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									                       London Metropolitan University

              Online Mark Entry –
      Training Manual for Academic Staff
           Autumn Semester 2006/7
                             Please keep this manual safe and secure.
                             Do not write down your password inside!

LOGGING ON ............................................................................................................ 1

CHECKING MODULE SET-UPS ............................................................................... 3

INPUTTING INITIAL ASSESSMENT RESULTS ....................................................... 5

INPUTTING RE-ASSESSMENT RESULTS .............................................................. 7

CALCULATING OVERALL MODULE RESULTS ..................................................... 9

VIEWING RESULTS ................................................................................................ 10

PRINTING A LIST OF RESULTS ............................................................................ 13

RETURNING TO THE LIST OF MODULES FOR MARK ENTRY ........................... 14

LOGGING OFF ........................................................................................................ 14

AT THE INTERNAL BOARD ................................................................................... 15

HELPDESK SUPPORT: JANUARY TO MARCH 2007 ........................................... 15

SUMMARY OF CONTACTS FOR QUERIES AND SUPPORT ............................... 16
Logging On

The mark entry system can only be accessed via the Internet Explorer web browser
(version 5.5 or higher). To log on to the mark entry system, click the Windows Start button,
click Programs, and select Internet Explorer. Alternatively if you have the Internet Explorer
icon on your desktop, you can double click on it. You can access the log in page via the
‘Quick Links’ menu on the University’s home page or alternatively type the following in the
Address field at the top of the screen:

If you have accessed the mark entry system before, you can select the address from the list of
stored addresses by clicking on the arrowhead next to the Address field as shown below.

The screen below will be displayed.

At the logon screen, enter your username and password and click the Log in button. Your
username and password match your university network username and password (which you
use to log into your University PC if you have one - see page 15 for contact phone numbers).

IMPORTANT! If a message asks at any point if you would like Windows to remember
your password, for security reasons please click 'No'.

You will be taken automatically to the Menu Screen shown below:

Click on the link ‘Mark Entry’.

You will be taken to the List of Modules screen below. This screen displays the modules for
which you are able to enter marks.

Modules with marks to enter have an initial status of ‘Available’. When mark entry is made
active this changes to ‘Ready for Marking’. Modules shown for previous semesters or
academic years with a status of 'Available' or 'Ready for Marking' indicate that there are re-
assessment results to be entered .

If you wish to enter marks but status is ‘Available’ please contact the helpdesk.

Module Status H means that the deadline (9am on the day of the internal board) has passed.
To be able to enter marks the Chair of the Board will need to contact Assessments on your
behalf to arrange for the module to be ‘re-opened’ (see contact details on pages 14/15).

Summary of Statuses

Status   Name                       Description
A        Available                  Results to be entered, but not yet made ‘open’
M        Ready For Marking          Marks can be entered
H        Marking Closed             Mark Entry rights have been turned off
PU       Published                  Marks have been made available to students
C        Completed                  Previous semester’s module - no further marks to be

Checking Module Set-ups

Before you start to enter marks for students, you should check that your module has
been set up correctly. You need to check the components, their percentage weightings and
that the method of assessment is correct, i.e. pass all components, pass on aggregate or pass
with qualifying sets.

To check that a module has been set up correctly on the system, select the module from the
list shown by clicking on the button in the Access column.

The Module screen will be displayed as follows (n.b. if status is not ‘Ready for Marking’ the
Enter Initial/Reassessments buttons will not be visible):

The module code and title are displayed along with the academic year and semester for which
marking is required.

The Sequence field (Seq) gives a code for each component of the module. The type of
assessment for each component is indicated in the Type field, for example, EXU Unseen

The percentage weighting for each component is shown in the Percent field.
If the qualifying mark for a component in the Q Mark field is set to something other than 0 or
blank (normally 40 for u/g or 50 for p/g), this indicates that in addition to achieving the
overall aggregate pass mark for the module, the student must achieve that score in that
individual component in order to pass the module (see example below):
However, if it is set to 0 or blank, the component needs to be passed on aggregate along with
other components displaying 0 in the Q Mark field:

Within a module there may be a mixture of some components that must be passed
individually and others that can be passed on aggregate in order to pass overall. In such
cases, the components that can be passed on aggregate are grouped together as a 'qualifying
set'. The components within the qualifying set are identified by the number '1' shown in the
Q Set field:

If the module set up information is not correct, please contact the Mark Entry helpdesk who
will check the module specification held on ‘Livelink’, the University’s repository of
approved course documentation. Module information which is different from the definitive
module specification will only be amended where it has gone through the correct Quality
Assurance process.

Inputting Initial Assessment Results

                                                                             Component Select Checkbox
Selection Criteria

To enter results you can select one, some or all of the components of the module by clicking
the check box in the Select column.

You have the choice of sorting the records by student name or student id number.

You can display only students without marks already entered, or all students taking the
module. Please note that the default setting shows students without a mark already
entered so unless you change it to ‘All Students’ you will not see marks already entered.

If you want to enter a mark for just one student, you can enter his/her id number to go straight
to his/her record. You should type an asterisk after the ID number e.g. 02245784*. You can
use an asterisk as a wildcard: e.g. 0224* will find students whose ID begins 0224. Once you
have decided the selection criteria, click the Enter Initial Assessments button to enter marks.

Type component marks and grades in for every student (it is recommended to use lower case,
as it is convenient to identify lower case marks as ones which haven’t yet been stored). Do
not leave blanks. If you think a student may have withdrawn from the module, enter a
mark of 0 and grade R.

                        VALID GRADES – INITIAL ASSESSMENT
Undergraduate                 Postgraduate             HND/HNC
Pass Marks
A      70-100                 P      50-100            D    Distinction
B      60-69                                           M    Merit
C      50-59                                           P    Pass
D      43-49
E      40-42
Non-Passing Marks
R      Resit (e.g. 25 R)      R      Resit (e.g. 25 R) R    Resit
       Late work is 0 R              Late work is 0 R       Late work is 0 R
Other grade codes
HM Academic                   HM Academic              HM Academic
       Misconduct                    Misconduct             Misconduct
HQ     Other Query            HQ     Other Query       HQ   Other Query

Modules with an attendance component                         N/a
0 S  Satisfactory attendance
0 NS Non satisfactory attendance (leads to a fail)
0 NP Non satisfactory, but does not lead to a fail
0 NL Non-satisfactory, leads to a fail, but provides
     reassessment opportunity in attendance component
0 P  Pass (0% weighted component)

The ticks, crosses and L’s shown on the screen above indicate whether or not the students
have submitted coursework. A tick indicates that coursework has been received, while a
cross indicates that it has not. If you have a mark for work with a cross, enter the mark
anyway and Registry will investigate. Only components which involve submitting work to
the Registry will have ticks, crosses and Ls. For example, exams will not show ticks and
crosses. Late work is shown by the letter L. The component mark and grade for late work
should always be 0 and R respectively.

To store and stay on the same page click the Store button. The page will ‘blink’ and details
will have stored, changing them to upper case. Click the Store and Next Page button to store
and see the next page of students. To go back to a previous page, click the Store and Prev
Page button. To go back to the Module Screen, click Quit Without Storing (rather than the
‘back’ button). Anything already stored will not be lost.

Inputting Re-assessment Results

Reassessment results will normally need to be entered during the summer reassessment
period for modules first assessed in that academic year.

To enter re-assessment marks and grades, select from your list of modules the relevant
year/period. Any modules with status Available or Ready for Marking will have ‘live’
reassessments. Then go through the same selection criteria as for initial assessments. Click
the Enter Re-assessments button to enter marks.

The student's previous mark and grade are displayed on the Enter Re-assessments screen. As
these grades are from previous boards you may see grades of RY or RN (resit with mit circs
accepted/rejected at previous board). Key the new mark and grade in against the new attempt

If a student does not attempt any of their reassessments, please leave all blank.

Otherwise enter 0 F or 0 R for the components they do not submit (see overleaf).

                               VALID GRADES AT REASSESSMENT
Undergraduate                      Postgraduate          HND/HNC
Pass Marks
As per initial assessment             As per initial assessment             As per initial assessment
Non-Passing Marks
F        Fail (e.g. 25 F or 0 F)      F        Fail (e.g. 25 F or 0 F)      F         Fail
R        Resit (e.g. 0 R) - only      R        Resit (e.g. 0 R) - only      R         Resit - only if student
if student is entitled to a further   if student is entitled to a further   is entitled to a further
reassessment as previous              reassessment as previous              reassessment as previous
component grade was RY (mit           component grade was RY (mit           component grade was RY (mit
circs)                                circs)                                circs)
Other grade codes
As per initial assessment

Calculating Overall Module Results

You can keep amending component results and re-calculating overall module results as many
times as you wish until just before the internal board. From 9am on the day of the board, you
will be denied access to change marks. However, you will still be able to view the marks and
print them out after 9am that day. Therefore, you must make sure that you have finished
entering marks by 9am on the day of the board. You need to print out the overall and
component results when you have finished the data entry so that you can take them to the

If mark entry has been shut down (status H) as the deadline has passed, the Chair of the
Board will need to contact Registry Services on your behalf if you need to arrange for the
module to be ‘re-opened’.

To calculate module results, go to the Module Screen and click the Calculate Module Result
button. Please note that this is the same for calculating both initial and reassessment

           Calculate button

The following screen will appear:

Click the Calculate button. When the system has finished calculating the results, you will see
the screen below.

Click the Go Back button to return to the Module Screen. From there you can view the
overall and component results by clicking on the View Module Results button.

Viewing Results

You can view results at any stage of the data entry process. In the example above,
component marks have been entered for the students, but their overall results have not been
calculated. The overall mark would be shown on the left-hand side next to the students'
names. The question marks indicate that no results have been calculated.
The example below shows the calculated overall marks as well as component results:

To view reassessment results, click the View Reassessment Results button.

You can sort the results in order of student name, student id number, ascending marks or
grades, or descending marks or grades. Click on the arrowhead in the 'Sort Records by' field
to make your selection.

The following results have been sorted by ascending marks:

Remember that the codes for final calculated grades are different to the ones used for
component grades.

               New UG Scheme            New PG Scheme New HND
Passing Grades A/B/C/D/E*               P*              D/M/P*
Failing Grades R1    25-39 (with resit) R    Fail Resit R     Fail Resit
               R2    0-24 (with resit)  F    Fail No    F     Fail No
               F1    25-39 (no resit)        Resit            Resit
               F2    0-24 (no resit)
Deferred       DF    Deferred           DF   Deferred   DF    Deferred

(*A suffix of R on an overall passing grade (e.g. BR) indicates a pass with resit due to
accepted mitigating circumstances for a component which was not handed in.)

Printing a List of Results

To print a list of results, go to View Module Results and click on the printer icon at the top of
the screen.

                                     Print icon

Please remember to sign the mark sheet and enter the name of the second marker.

Returning to the List of Modules for Mark Entry

To return to your list of modules, click on the Staff Home tab from whichever mark entry
screen you are on.

This will take you back to the menu screen shown below. Click on Mark Entry to retrieve
your list of modules.

Logging Off

To log out of the mark entry system, you should click on the ‘Logout ‘button on the menu
screen. You should also close each mark entry system window you have open.

At the Internal Board

You need to take printouts of the initial and reassessment results with you to the internal
board. These have replaced the mark sheets which were used in the past. If you have results
for students who did not appear on the web screens, you need to fill in a Non-Registered
Mark Sheet (available from UG or PG Registry or via
www.londonmet.ac.uk/admin/systems/) with their id numbers, names and marks and take it
to the Board. Registry staff will process results for non-registered students.

Details of mitigating circumstances will be made available at the board. You should amend
the printed results lists accordingly. Any other amendments to results should also be made
directly on to the printed lists. These lists will be given to staff in UG or PG Registry who
will make the amendments on SITS prior to the External Board.

Helpdesk Support: January to March 2007

Helpdesk Support for Mark Entry Software

The telephone and email helpdesk will be able to answer queries and guide you through any
problems with using the mark entry software. From 22 January to 2 March telephone
North Campus extension 4777 (remember to prefix with 79 if you are calling from the City
Campus). Outside these times or if you cannot get through to the telephone helpdesk, please
use the email helpdesk markentry@londonmet.ac.uk.

Queries concerning the administration of boards should be addressed to David Tye on
North Campus extension 2252.

Support for Other Queries
(for summary, see overleaf)

The helpdesk can arrange for modules to be made ‘Ready for Marking’ (status M) where they
should be, but if mark entry has been shut down (status H) as the deadline has passed the
Chair of the Board will need to contact the UG/PG Registry on your behalf to arrange for the
module to be ‘re-opened’.

Since Evision uses the same login details as your University network account, password and
username queries should be addressed to an ICT Service Desk on x4444. ICT Service
Desks will not be able to answer any queries about mark entry itself.

Summary of Contacts for Queries and Support

Query                                                Contact                                                             Details
E-vision Mark Entry
 Using the mark entry software - entering data,     Mark Entry Helpdesk           22 January – 2 March 2007             (79) 4777
   calculating marks, printing results                                             Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm
 Navigating around the software                                                                                         from outside the
 Allocating the correct modules to your name        Outside these times or if you cannot get through to the telephone   University:
 Module status A – need to be made 'ready for       helpdesk, please use the email helpdesk:                            020 7133 4777
   marking'                                          markentry@londonmet.ac.uk
 Queries about codes/grades
 Module Status H (Closed) – need re-opening         Chair of Board must contact Assessments to arrange for module to    (79) 4777
 Module assessment pattern changes                  be re-opened
 Reassessment procedures

Non Mark Entry IT Problems                           ICT Servicedesk                                                     4444
 Username/Password issues                           (email: itservicedesk@londonmet.ac.uk)
 Problems with Internet Explorer, initial logging
   onto PC
 Assessment regulations                             Chris Marshall (North Campus) or Simon Williams (City Campus)       (79) 2418 or
                                                                                                                         (69) 2274
   Cycle/procedure of boards                        David Tye, Manager of Assessments                                   (79) 2252
   Module Assessment Pattern Changes                Please check module documentation, then contact Mark Entry          (79) 4777
   Non-Registered marksheets                        via http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/admin/systems/                       (79) 4777
                                                     or Assessments


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