ma144userguide by chrstphr


1. Connect to the Internet.

2. Access OSC Electronic Data Exchange website at:

3. Log In using the Username and Password contained in the cover letter.

4. On the Reporting Options page, click on MA144 Reporting.

                        MA144 Reporting

5. On the MA144 Reporting page, click on “Retrieve Your MA144 Form.”

                       Retrieve Your MA144 Form

                       Send Your Completed MA144 File

6. Click on the attachment on the bottom left of the page labeled:
   “MA-(County Name)-09E.XLS” (Note: This is your blank county 2009 MA144 form in
   Microsoft Excel Format.) Choose               from the file download screen and select a
   location to save the file on your hard drive.
7. Next, open your blank 2009 MA144 Excel file and enter information for each town or
   city (if applicable) in your county. When you have finished entering your information,
   save the completed Excel file on your hard drive.

8. To upload your completed file to our EFSDEX Website, return to the Options menu
   shown above in Step 5 and select “Send Your Completed MA144 File.”

9. Complete all required information for the Preparer in the section shown below.

10. Attach your completed MA144 spreadsheet, saved in Step 7, by using the
    button shown below:

11. After attaching your spreadsheet, use the dropdown box shown in the screenshot above to
    select: “I have Attached my completed MA144 file for processing.”

12. Attach any electronic Supporting Documentation you may have by using the
    button shown below. If only hardcopy is available, please send to: Mr. Terry Cole, OSC,
    110 State St. 12th Floor, Albany NY 12236 (Note: Documentation is very helpful in our
    review of the MA-144 forms and can eliminate follow-up questions to the forms’
    preparer, so please provide this if you can)

13. If you have attached Supporting Documentation, use the dropdown box shown in the
    screenshot above to select:
    “I have Attached my Supporting Documentation file.”

14. Click        to send your file(s) and print the confirmation page for your records. This
    completes the submission process of your MA144 Real Property Tax Schedules. If you
    have any questions please call (518) 474-4014.

15. If you need to amend your form after submission please contact us at the number above.

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