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					                              BRETT MASTERS


  My life objective is to challenge myself whatever the media. To constantly improve my abilities in the Multimedia
  industry, in an effort to move up the corporate ladder. I pride myself on giving 110% effort and my work ethic and
  commitment are of the highest order.


  DESIGN SOFTWARE – Expert knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks & Dreamweaver
  PROGRAMING LANGUAGES – Basic knowledge of html, xml, php, asp, JavaScript, css, Actionscript.


  During the last 6 years I have been mainly contracting to design agencies and doing some odd website for friends on
  the side. I have worked with top London agencies and a lot of high profile people gaining invaluable experience.

  Company: Fortune Cookie         Creative Input: Creative working with Art Director.
  Position: Senior Designer       Client: Small Luxury Hotels – Re-designed may key pages on this site to give it a
                                  luxury feel to match its name.

  Company: Altogether Digital     Creative Input: Creative lead and graphic maintenance on several projects.
  Position: Senior Designer       Client: Tesco – Concepted, designed and animated various Tesco banners as well as
                                  concepts for Tesco Compare.
                                  Client: Artemis – Designed and animated a couple of interactive Artemis banners
                                  which ran through Eyeblaster
                                  Client: Alpen – Designed a pitch called the Online Ramble which involved a
                                  microsite and demo overlay gaphics showing the idea working.

  Company: iris Nation            Creative Input: Creative lead and graphic maintenance on several projects.
  Position: Senior Designer       Client: Shell – Concepted, designed and animated Shell banners for various new
                                  campaigns, as well as updated graphics on several new pages designs.
                                  Client: Disney – Firstly I created flash banners, home page takeovers and html emails
                                  promoting Disney’s new comedy show Sonny with a chance. Secondly I worked on
                                  some graphics for the Jonas Brothers website.
                                  Client: Sony Ericsson – Worked on phone graphics and flash elements for Sony
                                  Ericsson’s new website.
                                  Client: VW – Updated the VW Commercial vehicles site with some new graphics.

  Company: Hyper Happen           Creative Input: Creative lead on several projects mainly concepting and creating
  Position: Senior Designer       subsequent pages.
                                  Client: Cadbury – Website graphics, emails, site takeovers.
                                  Client: 1Click2Fame – Website concepts and graphics.
                                  Client: Adidas – Pitch work for numerous projects including in store branding and
                                  for their boot the F50.
                                  Client: Feel Good Drinks – Pitch work for the Ministry of Feel Good including a
                                  logo and home page integration.
                                  Client: Nokia – Website concepts and pages for Nokia’s Intranet and Nokia’s
                                  Environment section of their website.

  Company: Big Kid                Creative Input: Graphic support, aiding and designing with 2 other designers though
  Position: Senior Designer       we each created individually.
                                  Client: Harrods – Website concepts and graphics.
Company: Conker               Creative Input: Creative lead creating site graphics based loosely from print files.
Position: Senior Designer     Client: Virgin Limited Edition – Website concepts and graphics.

Company: Geronimo             Creative Input: Creative support and lead working on projects for Seat and Direct Line
Position: Senior Designer     reporting to an Art Director.
                              Client: Seat – Ibiza banners
                              Client: Direct Line – Website concepts and graphics.

Company: Made By Many         Creative Input: Creative lead, worked on website concepts including information
Position: Senior Designer     design and social networking aspects.
                              Client: Lovefilm – Website concepts for German and UK sites.
                              Client: British Airways – Website concepts for MetroTwin.

Company: Reuters              Creative Input: Creative lead, worked on banner concepts, promotional flyers, new
Position: Senior Designer     website pages, icons, web graphics, liaised with marketing team.

Company: Altogether Digital   Creative Input: Creative lead on all designs, worked with Design Director and Project
Position: Senior Designer     Manager, working from wire frames.
                              Client: Tesco - Concepts, banner designs and website incorporation. New concepts
                              for Tesco Compare website.
                              Client: Churchill - Microsite.
                              Client: Artemis - Website graphics and flash design.

Company: Crayon               Creative Input: Working from wireframes, alongside the Art Director, Lead Designer
Position: Senior Designer     and Junior Designer.
                              Client: BT - Designed new pages for the new BT Vision website. Tight deadlines.

Company: Proximity            Creative Input: Concept designs, re-working concepts, collaborated with the PM.
Position: Senior Designer     Client: Eurostar - Email templates surrounding the launch of the new St Pancras
                              Station in London.
                              Client: Royal Mail - Designed an email promoting online postage services called
                              “Flaunt It”
                              Client: Yellow Pages - Designed customer support emails.

Company: Tequila              Creative Input: Created the concepts from wireframes, worked closely with Project
Position: Senior Designer     Manager and Art Director.
                              Client: Carbon Trust - I produced an email and a collection of banners promoting
                              the Carbon Trust.

Company: CogWorks             Creative Input: Created concepts from scratch, liaised with Lead Designer.
Position: Senior Designer     Client: Christopher St James - Designed website concept.
                              Client: Bruce & Brown London - Designed 2 website concepts.

Company: Emperor Design       Creative Input: Re-created flash maps from old maps, designed new pages in keeping
Position: Senior Designer     with existing designs, worked with several Project Managers.
                              Client: Burren Energy – Interactive flash maps, graphics for new website.
                              Client: Ferrexpo – Created a new website concept for Ferrexpo.
                              Client: Revesco – New website concepts for Revesco.
                              Client: Hansard Global – New website concepts for Hansard Global.
                              Client: Salamander – Web page designs and flash maps.
                              Client: Buchananns – Web page designs.

Company: Underwired           Creative Input: Creative lead on microsites, websites and banners, worked closely with
Position: Senior Designer     Project Managers and Art Director.
July 2007                     Client: Peugeot – I took the lead on several projects for Peugeot’s new 308 including
                              a microsite design, and banner concepts. Working to tight deadlines.
                              Client: Virgin Holidays – Designed new email concepts for all communications with
                              their customers for the next year. Working to tight deadlines.
                              Client: Texperts – Created microsite designs called “Tex-Factor” for people who
                              want to become Texperts.

Company: Financial Times      Worked on the design and development of Financial Times Business websites
  Business                , and
  Position: Contract Designer I designed new web pages and microsites working with
  Oct 2005 – May 2007               complex JavaScript, CMS systems and XML. I also designed, managed and sent our
                                    marketing emails to our 26,147 user database a few times a week.

  Company: Contracting              Company: first2office – Contracted to re-design the website.
  Position: Contract Designer       Company: N-Tire Systems – N-Tire Systems are an IT company offering computer
  Aug 2004 – June 2006              support, and I contract to them producing local websites and print material.
                                    Company: e-mediavision – e-mediavision is a World leader in real time video systems
                                    where I created some new promotional material including brochures, show display
                                    banners, web animations and numerous brochure adverts.
                                    Company: esp2office – Worked on projects for Basepoint, Childworld, iKinetics,
                                    Kingshott, MWB Business Centers and more producing print works and websites
                                    such as
                                    Company: Get Plugged In - contracting re-designing old websites and designing new
                                    ones. I was the primary designer so I liaised with clients on work progress and
                                    discussed amendments. Websites created during this time were www.exposure-
                          ,,,, and

  Company: Concise Group            Client: BP – interactive CD-ROM using Macromedia Director.
  Position: Contract Designer       Client: Visa – Designed a new intranet site for Visa’s employees.
  Jan 2004 – May 2004               Client: Jupiter Business Systems – Created a CD-ROM called Jupiter Question
                                    Client: Guinness – Interactive CD-ROM with downloadable documents and videos.
                                    Client: Virgin Mobile - Created an animated Director presentation.


  I enjoy socializing, travelling, sports, listening to music and playing my guitar.


  1998 – 2001 - Gold Coast, Australia.
  University: Griffith University, Course: Bachelor of Multimedia
   Completed 4 years of study, Achieved Academic Excellence Award.


  On request

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