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									                                    ON SIDE
 Over the last month the country have gone football mad, football crazy! There
have being several intriguing amusing and lively debate from the man on the street
to the great and the good, whether church services should start earlier or later, so
that fans can watch England play in the world cup.

You see football is a unique game that plays on fans emotion and loyalties. Football
generates a lot of excitement passion nationalistic and tribalism, amongst its
supporters. Some of it unhealthy and irrational. For some football fans, football is
their new religion. Watching their team winning is all that matter to them, it’s an
escape form the humdrum realities of life.

Football has got such on hold on its fans! That for many their whole life evolves
around their favourite team, it’s their weekly fix. Hence in ninety minuets of
watching our beloved team, football can be the cause of our misery or the sauce of
our joy for the coming week. The great Bill Shankley, once said football is not a
matter of life or death, it’s more important! Even though I don’t share his sentiment
I know millions of die-hard fans would agree with him 100%.

This world cup final has being a terrific advert for the beautiful game, played by so
call super fit heroes and worship like Gods. The modern day football player carries
the dreams and high expectation of so many fans, yet seldomly realise! It’s a hope
without any rational basis, but the dreaming goes on.

The most amusing news story I’ve heard from the world cup, was when a reporter
ask the Saudia Arabian manager for his comment on his team 8 goals to 0
hammering by Germany. His response was”untill Germany score there eight goals,
I thought we had a chance of getting something out of the game”. The fact that
Germany scored their eighth goal in the last minute of the match. I thought when he
utter those comments he must have been having a laugh with a tong and cheek
comment like that. If this man was serious I wish I had his faith and confidence.

I wonder which side God has Being on! Or should we ask the question are we up for
it to be in Gods team! You see the world cup have brought excitement and pleasure
to millions of people worldwide. It does not have to end there; we should try and
make Jesus our new centre forward. We are all included in Gods team Jesus united.
Our goals are to play for the prize of the eternal trophy. So lets play the game in the
sprit and good faith the way Jesus showed us. With Jesus on our side we have got a
winning start, a happier and more fulfilling life to look forward to.

In my opinion I don’t think God will think any more or less of me for not attending
the odd church service to watch England play with millions of other fans. I’m sure
God was watching too and would have being shouting come on Jesus!

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