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              HOW TO HAVE YOUR SAY…

   Wycombe District Council are committed to listening to
         your views on planning applications.

A guide to anyone who would like to:
      Find out about new planning applications
      How to Comment on a planning application
      What happens when comments are received
      How the Council reaches a decision
      What happens once a decision is made
      What happens if the applicant appeals

How can I find out about new planning applications?
A letter will be sent to the properties adjoining an application site and a
planning officer will also notify the properties most affected by the proposal.

The notification invites you to view the application and make comments.
Some applications are advertised by the displaying of a ‘Site Notice’ near the
application site and are also advertised in the ‘Bucks Free Press’ every
All planning applications are available to be viewed at the Council offices
and electronic versions are available at our area offices in Marlow and
Princes Risborough.
For applications outside of High Wycombe Town and Parish Councils have
local viewing arrangements, please telephone the Parish Council to check
on availability.
All planning applications and their related documents are available to be
viewed on our website, please click here.
How do I comment?
As we receive hundreds of comments on applications each year it is not
possible to acknowledge receipt or respond to your comments directly.
You can submit comments on planning applications using the ‘Public
Access for Planning’ facility on our website, by email to
planning@wycombe.gov.uk or in writing.
Please note if your comments are submitted by post, you must quote the
planning application reference number, the case officer and your name and
Any letter, site notice or newspaper advertisement will set a deadline date
for comments to be received. If your comments are received after this
deadline you may have missed the opportunity to have your comments
taken into consideration.
If a lot of people have a similar view to you, you may organise a petition.
These should be arranged in a clear manner stating names, addresses and
the objections/supporting comments of those signing it. It is better to have a
short petition from residents who will be affected by the application than a
long petition signed by people who live far away from the affected area or will
not be affected by the proposal.
What can my comments be about?
We can only take into account material planning considerations, if you
would like us to check if your concerns are relevant please contact us.

Matters which can be taken into          Matters which cannot normally
account, although the list is not        be taken into account:
  Loss of privacy                          Loss of value to property
  Loss of light                            Loss of view
  Car parking                              Personal disagreements
  Traffic generation                       Boundary disputes
  Noise and disturbance                    Covenants
  Character of the area                    Commercial competition
  Green Belt                               Construction Disturbance
  Conservation Area                        Sunday trading
  Design, appearance and layout            Matters controlled under other
                                             legislation such as Building
  National and local policies
What happens when I comment?
All comments received will form part of a public document which will be
available for public inspection, therefore do not supply details you do not
want published.
All comments will be filed on the application file and be available for public
viewing as well as being available on the internet. All comments received
within the statutory time limit are taken into consideration when determining
an application. Where appropriate, we may seek amendments to the
application to overcome concerns. If there are significant amendments to the
application, we will notify you again and give you another opportunity to
We can inform you of the decision of the application, to enable us to do this,
please send a self addressed envelope.
How will the Council reach a decision?
Most applications are decided under delegated powers, although some
applications may be decided by a panel of Councillors at a Development
Control Committee meeting held every fourth Wednesday at 6pm. Please see
the Public Speaking advice note, available here
What happens once a decision is made?
Once a decision is made the Decision Notice will be placed on the application
file and available to view both in office and on our website at
www.wycombe.gov.uk, or if a self addresses envelope was received a copy of
the decision will be posted to you.
If permission is granted…
A planning permission may include conditions such as hours of operation or
restrictions on adding openings to an elevation.
Objectors have no legal right to appeal against the Council’s decision. But if
you are unhappy with the way the Council has arrived at a decision, you can
complain, please email complaints@wycombe.gov.uk for further information.
If you are still unsatisfied, you can contact the Local Government
Ombudsman on 0845 602 1983.
If permission is refused….
Applicants can either re-apply for planning permission with an alternative
scheme, or they can appeal against the refusal, for further information on the
appeal process, please visit the Planning Inspectoarate’s website by clicking
What if the applicant appeals?
The applicant has six months from the date of decision to appeal against a
refusal or against conditions imposed on permission. We will consult you if an
appeal is made and you can write to the Inspectorate with your comments. If
the appeal is allowed, the Council’s decision could be overturned and
conditions replaced or removed. However, if the appeal is dismissed, the
Council’s decision remains the same but the applicant is still free to re-apply
for permission with an altered proposal.

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