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Not found that tip top 1948 Hardback Wisden yet? Searching for a 1941 or need that final year to finish off your collection.
We can help via A WisdenAuction.Com “Want”

Create as many “Wants” as you need, it needs to be 1 want per book, you can enter the specification that you want and
people can reply with text, pictures and their quotes. At the end of the listing you can then decide – if any – which quote
to accept. You can even end the lot early if a quote arrives that is too good to miss.

Please Note that all prices quoted must include the entire service (i.e. including P&P/Delivery etc)

Here is how to do it. ..

1) Sign in as normal.
2 ) Click on Sell as shown…
3) Page down in Box 1 and double click on the Wanted Text (Circled)

4) On the next screen enter your location (County or UK) and then click Next (Circled):
5) On the next screen –

Enter the Title of your Want – PLEASE START IT WITH “WANTED”
Enter your Budget (This is Optional but helps)
Enter the Wisden Year (1948 here, 9999 for sets and other items)
Enter a rough idea of required condition (10 = Mint)
Ignore the reserve box.

See Below for an example…
Then Enter the most important part – The detailed Description, please add as much text as required.

An example of a description is below, once complete, click the Next button – (circled, bottom right)
6) This will take you to the final set-up screen.
Enter an end date , say in a months time or sooner if in a hurry and click Confirm (Circled)

Then click Confirm.

7) Check the details. If correct, click POST ITEM. (If incorrect, please click on Back and amend)
Everyone can now see this in the WANTED section of the website, hopefully someone will have the spare you require.
Click the Wanted Section – Circled to see all items, a search on the year will also find it.
You will also receive an e-mail to say it has been listed, an example is below.
As you can see it is free to list but there is a charge on final completion (payable by the person listing the want and not
the supplier). At the end of the process you can choose the quote you prefer or none if they are not acceptable. No sale
= No fee.

See the end of this help section for how to respond to quotes.
                                      Responding to a Want
Do you have a few spares and notice that someone else wants one. Follow these instructions to offer it to the potential

1) Log-in as usual. (Note that bid in this context can be interchanged with quote.)

2 ) Click on the WANTED section of the website,
3) And then on the text of the book in question, 1948 here…
4) Read the want and if you can satisfy it, then page down to the end of the page.
Enter the price for your book (NB the Buyer pays the fees on this occasion)
Enter a description of the book. The more detail the better.
Please Note that all prices quoted must include the entire service (i.e. including P&P/Delivery etc)
If you have photographs to upload then tick the “Add file” tick box.
Finally click the “Review Bid” button to continue.
5) A new screen is shown to enable you to upload any pictures, attach the file by clicking browse and selecting the file
from your PC.

6) Click Upload Attachments

7) If you are happy with everything, click the accept bid button circled below..
You will se confirmation that the bid has been accepted, this has confirmed that the website has received the offer and
not the buyers acceptance…that will come later if successful.
                                           Accepting an offer

So you have listed a want and had some replies. Now you have to choose the offer, if any that you would like.

If an offer has arrived that you like the look of before the lot has ended, you can end the lot early. To do this go to your
listing and click choose quote.
If you need to end it early, click “end it early” (circled)..

On the next screen, page down and click the END EARLY Button
Confirm this by clicking OK

Now you can choose your quote. (this is where you start if the lot ran until the scheduled end time).

Click Choose Quote

This will take you to the following screen…
Here (in Green) you can see the prices that the seller would like for the Wisden(s) NB this does not include the buyers fee.
You can also click the attachment Note Pads to see pictures etc.

Once you are happy with an offer click the “Accept this Bid” Button. Take care to press the correct button next to the
offer that you would like.

I accepted the bottom bid, a bit more pricey but was a better copy.
Now just wait for an Invoice from the Seller and enjoy your new book.

To view the item , click on my account and then Successful as shown below….

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