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					Travel and Accommodation Booking Service Guidelines
This service is available to all appointees in connection with their attendance at meetings.

The service covers:

       Rail travel
       Air travel (for travellers from Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles only)
       Overnight accommodation (bed and breakfast accommodation is provided with a dinner and
        beverage allowance of £20.00. This limit must be strictly adhered to and any expenses incurred
        above this amount should be settled on departure and cannot be reclaimed via expenses.)
       Ferry travel

Travel and accommodation bookings will be made by Assessment Planning. Invoices will be sent direct to SQA
for payment, avoiding outlay by appointees and the need to reclaim amounts involved via an expenses claim.

In most instances Assessment Planning will select hotel accommodation within a short distance of the meeting
venue and only when local accommodation is not available will an alternative be sourced.

Team requirements should be discussed and agreed prior to submitting booking requests and whenever possible
forms for a team should be submitted together with each form identifying other team members in the comments
section. If you have not received confirmation within 2 weeks of your required date, please contact
Assessment Planning on 0131 271 6707.

Following confirmation of bookings Assessment Planning are unable to amend accommodation to suit personal
preferences due to the volume of requests and administration involved. It is therefore important that exact
requirements are noted on the original booking request form.

If you would like SQA to make travel/accommodation arrangements on your behalf, please complete the attached
form (one per booking, photocopy if required) and email to or return to QA Events in the
envelope provided with your marker invitation in the first instance.

Important Information
       If you wish to stay in the same hotel as other team members please agree preferred hotel before
        submitting a Travel/Accommodation Request Form (TARE). Details should be clearly noted on
       Where a preferred hotel is not available another hotel will be selected by Assessment Planning.
       Details of meeting and SQA contact name must be entered on the TARE Form.
       Any delay in returning the TARE form may result in you having to make your own arrangements
        and reclaiming costs incurred.
       Changes will only be made to confirmed bookings if the meeting arrangements have been changed.
       Cancellation of overnight accommodation and/or travel must be made by telephone to Assessment
        Planning on 0131 271 6707 at least 48 hours prior to the booking.
       Bookings will not be accepted without receipt of a completed TARE form. Please do not telephone
        your booking.

              Bookings will not be accepted without receipt of a completed
                        Travel/Accommodation request form.
                        Please do not telephone your booking.

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