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					            ARTHRITIS                 DIET TIPS TO HELP YOUR
    Arthritis occurs when the
                                              ARTHRITIS               Arthritis:
cartilage that cushions the joints    • Eat a balanced diet which
on your hand, knees, shoulders or       gives you all the vitamins
hips breaks down quicker than           and minerals your body
your body can replace it. Without       needs and which also
this protective tissue, your bones      keeps your weight down
rub together causing swelling,        • Eat more fruit and
tenderness, stiffness and pain.         vegetables
                                      • Take regular exercise
    Your weight is the most
important link between your diet
and arthritis. Being overweight      Arthritis Pain Supplements
puts an extra burden on the weight    • Glucosamine- Tested to
bearing joints (back, hips, knees,      be effective at easing the
ankles and feet) when they are          pain of arthritis and joint
already damaged or under strain.        pain. Help re-build
                                        cartilage in the body.
                                        1500 mg/day is the
                                        clinically recommended
                                      • Chondroitin- Draws fluid
                                        into cartilage to increase
                                        resistance and flexibility.
  **Consult your physician              1200 mg/day is the
 before exercising and taking           recommended dosage.
      any supplement**
                                         ** Above supplements
               Maria Dauz                not recommended if
       (Diet Technician Student)
                                         allergic to seafood.
       BENEFITS OF EXERCISE                 EXERCISES YOU CAN DO TO              Repeat to other side, and
                                            RELIEVE ARTHRITIS                    then alternate 10 to 15
  -Builds strong muscles around the
                                            SYMPTOMS                             times.
  -Keeps your joints moving                                                    4. Arm curl:
  -Keeps bone cartilage tissue strong       1. Shoulder stretch:                 Hold one end of the elastic
  and healthy                                  Reach one palm over               band in fist, palm up, the
                                               shoulder and place back of        other end securely under
  -Improves your ability to do daily           other hand on lower back.         arch of foot. Start with arm
  activities                                   Slide hands toward each           extended downward (but
  -Promotes overall health by:                 other, trying to touch            elbow not locked). Slowly
                                               fingertips (many people can’t     curl forearm toward
    *giving you energy                         reach that far). Hold for 15      shoulder, keeping elbow
     *makes your heart stronger                seconds, and then switch          close to side. Then lower
                                               arms.                             slowly: repeat 10 to 20
     *controlling your weight                                                    times. Switch arms.
     *decreasing depression                 2. Finger stretch:
                                               Twist a large rubber band       5. Hip swing:
     *helping you sleep better
                                               around all fingers. Gently        Stand with one foot on a
                                               spread fingers wide apart,        thick book or low stoll: for
                                               using the rubber band as          stability hold on a door
       TYPES OF EXERCISES                                                        handle or chair back. Slowly
                                                                                 swing the free leg forward
- Range-of-motion:                                                               and backward like a
exercises that relieve stiffness, restore
                                            3. Back stretch:
                                               Sit erect with feet apart.        pendulum 10 to 20 times,
flexibility and help with joint movement.                                        keeping your foot pointed:
                                               Place fingertips on shoulder
                                               with elbows spread wide           then switch legs.
- Strengthening:
                                               apart. Gently bend over and
 exercise for weak muscles. Strength
                                               twist so you move one elbow
training can relieve knee pain, improve
                                               across and down to opposite
strength, and boost physical functioning.
                                               knee. Hold for 15 seconds.
                                               Straighten up and gently
                                               bring both elbows back.