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					                                    Faculty of Theology
                       OPEN DAY 2008
                                    “Theology at Oxford”
                                  Friday 8 February 2008
Pupils who are interested in studying Theology or Philosophy and Theology at Oxford University
are invited to attend the Faculty of Theology Open Day. RE and RS teachers and those
advising University candidates are also welcome. A Registration Form is attached and the
deadline for registration is Friday 18 January 2008

        10.15am              Registration – Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford
        11.00am              Introductory talks: Introduction to the Faculty by Tutors and current
        12.00-2.00pm         Lunch
        2.30-4.00pm          Seminars – Pupils
                             Admissions Q & A Session - Teachers
        4.00pm               Tea
        4.30pm               Depart

Lunch         Pupils will have lunch in various colleges where they will have the opportunity to meet
              current undergraduates and see something of life in an Oxford college. There will be a
              lunch for teachers at Rewley House, Kellogg College, where they will have the opportunity
              to meet some of the faculty members.

Seminars      There will be a range of seminars on offer designed to give prospective students an
              introduction to various areas of the syllabus at Oxford and enabling them to get a feel of
              the Oxford teaching environment and question tutors on their areas of expertise.

Teachers’ Session   An informative question and answer session on the admissions procedure.

Tea           An informal opportunity to meet with members of the faculty and discuss the courses,
              particular fields of interest, admissions and other aspects of studying at Oxford.

The theology prospectus is available from the Admissions Office:, our website:, or the Faculty Office and will also be available on the day.

                                Places are limited to 6 pupils per school
             (it may be helpful to consider that the standard offer is 3 grade As at A’level)

      Cost: £9.00 per pupil & £16.00 per teacher (£9.00 without lunch). Fees are non-refundable

      Registration forms should be completed and returned with a cheque for your remittance,
                            made payable to the University of Oxford, to:
The Academic Administrator, Theology Faculty Centre, 41 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LW  01865 270790
      Please do not email registration forms since places cannot be secured without remittance.

           The deadline for receipt of Registration Forms is FRIDAY 18 th JANUARY 2008

                                        Additional Information

Travel Costs
The Faculty is able to offer some limited funding towards the travelling costs incurred in attending the
Open Day by schools in the maintained sector which are situated over 50 miles from Oxford. To apply
for such funding it is necessary to submit, at the time of booking a letter of application detailing: 1) How
many pupils and teachers will be attending; 2) whether the school has sent pupils to past open days;
3) how much the travel costs will be; 4) what other sources of support the school has access to for
travel; 5) any other supporting information.

Pupils with a disability
The Faculty is happy to welcome prospective students with a disability however we would be grateful for
advance notification particularly where mobility is an issue since not all university buildings are easily
accessible for wheelchair users. For any students with a hearing impairment, loop systems are fitted in
the Examination Schools, the Faculty Centre and some other University buildings.

Travel Information
The venues for the open day are dispersed throughout the city at various college and University
locations and attendees must expect to walk up to approximately 20 minutes to get from one
venue to another - this is part of the Oxford experience. Maps will be provided with
confirmation details.

   Examination Schools is approximately 20 minutes walk from the Railway and Bus stations.
    The colleges are between approximately 10 & 20 minutes walk from them.

   It is not easy or cheap to park in Oxford, it is best to use public transport. There are 5 Park
    and Rides around the city: North - Water Eaton or Pear Tree, South - Redbridge, East -
    Thornhill and West - Seacourt. More information can be found at

   For further information on travelling to Oxford please see:

The faculty is unable to arrange accommodation. The following website has information on
accommodation available in Oxford:

        The deadline for receipt of Registration Forms is FRIDAY 18 th JANUARY 2008


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