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									  School of Literatures Languages and Cultures
                                 Induction Day
              Thursday 17 September 2009 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm

              Lecture Hall A, David Hume Tower (27 on map)

2.00 – 2.15    Welcome from Dr Andrew Newman, Postgraduate Director
2.15 – 2.20    Kate Marshall, Administrator of the Graduate School
2.20 – 2.35    Dr Shenxiao Tong, LLC Librarian
2.25 – 2.45    Transkills – Amy Cartwright
2.45 – 3,00    Dr Adam Budd, Research Methods
3.00 – 3.10    Forum – the LLC online Journal

3.15 – 4.15    Meeting with subject areas (research students) or MSc groups. See
               below .

4.45 – 6.00    Reception, 1st floor Dining Room, Teviot House, Bristo Sq
               This will provide an opportunity for students to meet other postgraduate
               students and members of staff.

Arab World Studies                  SPS induction 3.15 pm, F21, 7 George Sq
Chinese (MSc + PhD)                 8 Buccleuch Place (to be confirmed)
Comparative and General Lit, MSc 19 George Square, Dr D Messina
Creative writing MSc + PhD          8.16 David Hume Tower, A Jamieson
European Theatre, MSc               10.18 DHT Prof Colvin, Dr Desnain
Film Studies (MSc AND PhD)          19 George Square, Prof Beugnet, Dr Ravetto
Islamic and M E Studies (MSc+ PhD)IMES Library 19 George Square
Literature and Modernism MSc        G.01 William Robertson Bg, Drs Fielding/Irvine
Literature and Society MSc          G.01 William Robertson Bg, Drs Fielding/Irvine
Literature and Transatlanticism MSc IASH, Hope Park Square Seminar Rm
Material Cultures and H of the Book 4.01, 18 Buccleuch Place, Dr Bell
Medieval Studies MSc                Prof Bennett’s room, top floor 60 Geo Sq
Translation Studies                 19 George Square
US Literature MSc                   G.01 William Robertson Bg, Drs Fielding/Irvine

                     Research Studies, MSc by Research and PhD
Celtic and Scottish Studies          Conference Room, 27 George Square
Asian Studies, Chinese, Japanese     Meet supervisors in 8 Buccleuch Place
English Literature                   11.18 DHT, Dr Malpas and Dr Taylor
French                               Meet supervisor as arranged
German                               Meet supervisor as arranged
Italian                              Meet Prof Pedriali at 4.00 pm on 23 September
Islamic Studies                      IMES Library 19 George Square
Russian                              10.05 DHT Dr Ryazanova-Clarke         /over
Research Methods Course week 1
Students for most taught MSc programmes in the school (not Arab World Studies,
Creative Writing, Translation Studies or MScR Celtic Studies) must enrol for the
Research Skills and Methods course. Please register through this link

                                   Some Useful Information:

The Codes of Practice for Taught and Research Students are available on line:

General Regulations are on:

The University Health Centre:
Please ensure that you register with the health service. You will then be
covered for any medical treatment required.

University Email Account
How to auto forward to your own personal email accounts:

In sms mail click the ‘filters’ button
click insert filter
a new rule appears
tick the box next to 'forward to' and type in the email address you want to
forward to. click 'enable filter' and the box should change to green.
If you want to continue to receive the mail in the SMS mail as well you need
to tick the box next to 'save in folder' and type Inbox in the box.
Further info on

Please note that I shall send all email messages to your University account, so it is important to
either set up this forward, or to regularly check your university account.

Transkills Programme
Transkills provides training courses for research students.

Inter-Library Loans
Each student may claim up to 10 vouchers (worth £4 each) over the year. You should bring a
note of the books and confirmation that they are not in the University Library or the National
Library of Scotland (George IV Bridge) to the Graduate School office, G26, 19 George

Conference Grants
Students who wish to travel to conferences to present a paper may apply for help with
funding. Students who hold a College Award will normally only be eligible at a lower rate,
as they have a £420 allowance for this with their awards. Awards are limited to one
conference per year.

Help with Computing – courses in IT skills
Kate Marshall, Administrative Officer, Graduate School LLC (

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