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									   …NPC BRIEFING No.26 … NPC BRIEFING No.26… NPC BRIEFING No.26…

   National Service Framework for Older People
The National Service Framework for                 Each health authority will have at
Older People (NSF) is one of several                lease one intermediate care co-
NSFs, which have been introduced as                 ordinator by July 2001, which is
part of the Government’s NHS Plan to                hoped will enable at least 40,000
invest in, and reform the health service            extra     people    to     receive
for the 21st century. In principle, the             intermediate care by March 2002.
plans are designed to ensure fast, high            Every local health and social care
quality, integrated health and social care          system is to have a strategy in
services.                                           place by July 2001 that involves
                                                    patients, users and carers in the
The NSF for Older People is a 10 year               development of intermediate
programme and was published in March                care.
2001. It identifies 8 standards for the
NHS and social services as well as an        Standard 4: General Hospital Care
additional section on medicines. Details         £120 million will be invested to
of the standards are as follows:                  improve wards and to create
                                                  specialist multi-disciplinary older-
Standard 1: Rooting out Age                       people’s teams that will work
Discrimination                                    throughout the hospital system.
    An audit of age-related policies in         Older people will be involved in
      health and social services will be          the Patients’ Forums being set up
      completed by October 2001. The              under the Health and Social Care
      conclusions of the audits will be           Act.
      published in health authority
      annual reports. The review will        Standard 5: Stroke Services
      involve service users and will             A specialist stroke service will be
      examine all policies that refer to          introduced in every hospital by
      age to ensure they are not                  2004. This will provide multi-
      discriminatory.                             disciplinary rehabilitation for older
                                                  people and early intervention to
Standard 2: Person-centred Care                   prevent strokes.
    Includes developments to ensure
     older people are treated with           Standard 6: Falls
     dignity and respect by the NHS              A Falls Service           is being
     and social care organisations.               developed and will be    in place by
    From April 2002 there will be a              2005 to provide            integrated
     single-assessment process to                 services to improve        care and
     ensure a range of health and                 prevention of serious    injury from
     social     care       needs    are           falls as well as            long-term
     appropriately addressed.                     rehabilitation.
    Service users and carers will be
     involved in reviewing information       Standard 7: Mental Health
     that is available to users.                 Agreed protocols for care and
    By 2003 systems will be in place             management of older people with
     to regularly review user and carer           mental health problems should
     experiences.                                 be in place by April 2004.
                                                  Improved methods of detection,
Standard 3: Intermediate Care                     diagnosis and treatment for

       mental health problems such as         others. Different areas have responded
       depression and dementia will be        to this in a variety of ways. Some areas
       introduced.                            have established reference groups of
                                              older      people      to    guide   the
Standard 8: Promoting Health and              implementation whereas others have
active life in Older People                   merely asked the local director of Age
    Introduction of pre-retirement           Concern to act as an older people’s
       health checks.                         representative.
    Improvements             in        flu
       immunisation.                          However, it is important that the genuine
    Local       Health      Improvement      voice of older people is represented on
       Programmes (HImPs) will have to        LITs and the NPC urges all affiliates to
       include plans to promote healthy       find out about the systems in place in
       ageing by 2003.                        their local area and get involved where
    NHS and Local Authorities will           possible. This can be done by:
       examine      existing     services,         Contacting your local Primary
       including housing, leisure and                 Care Trust and asking them how
       transport to identify opportunities            you can participate.
       to promote health and well-being.           Contacting the Director of Social
                                                      Services in your area and asking
There is also a further section on                    for more information on how you
Medicines and Older People which                      can become involved.
aims to ensure that older people get the      Contact details for both Primary Care
maximum benefit from their medicines          Trusts and Social Services should be
to maintain their quality of life. This       available from your local authority.
     Measures so older people do not         For more information contact the NPC
       suffer     unnecessarily     from      office.
       inadequate, inappropriate or
       excessive doses of medicines.                     Originally issued July 2001
       By April 2002 all those aged over                        Reissued June 2002
       75 should have their medicines
                                                          National Pensioners Convention
       reviewed annually and those                    9 Arkwright Road, London NW3 6AB
       taking four or more medicines                                   Tel: 020 7431 9820
       should have them reviewed every                                 Fax: 020 7431 9830
       6 months.                                         E-mail:
     from pharmacists in using                           Website:
       medicines. Schemes should be
       in place by April 2004.

Getting Involved
Local Implementation Teams (LITs)
have been established to co-ordinate
and drive the implementation of the
NSF in each locality. Each LIT is
comprised of healthcare and other
professionals working with older people.

In addition, each LIT is required to
include an older person and consult with


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