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					Approval and Implementation Process - Service Enhancement Projects

Responsible                                                          Pre - Approval                                           Post approval

Manager initiating project   1. Discuss the planned project with your director to prioritise within department context        1. Implement
                             2. Ascertain if a project is a Service Enhancement Project using criteria                        2. Manage progress
                             3. Complete Project Concept Document and three year project cost estimates                       3. Provide monthly reports to
                                                                                                                              Project Office
                             4. Discuss with other impacted sections within ITS eg.Security, Shared Systems                   4. Communicate
                                                                                                                              completion/benefits to clients if
                             5. Consider Communications Plan, Change Management Plan
                             6. Submit proposal to your director to be forwarded to Director IMSP

Project Sponsor/Director     1. Consider Project request within overall ITS Strategy
                             2. Decide if the project should proceed prior to submission to Directors Group via IMSP

IMSP- Project Office         1. Record Project in Project Register - (if it is either 'yes' or 'wait' from Directors group)   1.Monitor Project milestones
                             2. Director IMSP to forward proposal to executive support officer to be included in              2. Report on milestones
                             agenda for Directors meeting                                                                     monthly
                             3.Communicate Directors group decision to Project Manager/Sponsor                                3. Monitor Operational staff
                             4.Communicate approval to ITS Finance                                                               effort on project

Directors Group              1. Consider Project request within overall ITS Strategy                                          1.Determine strategies for
                             2. Approve Project (Yes, No, wait) :                                                             2. Report to VCG if appropriate
                                Dates for project approval (Currently 2008, 18 March, 20 May, 22 July, 16 Sept)

ITS Finance                  1. Record Project on Service Enhancement financial report                                        1. Prepare Financial Report
                             2. Discuss with Manager initiating the process for monitoring the project financially
                             3. Setup new SAP fund code if project is to monitored separately
                             4. Process as Budget Variation if the project is unbudgeted