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					                                              C HAP TER 14 .2.

                   CAP RIN E A RTH RIT IS / E NC E PH AL I TIS

                                                     Article 14.2 .1.

General provisions

Standards for diagnostic tests are described in the Te rr e str ial Man u al.

                                                     Article 14.2 .2.

Recommendations for the importation of goats for breeding

Ve te rin a ry Au th o rit ie s of im po rt in g c o u n tri e s should require the presentation of an in t e rn a tio n al
v e te rin a ry c e rti fic ate attesting that:
1.   the animals showed no clinical sign of caprine arthritis/encephalitis               on the day of shipment;
2.   animals over one year of age were subjected to a diagnostic test for                                         caprine
     arthritis/encephalitis with negative results during the 30 days prior to shipment; or
3.   caprine arthritis/encephalitis was neither clinically nor serologically diagnosed in the sheep
     and goats present in the fl o c ks of origin during the past 3 years, and also that no sheep or goat
     from a flo c k of inferior health status was introduced into these fl o c ks during that period.

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