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					Working holidays in the USA and Canada now open!

Students looking to beat the winter blues can now sign up for a fun and skill-enhancing way to
spend the summer on a working holiday in the US or Canada with BUNAC, the work abroad
experts. The ‘Work America’ and ‘Work Canada’ programmes offer students a great opportunity to
experience what it’s really like to live and work in the US or Canada. Whether the summer is spent
working in a stateside café, temping in a Toronto office or as an intern at a top blue chip company
in Manhattan, these unique and affordable work/travel programmes offer students the chance to gain
valuable CV points and be truly independent. Visiting places like New York, San Francisco,
Vancouver, the Rockies and other amazing holiday destinations are also part of the experience.

Work America and Work Canada are open to full-time degree level UK university/college students. For
America, they can be any nationality, aged 18 or over; for Canada, they need to be British and 18-30
inclusive (Work Canada is also available to non-students). Applicants are issued with the relevant visa
before they travel which gives them freedom to take any sort of work anywhere in America or Canada to
finance their trip. Most find a job easily in the busy tourism or hospitality industry using BUNAC’s job
listings; working at an East Coast resort or amusement park is, for example, popular among Work
America applicants. For those looking for more than a fun summer job, there are no restrictions on finding
professional employment related to studies or future career track.

The easiest way to sign up to Work America or Work Canada is online at: www.bunac.org. A
registration fee of £175 is required on application for Work Canada, £259 for Work America or, £234 if
applying before 31st January. Fees cover free regional BUNAC presentations, pre-departure support and
advice from BUNAC in the UK, production of all programme literature and unrestricted access to
BUNAC’s New York office or the resource centre of its Canadian partner for help or information
throughout the summer. The cost of the DS-2019 (the document needed to apply for the visa) and the
staffing of the visa department are also included in the Work America fee. Other costs include flights,
insurance and visa fees. Anyone who wishes to find out more about either programme before applying
can attend a presentation (details at www.bunac.org) or request a brochure by calling (020) 7251 3472.
Programmes close end of May.

Since 1962, over a quarter of a million travellers have explored more of the world on a BUNAC working or
volunteering holiday. Most have spent the summer in North America, many teaching sports and other
activities to children on camp as participants on the Summer Camp USA programme. Today the UK
market leader also offers working holidays in Australia and New Zealand and volunteering/teaching
placements in South Africa, Ghana, Peru, Costa Rica, Cambodia, China and the USA.

Ends                                                                                        9th January
Press: for further information, contact Sarah Leavesley or Haydn Parks @ BUNAC. Tel: (020) 7251 0662
(please quote 020 7251 3472 in articles). E-mail: sarah.leavesley@bunac.org.uk or
haydn.parks@bunac.org.uk Photography can be provided on request.
To view all of BUNAC’s press releases, please visit: www.bunac.org/press

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