The-Things-People-Say-(or-Do by sdaferv


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									The Things People Say (or Do!)

                   Say/Do                          Possible                      Alternative
  1.    Two staff sniggering as           What am I wearing to get        Don’t exhibit behaviour
        customer/client enters.           that reaction?; they’re         likely to be taken two
                                          having a laugh at me;           ways.
                                          they’re not very busy
                                          here; sloppy in this
                                          department means sloppy
                                          service too.

  2.    “I can’t take any more work,      Unhelpful; Customer/Client “I’d really love to fit you
        I’m overloaded”.                  thinks: what about my      in, and I appreciate that
                                          needs?                     you’re desperate. I can do
                                                                     something for you on
                                                                     Tuesday morning. You’ll
                                                                     be the first to know if I
                                                                     can fit it in earlier”.

  3.    “Yeah, can I help?”               Unfriendly; sloppy.             “Good morning, sir. Nice
                                                                          weather, isn’t it? How can
                                                                          I help?”

  4.    Person walks into                 Unfriendly; unhelpful;          “Good morning. Do you
        department and ignores            aloof.                          need any help?”
        customer/client waiting. - now uploaded with loads of freebie trainer resources!

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