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									                        ST MARY’S AND STRANMILLIS UNIVERSITY COLLEGES

                            INTER-COLLEGE PROGRAMME for
                         DIVERSITY & MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING

                   SMALL GRANTS SCHEME 2007-2008
        Please read the Small Grants Scheme information document before completing this form.

1. Subject area/ group/ society organising activity: _________________________
   (If an individual is the principal organiser, please indicate name below)

2. Organiser / Individual contact: ______________________________________

3. Student year group(s) involved:                        _________________________________

4. Criteria for inter-college funding:
   Each proposal will be considered on its merits and on the extent to which it fulfils the
   following basic criteria:
   a. that it will result in cross-community contact which will be purposeful and require a
      genuinely collaborative effort to achieve its aims;
   b. that activities should be designed to support professional development in EMU/Personal
   c. that the programme should, where possible, be sustainable over time;
   d. that the activity should involve new contacts or be a development of existing contacts;
   e. that the participants are as far as possible mixed on a cross-community basis within the
      ratio 60:40/40:60.

   In the light of the above criteria, please state aims for the activity.





   Please give a brief description of the joint activity.




   If school children are involved please state the names of participating schools:

5. Activity              Please state following:

    a. . Venue(s):__________________________________________

    b. Dates:__________________________________________

    c. Residential: (please circle)                                      Yes              No

    d. No of students:             St Mary’s ______ Stranmillis ______                      Other ______

    e. Estimated Cost
    Please note that it may not be possible to provide the full amount requested and that groups may need to find
    additional funding from other sources.

           Transport _____________________________                                                    £_____

           Accommodation _________________________                                                    £_____

           Meals ________________________________                                                     £_____

           Materials _____________________________                                                    £_____

           Other (please specify) ______________________                                              £_____

                                                                                  Total:              £_____

6. Please indicate other sources to which you have applied for financial help for
   this activity.

7. Amount of assistance being applied for from Inter-College funding:                                £_______

8. We certify that the above information is correct. We agree to submit a joint
   report to the Colleges’ Joint Liaison Group at the end of the project.

   Signed: ____________________________ (St Mary’s)                                         Date:________

   Signed: ____________________________ (Stranmillis)                                       Date: ________

   To be completed by the Diversity & Mutual Understanding Coordinators:

   Amount of support allocated for this activity.                        £____________

   Signed:_____________________________ (DMU Coordinator) Date:________

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