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					       The Queen’s Church of England Primary
    A Statement of Our Guiding Principles on Pupil Discipline and

                        Our Behaviour Charter
                     “Love one another as I have loved you”
                                       (John ch15 v12)

As a Christian community, and in common with many other world faiths, we encourage
the children of The Queen’s Church of England Primary School, to behave towards one
another in the same way as they would expect others to behave towards them.

It is with this Christian understanding of how we should behave towards each other,
combined with the knowledge that we are all made in the image of God, and created to
be the fullest reflection of him, that we have developed this, The Queen’s Church of
England School Behaviour Charter.

The Governing Body believes that dialogue with pupils, parents, carers and staff is
important in developing the principles on which this behaviour charter is based.
Therefore, in any future review of this Charter, the school will consult with all members
of the school community, as appropriate and will ensure that any impact on the home
school agreement is considered.

                                                                           June 2008

We encourage every child to reach their full potential, nurtured and supported in a Christian
community, which lives by the values of love, compassion and respect

                         Our Behaviour Charter

                    “Love one another as I have loved you”
                                    (John ch15 v12

         The Queen’s Church of England Primary School Aims to:

      Value our children and inspire in each a confidence in their own worth and
            abilities, that will give them reason for the whole of their lives

    Support each child’s development, helping them to flourish and become creative,
      independent thinkers, stimulated and challenged by an enriched curriculum

     Encourage each child to learn about the wider world, helping them to become
    sensitive, understanding and tolerant people as they grow within our supportive

From these aims this charter was developed.
Through this charter we aim:

    To live by and to actively share our statement of Christian ethos
    To ensure a consistent, clear and fair approach, thereby giving security to all
     members of our school community
    To reinforce our strong sense of community through a shared responsibility
     for all our actions and our environment
Our children will be guided to:
 Develop a strong sense of belonging to this Christian community
 Know that they represent our school and all that we stand for, whether in class,
  moving around school or out in the wider world
 Behave with courtesy, tolerance, consideration and respect for all
 Be encouraged to value their own possessions, those of others and our school
 Develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions and attitudes
 Understand the expectations of their conduct through codes of conduct and clear
  consistent messages
 Understand the consequences of their actions for themselves but also for those
  around them

Our staff will:
 Know that they are valued and respected members of our Christian community
 Have a thorough understanding of the expectations we, as a school share through
  a clear and relevant induction programme
 Know that they will be given access to appropriate training and will have
  opportunities to share and develop skills
 Be models of good behaviour for the children, in keeping with our belief that
  pupils learn by example
 Expect senior staff to be highly visible at particular times of day to support staff
  and help to maintain a sense of calm and order
 Instil the Christian values by which we live, as set out in our school statement and
 Be clear, consistent and fair in all things
 Provide a safe, happy and secure space within which our children will flourish and
 Set clear expectations of behaviour through clear codes of conduct
 Be equipped to use commonly agreed classroom management and behaviour
 Know that the school will take firm action against pupils or parents who harass
  members of staff on or off the school premises
 Feel valued and supported by colleagues, governors and parents

Our Parents and Carers will:
 Understand the Christian ethos by which we live at school
 Understand ways in which they can work in partnership with our school
 Respect staff
 Actively support the school, as set out in the Home School Agreement
 Support our view that children learn by example and model good behaviour whilst
  helping in school
 Feel confident in sharing with school any issues or concerns about their children
 Know that the school will keep them informed of their child’s progress and
 Have access to the school’s policies and guidelines
 Feel welcome and involved in their children’s lives at school

We encourage every child to reach their full potential, nurtured and supported in a Christian
community, which lives by the values of love, compassion and respect.
         The Queen’s Church of England Primary School
                   Home School Agreement

The Queen’s School serves its community by providing an education of the
highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

The School will endeavour to:

   Care for your child’s safety and wellbeing
   Ensure that you child achieves their full potential
   Instil a set of values and attitudes consistent with our Christian foundation
   Provide a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the needs of your child
   Achieve high standards of work and behaviour through building of good relationships
    and developing a sense of responsibility
   Keep you informed and involved in the life of the school and in your child’s progress in
   Be welcoming and encourage you to become involved in the daily life of the school

The Family will endeavour to:

   Ensure that your child attends school regularly and on time, explaining any absence
   Ensure that your child comes to school appropriately dressed and properly equipped
   Let the school know of any concerns about your child
   Attend meetings to review your child’s progress
   Support the school in ensuring that homework is completed and returned promptly
   Support the school’s expectations of behaviour as set out in our Charter of Behaviour
   Support the Christian values of the school
   Encourage your child to take a full part in the life of the school

I/We agree to the Home School Agreement

Signed on behalf of the family……………………………                                     Date…………..

Signed on behalf of the school……………………………                                     Date…………..

We encourage every child to reach their full potential, nurtured and supported in a Christian
community, which lives by the values of love, compassion and respect.
          The Queen’s Church of England Primary School
                        Code of Conduct

                          Our Golden Rules and Code of Conduct

     We each make choices in how we behave, though we recognise that at times
                     circumstances or others limit those choices
 We alone are responsible for the choices we make and therefore the consequences that

As a school we have agreed that there are five key rules, the Golden Rules, that we should adopt and
live by:

We will;
       Be Gentle                                        Do not hurt anybody

         Be kind and helpful                            Do not hurt peoples feelings

         Work hard                                      Do not wastes yours or other’s time

         Look after property                            Do not waste or damage things

         Listen to people                               Do not interrupt

         Be honest                                      Do not cover up the truth
                                                        (as devised by Jenny Moseley)

From these “Golden Rules” and following a whole school consultation with the children a “Code of
Conduct” has been developed using questionnaires, assemblies and class discussions led by the school

These “Golden Rules”, and the underlying Code of Conduct, are displayed in each classroom, around
the school and are central to this Behaviour Charter. They will form the basis of shared discussion at
the beginning of each year in order to establish a sense of ownership and will be referred to for
reinforcement by all members of the school community, across the school and throughout the year.

We encourage every child to reach their full potential, nurtured and supported in a Christian
community, which lives by the values of love, compassion and respect.

         The Queen’s Church of England Primary School

                                 Code of Conduct

The start of each new school year is the ideal time for staff and children, to study
together, our Golden Rules and from them, through reflection and discussion, to draw
up a Code of Conduct, appropriate to the each year groups’ age and understanding.
This will establish a sense of shared ownership and will ensure that the children,
across the school, understand what our Code of Conduct means for them.

The following “Guide to our Expectations” was draw up from the results of a joint staff and
governor workshop as well as from the responses to questionnaires sent to all the children,
from class and assembly discussions and from the work of School Council.

                                                                         June 2008

                                    Our Expectations

In the classrooms we expect everyone to…

       Use gentle voices
       Listen with respect to teachers and each other
       Follow instructions carefully and quietly
       Show consideration for others and be careful not to disrupt your learning or theirs
       Not to shout out inappropriately
       Take care of school property, furniture
       Look after your own processions
       Always try your very best in all that you

In shared spaces, halls and corridors we expect everyone to…

       Use gentle voices
       Walk quietly at all times about the school, do not run
       Respect others need for peaceful study
       Hold doors open for others
       Look after school property
       Listen to instructions
       Tidy away after yourself and others
       Use toilets with care and consideration, only visiting them when necessary
In the lunch hall and picnic areas we expect everyone to…

      Use gentle voices
      Line up calmly and sensibly
      Thank Cooks and lunchtime helpers politely
      Show good manners at the table, using cutlery neatly and appropriately
      Treat all adults with respect and listen to instructions
      Listen to each other in conversation and do not talk over others voices
      Be careful with food, don’t drop it on the floor or leave a mess on the table
      Clear away neatly, with consideration for those who will sit in your place

In the playground we expect everyone to…

      Be gentle in play
      Listen and always show respect to lunchtime staff
      Include others, do not leave people out
      Apologise for accidents immediately
      Try to resolve problems calmly and ask for help if you need it
      Forgive one another and move on
      Treat others, as you would expect to be treated
      Be honest and take responsibility for your own actions
      Take turns, share and show patience
      Be kind and thoughtful
      No fighting games or rough play
      Take responsibility and look after our playground and playthings
      Show gentleness towards insects and animals in the playground
      Tidy away carefully
      Line up and return to class calmly
      Only go inside to visit welfare or the toilets

      Each class will display their agreed Code of Conduct together with the Golden Rules.
      They will also be displayed around the school in communal areas.

          We encourage every child to reach their full potential, nurtured and supported in a Christian
               community, which lives by the values of love, compassion and respect.

           The Queen’s Church of England Primary School

                                  Sanctions and Rewards

Good behaviour is encouraged in all areas of school life and children are helped to make the right
choices and to recognise examples of good behaviour around them. Each child will be aware of this
Behaviour Charter and share an understanding of the Golden Rules set at its core.

At times it may be necessary to reinforce the Charter with the use of fair and appropriate sanctions,
agreed by staff and understood by the children, to be used consistently across the school.

   A Yellow/Red card system

The Yellow card represents a warning. Two warnings result in a red card.
The advantage of this system is that the children have the opportunity to reflect upon their behaviour
and the choices they are making. They are given the chance to correct their behaviour after the first
warning has been given.
If a red card is issued to a child, they will be reminded of the behaviour charter, how their behaviour
has broken it and that there will be a consequence for their actions.

   They may miss playtime
   They may be asked to write a letter of apology
   If the matter is deemed to be of a serious nature, such as deliberately hurting another person,
    they may be sent to see the Deputy Head Teacher or the Head Teacher.

Procedures for Lunchtime staff, support staff,

   The same rewards and sanctions are understood and in use by our support staff and lunchtime staff
    with the full support of the teaching staff.

Procedures for parent helpers and visitors to our school.

We expect our children to give the same respect to other adults as they do to their teachers.
If a child behaves inappropriately the adult will be advised to refer to the class teacher.

A Behaviour log is kept in school in which a record is made of any serious incident including the action
taken. If a child’s name is entered in the log the parents may be notified.

Parents will be regularly reminded that the school welcomes visits at agreed times, to meet with class
teachers or the Head teacher, to discuss any concerns they may have about their child.

We encourage every child to reach their full potential, nurtured and supported in a Christian community, which
                              lives by the values of love, compassion and respect.

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