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									                         East Warwickshire Centre – The Caravan Club
                    Minutes of Meeting 552 Held at Ryton Village Hall, Ryton
                                  On Tuesday 3rd June 2008

Mr Peter Hallam opened the meeting at 7:35 pm.
1.        Apologies: None
2.        The minutes of Meeting 551 were accepted as a true record following corrections as
               Under 5.1 - the final paragraph should read “ without any signature” not
                 “without his signature”
               Under 6.7 – Mr Peter Hallam had been asked, not Mr John Griffiths
3.        Matters Arising
           551.5.1    Mrs Dene Shaw confirmed that the grant had been received after the
                      statement had been prepared, and commented that the figures had been
                      produced mid-month as she had been going on holiday. This also covered
                      the apparent disparity in the balance on deposit with CCHQ
           551.6.6 Mr Peter Hallam stated that the concern had been raised at the Regional
                      Council meeting, and was being taken up with CCHQ.
4.        Correspondence.
           4.1        Central Region (Peter Ward) informing the Centre that Brian Richardson
                      would be attending the Regional Council meeting on 25th June and would
                      be giving a talk on the Exemption Certificate and the Club and Centres
                      responsibilities. He invited Rally Secretaries to attend. Mrs Sharon
                      Holloway confirmed that she would attend.

                       Action: Mrs Brenda Dane to confirm this with Peter Ward.

           4.2         Northants and Rutland Centre (Sharon Jenkins) accepting the EWCC
                       invitation to the AGM, and confirming that Barry and Lin Roberts, and
                       Duncan and Winnie Mitchell would be pleased to attend.

                       Action: Mrs Brenda Dane to supply directions to the rally nearer the

5         Reports
           5.1         Treasurer: - Mrs Nadine Shaw presented the figures as at the end of
                       May. She pointed out that a further £1000 had been deposited with
                       CCHQ, bringing the balance to £5000.

           5.2         Rally Secretary: - Mrs Sharon Holloway stated that Mick & Jackie
                       Greene were unable to run the Cadeby Tea Rooms rally (No 32). This
                       rally now had no Rally Officers. She also stated that she and Peter
                       Holloway would run Rally 42 at Flecknoe.

                       Moving to the 2009 rally programme, Mrs Holloway stated that many
                       landowners had not confirmed a rally fee, or had given a fee subject to a
                       certain number of vans attending. It was suggested by Mr Peter Hallam
                       that the fees shown in the Rally Book for 2009 should be identified as
                       subject to confirmation where this was the case.
      Given the proximity of the 2009 National Rally to the Centre, it was
      suggested that a follow on rally be organised by the Centre. Venues
      suggested were Stanford Hall and Stratford on Avon Race Course (both
      on the commercial site with EHU as this was seen to be an advantage)

      Action: Mrs Holloway to follow up

      Mrs Brenda Dane commented that some members at the National had
      said that they preferred to travel to the vicinity of the Rally on the
      Thursday, thereby avoiding the worst of the traffic, and so had only a
      short trip on the Friday morning. Given that there were not many CL's
      close to Prestwold, she suggested that a Pre-national rally could be
      provided, if a suitable venue could be found.

      Action: Mrs Holloway to investigate

      Mrs Dene Shaw identified a site at Scratby (near Yarmouth) as being
      suitable for a holiday rally, and indicated that she and Derek would run
      it. She would pass details to Mrs Holloway. She also stated that Eastnor
      Castle would provide a free Rally Officer pitch if more than 10 vans

      She had also received a request from the Charities Caravan Club, who
      were also running a rally at Upton upon Severn, to be allowed to use the
      Elsan facilities organised by the Centre. Given the likelihood that
      numbers attending the EWCC rally may be lower than in previous years,
      this request was agreed, payment for its use to be pro rata to the
      number of vans attending.

      In response to a query from Mr John Griffiths, Mrs Holloway stated
      that the paperwork from Clumber Park had not yet been returned. She
      would follow this up.

5.3   Social Secretary - Mrs Jane Burgoine had nothing to report.

5.4   Rally Equipment Officer: - Mr Derek Shaw stated that he had made a
      number of new signs to replace ones where the lamination had become
      damaged, allowing ingress of damp. He also commented that the bag for
      the Welcome banner had been replaced at the National, Mr & Mrs Steve
      Dane had spotted a heavy duty canvas bag in one of the traders bargain

5.5   Equipment Sales Officer –Mr John Griffiths had nothing to report. Mr
      Derek Shaw stated that one of the traders at the National was offering
      a variety of clothing, pennants etc at very good prices including
      embroidery / printing of the Centre logo. He also commented that the
      stock of pennants was almost exhausted, and suggested that more be
      ordered. Given that most sales of these items was to the Centre for
              presentation purposes, it was felt that an order for 20 would last for
              approximately 4 years. It was proposed by Mr Steve Dane, and seconded
              by Mrs Dene Shaw, that 20 pennants be purchased. This was carried

    5.6       Brown Bear Editor: - Mrs Marianne Griffiths said that she hoped to have
              the next issue available for Upton Barns, and commented that the print
              quality was improved following the copier service.

    5.7       Junior Liaison Officer – Mrs Sharon Holloway reported that the Juniors
              Rally had been a success, she had received phone calls saying how much
              people had enjoyed it. She stated that the raffle had raised £75 for
              the Juniors funds. She noted that the signatures on the bank book
              needed to be updated, but as Mrs Jane Burgoine's signature was still
              current, she offered to pay the money in.

              Mrs Jane Burgoine suggested that a letter be sent to the Junior
              Committee, congratulating them on the conduct of their rally. This was

              Action: Mrs Brenda Dane to write to the Junior Committee

    5.8       Statistics & Dues –Mrs Dene Shaw had nothing to report.

    5.9       Webmaster: This will no longer be included in the minutes as a regular
              item – it will only be included as and when necessary

6   Any Other Business
    6.1       Mrs Dene Shaw presented a proposal to increase the value of the
              presentation to Rally Officers, this being to offer a £5 discount on the
              one night site fee rather than offer tokens. It was proposed by Mrs
              Dene Shaw, and seconded by Mrs Jane Burgoine that this be adopted
              from the commencement of the 2009 Rally Book. The proposal was
              carried unanimously. Mr Steve Dane was asked to prepare an article for
              the Bear, describing the changes.

               Action: Mr Steve Dane

    6.2        Mrs Brenda Dane asked that articles be put in the Bear, asking for
               nominations for the 2009/10 Charity, and asking for photographs for
               the Rally Book Cover and the Bowmar Trophy

               Action: Mrs Marianne Griffiths
    6.3        Mr Peter Hallam stated that a presentation of a 900 rallies plaque was
               imminent. It was noted that our plaque supplier did not offer a "wings"
               shape in his catalogue. Mr Derek Shaw offered to cut out a shape if a
               suitable piece of plastic could be obtained. Mr Steve Dane commented
               that the plastic used had to be of a kind that was suitable for hot foil
               printing. Mrs Marianne Griffiths agreed to contact Bob, to see if a
                       piece of plastic could be obtained.

                       Action: Mrs Marianne Griffiths

            6.4        The forthcoming Chairman's Rally was discussed. It was agreed to
                       offer catering of English (sausage & mash) – Mr & Mrs Shaw to prepare,
                       Italian (spaghetti bolognaise) – Mrs & Mrs Dane to prepare, and Chinese
                       (sweet & sour chicken) – Mr & Mrs Burgoine to prepare.

                       Stalls and the "Olympic" sports were also discussed.

                       As the event coincided with Warwick Carnival, it was agreed to leave the
                       Saturday free, and commence the activities from 5:30 on the Saturday
                       evening, with food served from 7:00 pm

7           Flag and Tote Rota
                                                       Flag                     Tote
            Pershore                          Mr P Hallam             N/A
            Upton Barn                        Mr S Dane               Mrs B. Dane
            Kingsbury                         Mrs J Burgoine          Mrs D Shaw
            Heathcote Lakes                   Mr P Hallam             Mrs J Burgoine
            Willows Farm                      Mr S Dane               Mrs B. Dane

Date of Next Meeting is Tuesday 1st July 2008 at Ryton Village Hall, Ryton at 7.30 pm.

There being no other business, Mr. Hallam closed the meeting at 9:32 pm.

MINUTES SECRETARY                                        CHAIRMAN
 Mr. Steve Dane                                         Mr Peter Hallam

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