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                   Developed by the team of scientists that invented the professional technology, the TRIA
System is the first safe, FDA-cleared laser hair removal device available for home use. The TRIA Laser Hair
Removal System is an easy, safe, and effective way for suitable candidates to obtain clinically proven laser
hair reduction in the privacy, comfort, and convenience of their home. The system delivers lasting-results,
eliminating the need for endless shaving, painful waxing and inconvenient appointments. It leaves skin
looking beautiful and sleek, as if the hair was never there.

COMPARED WITH PROFESSIONAL LASER HAIR REMOVAL : The TRIA laser uses the same diode technology as
professional lasers, and it delivers comparable power levels which have been shown in clinical research to
deliver permanent hair reduction.

The TRIA scientists invented the professional technology back in 1993, and their professional lasers are still
recognized as the gold standard among physicians. Since then, this team of scientists have optimized the
technology and modified to be safe for home use. Now consumers can enjoy the benefits of real laser hair
removal in the privacy, comfort and convenience of their own home.

SCIENCE : The TRIA laser works on the principle of selective photothermolysis: beams of laser energy are
absorbed by the dark pigment in hair and converted into heat which disables the hair follicle, preventing it
from growing new hair. This process is most effective on hairs during their growth stage (anagen phase). Since
most hairs cycle through the anagen (active), catagen (transitional), and telogen (resting) phases over a six
month period, one treatment a month for 6-8 months is required to achieve complete results.

CONSUMER DEMAND: Laser hair removal is the #1 aesthetic treatment for women under the age of 35 and
the third most popular treatment behind Botox and hyaluronic acid for those 35+.i The global market for
professional laser treatments and waxing is $10 billion in consumer spending.

SAFETY : The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System is cleared for use without a prescription by the FDA. When used as
directed, the TRIA laser is clinically proven to be safe and effective for light to medium skin tones on medium to
dark hair. A skin tone chart on the box illustrates the range of suitable skin tones.ii After purchase, users go to or call a toll-free number to confirm their suitability and activate the laser. A skin sensor
is also provided to confirm their skin tone and unlock the laser before each treatment.

USAGE: When applied to the skin, the TRIA laser automatically emits a single laser pulse, targeting multiple hair
follicles in second-long intervals. When it’s time to move to the next treatment area, the TRIA laser emits a short
beep. Treatment time depends on the size of the area being treated.

RESULTS : TRIA Beauty offers the only home-use device with 12-month post-use peer-reviewed clinicals that
validate long-term hair reduction. After completing just 25% of the treatment cycle (six weeks), participants
achieved a 33% reduction in hair twelve months after the last treatment. Six to eight treatments over the
course of 6-8 months is required to achieve complete results.

AVAILABILITY : The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System is available at leading aesthetic physicians’ offices,
Bergdorf Goodman, The Studio at Fred Segal, select spas and . The TRIA Laser Hair
Removal System is priced at $99 5.
For additional information or interviews, please contact Liz Mefford RPR Marketing Communications, (212) 317-1462 or

TRIA Beauty, Inc., formerly known as SpectraGenics, Inc., the leader in light-based therapeutic beauty devices, gives men and women the freedom to
incorporate clinically proven aesthetic technologies into their personal care regimen. In 1993 Robert Grove, Ph.D., and a team of American
dermatologists and engineers developed the first diode laser for hair removal utilized by physicians in their medical practices. In 2003 these
individuals founded SpectraGenics, Inc and assembled an internationally renowned team of experts in the field of aesthetic lasers to begin the
development of its flagship TRIA laser and future innovations in science-driven consumer beauty products.

i Statistical data credited to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
ii Regardless of skin tone, the TRIA laser is not to be used by users of African-American, East Indian, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent.

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