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									                   Transition 2004                            1

You’ve been in Transition since the beginning of September.
           Tears and crying I clearly remember.
   Mrs Harris, Mrs Jordan and Miss Walters were calm
    This proved difficult with Kush, Ayesha and Shyam.

          Angelica hated changing her clothes.
         Dilhan put up with a bad bleeding nose.
      Jeremy and Matthew were patched every day.
      Prashan and Christopher liked to run and play.

          Adam was funny he makes us all giggle
        Sits on a blue seat on which he can wiggle.
          Kishan likes maths, Ryan likes to draw
         Brandon likes rolling about on the floor.

        Tamra and Tashaan are diligent workers
    Watch Fergal and Toni the handwriting shirkers!
           Daniel broke his arm in PE one day
    Had a plaster and sling so for weeks couldn’t play.

         Maggie is loud, can’t forget she’s there!
        Corinna used scissors and cut off her hair!
            Jake likes trains and plays with Jay
       Sai, Esther and Katherine could chat all day!

           Kyle’s “Flat Stanley” went to Spain.
        Yaffa took “teddy” to America on a plane.
            Hamidah and Mitha help us a lot
           To mention Zuriel I nearly forgot!

           Rohan he likes to rub teachers feet!
         Louis works hard to keep the class neat.
        Mrs Buscell does music, you sit on the mat
        Tanu falls asleep whist Jemimah does chat!
                      Transition 2004                         2

               Marla dresses up Adanna does too
          Louis and Matthew threw tissues in the loo!
            Alexander so tall he looks about eight!
           Jonathan cannot sit on the chair straight.

       Mrs Jordan does nature we learnt about trees.
        Rabbi Hulbert visited, he told us about bees.
       We made handprints in art and fish we made too
               The time together really flew

          Mrs Harris teaches Maths, Literacy and RE
           Mrs Pluck made us learn French and PE
            We mustn’t forget Mrs Brooks and IT
               Science as well was quite lovely.

           Mrs Syrett joined us and helped us out
         Mrs Hulbert came too, didn’t like to shout!
        It’s been a great year with lots to remember
        We’ll have a new class back here in September.

            We wish you all luck and will miss you all
     But will follow your progress and watch you grow tall.

Mrs L.K Harris 2004

(copies available from Mrs Harris – in Transition)

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