Arthritis _ Inflammation of the by hilen


									                                   Arthritis: Inflammation of the Joints

Do you only think of elderly people when you think about arthritis? Well, think again! Arthritis consists of
over 100 separate conditions, some of which you can get as a child or young adult. The term arthritis
simply means inflammation of the joints- this can happen at any age and is sometimes more painful when it
happens at a younger age. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury. What happens when you
sprain your ankle- it swells up, right? The body inflames or builds up fluid in this area in order to control
circulation and bring certain immune response cells there.

There is cartilage between the bones, right? As well as something called synovial fluid. Both cartilage and
this special fluid make it easier to move your bones. Because there is this pocket of soft material, our
bones can move without hurting or rubbing each other. When you have arthritis, depending on the type
you have, the soft tissue in between your bones has either deteriorated or becomes inflamed and starts to
thicken making it painful to use your joints. When there are over 100 joints in your body connecting all of
your bones, it’s pretty hard not to use them!! People with arthritis, young and old, are in a lot of pain and
usually take medication to alleviate it. What, do you think, you can do to help people with arthritis? Think
for a minute about what you might be able to do. Share these thoughts with your group members and your
Some Tips to Prevent Arthritis
   1. Exercise regularly- activity keeps joints healthy! Cartilage actually depends on joint movement to
       absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Exercise increases your flexibility and keeps bones strong
   2. Eat Healthy Foods- eating well not only keeps you at a healthy weight which is good for joints and
       bones, but it allows your body to function at its best. Of course, there are no miracle foods that
       “cure” arthritis or guarantee it not developing, but a healthy diet will certainly work to fight against it.
   3. Communicate- It is best to catch arthritis early so it can be treated most effectively. This requires
       that you be aware of changes in your body and to tell your physician if you ever have joint pain at
       any age.

                                             Types of Body Joints

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