
providing forum to further awareness, appreciation, preservation      Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship Church/
of LGBTQ art.Wheelchair accessible.                                   The Open Door Drop-in Center
                                                                      47-49 New St., Newark, NJ 07102
LGBT Affirmative Program—Heights Hill Mental                             973/424-9555
Health Service                                                           973/424-0037
25 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217                           
     718/875-5496                                                     Rev. Janyce L. Jackson, Pastor & Executive Director. HIV                                          Prevention Program and Drop-in Center offer light snacks,
Out-patient program for LGBT individuals with major mental            showers, laundry to homeless, IDU’s and others at high risk.
                                                                      Life Force: Women Fighting AIDS, Inc.
LGBT Cancer Project—Out With Cancer                                   175 Remsen St., Suite 1100, Brooklyn, NY 11201
   212/673-4920                                                           718/797-0937                                                 718/797-4011
   www.outwithcancer. org                                                                                  
Country’s first advocacy and support group for all LGBT cancer        Non-profit, community-based.Works to reduce incidence of HIV/
survivors. Online support network offers safe, secure                 AIDS in high-risk women, families. Support services to those
environment for LGBT cancer survivors to meet and help each           infected/affected.
other with emotional support and advice.
                                                                      LIFEBEAT:The Music Industry Fights AIDS
LGBT Health & Wellness Program                                        630 Ninth Ave., Suite 1010, NYC 10036
See: The Staten Island LGBT Center                                       800/AIDS-411             212/459-2590
Connects you with LGBT collections, programs and expertise            Live & Let Live: Gay Group of Alcoholics
that the NY Public Library has to offer. Also connects you with       Anonymous
NYPL’s LGBT Committee, dedicated to supporting community.             c/o Fellowship of Reconciliation, P.O. Box 271, Nyack, NY
10960                                                                  food pantry, HIV+ mobile pantry program, mobile HIV
      845/353-5595                                                     counseling, testing/referral services, mobile hepatitis C facilitation   phone                                                 services, fast-tracked access into substance abuse treatment.
Jill Warner, Director. Interfaith peace/justice. Promotes nonviolent   Long Island Crisis Center
                                                                       formerly Middle Earth Crisis Center                                        fax
conflict resolution; identifies with those of any race/gender/
sexual orientation/religion victimized by injustice or exploitation,   2740 Martin Ave., Bellmore, NY 11710
develops resources.AA meeting Sundays, 10:30 am; all alcoholics             516/679-1111 (crisis hotline)
welcome.                                                                    516/826-0244 (business line)                                         email
LIVE OUT LOUD                                                     
570 Seventh Ave., 9th fl., NYC 10018                                   24-hour/7-day phone counseling/referrals for LI residents in
   212/651-4236                                                        crisis.                                                                  web link
   212/840-0505                                               Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival                                                P.O. Box 360, East Northport, NY 11731                                      *
Programming, scholarships and resources for LGBT youth.                                                               The
Living Beyond Belief                                                   Annual LGBT event at Cinema Arts Center, Huntington, NY.
   212/696-6652                                         Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth (LIGALY)                                 West                                          34 Park Ave., Bay Shore, NY 11706                                         13th
Non-profit organization educates youth about protecting                    631/665-2300                                                         Street
themselves against HIV/AIDS.                                               631/665-7874
LOFT, The: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender                                                                          York
Community Services Center, Inc.                                        Services for LGBT youth, young adults, families. Education, mental         NY
242 Bryant Ave., White Plains, NY 10605                                health, advocacy, social support.                                        10011
    914/948-2932                  914/948-4922 (helpline)
    914/682-7827                                                       Long Island GLBT Community Center                                             34 Park Ave., Bay Shore NY 11706                                                  631/665-2300
Not-for-profit community-based organization located in                     631/665-7874
Westchester County. Has served LGBT community of lower           
Hudson Valley for over 25 years furthering cause for inclusion,  
diversity, pride through education, advocacy, celebration.             Social/cultural epicenter of LI LGBT community. Programs include:
                                                                       Long Island Trans Experience (LITE), Safe Choices Club, SAGE
Log Cabin Republicans/New York City                                    Long Island, Anti-Violence Project Long Island, Long Island LGBT
   646/349-2952                                                        Health & Human Services Network.
   646/349-2952                                               Long Island Pride                                                    516/713-7265
Serves gay/lesbian Republicans and friends.                      
LOGO                                                                   Eva Sanchez, Co-Executive Director. Dedicated to respecting
1540 Broadway, 31st fl., NYC 10036                                     diversity/creating safe environment to celebrate pride on LI
   212/258-8000                                                        with all community members. Active participants in economic,                                       political, communal, culturally diverse life. Meets second Sundays,                                                  LIGALY Center, 34 Park Ave., Bayshore, NY.
Programming for lesbians/gays. Movies, documentaries, news.
                                                                       Long Island Pride Chorus (LIPC)
Long Island Association for AIDS Care (LIAAC)                   
60 Adams Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788                              
    631/385-AIDS (hotline outside Nassau/Suffolk)                      Choral singing group for LGBT community. Member, Gay &
    877/TO-LIAAC (toll-free inside Nassau/Suffolk)                     Lesbian Association of Choruses (GALA).
    631/385-2496                                                     Long Island Pride Sports Association, Inc.                                                      P.O. Box 973, Sayville, NY 11782
Community-based case management, support groups, education                631/553-0081
programs, street outreach, HIV/AIDS hotline, pro-bono legal     
clinic, HIV+ home-delivered meals program, HIV+ emergency       
Long Island sports organization serving LGBTQ community and               212/860-0606
supporters. Activities include softball, bowling, tennis, cycling.        212/860-0704                                                    phone
                                                                       28-11 Astoria Blvd., Astoria, NY 11102
Long Yang Club–New Jersey                                                 718/932-1804
P.O. Box 5130, New Brunswick, NJ 08903                                    718/932-1805
   732/247-0515                                                                                                                             fax
                                                                                                                                         Represents 14th Congressional District (part of Manhattan,
Social organization for gay Asians/Pacific Islanders and friends.      Roosevelt Island, parts of Queens).                                 email
Love Heals: The Alison Gertz Foundation for                            Manhattan Mustangs, Inc.
AIDS Education                                                         P.O. Box 1196, Murray Hill Station, NYC 10156
2 Fifth Ave., Suite 2Q, NYC 10011                                                                     web link
   212/529-7932                                                        NYC’s only not-for-profit LGBT country/western dance group.                                                                                                                        *
                                                                       Sponsors charitable events at Stepping Out Studios, Chelsea.                                                   Educational info, cultural opportunities, community outreach.       The
Empowers young people to make informed choices through                 Open to all ages/abilities. Available to teach basic couple/line   Center
education and awareness about HIV/AIDS.                                dancing, DJ at charitable fundraising events. Member,               208
LPSS, Inc. (Lambda Peer Support Services)                                                                                                 West
7 Holland Ave., White Plains, NY 10603                                 Mano a Mano                                                         13th
    914/514-3220                                                       c/o Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA), 24 W. 25th St.,              Street                                                9th fl., NYC 10010                                                  New                                                    212/584-9306
All-volunteer, not-for-profit serving LGBTQ community of                                                                                   York
Westchester County/surrounding areas since 1985.Workshops,                                                   NY
on-going/short-term support groups, “Holiday Connections”                                   10011
activities, other programs. All activities conducted by trained        Andres Duque, Coordinator. Coalition of Latino LGBT
peer facilitators under supervision of certified clinicians. Strives   organizations/activists, founded in 1997 to increase visibility/
to foster sense of community, erase stereotypes, reduce pain           voice of Latino LGBT communities in NY metropolitan area.
caused by homophobia, discrimination, prejudice.
                                                                       Many Men, Many Voices
Lutherans Concerned/Metro New York                                     formerly BMG—Black Men’s Group
St. John, Matthew, Emanuel-Lutheran Church                             c/o GMHC, 119 W. 24th St., NYC 10011
283 Prospect Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215                                      212/367-1388                  212/367-1218
    718/768-0528                                                          212/367-1393
                                                                       Dedicated to gay black men in NYC. Health/wellness promotion

M                                                                      program. Frank, honest discussion on issues affecting community.

                                                                       Maranatha—Riversiders for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
                                                                       & Transgender Concerns
                                                                       Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Dr., NYC 10025
Malecare                                                                  212/870-6811              212/870-6740
   212/673-4920                                                                                                     Marble Collegiate Church
Non-profit gay/bi/transgender men’s cancer survivor advocacy           1 W. 29th St. (at Fifth Ave.), NYC 10001
and support group. All services free. Publications include “A Gay          212/686-2770
Man’s Guide to Prostate Cancer.”                                           212/685-0706
Males Au Naturel (MAN)                                           
332 Bleecker St., Box 133, NYC 10014-0133                              Affirming, embracing, Christ-centered community where all are
   212/898-0383                                                        welcome. Sunday worship, 11:00 am. Wednesday praise and                                             prayer service, 6:15 pm.
Nudist/naturist social group for gay/bisexual men in NYC
metropolitan area.                                                     Marijuana Anonymous
                                                                       P.O. Box 1244, Cooper Station, NYC 10276
Maloney, Carolyn B., U.S. Representative                                  212/459-4423
1651 Third Ave., Suite 311, NYC 10128                           
                                                                                                                                           34                                         Improves health of lesbians, bisexual and transgender women
Meets daily. Only membership requirement is desire to stop     who partner with women and their families.                          phone
using marijuana.
                                                               MCAANY Gay & Lesbian Recreational Bowling
Markowitz, Marty, Brooklyn Borough President                   League
209 Joralemon St., Brooklyn, NY 11201                          c/o Brian Feuer, 428 W. 49th St., NYC 10019                           fax
   718/802-3804 (Jerry Allred, LGBT Liaison)            
   718/802-3542                                                USBC-sanctioned bowling league meets September–April,                                  Monday, 8:30 pm, at Leisure Time Bowl, Port Authority.               email
                                                               Men of All Colors Together New York, Inc.
Marriage Equality New York (MENY)                              P.O. Box 237107, Ansonia Station, NYC 10023-7107
P.O. Box 121, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113-0121                 212/330-7678                                                     web link
   877/772-0089                                                Gay/bisexual people create community, fight racism/sexism/                                                homophobia/ classism/oppression.                                       *                                                                                                                      The
Statewide coalition of gay/nongay people/groups committed to   Mendez, Rosie, New York City Councilmember                          Center
gender-neutral civil marriage in NY state.                     237 First Ave., Suite 504, NYC 10003
Marriage Project, The                                             212/677-1990                                                     West
c/o Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund                                                 13th
120 Wall St., Suite 1500, NYC 10005                                                                   Street
   212/809-8585                                                Openly lesbian councilmember representing Manhattan’s 2nd
   212/809-0055                                                District (Lower East Side, East Village, Gramercy Park, Kips                                         Bay, part of Murray Hill).                                           York
David Buckel, Marriage Project Director.                                                                                             NY
                                                               Metamorphosis                                                       10011
Marshall, Helen, Queens Borough President                      P.O. Box 5639, Long Island City, NY 11105
120-55 Queens Blvd., Kew Gardens, NY 11424                         718/728-4615
   718/286-3016                                                Psychotherapy, counseling, evaluations, education, referrals.                                        Individual/family. Emphasis on gender identity, transsexualism,                                            TVs, other alternate lifestyles. Transitioning assistance, coping
Karen Koslowitz, Deputy Borough President                      mechanisms, shyness issues. Member, HBIGDA/WPATH.

Mateando NYC: The First Argentinean-Uruguayan                  Metro Gay Wrestling Alliance, Inc.
LGBT Group in NYC                                              P.O. Box 1913, Radio City Station, NYC 10101-1913
P.O. Box 1434, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10013                     917/547-2656
   718/766-7500                                                                                                                 NYC’s gay freestyle wrestling club.
Meetings 2nd Sundays, 2 pm, at the Center.*
                                                               Metropolitan Community Church of Christ the
Matthew Shepard Foundation                                     Liberator
301 Thelma, #512, Casper, WY 82609                             P.O. Box 7422, North Brunswick, NJ 08902-7422
    307/237-6167                                               Worship address: 1048 Livingston Ave., North Brunswick,
    307/237-6156                                               NJ 08902-7422                                         732/846-8227
Supports diversity programs in education, helps youth    
organizations establish environments where young people can
feel safe and be themselves.                                   Living whole, living full, living free!

Mautner Project: The National Lesbian Health                   Metropolitan Community Church of New York,
Organization                                                   A Church of the LGBTQ Community
1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 710, Washington, DC            446 W. 36th St., NYC 10018
20009                                                             212/629-7440
   202/332-5536            1-866/628-8637 (toll-free)             212/279-1185
   202/332-0662                                                                                                             Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Pastor. Sunday worship, 9 am, 11 am
and 7 pm. Open to all for Bible study, pastoral/spiritual counseling,   See: Faces NY, Inc.
food pantry, holy unions, memorial services, youth shelter.                                                                                    phone
Metropolitan Community Church of New York–                              P.O. Box 82069, Columbus, OH 43202
Homeless Youth Services                                                    614/267-0193
446 W. 36th St., NYC 10018                                                                                        fax
    212/629-7440, ext. 14                                               National support network for lesbian mothers.
    212/279-1185                                                       Momentum AIDS Project, Inc., The
                                                                        322 Eighth Ave., 3rd fl., NYC 10001                                     email
Programs Sylvia’s Place, Carmen’s Place, Marsha P. Johnson                  212/691-8100
Crisis Center transition LGBTQ youth off streets by providing               212/691-2960
shelter, food, counseling, medical services, referrals.           
                                                                                                                                               web link
Metropolitan Community Church of New York–                              Not-for-profit. Meals, pantry, counseling, social services for those
Sylvia Rivera Food Pantry                                               affected by HIV/AIDS. 9 sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens,             *
446 W. 36th St., NYC 10018                                              Bronx.                                                                  The
   212/629-7440                                                                                                                                Center
                                                                        Montefiore Medical Center, Pediatric AIDS
   212/279-1185                                                                                                                                 208
                                                                        See: Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore                West
                                                                        Hospital                                                                13th
Bag lunch distribution,Tuesday–Friday, 2:00–3:00 pm.“Clients
choice” grocery distribution,Thursday, 9:00 am. Free HIV testing,       Morgenthau, Robert, New York County District                           Street
Wednesdays, 2 pm. Community dinner, last Tuesday of month,              Attorney                                                                New
5:00 pm.                                                                1 Hogan Pl., Rm. 604, NYC 10013                                         York
Metropolitan Tennis Group                                                                                                                        NY
P.O. Box 3454, Grand Central Station, NYC 10163                                                                                                10011
                                                                        Katie A. Doran, Advisor to DA for GLBT Issues                                             Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center
200-member lesbian/gay club. Beginner to tournament level.              312 E. 94th St., NYC 10128
Monthly parties, winter indoor league, charity tournaments,                 212/423-2900 (business office)
summer-ladder.                                                              212/423-3000 (appointments)
                                                                            212/423-2981 (mental health services)
Metrosource Magazine
180 Varick St., 5th fl., NYC 10014
                                                                        Michaele White, Practice Manager. Medical, reproductive/mental
                                                                        health, HIV/AIDS prevention/treatment, peer education,
National lifestyle magazine. NY edition has directory of gay-
                                                                        colposcopy, HIV/ AIDS pre/post-test counseling. Free/confidential.
friendly professionals and businesses.

Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project

    203/852-AIDS              203/855-9535
Support for PWAs, PWARCs, HIV+ individuals, significant others.
Case management, medical advocacy, alternative treatment,
counseling, emergency funds, substance abuse placement,
support groups in Spanish and for friends/families, housing,            Nadler, Jerrold, U.S. Representative
libraries, computer buddy program, referrals.                           201 Varick St., Suite 669, NYC 10014
Millman, Joan L., NewYork State Assemblymember                             212/367-7356
341 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11231                                
   718/246-4889                                                         Represents 8th Congressional District (West side of Manhattan,                                         parts of Brooklyn).
Represents 52nd District (includes Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
Heights, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Dumbo, Park Slope,               NALGAP: Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Prospect Heights, Columbia Street Waterfront,Vinegar Hill).             Transgender Addiction Professionals & Allies
                                                                        1001 N. Fairfax St., Suite 201, Alexandria, VA 22314
Minority Task Force on AIDS (MTFA Faces)                                   703/465-0539
                                                                                                                                                36                                                      LGBT legislation, building movement’s organizational capacity.                                                                                                                           phone
Dedicated to the prevention/treatment of alcoholism, substance         National Gay Pilots Association
abuse, other addictions in LGBT communities.                           P.O. Box 7271, Dallas, TX 75209
NAMES Project/New York City Chapter, The                                  214/350-0447                                                        fax
See: International AIDS Prevention Initiative                   
National Archive of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &                           Gay/lesbian pilots and other aviation enthusiasts.                    email
Transgender History
c/o the Center*                                                        National Lawyers Guild—Queer Caucus
   212/620-7310                                                        formerly NLG Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Rights Committee
   212/924-2657                                                        132 Nassau St., Suite 922, NYC 10038                                 web link                                                   212/679-5100                                                       212/679-2811
Leader in LGBT archives.                                                                                       *
National Center for Lesbian Rights                                     Caucus acts as network of LGBT Guild members and serves              Center
National office: 870 Market St., Suite 370, San Francisco,             as voice for LGBT issues within NLG, sponsors forums, engages         208
CA 94102                                                               in public education projects, supports litigation, produces Sexual
    415/392-6257                                                       Orientation and the Law (published by WestGroup), co-sponsors        West
    415/392-8442                                                       Thomas Steel Summer Law Student Fellowship.                           13th                                                                                                                      Street                                                  National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association
National lesbian, feminist, non-profit law firm.Gains/protects         (New York Area)
legal/human rights of LGBT people through impact litigation,           c/o Charles Kaiser, 245 West 107th St., NYC 10025                     York
public policy advocacy, public education, direct legal services.          212/629-2045                                                        NY
National Center for Transgender Equality                        
1325 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 700                                     Works for better mainstream media coverage of gays/lesbians.
Washington, DC 20005                                                   Combats workplace discrimination.
    202/393-2241                                                       National LGBT Bar Association                                               1301 K St. NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005-3823                                                    202/637-7661
National social justice organization devoted to ending           
discrimination/violence against transgender people through       
education/advocacy on national issues of importance.                   National association of lawyers, judges and other legal
                                                                       professionals, law students, activists and affiliated LGBT legal
National Coalition for LGBT Health                                     organizations. Promotes justice in and through legal profession
1407 S St. NW, Washington, DC 20009                                    for LGBT community in all its diversity.
    202/797-4430                                                       National Organization of Gay & Lesbian                                           Scientists & Technical Professionals, Inc.                                                 (NOGLSTP)
National coalition of LGBT health organizations and advocates          P.O. Box 91803, Pasadena, CA 91109
focused on federal advocacy, research, policy, education, training.         626/791-7689
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (The Task                       
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1504, NYC 10038                                  National non-profit educational organization of GLBT people/
    212/604-9830                                                       advocates employed or interested in scientific/high-tech fields.
    212/604-9831                                                       Goals include dialogue with professional organizations,
1325 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC                  disseminating info, improving members’ professional environment,
20005                                                                  opposing anti-queer discrimination/stereotypes, educating queer/
    202/393-5177                                                       scientific/general communities, fostering inter-city contacts.
    202/393-2241                                                       Affiliated with American Association for Advancement of Science.                                               National Organization for Women (NOW)
Builds community’s political power by training activists, organizing   1100 H St., NW, 3rd fl., Washington, DC 20005
campaigns to defeat anti-LGBT referenda and advance pro-                  202/628-8669
   202/785-8576                                                   Lesbian-sensitive.                                                                                                                         phone                                                    New Jersey Lesbian & Gay Havurah
Feminist organization with focus on rights of women and girls.    P.O. Box 2576, Edison, NJ 08818-2576
Lesbian rights among one of top 4 organizational priorities.         732/650-1010
National Organization for Women/New Jersey                 
Lesbian Rights Task Force                                         Community of friends meets spiritual, social, cultural, religious
112 West State St., Trenton, NJ 08608                             needs of LGBT Jews in NJ.                                             email
   609/393-0156                                               New Jersey Lesbian & Gay Coalition                                                  P.O. Box 11335, New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1335
Empowers lesbians, fights for their rights. Develops advocacy         732/828-6772                                                     web link
plans, lobbies, attacks prejudice.                                    732/249-5002
National Organization for Women/New York                                                                           *
City (NOW NYC)                                                    Fights discrimination based on sexual/affectional orientation/        The
150 W. 28th St., Suite 304, NYC 10001                             gender identification, enhances quality of life for NJ LGBT people   Center
   212/627-9895                                                   through education/political action/lobbying/legal reform.
   212/627-9861                                             New Jersey Women & AIDS Network                                      West                                                 103 Bayard St. 3rd fl., New Brunswick, NJ 08901                       13th
Founding chapter of NOW. Les/bi/trans Rights Committee                732/846-4462            732/846-2674                             Street
focuses on political issues.                                          800/747-1108 (toll-free)
National Stonewall Democrats (NSD)                                                                               York
P.O. Box 9330, Washington, DC 20005                               Multicultural, independent network of agencies/individuals fights      NY
   202/625-1382                                                   for rights/needs of women infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.             10011                                     New Neutral Zone
                                                                  See: GVYC’s Neutral Zone
Nehirim                                              New School University—O.P.E.N. (Out Proud                                               Environment at the New School)
Creates authentic spiritual community for GLBT Jews, partners,
allies. Innovative programming, builds community, offers          Student organization serving LGBT community at the New
authentic, life-affirming spiritual paths for Jewish members of   School.
sexual or gender minorities.
                                                                  New Ways Ministry
New Century Singers                                               4012 29th St., Mount Rainier, MD 20712
P.O. Drawer 973, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776                    301/277-5674
   631/472-2191                                                                                                                          Gay-positive ministry of advocacy and justice for LGBT Catholics
Community-based chorus comprised of members/friends of            and reconciliation within larger Christian and civil communities.
LGBT community on LI. Visit website for concert information.
                                                                  New York AIDS Coalition
New Directions                                                    231 W. 29th St., Suite 1002, NYC 10001
202-206 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217                            212/629-3075
    718/398-0800                                                     212/629-8403                                                            
Alcoholism and substance-abuse treatment program located in
heart of historic Park Slope, Brooklyn.                           New York Area Bisexual Network
New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women                           New York Association for Gender Rights
1670 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Rd.,Trenton, NJ 08690             Advocacy (NYAGRA)
   609/584-8107            609/584-0027 (TTY)                     24 W. 25th St., 9th fl., NYC 10010
   609/584-9750                                                      212/675-3288, ext. 338                                                    212/675-3466                                           
Contact: Pauline Park, Chair. Statewide organization advocates        Free, confidential counseling, advocacy, information for survivors   phone
at local/state levels for freedom of gender identity/expression.      of anti-LGBT violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, HIV/
                                                                      AIDS-related violence. 24-hour English/Spanish hotline.
New York Bankers Group, Inc. (NYBG)
See: Financial Services Industry Exchange                                                                                                    fax
                                                                      New York City Gay Lacrosse Club
New York Blade News                                                   Men’s lacrosse for gays and anyone else who is interested.
c/o HX Media LLC, 248 W. 35th St., 8th fl., NYC 10001
    212/352-3535                                                      New York City Gay Men’s Chorus
    212/352-3596                                                      11 Broadway, Suite 333, NYC 10004                                                     212/344-1777                                                     212/344-1411                                                      web link
Weekly newspaper. Balanced reporting on local/national news              info@nycgmc
affecting NY’s LGBT community.                                 
                                                                      Gay men’s choral group.
New York Buyers’ Club (NYBC)                                                                                                                The
75 Varick St., Suite 1404-DC1707, NYC 10013                           New York City Department of Health & Mental                          Center
    800-650-4983                                                      Hygiene, Office of Lesbian, Gay Bisexual &                            208                                         Transgender Health
Not-for-profit provides low-cost, high-quality dietary supplements,                                                                        West
                                                                      40 Worth St., Box CN/67, NYC 10013
particularly, but not exclusively, for management of HIV disease,        212/676-1500               212/513-7345                            13th
chronic hepatitis and drug side effects. Info and resources on           212/676-1510               212/788-7248                           Street
benefits, limitations, drug interactions and ways to evaluate                                                   New
efficacy of supplements, along with a variety of info on living       LGBT health concerns, HIV prevention, information, referrals.
healthy with chronic disease.                                                                                                               York
                                                                      New York City LGBT Mental Hygiene Issues                               NY
New York City Commission on Human Rights                              Committee—NYC Federation of Mental Health,                           10011
40 Rector St., NYC 10006                                              Mental Hygiene Services
   212/306-7500                                                       NYC Mental Health Federation, Office of Services to Special
   212/306-7530 (public information)                                  Populations, 93 Worth St., Room 803, NYC 10013
   212/306-7450 (Law Enforcement Bureau)                                 212/219-5117
   212/306-7658                                                          212/219-5710
   212/306-7689 (intake, 9th fl.) 212/306-7686 (TDD)                                                              Advises commissioner on issues related to mental hygiene/
                                                                      LGBT community. Contact: Norma Nieves-Blas.
New York City Gay Basketball League (NYCGBL)
c/o OOB, P.O. Box 372,Times Square Station, NYC 10108                 New York City Runaway Youth Hotline                                         See: Runaway Youth Hotline
Maintains athletic environment free of discrimination for
members and friends of LGBT community. Promotes positive              New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU)
values in community and fights to eliminate negative stereotypes      125 Broad St., 19th fl., NYC 10004
associated with LGBT athletics. Beginners welcome. Open to                212/607-3300
men and women.                                                            212/607-3329
New York City Gay Hockey Association                            
(NYCGHA)                                                              Not-for-profit, non-partisan organization with eight chapters
P.O. Box 670, Times Square Station, NYC 10108-0670                    and 50,000 members across NY state. Leading advocates
   212/252-4351                                                       for rights of LGBT New Yorkers works tirelessly to extend                                              constitutionally guaranteed rights to citizens who are victims                                               of hate crimes, discrimination and marginalization.
Provides environment free of harassment/discrimination for
members and friends of LGBT community to play ice hockey              New York Femmes
and fulfill their athletic aspirations.                                   212/388-2736
NewYork City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project                      Femme support group of butch/femme society, primarily for
(AVP)                                                                 self-identified femme lesbians attracted to butch women.
240 W. 35th St., Suite 200, NYC 10001
   212/714-1141 (hotline)          212/714-1184                       New York Gay Pool League (NYGPL)
   212/714-2627                                                         212/496-4585 (24-hour hotline)                                          
Non-profit 8-ball pocket billiard league. Teams sponsored by          Annual LGBT film festival held in Chelsea.                            phone
gay/lesbian bars to build community, friendship. Competitive
play, meet new people, raise money for AIDS charities.                Next Magazine
                                                                      Next Publishing Corp., 121 Varick St., NYC 10013
New York Prime Timers                                                     212/627-0165
formerly Prime Timers New York                                            212/627-0633
   212/699-2613                                                                                                                                       email                                        NY’s most comprehensive, informative guide to gay life in the
Social group for mature gay men and their friends.                    big city.

New York Public Library                                               Ninth Street Center                                                   web link
See: LGBT@NYPL                                                        See: Paul Rosenfels Community

                                                                      NorthEast Two-Spirit Society,The                                         *
New York Ramblers Soccer Club
    914/262-4629                                                      33 Indian Rd., Suite #4N, NYC 10034                                    The                                        646/351-7360 (Harlan Pruden)                                      Center                                                                                       208
Non-profit gay/lesbian club promotes educational/competitive    
soccer for beginners, experienced players, coaches, fans. Annual
international tournament; frequent intra-city competitions.           Info about and for LGBT and two-spirit American Indians of             13th
                                                                      NYC and tri-state area.                                               Street
New York State Black Gay Network                                                                                                             New
103 E. 125th St., Suite 7E, NYC 10035                                 North Fork Women for Women Fund, Inc.
   212/828-9393                                                       P.O. Box 804, Greenport, NY 11944-0924                                 York
   212/828-1661                                                          631/477-8464                                                         NY                                                                                               10011
Statewide coalition of 17 organizations serves black men who   
practice same-sex desire. Member training/TA, policy/social           Not-for-profit. Provides financial and personal support to lesbians
change, community mobilization.                                       on North Fork of LI facing emergency health situations.

New York State Division of Human Rights                               North Jersey Community Research Initiative
See: Human Rights, New York State Division of                         (NJCRI)
                                                                      393 Central Ave., 3rd fl., Newark, NJ 07103
New York University—Office of Lesbian, Gay,                              973/483-3444
Bisexual & Transgender Student Services                                  973/648-0312
Kimmel Center, Suite 602                                       
60 Washington Square South, NYC 10012                          
    212/998-4424                                                      HIV clinical trials and comprehensive HIV-specific social services.
    212/995-4728                                               Nothing But Guys & Guys And Girls                                                       212/462-9009
Works to create campus environments inclusive/supportive of          
student diversity in sexual orientation/gender identification, with   NBG is NYC-based group for HIV+ gay men; GAG is for
clubs, support groups, advice, advocacy, education, social            heterosexual men/women. Friendship, community, support,
programs, events.                                                     informal education on HIV. Safe, nondiscriminatory social setting
                                                                      to address disclosure, drug side effects, mental/emotional toll
Newark Essex Pride Coalition                                          of living with HIV, etc.
    973/941-2104                                        NY LGBT Entrepreneurs                                    
Conglomerate of LGBT organizations in Newark focused on         
promoting education through community programming/social                  NY_LGBT_Entrepreneurs/
activities.                                                           For LGBT people starting a business, dreaming of starting one,
NewFest/New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &                             or already in business to benefit from the experiences of others.
Transgender Film Festival
68 Jay St., Suite 218, Brooklyn 11201                                 NYC Gay Men’s Shamanic Circle
    718/923-1959                                                      Group of male shamanic practitioners, based in New York City                                                 gathers to create sacred space for men who identify as queer,
gay, or men who love men. Performs shamanic journey work              in our common struggle to confront ageism within our own
for the purpose of healing on many levels, including ourselves,       and larger community.                                                 phone
our communities and Mother Earth.
                                                                      On Our Backs Magazine
NYC Lavender Lounge                                                   c/o HAF Publishing
                                                                      3415 Cesar Chavez, Suite 101, SF, CA 94110                              fax                                         415/648-9464
Dating/social, friendship, business events to fulfill personal/          877/999-6627 (subscriptions)
professional needs in the LGBT community.                                415/648-4705                                                        email
NYC lesbians                                 Best of lesbian sex.
All events/resources free. Summer events at the Gay Bay #2,           ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives                                   web link
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY, every Sunday, all summer long.          909 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007
Beaching parties.Shmoozing (interactive). Mailing lists.                 213/741-0094
                                                                         213/741-0220                                                          *
Newsletters of events. Free promo for LGBT arts/business.
NYC Up & Out! Gay Guide Summer & E-Update                                                                      Center
formerly Our Community Calendar, NYC Gay Guide Summer                 Houses world’s largest research library on LGBT heritage/              208
& E-Update                                                            concerns.
245 Eighth Avenue, #333, NYC 10011
   212/929-0249                                                       Orange County Rainbow Alliance                                         13th                                                  845/562-3086                                                       Street                                                                                         New
Publishers of gay guide of events and activities in NYC and           Organization to bring together GLBT population in Orange
                                                                      County, NY. Meets Friday nights in Newburgh.                           York
beyond. In print, on the web and in an e-update.
NYSARC, Inc., New York City Chapter—                                  OrthoDykes of New York                                                10011
PEIR Program                                                              212/539-8804
See: AHRC Sobriety Services PEIR Program                        
                                                                      Lesbian/bisexual/transgender women who identify or have
                                                                      identified with Orthodox Judaism. Discussion, socializing, support.

O                                                                     Meets 2nd Wed, 8 pm, at the Center.* Strictly confidential.

                                                                      Our Community Calendar, NYC Gay Guide
                                                                      Summer & E-Update: NYC Up & Out!
                                                                      See: NYC Up & Out
The Oasis
Commissioner Chair—John Simonelli                                     Our Youth
31 Mulberry St., Newark, NJ 07102                                     Center: 155 North St., Jersey City, NJ 07307                                             Mailing Address: 133 North St., Jersey City, NJ 07307                                     201/920-0253
Suppor ts NJ LGBT persons/families/friends seeking                       201/839-5869
(re)connection with inner life. Christian-based, affirms all paths,
sensitive to alienation from spiritual roots/church. Episcopal        Non-profit organization helps GLBT youth in tri-state area with
Church-sponsored.                                                     home, work, school, coming out. Offers free HIV testing as
                                                                      well as home-cooked meals at bi-weekly support group.
O’Donnell, Daniel J., New York State
Assemblymember                                                        Out & Equal Workplace Advocates—Metro NY
245 W. 104th St., NYC 10025                                               212/745-2505
First openly gay man elected to NYS Assembly, serving 69th            Contact: Joseph Bertolotti. NY regional affiliate of national non-
district.                                                             profit headquartered in San Francisco. Champions safe, equitable
                                                                      workplaces for LGBT people, advocates building/strengthening
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC)                             successful organizations that value all employees, customers,
   212/535-9633 (Myra)                                                communities.                                                       Out in New Jersey
National organization committed to empowering old lesbians            743 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, NJ 08629
   609/213-9310                                                        Out Professionals
   609/599-2304                                                        332 Bleecker St. (PMB G-16), NYC 10014-2980                         phone                                                                              
LGBT community website portal and bi-monthly print magazine.           Nation’s leading and social business networking organization
                                                                       for gay men and lesbians. Presents year-round events focused
Out of Bounds NYC                                                      on career, culture and community and lets member connect
P.O. Box 372, Times Square Station, NYC 10108-0372                     through active online community.                                                                                                                      email                                                     OUTCAST Productions
Non-profit tax-exempt organization that supports and promotes          38-11 Ditmars Blvd., Suite 234, Astoria, NY 11105
local sports and recreational organizations with interests in             718/728-4794
LGBT community of greater NYC area.                                    Music distribution for lesbian/gay musicians/women in rock.         web link

Out of the Closet Foundation, Inc.                                     OutClass—Lesbian & Gay Business Association
P.O. Box 20084, Cherokee Station, NYC 10075                                                                                                   *
                                                                       at NYU’s Stern College                                                    212/998-0739                                                     The                                                                                  Center
Edward Maloney, Executive Director. Charitable, non-profit                                    208
foundation transforms cash contributions, donations of                 Professional network of full-/part-time lesbian/gay students/
merchandise/property bequests into annual grants to AIDS                                                                                   West
                                                                       alumni sponsors lectures, networking events, discussion groups.
service groups. Administers OOTC Thrift Shop (see website).            Fosters awareness of lesbians/gays in the workplace.                 13th
Out of the Closet Thrift Shop, Inc.                                    OUTdancing                                                           New                                                Stepping Out Studios, 37 W. 26th St., 9th fl., NYC 10010                                                                                                                   York
First and only fundraising thrift shop for many AIDS groups has                                   NY
gone virtual! Still sells tax-deductible donations of art, antiques,                                      10011
other items of distinction. All profits distributed as grants.         LGBT partner dancing: salsa, swing, two-step, tango, waltz, fox
                                                                       trot, hustle, more.
WBAI 99.5 (Pacifica Foundation)                                        OUTfront—Amnesty International USA
120 Wall St., 10th fl., NYC 10005                                      See: Amnesty International USA
   212/747-1698                                                        Outgoing Women                                                                                               Social activities for lesbians in Westchester County, NY and tri-
Progressive LGBT politics, culture, news. Mondays at 11 am.            state areas.

OUT FUND                                                               OUTlaw
c/o The Funding Exchange, 666 Broadway, Suite 500, NYC                 Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, 55 Fifth Ave., NYC 10003
10012                                                                     212/790-0241/69
    212/982-9272                                                                                                        cardozo.asp
Supports progressive activism for social change in LGBTQI rights
movement. Currently suspended , not accepting applications.            OUTmedia
                                                                       285 Fifth Ave., Suite 446, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Out Laws of Brooklyn Law School                                            718/789-1776
See: Brooklyn Law Schol OUTlaws                                            718/789-8007
Out Magazine/LPI media                                           
245 W. 17th St., Suite 1200, NYC 10011                                 Promotes queer visibility through arts in community/culture,
    212/242-8100                                                       using TV, film and live performances.
    800/792-2760 (customer service)
    212/242-1344                                                       Outmusic                                        P.O. Box 376, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113-9197                                                           212/330-9197 (info/calendar of events)
Monthly lifestyle magazine of interest to gay men. Covers style,
fashion, design, pop culture trends.                            
                                                                       Opportunities for LGBT composers, lyricists, performers.
OutPOCPAC (Out People of Color Political                              Meets 3rd Tuesdays, 8–9:30 pm (newcomers, 7:30 pm), at
Action Committee)                                                     Temple Beth Or, 56 Ridgewood Rd., Washington Township, NJ.           phone
351 W. 114th St. Suite #4A-4B, NYC 10026
   917/804-9579                                                       Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays                                                 (PFLAG)/Long Island
                                                                      P.O. Box 369, Deer Park, NY 11729-0369                                 fax
NYC-based non-partisan, political club of LGBT and two-spirited           516/938-8913
people of color.                                                
Overeaters Anonymous/Metro Intergroup                                 Promotes health/well-being of GLBT persons and their families
P.O. Box 1235, Madison Square Station, NYC 10159                      through monthly support groups, education and advocacy.
    212/946-4599                                                  Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays                       web link                                                     of New York City (PFLAG NYC)
Call for meeting information.                                         119 W. 24th St., 2nd fl., NYC 10011
                                                                         212/463-0629 (helpline)            646/240-4288 (office)

                                                                      Supports parents/families to better understand LGBT children.
                                                                      Speakers bureau addresses schools, businesses, other
                                                                      community organizations on LGBT issues/equality. Volunteers           13th
                                                                      welcome.                                                             Street
Pagnoni, Laurence A., & Associates (LAPA)                                                                                                   New
                                                                      Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
549 W. 123rd St., Suite 18H, NYC 10027                                (PFLAG)/North Jersey                                                  York
   212/868-4800                                                       P.O. Box 4585, Wayne, NJ 07470                                         NY
   212/868-4808                                                          973/267-8414                                                      10011                                                                         
Provides management/fundraising services to support work of           Support/education/political action for parents of gays/lesbians.
LGBT organizations, AIDS service organizations, non-profits           Group for teens to explore identity in safe place. Guest speakers.
working to empower disenfranchised and under-served.
                                                                      Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
Palladia, Inc.                                                        (PFLAG)/Queens
formerly Project Return Foundation, Inc.                              P.O Box 750212, Forest Hills, NY 11375
10 Astor Pl., NYC 10003                                                  718/271-6663 (hotline)
    800-427-6700                                                      Meets 3rd Sundays at Reform Temple of Forest Hills, 71-11                                              112th St., Queens.
Offers continuum of care to men/women recovering from                 Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, trauma. Outpatient           (PFLAG)/Staten Island
and residential programs providing domestic violence treatment,       c/o Staten Island LGBT Center, 25 Victory Blvd., 3rd fl.,
HIV/AIDS services, primary healthcare, alternative criminal justice   Staten Island, NY 10301
rehabilitation, vocational training and placement, mental health          212/463-0629 (helpline)
treatment and supportive permanent housing services.                      718/987-6747
Pam’s House Blend                                                                                                                                         Provides encouragement/support on issues raised when a loved
Blog about LGBT community, civility, friendly debate, issues,         one comes out. Meets 4th Mondays, 25 Victory Blvd., 3rd fl..
news from progressive perspective.
                                                                      Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays                        (PFLAG)/Westchester, NY
(PFLAG)/Bergen County, NJ                                             c/o The Loft, 252 Bryant Ave., White Plains, NY 10605
P.O. Box 1330, Ridgewood, NJ 07450                                       914/245-8236 (English)
   201/287-0318 (helpline)                                               914/967-9429 (Spanish)                                                                                 
Support group for parents, families and friends of LGBT persons.   dissatisfied with gay life as it is. Discussion and chat groups;
                                                                   resources on psychological polarity apart from gender.             phone
Park Avenue Christian Church
1010 Park Ave. (at 85th St.), NYC 10028                            People with AIDS Health Group
    212/288-3246                                                   See: Aids Info NYC
    212/288-7602                                                                                                                        fax                                        People of Color in Crisis, Inc.                                    250 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217
Progressive Protestant congregation affirms full participation        718/230-0770                                                     email
of LGBT persons.                                                      718/857-5800
Park Slope Geriatric Day Center                             
199 14th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215                                                                                                      web link
    718/499-7701                                                   Personal Liberty Fund of the New Jersey Lesbian
    718/768-2119                                                   & Gay Coalition                                                                                                                      *
                                                                   P.O. Box 11335, New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1335                                                      732/828-6772                                                    The
Non-profit organization provides free services for LGBTQ               732/299-5002                                                   Center
caregivers of older adults (age 60+): individual counseling,                                                   208
support, educational trainings, more. Non-LGBTQ-identified   
caregivers welcome, too. Also, two culturally competent social                                                                        West
                                                                   501(c)3 non-profit fights discrimination by helping NJ LGBTs
model Adult Day Services Centers for elders with physical          through education, legal reform, community outreach, services.      13th
limitations/Alzheimer’s/related dementias.                                                                                            Street
                                                                   Peter Cicchino Youth Project of the Urban                           New
Park Slope United Methodist Church                                 Justice Center
Sixth Ave. and 8th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215                                                                                             York
                                                                   123 William St., 16th fl., NYC 10038
    718/768-3093                                                      646/602-5633/6            877/LGBT-LAW (toll-free)                NY                                         212/533-4598                                                    10011                                    
All unite as loving community in covenant with God/Creation,
summoned by faith in Jesus Christ, commit ourselves to             Free legal services for LGBT/questioning youth ages 11–24.
humanization of urban life and physical/spiritual growth.
                                                                   Philadelphia Gay News (PGN)
Passport Magazine
                                                                   505 S. Fourth St., Philadelphia, PA 19147-1506
243 W. 30th St., NYC 10001
                                                                   Member, Associated Press, National Gay Newspaper Guild,
Gay travel magazine.
                                                                   Pennsylvania Newspaper Association.
Paterson, David A., New York State Governor                        Philosophy Forum
State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224                                    c/o Frederick Rabenstein, 60 W. 13th St. (3D), NYC 10011
   518/474-8390                                                       212/675-8243                         
                                                                   Examine teachings of great thinkers, past and present, East
Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media                            and West. Meets 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 3–5 pm, at the
c/o Funding Exchange, 666 Broadway, Suite 500, NYC                 Center.*
   212/529-5300                                                    Point Foundation, The
   212/982-9272                                                    2753 Broadway, Suite 317, NYC 10025                                                     866/33-POINT                                              
Awards grants to media artists whose work reflects/comments        US’s largest scholarship-granting organization for LGBT students
on contemporary social issues. Currently suspended, not            of merit. Financial support, leadership training, mentoring for
accepting applications.                                            those marginalized by sexual orientation, gender identity/
Paul Rosenfels Community
formerly Ninth Street Center                                       Police Department, City of New York (NYPD)
   718/473-0702                                                    See also: Hate Crime Task Force                                               Office of Chief of Community Affairs Bureau, 34-1/2 E.
Download texts of gay liberation from website. Men/women           12th St., NYC 10003
   212/614-6748                                                          212/371-6230
   212/614-6746                                                          212/308-0137                                                        phone                                                          
Detective Thomas Verni, Citywide GLBT Community Liaison.             LGBT labor organization affiliated with AFL-CIO. Educates
                                                                     community on benefits of union membership for LGBT workers,
Polyamorous NYC                                                      builds support for labor movement. Call for meeting schedule.
    212/543-9494                                                Pride for Youth                                                          email                                                 2050 Bellmore Ave., Bellmore, NY 11710
Designed to support a community of people who share an                   516/679-1111 (24-hour crisis hotline)
interest in long-term, romantically committed, multiple-partner          516/679-9000 (business)
relationships.                                                           516/679-3610                                                        web link
Poughkeepsie GALA (Gay & Lesbian Association)                  
                                                                     Service and advocate for GLBT youth.Variety of services including          *
  845/431-6756 (infoline)
  845/298-3275                                                       Friday night coffee house, counseling, support groups, young             The                                              men’s program, community education, youth leadership                    Center
Meets Tuesdays, 7:30 pm, in Poughkeepsie.                            opportunities.                                                           208
Poz Magazine                                                         Pride@SBU                                                               West
c/o Smart & Strong, 500 5th Ave., Suite 320, NYC, 10110                                                  13th
   212/242-2163                                                                                     Street
                                                                                                                                              New                                                       LGBT faculty, staff and almuni network at Stonybrook University.
Chronicles the HIV epidemic, both in the US and overseas.                                                                                     York
                                                                     Prime Timers, New York                                                    NY
Presbyterian Welcome                                                 See: New York Prime Timers                                              10011
(formerly More Light Presbyterians for Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexuals & Transgender Concerns)                                    Princeton University, LGBT Center of
c/o Rutgers Presbyterian Church, 2095 Broadway, NYC                  246 Frist Campus Center, Princeton University, Princeton,
10023-2701                                                           NJ 08544
    917/441-8638                                                         609/258-1353
    212/721-9154                                                         609/258-9969                                                                                                      Works to create safe, supportive academic environment through
Dedicated to full membership/participation of LGBT folks in          educational opportunities and meeting needs/concerns of LGBT
Presbyterian church (USA) through advocacy, education, pastoral      students, faculty, staff.
                                                                     Project Achieve
Pride Center of New Jersey, The                                      853 Broadway, Suite 1111, NYC 10003
321 Raritan Ave., Highland Park, NJ 08904-2701                           212/388-0008
   732/846-2232                                                          212/475-5208                                                                               
LGBT community center. Statewide infoline, library, social events,   Conducts clinical research studies of preventive HIV vaccines/
25 groups/organizations. HIV counseling/testing, youth services,     behavioral interventions.
family group, UFC church, Overeaters’ Anonymous, educational
                                                                     Project Inform: HIV Treatment Information
programs, community outgroups, women’s coffeehouse, open
mic nights, other activities.
                                                                     1375 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103
                                                                         415/558-8669 (administration )
PRIDE* Democrats
*Pride Rainbow Independent Democrats Etc.
                                                                         Hotline: 800-822-7422 (Mon–Fri, 10 am–4 pm PST)
                                                                     Martin Delaney, Founder; Dana Van Gorder, Executive Director.
Citywide LGBT political club.
                                                                     Fights for HIV/AIDS cure by advancing national research agenda
                                                                     to generate optimal treatments, securing expanded access to
Pride at Work (AFL-CIO)
                                                                     quality healthcare for low-income individuals. Provides free reliable
c/o 101 3rd Ave., #300, NYC 10021(Attn: Jack Rojas)
information on living with HIV disease. Donations encouraged.          718/883-2750 (outpatient services)
                                                                       718/883-6185                                                      phone
Project Smart                                                          718/883-2730, 40 (detoxification unit)
1775 Broadway, Suite 1404, NYC 10019                                Detoxification/outpatient chemical dependency treatment. LGBT-
    212/974-0569                                                    sensitive. Clinic and Rehabilitation Program, Geriatric Program.                                                                                                               fax                                         Queens Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee, Inc.
Research-based treatment program developed by NY State              P.O. Box 720464, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University’s College of             718/228-7599                                                       email
Physicians and Surgeons. Funded by National Institute for              718/558-0622
Health’s National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to
study ways to improve treatment for gay/bisexual men         
experiencing problems with alcohol, or just considering reducing    Queens’ largest LGBT organization puts on annual Queens              web link
their drinking.                                                     LGBT Pride Parade and Festival on first Sunday in June.

Publishing Triangle, The: Association of Lesbians                   Queens Pride House (DBA)                                                *
& Gay Men in Publishing                                             c/o Queens Lesbian & Gay Community Center, 76-11 37th                 The
332 Bleecker St., #D-36, NYC 10014                                  Ave., Suite 206, Jackson Heights, NY 11372                           Center                                     Mail: P.O. Box 770834, Woodside, NY 11377
                                                                                                                                          208                                          718/429-5309
Lesbian/gay writers/editors/booksellers advancing lesbian/gay           718/429-5013                                                     West
writing and reading.                                                                                   13th
Puerto Rican Initiative to Develop Empowerment                      Community center/gathering place for LGBTQ people. Resource
(PRIDE)                                                             referral program provides info/referrals to LGBT-sensitive
c/o GMHC, 119 W. 24th St., 8th fl., NYC 10011                       providers in Queens, support groups, socials, space rental, 1,500-    York
   212/367-1466                                                     book/video library.                                                    NY                                                                                                                   10011                                                  Queer Arts Resource (QAR)
Contact: Luis A. Robles. Non-profit co-gender group of LGBT   
people of Puerto Rican heritage. Promotes awareness/pride in        Expands range/depth of knowledge about contemporary/
ethnic/sexual identities. Outreach, advocacy, community             historical queer art. Produced over 50 exhibitions since 1996
organizing, collaboration with other CBOs, PRIDE Awards.            suggesting range, depth, importance of queer artistic expression.

                                                                    Queer Black Cinema

Q                                                                   P.O. Box 975, NYC 10113
                                                                    NY’s first and only black LGBT and queer monthly film series.

Q-Wave                                                              Queer Justice League                                                     973/412-7743 (Joey Nelson)                                            
Dedicated to strengthening voices of lesbian/bisexual/queer   
women/transgender/gender-variant people of Asian descent.           Dedicated to challenging oppression in all forms through
Builds supportive, progressive community by promoting visibility/   community empowerment, education, advocacy, outreach;
empowerment through social/political/educational organizing.        coalition-building, direct action. All gender/sexual identities
                                                                    working to build more just world that accepts/celebrates
Queens College Gay, Lesbian & Straight Alliance                     difference. Opposes any actions/policies challenging that vision.
formerly Gay, Lesbian & Straight Alliance (GLASA)                   Queer Montclair
65-30 Kissena Blvd., Rm. LL30, Flushing, NY 11367                   P.O. Box 1974, Bloomfield, NJ 07003
   718/997-3983                                                        862/823-1767                                                                      
Social/political.Weekly discussion group.                           Mission to serve as electronic focal point and information
                                                                    exchange for Montclair’s LGBT community.
Queens Hospital Center–Chemical Dependency
Services                                                            Queer Pratt Student Activities
82-68 164th St., T Building, Rm. 1A9, Jamaica, NY 11432             Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205

   718/636-3457                                                                                                                           phone

Queer Ramblings Magazine
    347/721-913                                                                                                                 fax
For queer women, trans folks and the gay men we love.                 Radical Faeries
Queer Resources Directory                                                          email                                                                                                         Eclectic, leaderless, creative, all ages, genders, sizes, shapes,
Website containing 25488 files about everything queer, with           colors, mostly men. Strives to create community in city and on
mirrors all over the world.                                           rural land we own. Frequently outrageous/irreverent.                web link

Queer Union at New York University                                    Radical Magick
60 Washington Square South, 7th fl., NYC 10012                                                                                               *
                                                                      P.O. Box 210, Cooper Station, NYC 10276
    212/998-4938                                                          212/505-0426                                                     The                                                                             Center                                                            208
Nation’s second oldest LGBT/queer campus group provides               Eva Yaa Asantewaa offers presentations and trainings tailored
social, cultural, political, educational opportunities for NYU LGBT                                                                       West
                                                                      for LGBT groups/organizations, as well as expert counseling,
communities, increases visibility, promotes awareness.                coaching, mentorship using metaphysics, psychic techniques,          13th
                                                                      Tarot, meditation, other transformational, creative modalities.     Street
Queers for Economic Justice (QEJ)                                     Lesbian/queer-friendly, but all welcome.                             New
16 W. 32nd St., #10H, NYC 10001
    212/564-3608                                                      Radical Women                                                        York
    212/564-0590                                                      Freedom Hall, 113 W. 128th St., NYC 10027                             NY                                                      212/222-0633                                                     10011                                                         212/222-0839
Progressive non-profit organization committed to challenging   
system that creates poverty and economic injustice.            
                                                                      Multi-racial socialist feminists building women’s leadership to
Queers United                                                         win total human liberation.                                      Rainbow Alliance of Westchester
Activist blog for uniting LGBTQ, asexual and intersexual              P.O. Box 609, White Plains, NY 10603
community with action alerts to fight for political success.              914/517-1345
Queerty                                                                                                           Committed to providing LGBT community with safe, nurturing,                                                    respectful environment that celebrates our cultures. Support,
Popular gay blog.                                                     social/educational services, dances, artists groups, meditation
                                                                      group, dance lessons, more.
Qwik Dates
   212/971-1084                                                       Rainbow Animal Action                                                    212/989-8549                                            
Speed dating events for gay men.                                
                                                                      Helps save lives of domestic and non-domestic animals through
Quinn, Christine C., New York City Council                            advocacy, education, fundraisers, petition parties, fostering,
Speaker                                                               transport, hands-on help. Creates clearinghouse of information
City Hall, NYC 10007                                                  on website related to all animal issues, including rescue groups.
    212/788-7207                                                      Rainbow Families of Staten Island                                           c/o Staten Island LGBT Center, 25 Victory Blvd., 3rd fl.,                                               Staten Island, NY 10301
City legislative body.                                                   718/808-1360               718/808-1351
                                                                      Fun/support for LGBT parents/children (infants–teens). Kids
play/hang out while parents discuss issues. Co-sponsored by          Ramapo Pride
Staten Island Children’s Museum. Meets 3rd Sundays at                505 Ramapo Valley Rd., Mahwah, NJ 07430-1608                          phone
museum at Snug Harbor.                                                  201/684-7468
Rainbow & Friends                                                    Ramapo College’s gay/straight alliance.
c/o Staten Island LGBT Center, 25 Victory Blvd., 3rd fl.,                                                                                    fax
Staten Island, NY 10301                                              Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund
   718/808-1360                 718/808-1351                         P.O. Box 211, NYC 10037-9998
   718/808-1397                                                          206/203-1335                                                       email                                                                                   
Special interest AA meeting for LGBT community, Thursdays,           Aims to establish sustainable tribute that promotes critical
7–8 pm. For AA members only.                                         thought about impact of violence and intolerance, particularly        web link
                                                                     on queer communities of African descent. Seeks to empower
Rainbow Heights Club                                                 future generations of activists and scholars by providing financial
25 Flatbush Ave., 3rd fl., Brooklyn, NY 11217                        support and mentoring opportunities.                                     *
    718/852-2584                                                                                                                            The
    718/852-5214                                                     Realization Center, Inc.                                              Center                               19 Union Square West, 7th fl., NYC 10003-3304                          208                                               212/627-9600
Innovative, affirming, effective advocacy/support services for           212/627-4040                                                      West
LGBT persons living with mental illness. Employment and housing                                           13th
advocacy, support groups, cooking classes, computer classes,                                         Street
art and writing workshops, and more.                                 Comprehensive outpatient chemical dependency program.                  New
                                                                     Individual/group/family therapy for those in trouble with
Rainbow Metta                                                        substances, relationships, selves. Treats all addictions, including    York
P.O. Box 609, White Plains, NY 10603-0609                            crystal meth. Serves LGBT clients in safe, confidential setting.        NY
    914/517-1345                                                     Medicaid, insurance, self-pay.                                        10011                                               Right Rides
Classes, sittings and discussions in Insight Meditation with focus   26 Court St., Suite 505, Brooklyn, NY 11242
on applying meditation skills to living everyday life with ease,         718/522-0822 (office)
integrity and well-being. Presented with reference to traditional        718/964-7781 or 888/215-SAFE (dispatch)
Buddhist teachings. Programs designed for those interested in  
meditation practice within LGBT-centered community.            
                                                                     Organizes volunteers to operate a fleet of up to 6 cars donated
Rainbow Project at the Manhattan Addiction                           by Zipcar. Driving Teams can only drive women, transpeople
Treatment Center                                                     and gender queer individuals home. Builds safer communities
600 E. 125th St., Wards Island, NY 10035                             by ending gender-based harassment and sexual assault through
   646/672-6140                                                      community organizing and offering direct service, safety
   646/672-6670                                                      education and advocacy programs.
28-day rehab run by NY state for individuals with substance          Rockland County LINK
abuse issues.                                                        P.O. Box 703, Suffern, NY 10901
                                                                         845/364-LINK (5465)
Rainbow Wedding Network Magazine                               
P.O. Box 17596, Asheville, NC 28816                            
   866/251-1564                                                      Only lesbian organization in Rockland has mission to provide                                     activities of kinship, mutual support, sisterhood for lesbians.
LGBT wedding magazine.                                               Membership includes newsletter and email notification of events.

Rainbowdee’s Coming Events Newsletter                                Rodney Kirk Center,The                                           400 W. 43rd St., NYC 10036
Lists plays, dances, events for lesbians in tri-state area.Weekly        212/971-0660
newsletter arrives via BCC e-mail to help readers plan recreation/       212/563-2234
relaxation in company of other lesbians; support lesbian and         Information/referral services for residents of Manhattan Plaza.
LGBT events/entertainment beyond bar scene. Also, info on
workshops, training, support groups. Monthly update of yearly        Runaway Hotline/Long Island
calendar sent for event planners/groups to avoid scheduling          2740 Martin Ave., Bellmore, NY 11710
conflicts. No charge for newsletter or to post events (send info        516/679-1111 (24 hours/7 days)
in MS Word format). Strictly confidential list is never shared.      Resource for runaway/homeless/abused youth to get counseling,
housing, case management, etc.                                             212/366-1947
Rutgers Gay & Lesbian Alumni/ae (GALA)                           
    908/246-8325                                                        Counseling, case management, drop-in center, women’s events,
For gay/lesbian/bisexual alumni/ae.                                     outreach, education, advocacy for LGBT seniors. Programs for
                                                                        women, HIV+, homebound, caregivers.

                                                                        St. Ann’s Church of Morrisania Gay & Lesbian

S                                                                       Ministry
                                                                        295 St. Ann’s Avenue, Bronx, NY 10454
                                                                           718/585-6325 (Robert L. Buel)
                                                                        Supportive ministry.

                                                                                                                                              web link
Safe Horizon/Domestic Violence Shelter Programs                         St. John’s University Gay & Lesbian Law
2 Lafayette St. 3rd fl., NYC 10007                                      Association (GALLA)
                                                                        516 W. 126th St., NYC 10027                                              *
   24-hour hotlines:
   800/621-HOPE (domestic violence)                                                                            The
   800/577-7777 (crime victims)                                                       Center
   212/227-3000 (rape/sexual assault)                                      journals/galla/                                                     208                                             Educational programs on legal issues that affect LGBT persons.
                                                                        Contributes to building safe, tolerant society that offers LGBT       West
Phone counseling, info, referral to City services, advocacy, support.   persons equal protection under the law.                                13th
Safe Space                                                              St. Mary’s Center, Inc.
The Staten Island LGBT Center, 25 Victory Blvd., 3rd fl.,               516 W. 126th St., NYC 10027
                                                                            212/662-1826                                                       York
Staten Island, NY 10301
    718/808-1360                718/808-1351                                646/619-6268                                                        NY
    718/808-1397                                                        Skilled nursing. Adult day services for people with AIDS/HIV.         10011                                                St. Vincent’s Hospital Rape Crisis Program
Two ongoing support groups weekly for LGBT teens 13-17.                 41-51 East 11th St., 9th fl., NYC 10003
Explore/address questions about sexual orientation, gender                  212/604-8068
identity/expression, coming out to family/friends, other topics             212/604-8842
relevant to healthy development, in setting that is both welcoming
and caring. All services free, but participants must be interviewed     Short-term individual/group counseling for victims of sexual
by group facilitator, an LCSW.                                          assault, abuse, incest and/or childhood sexual abuse. Professional
                                                                        consultation, community education, referral. LGBTQ friendly.
Safe Space Drop-in Center
24 W. 30th St., 2nd fl., NYC 10001                                      St. Vincent’s Midtown Hospital
   212/481-8062                                                         See:The Spellman Center
   212/683-2596                                            Sts. Sergius & Bacchus CACINA Catholic Parish                                                 97-05 101st Ave., Ozone Park, NY 11416
Case management, counseling, referrals, food, internet access,               718/641-5925              718/205-6605
educational services, job skills training for youth 13-18. Drop-in 
hours, Monday–Friday,1-7 pm.                                       
                                                                        Sunday Mass, 11 am. Common sense Catholic community
SAGE/Queens                                                             welcomes all who are pushed away, rejected, alienated because
74-09 37th Ave., #409, Jackson Heights, NY 11372                        of life situations beyond their control. Sacramental community
    718/533-6459                                                        in Catholic tradition (Catholic Apostolic Church in North America).
    718/899-7451                                                        Clergy available for weddings, holy unions, counseling, etc.                                        Samaritans of New York, The
Serves LGBT adults, 55+. Open 5 days a week. Monthly                    P.O. Box 1259, Madison Square Station, NYC 10159
Saturday socials, men-only group, Spanish-speakers group,                  212/673-3000 (hotline)
walking/dining clubs, casework assistance, classes, discussions, 
lectures, trips.                                                        24-hour non-religious suicide prevention hotline offers emotional
                                                                        support.Technical assistance for service providers and support
SAGE: Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders                               groups for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.
305 Seventh Ave., 16th fl., NYC 10001-6008
   212/741-2247                                                         Samuel Field Y
58-20 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362                      National non-profit legal services, watchdog, policy organization
   718/225-6750                                                       dedicated to ending discrimination against, and harassment of,        phone
   718/423-8276                                                       military personnel affected by “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and                                                        related forms of intolerance.
GALA group—social activities for gay/lesbian adults over 50.          Seventh Day Adventist Kinship/NY Chapter
                                                                      95 W. 95th St., #21F, NYC 10025
Sanctuary for Families                                                   212/662-8656
P.O. Box 1406, Wall Street Station, NYC 10268                                                                    email
    212/349-6810                                                      Lesbian/gay religious support group for present/former Seventh                                                 Day Adventists and friends.                                                                                                            web link
Individual counseling, legal services for LGBT victims of domestic    Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)
violence.                                                             P.O. Box 1753, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113
                                                                          212/439-1123 (national info & phone line)                            *
SATTI Group: Sexual Addiction, Sexual Abuse &                             800/977-HEAL (977-4325) (outside NYC)                              The
Sexual Aggression Treatment & Training Institutes                         212/518-8889 (Joseph D.–literature orders)                        Center
1 Patchin Place, NYC 10011                                       (literature orders)                               208
   212/366-1490                                                  (meeting list changes)
   212/675-9812                                                                                          West                                                                         13th
Treats sexual addiction, particularly those addicted to both sex      Fellowship of men/women who share experience, strength, hope          Street
and drugs (crystal meth/cocaine). Trains other professionals.         of solving their common problem, help others recover from              New
                                                                      sexual compulsion, stay sexually sober. Only membership
Schumer, Charles E., U.S. Senator                                     requirement is desire to stop having compulsive sex. No dues/          York
757 Third Avenue, Suite 17-02, NYC 10017                              fees; self-supporting through contributions. Not allied with any        NY
   212/486-4430           212/486-7803 (TDD)                          sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; no wish    10011
   212/486-7693                                                       to engage in controversy; endorses or opposes no causes.
                                                                      Sexuality Information & Education Council of the
Scouting for All                                                      United States (SIECUS)
P.O. Box 600481, San Diego, CA 92120                                  90 John St., Suite 704, NYC 10038
    619/229-1612                                                          212/819-9770                                               212/819-9776                                      
501c reaches out to GLBTQ youth to get Boy Scouts of America    
to rescind policy of discrimination against gay/atheist youth         Info/education resources on sexuality.Annotated bibliographies
and adults.                                                           on sexuality issues. Bi-monthly journal, newsletter, referrals.

Scrabblers                                                            Shades of Lavender
     212/362-5889                                                     260 Broadway, 4th fl., Brooklyn, NY 11211
All levels of LGBT Scrabble players. Bring boards. Play in English,      718/388-0028, ext. 110/111
Spanish, French, Italian. 2nd/4th Mondays, 8–10:45 pm, at                718/388-0896
the Center.*                                                   
Serendipity Women                                                     LGBT division of Brooklyn AIDS Task Force, for lesbians/bisexual/
    212/479-7886 (voicemail)                                          questioning women/youth. Education, info, groups, activities daily.
    347/806-0130 (Donna)
    718/241-2545                                                      Shades of Poly (SOP)                                        718/404-3906, ext. 5522              212/479-7886
Support group for lesbian, bisexual, same-gender-loving women   
of color over 50.Topics may vary. Call for meeting time/place.        Contact: Ingrid Rivera. Social/support group for women of color
                                                                      who explore polyamorous relationships. Topics include triad
Servicemembers Legal Defense Network                                  relationships, polyfidelity, etc.
P.O. Box 65301,Washington, DC 20035-5301
   202/328-3244                                                       SHARE: Self-Help for Women with Breast or
   202/797-1635                                                       Ovarian Cancer                                                      1501 Broadway, Suite 704A, NYC 10036                                                          212/719-0364        866/891-2392 (toll-free)
    212/869-3431                                                    with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
    Hotlines:                                                                                                                             phone
    212/382-2111 (breast)                                           Society of Lesbian & Gay Anthropologists
    212/719-1204 (ovarian)                                          (SOLGA)
    866/537-4273 (statewide ovarian–toll-free)                
    212/719-4454 (Spanish)                                      Promotes communication, encourages research, develops
Alice Yaker, Executive Director. For women, families, friends       teaching materials, serves interests of gay/lesbian anthropologists
affected by breast/ovarian cancer. Free hotlines, support groups,   in the association.                                                    email
educational programs in English/Spanish. Calendar of events,
advocacy activities.                                                Sophisticated/Aggressive Gents
                                                                        212/479-7886 (Donna)
She Magazine                                                            646/330-8641 (Paris)                                              web link
6511 Nova Dr., #173, Davie, FL 33317                                   sophisticated
   954/474-0183                                                     Social/support group for women who identify as butch, bois,
   954/474-1641                                                     AGs, studs, daddis, gents. Meets 3rd Tuesdays, 6–8 pm.                   *                                                                                                                         The                                                   Soulforce NYC                                                         Center
Lesbian lifestyle magazine.                                         c/o Andrew Brewer, 50 E. 4th St., New York 10003                       208
Sirens Motorcycle Club NYC                                                                                  West
c/o the Center*                                                     Organization committed to ending the spiritual violence caused         13th
     212/749-6177                                                   by anti-LGBT religious policies and teachings.                        Street
                                                                                                                                           New                                               South Beach Psychiatric Center—Heights Hill
NYC’s leading women’s motorcycle club. Emphasizes safety,           Mental Health Service                                                  York
solidarity, support, friendship. Meets 3rd Tuesdays at 8 pm.        25 Flatbush Ave. 3rd fl., Brooklyn, NY 11217                            NY
                                                                       718/875-1420                                                       10011
Sistahs in Search of Truth, Alliance & Harmony                         718/875-5496
(SiSTAH)                                                            LGBT-affirmative program for those with major mental illness.
formerly Bisexual Womyn of Colour                                   Outpatient program/inpatient referrals.
    212/479-7886 (24-hour hotline)
    718/241-2545                                                    South Brooklyn Legal Services HIV Project                                              105 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
Addresses cultural, spiritual, social, economic, supportive needs      718/237-5546
of bisexual, lesbian, same-gender-loving women of color and            718/855-4189
families/friends. Meets 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th Fridays, 6–8 pm, at
the Center.*                                                        Provides legal advocacy and info in civil cases to low-income
                                                                    people in southern and western Brooklyn.
Sistahs 20-Something
    212/479-7886 (24-hour hotline)                                  Spanish Language Club, The
   718/241-2545                                                         212/772-3511                              
Support/social/cultural/empowerment group for lesbian, bisexual,    Don Ventura, Language Instructor/Coordinator. Upgrade ability
same-gender-loving and questioning women of color, age 20-          to speak, read, write. Roundtable discussion, occasional readings,
29. Meets 3rd Saturdays, 3-5 pm, at the Center.*                    social events. No English. Open to everyone, natives included.
                                                                    Meets 1st and 3rd Mondays, 6–8 pm, at the Center.*
Sisters of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA)
     646/578-9004                                                   Spartan Brotherhood                                                  P.O. Box 656513, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365-6513
Outreach social/cultural/networking for LGBT, transsexual, two-        718/357-7075
spirit, women-loving women of Caribbean ancestry, partners,  
families, friends.                                                  Non-profit fraternal brotherhood; members worldwide. Events
                                                                    scheduled by age, class, specialized interest. All men welcome.
SMART (Fund for the City of New York)
306-308 W. 38 St., 6th fl., NYC 10018                               Squadron, Daniel, New York State Senator
   212/564.3282                                                     401 Broadway, Suite 1901, NYC 10013
   212/564.4365                                                        212/298-5565                                                   212/298-5574                                   
Treatment, education, support for women and teenagers living 
Staten Island AIDS Task Force, Inc.                                       212/367-1155
See: Community Health Action of Staten Island                             212/367-1157                                                        phone
Staten Island LGBT Center,The                                   
formerly LGBT Health & Wellness Center                                 Public charity for LGBT NY. Grantmaking/technical assistance.
The Staten Island LGBT Center, 25 Victory Blvd., 3rd fl.,                                                                                       fax
                                                                       Supports LGBT organizations, helps donors realize philanthropic
Staten Island, NY 10301                                                goals. Student scholarships.
    718/808-1360              718/808-1351
    718/808-1397                                                       Stonewall Democratic Club                                               email                                                   P.O. Box 514, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10113                                                   212/330-6572
Provides LGBT individuals/families with direct local access to   
culturally competent, gay-oriented, LGBT-friendly services,                                                            web link
programs, events, activities that promote physical, mental,            Big Tent and welcoming LGBT club. Meets 4th Wednesdays at
emotional health and well-being, including information and referral    the Center.*
services, service navigation and advocacy, youth drop-in space,                                                                                  *
youth-oriented progamming, David Bohnett Foundation Cyber              Stonewall Republicans                                                   The
Center, free/confidential mental health services, case                 P.O. Box 656513, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365-6513                          Center
management, resource library, workshops, discussion groups,                 718/357-7075                                                       208
educational forums, health programs, LGBT visibility-enhancing   
events, more.                                                                                                                                 West
                                                                       First political-party GLBT/Two-Spirit advocacy group. Guest
                                                                       speakers, socials. Open to all, regardless of political orientation.    13th
Staten Island Stonewall                                                                                                                       Street
One Lakeside Place, Staten Island, NY 10305                            STONEWALL Veterans’ Association (S.V.A.)                                New
   718/816-5508                                                        70-A Greenwich Ave., Suite 120, NYC 10011                                                                                                                       York
                                                                            212/627-1969                                                     212/374-6348                                                         NY
Proud and political!                                                                                           10011
Steinway Child & Family Services, Inc.                                 Williamson Henderson, President Participants in legendary
22-15 43rd Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101                            Stonewall Rebellion of ‘69. Leads all five metro NY Gay Pride
   718/389-5100                                                        Parades with 1969 Cadillac Stonewall Car. Sponsors annual
   718/784-2920                                                        Stonewall Symposium and Stonewall Showtyme. Guest speakers                                              for other GLBT organizations.“Friends of SVA” for non-veteran                                                    supporters. Meets last Saturday of every month, 4:15 pm, at
Non-profit human services agency dedicated to providing                the Center.*
comprehensive, quality services to children, families, young adults,
seniors to restore them to optimal level of functioning.               Straight and Gay Alliance, The (SAGA)
                                                                       formerly Bisexual, Lesbian & Gay Alliance at City College
Stephen Wise Free Synagogue                                            The City College of New York Finley Student Center
30 W. 68th St., NYC 10023                                              138th St. & Convent Ave., NYC 10031
   212/877-4050                                                            212/650-2100                                                                                                   
Gary Bretton-Granatoor, Rabbi                                          Part of CCNY community. Helping to create safe learning and
                                                                       social environment for LGBTQ students and their allies.
Steven Donaldson Social Justice Room
106 Earl Hall, MC 2008, Columbia University, 2980                      Straight Spouse Network
Broadway, NYC 10027-6902                                               Office: 33 Linda Ave., #2607, Oakland, CA 94611
   212/854-1488                                                           510/595-1005
Stonewall Chorale, The                                          
P.O. Box 920, Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10011                           Worldwide support for straight spouses/partners, current or
   212/971-5813                                                        former, of GLBT mates and mixed-orientation couples.                                            Straight Spouse Network /Manhattan
Nation’s first LGBT chorus.                                                212/866-6938
Stonewall Community Foundation                                         Contact: Peggy. Support network of straight women/men, now
c/o William L. Mattle, Executive Director                              or once married to gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender partners.
119 W. 24th St., 7th fl., NYC 10011
Streetwork Project/Safe Horizon                                  
See: Safe Horizon/Streetwork Project                                    Master aquatic team welcomes swimmers and water polo                 phone
                                                                        players of all ability, age, sexual orientation or race.
Strength in Numbers (SIN) (David)                                            Teen Outreach Prevention Service
                                                                                                                                               fax                                         (TOPS Program)
Not-for-profit online social network for HIV+ gay men, with             Bellevue/New York University School of Medicine,
chapters forming around the world.                                      Department of Pediatrics, 550 First Ave., New Bellevue
                                                                        Room 8 West 50, NYC, 10016                                            email
Stringer, Scott M., Manhattan Borough President                             212/263-8973 (David Moschel, Outreach Coordinator)
1 Centre St., 19th fl. South, NYC 10007                                     212/263-7806
   212/669-4305                                                         Peer Education/Outreach program provides interactive                 web link                                                   workshops for youth 12–24 on HIV/AIDS, safer sex, STDs,                                                  reproductive health, and sexually connected to HIV counseling
                                                                        and testing, as well as medical, mental health and social services
Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic                               (see Bellevue Adolescent HIV/AIDS Clinic).                            The
Violence                                                                                                                                     Center
P.O. Box 1269, Bayshore, NY 11706-0537                                  This Way Out                                                          208
    631/666-7181 (administrative office)                                P.O. Box 38327, Los Angeles, CA 90038-0327
    631/666-8833 (24-hour hotline)                                          818/986-4106
    631/666-9208                                                                                                    13th
    631/233-3626 (TTY: M-F, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm)                                                                   Street                                                   Internationally distributed LGBT radio program.                       New
                                                                        Thompson,William C., Jr., New York City                               York
Crisis intervention, info, referral for victims of domestic violence.
Shelter, court and precinct advocacy, counseling, employment            Comptroller                                                            NY
assistance and supportive services.                                     1 Centre St., Rm. 530, NYC 10007-2341                                10011
                                                                            212/669-3916 (Community Action Center [CAC])
Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society, Inc.                          
P.O. Box 2737, NYC 10163-2737                                                                                      212/669-2697 (Alan Fleishman, Research & Special                                                  Projects/Editor, LGBT Directory of Services and
Not-for-profit, all-volunteer outdoor club for LGBT people,                 Resources)
providing exciting, at-cost adventures including hiking, biking,            212/815-8532
camping, boating, skiing, skating, social events.                 
                                                                            212/669-3747 (Jeff Simmons, Director of
Sunday Bowling League                                                   Communications)
c/o Ross Hewitt, 676A Ninth Ave., Suite 130, NYC 10036                      212/669-8879                                                                                             Audits NYC agencies, manages debt/pension funds, registers
Gay-friendly bowling league meets Sept–May, Sunday, 8 pm,               contracts, settles claims against NYC. Publishes this guide. CAC
at Leisure Time Bowl, Port Authority Bus Terminal.                      offers constituent services, advocacy, referrals.

                                                                        Times Squares Square Dance Club

T                                                                       P.O. Box 1229, Ansonia Station, NYC 10023

Team New York                                                           NY’s only gay/lesbian square dance club. Open to all square
P.O. Box 564, Times Square Station, NYC 10108-0564                      dancers. Educational, recreational, social opportunities. Dances                                            Tuesdays, 2nd/4th Fridays. Non-members, call for location.
Non-profit tax-exempt organization fosters personal growth,             Titone, Matthew J., New York State
self-esteem and confidence by facilitating participation in national    Assemblymember
and international athletic and cultural events.                         853 Forest Ave., Staten Island, NY 10310
Team New York Aquatics (TNYA)                                                                                             Openly gay Assemblyman representing SI’s North Shore.
TOUCH AIDS Community Dinners, Inc.                                 Trevor Project, The
P.O. Box 23800, Brooklyn, NY 11202-3800                            80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1504, NYC 10038                                 phone
   646/220-2287                                                        212/509-0042                 866/488-7386 (helpline)
Free dinners Mondays, 5:30 pm, Quaker Meeting House, 110               212/604-9831
Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn. New guests welcome (need proof   
of HIV+). Volunteers needed.                                 
Towleroad                                                          Only nationwide, around-the-clock suicide-prevention helpline for
c/o Broadcast Corporation, 848 North Rainbow Blvd.,                gay and questioning youth. Saves lives everyday through free/          email
#1772, Las Vegas, NV 89107                                         confidential website and educational services.Visit website for                                              info on volunteering to become a counselor.
Online news source offering broad range of information on
politics, pop culture, gay culture, media, entertainment,          Triangle Community Center, Inc.                                       web link
photography, fashion, technology, men, music and travel.           16 River St., Norwalk, CT 06850
                                                                   Mail: Box 4062, Norwalk, CT 06852
Transgender Law & Policy Institute                                     203/853-0600                                                         *
328 Flatbush Ave., Box 312, Brooklyn, NY 11238                                                                  The                                                                                      Center                                          Non-profit. Services to help strengthen LGBT community’s sense         208
Non-profit organization advocates for transgender people.          of identity, pride, visibility. Works with greater Fairfield County
                                                                   community to foster understanding/awareness of LGBT issues.           West
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund                                                                                                13th
(TLDEF)                                                            TriMusicAngle, Inc.                                                   Street
216 Avenue A, NYC 10009                                            332 Bleecker St., Suite K48, NYC 10014
    646/862-9396                                                      212/591-2886
    515/581-0991                                                                                                   York                                      Umbrella for gay/lesbian music groups.                                  NY                                                                                                             10011
National nonprofit civil rights organization committed to ending   Trinity Place Shelter
discrimination based on gender identity/expression, achieving      164 W. 100th St., NYC 10025
equality for transgender people through public education, test-       212/222-7045
case litigation, direct legal services, public policy efforts.
Transgender Project, The                                           Non-profit, non-sectarian, 10-bed transitional shelter open all
National Development and Research Institutes, Inc.                 year for homeless LGBTQ youth/young adults (18-24). Provides
71 W. 23rd St., 8th fl., NYC 10010                                 shelter, food, case management, counseling, transportation,
   212/845-4617                                                    additional support services. Intakes on agency referral only.                                        Truth Wins Out
Describes economic , social/personal, family, workplace            P.O. Box 25491, Brooklyn, NY 11202
experiences of male-to-female trans-persons, how experiences 
change over lives, impact on mental/physical health.         
                                                                   Non-profit think tank and educational organization counters
Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy                       right-wing disinformation campaigns, debunks ex-gay myth, and
Fund (TSELF)                                                       provides accurate info on lives of GLBT people.
P.O. Box 540229, Waltham, MA 02454-0229
    781/899-2212                                                   TwentySomething NYC
    www/                                                  Fun social experience for queer New Yorkers in and around
For transgender-idenitifed students in the helping and caring      their twenties (ages 18–33). Meets first and third Tuesdays, 8
professions.                                                       pm, at the Center.*

Treatment Action Group (TAG)

611 Broadway, Suite 308, NYC 10012-2608
Research and policy think tank for better treatments, a vaccine,   Uhuru-Wazobia
and cure for AIDS.                                         
                                                                                                                                          54                                            USNA Out
Group for LGBTIQ Africans living in NY.                            c/o Jeff Petrie, 1600 21st St., NW,Washington, DC 20009           phone
Unitarian Church of Staten Island                                  LGBT US Naval Academy Alumni and supporters, most of whom
312 Fillmore St., Staten Island, NY 10301                          never had any role models before, now out and here for all to
    718/447-2204                                                                                                                       fax
                                                                   see, including the LGBT midshipmen and alumni who are currently                                          serving on active duty, their families and confidants.
Congregation affirms human dignity, honors freedom of thought,     U.S. DOJ (Department of Justice) Pride                             email
looks for truth wherever it may be found, expresses its value in   c/o Greg Friel, 2153 California St., NW, #404,Washington,
ethical action.                                                    DC 20008
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington                                                        web link
Interweave Group (an LGBT group)                            
109 Browns Rd., Huntington, NY 11743                               LGBT employee association of US Department of Justice.
   631/427-9547                                                                                                                         *
   631/423-1504                                                                                                                       The                                                                                                            Center
Provides place for LGBT members of UUFH/friends to socialize,
reach out to LGBT community in support of justice and equality.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook
                                                                   V                                                                  208
P.O. Box 602, Stony Brook, NY 11790                                VegOut NYC
   631/751-8336                                                                                            York                                                                                 NY                                                   Monthly potlucks for LGBT vegetarians/vegans/friends. Meets       10011
                                                                   3rd Sundays, 5–7 pm, at the Center.* Bring vegan dish (no
United Federation of Teachers                                      meat/poultry/fish/eggs/dairy/honey). Monthly VegOutings at
52 Broadway, NYC 10004                                             vegetarian/veg-friendly restaurants.
   212/598-9275 (HIV/AIDS helpline: Mon–Fri, 4–6 pm)
   212/598-9279 (confidential help for discrimination,             Velázquez, Nydia M., U.S. Representative
   harassment, employment, etc., for LGBT members:                 266 Broadway, Suite 201, Brooklyn, NY 11211
   Mon–Fri, 4–6 pm)                                                   718/599-3658              212/673-3997                                              
                                                                   Represents 12th Congressional District (parts of Brooklyn,
Unity Fellowship of Christ Church                                  Manhattan, Queens).
2578 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11207-2413
   718/385-2406                                                    Velvetpark Magazine
   718/399-3149                                                    210 Cook St., Apt. 311, Brooklyn, NY 11206-3769                                                     888/616-1989                  347/881-1025                                                     347/881-1025
Bishop Zachary G. Jones, Pastor. Supports lesbian/gay       
community in black tradition.                               
                                                                   National magazine for educated urban lesbians, feminists, gay
Unity Fellowship Church of New Brunswick                           men. Political commentary, highlights celebrity, everyday dyke-
   732/214-0390                                                    cons, music, film, book reviews.                                                   Victoria Congregational Church
Rev. Kevin E. Taylor, Pastor/Founder.                              United Church of Christ
                                                                   144-64 87th Ave., Jamaica, NY 11435
Urantia Book Study Group (UBSG)                                       718/297-9733
UB National Outreach                                        
    917/701-9033                                                                                        Opening and affirming congregation welcoming of LGBT                                            community. 11 am Sunday worship service followed by coffee
Cutting-edge spirituality for today. LGBT-friendly. Unlock door    and fellowship.
to spiritual wisdom/universal understanding. Free weekly study
group, Tuesday, 7–9 pm, in SoHo.                                   Village Care of New York
                                                                   154 Christopher St., NYC 10014
   212/337-5600                                                   Yvette Christofilos, Director, Office of LGBT Affairs. Office works                                                  to identify and resolve issues affecting LGBT residents in            phone                                                   Westchester.
Non-profit, community-based organization serving older adults,
persons living with HIV/AIDS and individuals in need of medical   Westchester Lesbian Connection
                                                                  P.O. Box 626, White Plains, NY 10603                                    fax
and rehabilitation services.
Village Center for Care AIDS Day Treatment                 
Program                                                           Recreational, social and educational events.                           email
121B W. 20th St., NYC 10011
   212/337-9220                                                   Whitman-Walker Clinic
   212/633-6587                                                   1701 14th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
45 Rivington St., NYC 10001                                           202/939-7633                                                      web link
   212/539-6450                                                                                               Non-profit community-based health organization serving DC                                                   metro area. Established by/for LGBT community to end suffering           *
Medical/nursing, mental health, harm reduction, case              of those infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.                                The
management, nutrition, rehab services. Hot meals served daily.                                                                          Center
                                                                  William Paterson University
Village Playwrights                                               See: Chosen:The Gay-Straight Alliance
c/o Emanuel Gavales, P.O. Box 20303, NYC 10011                                                                                          West
   212/645-1514                                                   Wingo, Inc.                                                            13th                                                224 W. 35th St., Suite 604A, NYC 10001                                Street
LGBT playwrights/screenwriters present scripts in cold or            212/244-4880
rehearsed readings, get feedback. Meets 2nd and 4th                  212/244-4884
Wednesdays, 8–10 pm, at the Center.*                                                                         York
ViSAGE for Youth, Inc.                                            Works with clients to help establish/nurture relationships with       10011
   973/285-1595 (helpline)                                        donors through fundraising/donor communications supporting                                     work of LGBT,AIDS services, progressive non-profit organizations.
Verona straight and gay experience, young people 14-21
welcome. Call for meeting time/directions.                        Women About, Inc.
                                                                  P.O. Box 146, Chelsea Station, NYC 10011-0146

                                                                  Creating community for lesbians since 1976. NY’s largest, oldest
                                                                  non-profit adventure/social club for women. More than 120
                                                                  activities a year.

Washington Blade                                                  Women in Need, Inc. (WIN)
1408 U St. NW, 2nd fl., Washington, DC 20009-3916                 115 W. 31st St., NYC 10001
   202/797-7000                                                       212/695-7330                                      
Weiner, Anthony, U.S. Representative
80-02 Kew Gardens Rd., Suite 5000, Kew Gardens, NY                Women’s Center of Brooklyn College
11415                                                             227 New Ingersoll Hall, Brooklyn, NY 11210
   718/520-9001                                                        718/951-5777
   718/520-9010                                                                                                                            Lectures, workshops, panel discussions on women’s issues, open
Represents 9th Congressional District (parts of Queens,           to the public. Call for calendar.
Westchester County Executive’s Office                             See: NYC
148 Martine Ave., Rm.904, White Plains, NY 10601

XY Magazine
3707 Fifth Ave., #900, San Diego, CA 92103                                                         email
National magazine for young gay men.

                                                                     web link

Y                                                                       *
YGA Magazine                                                 West                                                    13th
Up-to-the-minute ideas, articles, how-to guides, quizzes, essays,    Street
role models, culture, advice, more. Provides alternative that
affirms, rather than exploits, young people’s sexuality.
Youth Enrichment Services (YES)                                        NY                                               10011
Jenny DeBower, LMSW, Director. Activities-based empowerment/
prevention program for LGBT youth, 13–21.Theater, art, writing,
journalism, leadership training, job-seeking, advocacy, referrals,
crisis counseling.

Youth Pride Chorus
Program of NYC Gay Men’s Chorus and the Center.* Open to
LGBT and allied youth, ages 13-21.

Zappalorti Society—Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual &
Transgender Psychiatric Survivors
c/o Bert Coffman
14 E. 28th St., #10-14, NYC 10016-7464
    212/889-4262                 917/286-0616
Peer group of LGBT persons labeled mentally ill/depressed by
mental health system. Committed to mutual support, advocacy,
empowerment, and obtaining relevant, quality services to meet
community needs. Named in honor of Jimmy Zappalorti,
disabled Vietnam-era Navy veteran/psychiatric survivor, murdered
by gay-bashers on Staten Island in 1990. Meets Saturdays, 1–
4 pm, at the Center.*

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