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									                            STATEMENT OF SERVICE

The primary purpose of the Accommodation Service is to provide students with Campus
accommodation or information on finding private rented accommodation.

      Priority of accommodation on Campus is given to students in their first year
      Campus accommodation is provided to International Students
      Information outlining the full range of accommodation is made available
      Up to date literature outlining the procedures/regulations which apply to those
       living on Campus is provided
      Students not wishing or unable to take Campus accommodation are provided
       with a list of agencies and local landlords together with information on advisable
       practice in renting private accommodation
      Accommodation records and Residence Fee transactions are prepared and
      Personal records are kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act
      The effective maintenance of the accommodation is consistent with the College’s
       estate strategy
      The Accommodation Officer’s knowledge of the Government legislation and
       Housing Acts is up-to-date including knowledge of the appropriate action to be
       taken to keep the College in line with current Government Legislation
      Training needs and/or equipment, are identified, notified and actioned
      Any identified accommodation faults or potential hazards are reported promptly
       by completing the appropriate forms and passing them for the attention of the
       Maintenance Co-ordinator and Safety Advisor.
      The Accommodation Officer will be friendly and helpful to students, members of
       staff, visitors and the general public

Who is eligible to use Accommodation:
        All those who are thinking of/have been offered a place on a course at the
        All current students.
        All staff of the University College on issues relating to students and our
         specific expertise.
        General public in relation to commercial lettings

                                                   Statement of Service Accommodation Jan 09
What Accommodation staff expect from you:
1     Arrive on time for appointments, fully prepared.
2     Let someone know if you are unable to attend an appointment.
3     Courtesy at all times.
4     Provide constructive feedback on our services by completing our evaluation

Other information to read in conjunction with this Statement of
Statements of Service for individual areas, along with other specific Student Support or
College policies are available on Learning Space, the Student Support web pages
and/or in printed form as detailed below.

Student Support:
       Confidentiality Policy
       Referral Policy
       Customer Services Policy
       Information Policy
       Monitoring & Evaluation Policy

Relevant University College documents:
       Disability, Race & Gender Equality Schemes
       Policy on Equal Opportunities and Cultural and Religious Diversity

          Your Residence Agreement
          The current Student Regulations Handbook

Your Suggestions/Complaints
If you have any general comments on how we can improve our services to you, we
would be happy to hear them. Please let us know by completing a Comment,
Compliment or Complaint card available from Student Support Reception.
Complaints procedures are in line with those of the University College (see the Student
Regulation Handbook on the University College website and LearningSpace. In the
first instance complaints should be made to the Head of Student Support who will make
an initial response within seven days.

                    Statement of Service - Accommodation
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Version             1.0
Issuing Authority   Student Support
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Author              A Spencer
Document Date       19/01/09
Last Amended        20/01/09
Circulation         College wide
Effective from      Approval
Review Date         19/01/10
Effective until     Dec 09
                                                   Statement of Service Accommodation Jan 09
Statement of Service Accommodation Jan 09

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