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      Appendix 1 provides a guide to the usual composition of Selection Committee for the
      grade of post indicated. It should be noted that the panel composition is a
      minimum and other panel members may be invited to take part.


      All interview panels should comprise the following:

              Only staff who have attended the University’s Recruitment & Selection
               Training (or similar).
              Staff who are higher graded than the post being recruited to (with the
               exception of HR Service staff).
              At least one male and one female panel member where possible.
              At least 3 panel members.

      Where a proposed panel member knows an applicant to be interviewed in a personal
      capacity (ie. other than work) or is related to the applicant, they must declare an
      interest and should not, other than in exceptional circumstances, be a panel member
      or involved in the selection process.


      An interview is a standard feature of most, if not all selection processes. Well
      structured interviews, with good quality open questions based on the person
      specification requirements should form the basis of an effective and objective

      To increase the chances of making the best appointment, selection techniques other
      than just an interview should be considered and used. Any technique chosen must
      be related to the job role and in particular the person specification requirements.
      These may include:-

          Written Tests/Exercises          To test written/communication skills and/or
          Group Discussions                To test team working, persuasion skills
          Presentations                    To test presentation/communication skills,
          Job Simulation Exercises eg in   To test skills/knowledge for job

HR Service
March 2008

University of Cumbria


ROLE BEING               RESPONSIBLE            SELECTION COMMITTEE MAKE UP                                        RECRUITMENT
RECRUITED                FOR ADVERT,                                                                               SELECTION PROCESS/
                         FURTHER                                                                                   POSSIBLE SUGGESTED
                         DETAILS, ROLE                                                                             TECHNIQUES
                         PROFILE, PERSON
Directorate Posts        Vice Chancellor with      University Board                                               In all cases a combination
                         Head of HR/HR             Vice Chancellor                                                of appropriate selection
                         Manager                   Others as appropriate                                          techniques should be
Dean of Faculty          Vice                      Vice Chancellor (Chair)                                        used. They should test
                         Chancellor/Executive      Directorate member(s)                                          knowledge, skills and
                         Member                    Member of University Board                                     abilities that are relevant to
                                                                                                                   the job/role and the person
                                                   External Assessor(s)
                                                                                                                   specification. These may
Head of School           Dean/Directorate          Vice Chancellor (Chair)
                                                                                                                   include any of the
Associate Dean           Members                   Directorate member(s)                                          following:
                                                   Dean of the respective Faculty
                                                   External Assessor(s)                                              Interview/
Head of Service          Executive Member          Member of Directorate (where the respective Service falls         Person Specification
                                                    within their remit (Chair)                                        Work related exercise
                                                   Other Directorate Member and/or Corporate Leadership              Group Exercise
                                                    Role                                                              Tests
                                                   External Assessor(s)                                              Presentation
Senior Academic          Dean                      Dean/or Directorate member (Chair)
                                                                                                                      Other as appropriate
Leader/Principal                                   Associate Dean/Head of respective School/ Division
Lecturer)/Senior                                   Head of School/Division from another Faculty
Lecturer/Lecturer or                               External subject specialist where appropriate usually PL and
roles of similar level                              above or equivalent

Support Staff Grade 1-   Head of Service         Head of Service/other senior manager from the respective
6 inclusive                                       Service (Chair)
                                                 Senior officer from the respective Faculty/Service
                                                 Representative from complementary Service/Faculty
Support Staff Grade 7-   Head of Service         Head of Service/HOFA (Chair)
9 inclusive                                      Directorate member (with responsibility for the area in which
                                                  the post is located)/other senior manager from
                                                 Head of complementary Service/Faculty (where appropriate)

Note the HR Service is not routinely involved in interviews and selection processes but can be upon request.

April 2008


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