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									Unit   Days   Pages    Topic                     Objectives                                                    ICT Links
                                                 Children will be taught to:
   1      3      2-7   Counting, properties of   Say number names in order to at least 100, from and back      Maths Toolbox –
                       numbers and               to zero.                                                      counting stick INTROS
                       number sequences          Count reliably up to 100 objects by grouping them in 10s.     Abacus – Number
                                                 Count on or back in ones or tens from any two-digit           Counter
                                                 number.                                                       Easi-teach Counter
                                                 Recognise two-digit multiples of 10.                          Ambleside Big Count
                                                 Count in 100s from/back to 0.
 2-4     15     8-15   Place value, ordering,    Read and write whole numbers from 0 to 50 in figures and      Abacus – place value
                       estimating, rounding      words.                                                        grid
                                                 Know what each digit in a two-digit number represents
                                                 including 0 as place holder.                                  Numbers – ATM
                                                 Say the number that is one or ten more/less than a given      Developing Number
                                                 two-digit number.
                                                 Partition two-digit numbers into a multiple of 10 and ones.   Maths Toolbox – Number
               24-29   Understanding + and -     Understand the operations of addition and subtraction;        Facts INTROS
                                                 recognise that addition can be done in any order but not
                                                 subtraction.                                                  Ambleside Calculator
               32-41   Mental calculation        Use +, -, = signs to record mental calculations in a number
                       strategies (+ and -)      sentence.                                                     Complements – ATM
                                                 Put the larger number first.                                  Developing Number
                                                 Count on or back in tens or ones.
                                                 Add/subtract 9 or 11 by adding/subtracting 10 and adjusting
                                                 by 1.
               66-69   Money and ‘real life’     Identify near doubles, using doubles already known.
                       problems                  Recognise all coins.
                                                 Find totals.
               60-61   Making decisions,         Choose and use an appropriate number operation and
                       checking results          calculation strategy to solve simple word problems.
                                                 Explain method orally.
                                                 Record in number statement using +, - and = signs.
                                                 Check sums by adding in a different order.
5-6   8   70-77   Measures, including       Use and begin to read the vocabulary related to length and   Maths Toolbox – Clocks
                  problems                  time.                                                        INTROS
                                            Use units of time: second, minute, hour, day, week.
                                            Suggest suitable units to estimate or measure time.          MathSphere Tangrams
                                            Estimate, measure then compare lengths using metres,
                                            recording as ‘3 and a bit metres’.                           Pips, Roamer
                                            Suggest suitable units and equipment.
          80-83   Shape and space           Use mathematical names for common 3-D and 2-D shapes.        Carroll Diagrams, Venn
                                            Sort shapes and describe some of their features, e.g.        Diagrams & Sorting 2D
                                            number of sides, corners, edges, faces.                      Shapes (DfES ICT Pack)
                                            Make and describe shapes, patterns or pictures using solid
                                            shapes and templates.
          62-65   Reasoning about           Use mathematical vocabulary to describe position.
                  shapes                    Investigate general statements about shapes.
 8    5     2-7   Counting, properties of   Describe and extend number sequences.                        Ambleside
                  numbers and number        Count on and back in twos from zero or any small number.     Multisequencer
                  sequences                 Recognise odd, even numbers, and two digit multiples of 2    Maths Toolbox –
          62-65   Reasoning about           to 30.                                                       Counting Sticks INTROS
                  numbers                   Solve mathematical problems/puzzles, recognise simple        All About Number CD
                                            patterns and relationships and make predictions. Suggest     ROM: Odds & Evens
                                            extensions.                                                  Ambleside Table Square
 9    5    8-17   Place value, ordering,    Place numbers on number line or 100 square.                  Maths Toolbox – Number
                  estimating                Use and begin to read the vocabulary of comparing and        line/counting stick/grids
                                            ordering numbers, including ordinal numbers to 100.          Easiteach – 100 grids
          24-29   Understanding + and –     Understand the operations of addition and subtraction and    Ambleside Number
          32-41   Mental calculation        use and begin to read the related vocabulary.                Squares
                  strategies (+ and -)      Use patterns similar calculations.                           Play Train (DfES ICT
                                            Find small difference, counting up.                          Pack)
          66-69   Money and ‘real life’     Use £p notation.                                             Ambleside Pyramid
                  problems                  Choose and use appropriate number operation and              Toy Shop (DfES ICT
          60-61   Making decisions,         calculation strategy to solve simple word problems.          Pack)
                  check results             Explain method.
10-   10   46-51   Understanding x         Understand multiplication as repeated addition. Use the    Tables – ATM
 11                                        related vocabulary.                                        Developing Number
                                           Use x and = signs, and ? to stand for unknown number.
                                           Use known facts to carry out simple multiplication.        Take Part (DfES ICT
           54-57   Mental calculation      Add and multiply mentally to solve simple word problems.   Pack)
                   strategies (x)          Choose and use an appropriate number operation and
           66-69   Money and ‘real life’   calculation strategy to solve simple word problems.
                   problems                Explain method orally.
           58-61   Making decisions,       Record in number statement, using x and = signs.
                   check results           Begin to recognise and find one half of shapes and small
           20-23   Fractions               objects.
                                           Recognise that two halves make one whole.
12-   10   70-79   Measures and time,      Use a ruler to measure and draw lines to the nearest cm.   Maths Toolbox – Clocks,
 13                including problems      Solve problems involving length or time.                   Abacus Clocks
                                           Order months of the year.
                                           Read time to hour on analogue or 12 hour digital clock.
           90-93   Handling data           Solve a problem by sorting, classifying and organising
                                           information in a list or simple table.
                                           Discuss and explain results.

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