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					           Minutes of Annual Meeting of Leominster Town Council
         held on 6 May 2006 at Bridge Street Sports Park, Leominster.

PRESENT: Chairman, The Mayor, Councillor R C Hunt.

Councillor J R Atkinson             Councillor C Fothergill
Councillor A P Begg                 Councillor J P French
Councillor M E Cooke                Councillor P J McCaull
Councillor P H Davies               Councillor B A Meadows
Councillor A P Eley                 Councillor R J Westwood
Councillor D L Eley


Apologies were received from Cllr P Jones, Cllr J P Thomas and Cllr M P Thomas
and G T Walker.


Following prayers, led by the Reverend Prebendary Gareth Jones, the Mayor, Cllr R
C Hunt, called for nominations for the position of Town Mayor for 2006-2007. Cllr
Begg enquired as to whether the Mayor would be willing to serve a further term of
office. The Mayor thanked Cllr Begg for the invitation but declined.

Cllr French proposed that Cllr Janet Atkinson be elected as Town Mayor for
2006-2007. Cllr French referred to Cllr Atkinson having previously been Mayor of
Leominster for the year 2003-2004. She then spoke about Cllr Atkinson’s marriage
to Mr Eddie Clark, a year ago, their supportive family, her education in Stoke on
Trent, her training and work as a nurse, her move to Herefordshire, and her current
employment as an official with the public service union UNISON. She described
Cllr Atkinson’s nursing career as the beginning of her work in caring for people and
the community. Cllr French said that she was sure that Cllr Atkinson would be a
successful Mayor of Leominster and commended her to Town Council.

Cllr Mr Eley seconded the proposal. Cllr Mr Eley said that it was a privilege and a
pleasure to second the proposal that Cllr Atkinson be elected as Town Mayor for the
coming year.

There being no further nominations, The Mayor placed the proposal before
Council. This was carried unanimously and Cllr Atkinson was duly declared
Mayor of Leominster for 2006-2007.

Following the robing of the new Mayor, Cllr Atkinson, at the request of the Town
Clerk, made and subscribed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

The Mayor welcomed the assembled guests. She explained that when she was
asked to stand for election as Mayor of Leominster for the coming year she had
considered this for some time as she knew that it was a commitment which would
have an effect on her personal life. Having previously been Mayor of Leominster,
she knew what to expect but also felt sure that there would be some surprises along
the way. She then referred to the challenges facing Town Council in the coming
year. These included the provision of a much needed skateboard park in the town
(her chosen Mayoral Charity for the year); the future of Grange Court, one of the

town’s greatest assets; the possibility of new Town Council Office accommodation;
the ongoing regeneration of the town, especially the Enterprise Park; the effect of the
large housing development at Barons Cross; proposed Police re-organisation and
disabled access at Leominster Railway Station. She was confident that the Members
of Town Council would do their best to meet these challenges with the interests of
the town at heart. She pointed out that Leominster Town Councillors had always
shared a unity of purpose and she could not recall a time that Council had split on
political lines. She then referred to the sad occasion last year when, with the death
of Cllr Tony French, Town Council had lost a much valued Member, colleague and
friend. The Mayor then drew attention to three significant events that had taken
place in Leominster during the last year; these being the opening of the new
replacement swimming pool for North Herefordshire, the new town allotments and
Leominster becoming a Fair Trade Town. Finally, she congratulated the retiring
Mayor, Cllr Roger Hunt, on his successful term of office, describing his commitment
to the town as being second to none.

The Mayor then moved a vote of thanks to the retiring Mayor and presented him with
the past Mayor’s Badge.

The retiring Mayor, Cllr Hunt, congratulated Cllr Atkinson her election as Mayor and
wished her a successful year of office. He described the opening of the North
Herefordshire Swimming Pool and the new allotments as being the highlights of his
Mayoral Year. Cllr Hunt indicated that, during his year of office, there had been
increased interest by the media in Town Council activities. As Mayor, he had been
involved in excess of twenty radio interviews and two television interviews and there
had also been numerous newspaper reports. He hoped that this encouraging trend
would continue. Cllr Hunt then wished Cllr Atkinson every success with her chosen
Charity, the proposed Leominster Skateboard Park. Following the success of his
Mayoral Charity, the WWOP Appeal Fund, he was pleased to be in a position to pass
on a sum of £300 towards the proposed Skateboard Park. Cllr Hunt then expressed
his thanks to all those who had supported him during his Mayoral Year, namely, his
fellow Councillors, the Sergeant at Arms and Macebearers, the Minutes Secretary,
and the Town Clerk, Christina Bromage. He presented Mrs Bromage with a gift in
appreciation of the exceptional support she had given him during his Mayoral Year.
Cllr Hunt gave his best wishes to the Mayor for the coming year. Finally, he thanked
his wife, Hilary, for her continued support, particularly during his Mayoral Year.

The retiring Mayoress, Mrs Hilary Hunt, presented the Badge of Office to the new
Mayor’s Consort, Mr Eddie Clark, who presented the retiring Mayoress with a Past
Mayoress brooch and bouquet of flowers.

The Mayor then appointed the Reverend Prebendary Gareth Jones as his Chaplain
for the coming year.


The Mayor called for nominations for the office of Deputy Mayor for the year 2006-

Cllr Davies proposed that Cllr B A Meadows be elected as Deputy Mayor.
Cllr Davies said that Cllr Meadows was elected Town Councillor three years’ ago and
had proved to be a very able and conscientious Member of the Council. She had no
hesitation in recommending Cllr Meadows as Deputy Mayor for 2006-2007.

Cllr Fothergill seconded the proposal.

The Mayor then placed the proposal before Council, when it was carried
unanimously, and Cllr Meadows was duly elected to serve as Deputy Town
Mayor for the year 2006-2007.

Following the robing of the new Deputy Mayor, the Mayor presented her with the
Badge of Office.

The Deputy Mayor said that this was the first time that she had undertaken anything
as important as the office of Deputy Mayor of Leominster. She said that she had
moved to Leominster in 1996 to live with her mother, and, as she had been unable to
take paid employment due to ill-health, had become a volunteer with Leominster
Shopmobility. She had then been asked to stand for Leominster Town Council and
was elected a Council Member in 2003. She said that she thoroughly enjoyed being
a Town Councillor and always tried to involve herself as much as possible in Council
activities. Cllr Meadows then thanked Town Council for electing her as Deputy Mayor
for 2006-2007 and said that she would do her best to support The Mayor and Council
in the coming year.

The Mayor then proposed adjournment of the meeting, and the remaining
business on the agenda, until Monday, 15 May 2006, at 7.00 pm in the Council
Chamber. This was seconded by Cllr Meadows and carried.


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