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									                                             R.A.F.A. SHOREHAM AIR SHOW LIMITED
                                                         AIR SHOW 2009

        A.      INFORMATION:
                This definition is to be taken to mean the Information contained in these pages, and any other additions or amendments
                deemed necessary by the Organisers.
        B.      ORGANISERS:
                This definition is to be taken to mean The R.A.F.A. Shoreham Airshow Limited and any of their representatives, including
                any representatives from the Shoreham Airport Operators and Owners.
        C.      TRADERS:
                This definition is to be taken to include all persons exhibiting and/or trading at the R.A.F.A. Shoreham Air Show 2009

        A.     Control of all items “ground-side” of Shoreham Airport for the duration of the Air Show 2009 is in the hands of the
               Organisers, whose decisions are final and binding on all Traders.
        B.     The Organisers have the right, without appeal, to resolve all cases which are not covered by this Information.
        C.     Any persons or organisation failing to comply with any item within this Information or directions from the Organisers may
               be instructed to leave the Air Show site and Shoreham Airfield, without recompense.

        A.       The Organisers will not accept liability for loss or damage to any exhibits or trading items at any time, and Traders are
                 advised to ensure that their exhibits/stock are insured for such loss or damage, including risk of fire.
        B.       Traders will be held responsible for loss or damage or injury to property (including other Traders) and persons, caused by
        C.       The Organisers do not accept liability and will not be under any liability to Traders in respect of any direct or indirect
                 damage, loss, or injury to persons or property arising out of or in any way connected with the Traders commercial displays.
        D.       Traders are strongly advised to take out insurance cover against the risk of this event being cancelled or postponed. In no
                 circumstances will Traders have any claim against the Organisers in the event of such a cancellation or postponement of
                 this event.
        E.       Traders must comply with all U.K. Statutory Requirements and Regulations whist participating in this Air Show.
        F.       Traders are responsible for the safety of the public on their sites, particularly for the safe demonstration of any working
                 exhibits or displays, and are responsible for the security of their exhibits and property.

        A.     Traders are required to hold third party liability insurance showing organisers endorsed as additional assured with „hold
               harmless‟ indemnity and waivers of subrogation in the Organisers‟ favour. In respect of their participation in the R.A.F.A.
               Shoreham Air Show 2009 the limit of third party insurance must be not less than £2,000,000 for any one accident, incident,
               or occurrence.

       A.     The sale of the following articles are prohibited:
                 i. Guns, realistic-looking toy guns or other weapons that fire any sort of projectile (e.g. BB guns, airguns,
                    crossbows, catapults, etc.)
                ii. Knives of any description, including lock-bladed knives and folding pocket knives.
               iii. Livestock, live fish, and caged birds.
               iv. Balloons shall not be given away or sold, as these become a hazard to aircraft.
                v. Kites shall not be given away or sold, except in a packaged condition and provided that a notice is displayed
                    which clearly states that kites are not to be flown on the Airfield.
               vi. Paper or plastic bags shall be securely fastened when used to cover any item, to prevent such a bag being
                    released, thereby causing a hazard to aircraft.
              vii. Any other products as may be specified by the Organisers.
 NOTE:    Foodstuffs (burgers, pies, etc.), drinks (in all forms), and ice-cream products may only be sold by the Concessionaires
          appointed by the Organisers. Sweets and confectionary may be sold.
       B.     Sound reproduction: Microphones and amplifiers are not allowed on the Airfield.
       C.     Roving sales or similar trading is not allowed. All trading must be carried out within the Traders’ allocated pitch

        A.    No electrical power or water is supplied to any Traders‟ site. Traders must supply their own stall, seating, cover, etc. and
              their own electrical power if they require it, using diesel-powered generators only (NO petrol-fuelled generators allowed),
              which must conform to all applicable standards and requirements, including provision of fire extinguishers.
        B.    No overnight camping, unless prior notification to the Organisers and their agreement.

        A.      Traders may express a preference for a particular site; however, sites will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis,
                and no guarantee can be given that such a preferred site will be available or allocated.
        B.      Application must be submitted, on the appropriate form, to the Organisers. Payment of all site fees is to be included with
                the application. The closing date for receipt of all applications is 31 July 2009, after which date no applications will be
                processed. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any application in whole or in part. The reason for acceptance or
                rejection of any application will be given in writing (post or e-mail) to the applicant.
        C.      The Organisers reserve the right to change the location of any site previously allocated.
        D.      Sub-letting and/or sub-contracting of sites is strictly prohibited.
        E.      Boundaries of sites will be clearly marked by the Organisers. All sales areas are of 10 metre depth.
                Traders are to ensure that their exhibits/sales area, including all support equipment, tentage, guy ropes and
                fixings, and any advertising material, are within each defined site area. Traders using a third party to erect
                marquees, gazebos, etc, are to ensure that this tentage does not infringe any other trader’s pitch. Instances
                where this occurs may result in the trader being required to move the offending tentage immediately and/or being
                instructed to leave the Air Show site and Shoreham Airport.

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8.    ACCESS
      Please remember that Shoreham Airport will still be an active airfield until 20:00 on Saturday 22 August 2009 and Sunday
      23 August 2009, and all non-airfield vehicles must be escorted at all times unless otherwise directed.
      A.       Entry of Traders to the Shoreham Air Show 2009 will be by presentation of a valid Trader‟s pass, which will be sent to the
               Trader by the Organisers on settlement of the site fees. Three people are allowed free access with each Trader‟s Pass.
               Additional persons must be in possession of the appropriate R.A.F.A. Shoreham Air Show 2009 admission tickets.
      B.       Traders must then report to the Traders‟ Reception point, which will be prominently marked, from whence they will be
               directed to their allocated site. Failure to comply may result in eviction from the airfield.

      A.      Setting up of Trader‟s sites may not commence until Friday 21 August 2009 without the express permission in writing
              from the Organisers.
      B.      Traders should ensure that they or their representatives are on-site to receive any/all deliveries (if applicable) including the
              erection of any tents, marquees, etc, as the Organisers will not handle Traders‟ equipment.
      C.      Traders or their representatives should be in the immediate area of the site at all times when the Air Show is open.
      D.      As no vehicle movements (except specified vehicles) will be allowed in the public area after 09:00 on both Show days, it is
              requested that, after Traders have set-up their equipment, they remove all vehicles except one support vehicle to the
              designated car parks. Marshals will be available to direct such vehicles.

      A.      Traders will be allocated a position on grass on a pre-designated site. Traders must supply their own stall, seating, cover,
              etc. and their own electrical power if they require it, (see Paragraph 6A) which must conform to all applicable standards
              and requirements, including the provision of fire extinguishers.
      B.      Traders are requested to keep within the boundaries of their site. The setting out of Trader’s advertising
              materials, such as ‘A’ boards, etc outside the Traders’ allotted site area is prohibited (see Paragraph 7E).
      C.      No Traders‟ vehicle movements are allowed from 09:00 on each Show day. Traders are requested to ensure that their
              vehicles are parked in such a manner that they do not block any public clearway or any emergency access routes.
      D.      Traders are responsible for the cleanliness of their site. All traders are requested to take their rubbish, including pallets,
              packing cases, paper, cardboard, etc, away with them. To assist, there may be designated stacking places around the
              airfield, and refuse vehicles may be available to collect some items. Failure to act responsibly may result in a Trader not
              being invited to or being refused access to attend future R.A.F.A. Air Shows at Shoreham Airport.
      E.      For safety and hygiene reasons, no dogs are allowed on the airfield at any time (except guide dogs).

      A.      It is requested that, at the completion of each Show day, Traders do not leave their sites until 6:00 p.m. (18:00 hrs). This is
              to enable the public to exit the airfield in an orderly manner.

      A.      Access to sites must be allowed at all times to the Organisers and their representatives and official Health and Safety
              Services staff for inspection purposes.
      B.      Traders and Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their exhibits, stock, and/or property at all times.
      C.      Traders must not infringe on areas designated as Safety Access areas.
      D.      There will be security patrols at night, and, whilst every effort will be made to protect property, the Organisers cannot
              guarantee the security of Traders‟ property.

                                             IN CASE OF EMERGENCY
      A.             IMMEDIATELY inform any of the Organisers or their representatives.

      B.             Ensure all personnel are calmly moved away from the incident.

      C.             Keep all access areas clear for emergency vehicles.

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