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					 The GRS recording studio – Website Documentation

Website Structure and Navigation
I decided to make a website with simple structure. So I put the links which use most in the top side
and appear in every page. The top side include almost all business and service of GRS, also
contact and login function. I believe it’s easy for use to costumer and supplier, GRS staff. I use left
side as subdirectory of top side, when you click top side button, left side will show links relate to
it. Right side I put FAQ witch use quite often and Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for
website legality, but honestly, the right side is not one of most important part, so when the middle
of page use more space suck like a booking form. The right side bar will go to left stay below the
left side bar. The bottom side also mainly for GRS staff and supplier. The most clear navigation is
the row below the top, has writing which allow you know where you are, also has link make you
can go to previous level page comfortable.

Website Look and Feel
I choose to use light sky blue as outer frame, and main text use mainly black and write
background. Sky blue is pale and subdued colour which make people feel relaxes and make the
site looks clean. The service buttons and banner I use a little glisten effect make it not stiffness.
Text part I choose traditional black (gray) and write, because I believe that’s the best way for read.
Font use times new Rome, I believe it’s propriety for our GRS’s professionalism.

Website Content
This GRS prototype site is creating for customer, supplier, and GRS own employee. So for
customer group, the site provide 4 types of service of GRS, also the way to make contact with
GRS, also customer can login as member to management their booking and communicate with our
staff. For supplier, then can apply to be supplier online easily, and check GRS’s stock status, view
announcements and production request, also able to contact our staff by login our site. For GRS’
staff, their can view announcements by login portal or receive working order. Also communicate
other GRS staff. Deal with customer orders and contact supplier.

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