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					                             Learn more
Take the                     The Minnesota Arthritis
                                                                    Board onAging                  Arthritis
Arthritis Self-              Foundation has many
                             opportunities for you to learn     444 Lafayette Road N.
                                                                                                   doesn’t have
Help Course                  more about arthritis. They         St. Paul, MN 55155-3843
                                                                                                   to slow you
The Arthritis Self-Help      offer courses such as “Take

Course encourages you
                             Control of Arthritis Pain” or
                             “People With Arthritis Can
to take positive steps in
                             Exercise” plus numerous
managing your arthritis.                                                                           By taking a few simple steps,
                                                                                                   you can improve your overall
People who have taken        You may order brochures - a                                           well being and feel good
                             single copy is free - by calling   Minnesota Arthritis Project
the six-week                                                    Minnesota Dept. of Health
course report                                                   85 E. Seventh Place
                             s   Unproven Remedies              St. Paul, MN 55101
they have
                             s   Aspirin & Related              651-281-9852
less pain and                    Medications          
depression and               s   Back Pain
                             s   Bursitis, Tendinitis &
are more confident in            Myofascial pain
taking charge of their       s   Diet & Nutrition                                             ®
                             s   Exercise & Your Arthritis
health.                                                                                       TM
                             s   Managing Your Fatigue
                             s   Managing Your Pain             Arthritis Foundation Minnesota
Call   800-333-1380 to       s   Choosing a Health Plan         Chapter
learn if there is a course   s   A Guide to Laboratory Tests    1902 Minnehaha Ave W.
                             s   A Guide to Medication          St. Paul, MN 55104
being offered near you.      s   Research: On the Way to a
                                                                651-644-4108 or                    This message is brought to you by the
                                                                800-333-1380                       Minnesota Board on Aging, the Minnesota
                                                                        Department of Health and the Arthritis
                                                                                                   Foundation Minnesota
                                                                          MS-1705A 8/00
                                                                                                   Manage your

          eople of all                                            Eat well
          ages have
                                                                  Eating well means eating
                                                                                                   arthritis -
          arthritis, and                                          foods that are good for you.     don’t let it
almost half of Minnesota                                          Fruits and vegetables are        manage you!
seniors have some form                                            health insurance with flavor!
                                                                                                   Attitude is everything when it
of it. Arthritis causes                                           Eating more fruits and
                                                                                                   comes to arthritis pain. It’s easy
pain, swelling and             Stay                               vegetables - five or more
                                                                                                   to feel helpless and depressed
                                                                  servings each day - gives you
changes in joints that         active                             the important vitamins,
                                                                                                   from the pain of arthritis, but
limit movement.                                                                                    these feelings often lead to
                               Physical                           minerals, and fiber you need
                                                                                                   decreased activity, which then
                               activity keeps                     to stay healthy and prevent
But arthritis doesn’t have                                                                         leads to more pain.
                               you independent by                 disease in a convenient low
to slow you down. If you       improving muscle strength          fat package.                     Arthritis doesn’t have to control
think you have arthritis       and balance. Exercise keeps                                         your life. Making small
                                                                  It’s also important to drink
or you’ve been diagnosed       joints moving, reduces pain                                         changes can help you continue
                                                                  plenty of water. Eight glasses
with arthritis, there are      and strengthens muscles                                             to do your favorite activities.
                                                                  a day are recommended.
                               around the joints.
steps you can take to                                                                              Work with your doctor to
                                                                  Staying active and eating well
prevent the disease from       Choose activities you like -                                        develop an arthritis
                                                                  will help you feel great
ruling your life.              maybe gardening or dancing -                                        management plan. List those
                                                                  and manage
                               so you will do them often. Try                                      things that work best and
                                                                  your weight,
First, see your doctor. It’s   to get a total of 30 minutes                                        when you will use them.
                               each day, and you don’t have
important that you begin                                                                           Call the Arthritis Foundation at
                               to do all 30 minutes at once. If
treatment early. Work                                                                              800-333-1380 or visit their Web
                               you haven’t exercised much,
with your doctor to find                                                                           site at for tips
                               check with your doctor before
                                                                                                   on how to continue your
the best treatment for         you begin.
                                                                                                   favorite activities like golf or